a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year everyone

That's what I said to Ray  after supper, no it's not what you think :>))) it means why do we oldsters  feel the need to fall asleep right after supper?  This is a new thing for me as I can usually stay up all day and into the night. Oh well I have had my run and guess I need to sleep more often, not longer mind you, but more often. ZZZZZZ
I did 2 really good things today  TADA, I went to a big fabric  sale as I needed one FQ for a bingo. There was a lady in front of me who was buying the most beautiful Christmas fabrics , my tongue was hanging out of my mouth. I said  to the saleslady whom I know from being in there often :>(   I'll take what she's having. haha...   I did restrain myself and had her cut my FQ only!! I can hardly believe I did that . I'm proud..There were some friends there who tried to sabotage me, who but friends would do that to you VBG.
The second thing, oh no I forgot, well it will come to me. LOL No it wasn't to stop eating chocolate ladies  )))
fiddle-dee-dee it's not in my TO DO Notebook either, I didn't put anything in it today as I wasn't planning on To Do ing today. Mabye tomorow it will come to me if distance makes things more memorable, I have my doubts.
Well I guess I only did one thing. Now you know I'll be awake all night trying to remember. Tomorrow pictures, I like that, it's a good thing !!
On with it folks, time and tide wait for no woman LOL.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

life gets sweet

Well my life has definitely improved since yesterday , oh happy day!
I have e mail and my print is large enough that I can read it. Katie , my granddaughter came over to fix her quilt top on my lovely Janome 6600.Wow and I had great thread too. Grandmas have good stuff :>)
And she took the time to resize the print on the laptop!
We had to take off the border and redo it.
Remember what your mom told you: Always take the time to do it right the first time, it always takes longer to fix things.
I have a photo and will add it later from the other computer where those things live.
What a difference a day makes, I didn't have to pull all my hair out....

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A very frustrating day. Spent a good part of the day at the computer store as they had to take off Windows 7 from my laptop and reinstall it.
Then I had to call my son to walk me through getting the internet working and e mail ready to go. Now the print is so small I scarcely see it unless I bring the screen on the laptop up to my nose if you can picture that.
Sadly that was my day... so it's off to bed for some restoration

Monday, December 28, 2009

I added my first Crazy Quilt block which was done for the Vancouver Quilt Guild as a December project. The blocks are all going to a family the church has adopted. It will be a nice quilt.
For my block I embroidered a bonsai tree for the centre block on my Janome 300E and used Japanese fabrics for all of the block. The embroidery was done on the seam lines using the ones on my Janome 6600.
I was happy with the results as the fabrics are very rich and colourful and the tree is so sweet.

grandmas-bits and pieces

I am a new blogger, and as you can tell by my photo taken on my 75th birthday in '07 it will be a big journey. I do like to quilt and do machine embroidery so there will no doubt be photos of my work on this blog.
My family is large and all over the continent so you may see some our travels to distant places.
We, my husband Ray and I live in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.
I have lived here since 1938 when my mom and dad came here from Manitoba Canada to settle down in a more gentle climate. It has been a good lifeRay has lived here since 1975. He previously lived in Ontario Canada.We have 7 children, I have 5 boys from my first marriage and Ray has a son and daughter from his first . They are all grown up and my eldest is soon to retire. That makes me feel not too happy LOL.
But we will see more of him now I am sure. That's it for today, stay well and happy.