a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, July 31, 2016


I had a quick call from Richard today, he, Adam, Peter and Judith and Jim are all up at Jim's property in the woods of Alberta having a good time camping out. Sounds like a great time.

Ray is feeling a bit better today. He ate the chicken noodle soup that Caroline brought over for him. So thank you Caroline, he really enjoyed it.

We had a slow day today, I actually worked a bit on my little quilt for Eve. I think I will do a bit more tonight after this blog is finished. But I am happy to get some work done on this quilt and get it off to Quebec.

Other than that we did not go out or do anything special. When Ray feels better we will go out for a short while. I am looking forward to that. We usually go out every day and now it is five days in the house, not easy for me. Oh well Nan stop whining. I'll go out tomorrow as I have a date with my friend Clairee from Washington state. We have been friends since grade school. I love to see her when she comes here to visit her other friends. so tomorrow will be a good day, oh they are all good days.

Jean has not written to me yet, I hope she is well. Jean if you are reading drop me a line. I'll ask Adam if he has heard from her as he has been friends with her and her husband Sam for a long time.

And that is it for tonight folks. Have a lovely evening, it is beautiful here.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Oh dear

Ray is still not well. He is in pain and recovering from the anasthetic. It takes him so long to recover , It is like a poison to his system. He tells the doctor that he cannot handle the anaesthetic but it doesn't seem to register with them. So he suffers for days after a surgery. Well in the end he will feel better I am sure. But it isn' t pleasant to see him like this , not pleasant for him to be like this either.  I hope tomorrow is better.
Matthew and Caroline came over with groceries they had bought for us.  They have been so kind since Ray has been sick. They are always kind but every day since Ray has been ill is quite a great gesture. I do appreciate all their loving kindness.

Richard and Adam are both going to Jim's outdoor party in his property in the wilds of Alberta. Peter and Judith are also there. Lots of friends are joining them there too. It will be a great party for them all. I went there one time and it as fun but I was younger then. Now outdoor partying is a bit out for me. 

I have not heard from Jean for a while I hope all is well with her and Sam. Jean if you are reading give me a shout.

As for me I am fine just muddling along trying to be helpful to Ray and get him whatever he wants and needs. I do mu computer stuff or a bit os sewing. I have not done much sewing lately and I am sorry about that. I will finish off the top of Eve's quilt soon.

That's all for tonight folks. Have a wonderful evening.

not well

Ray is not well , he still feels ill from his surgery and is affected by the anasthetic. I have become a nurse, not my trade but you learn how when the need strikes.  He is still suffering the after affects of his surgery. He does not recover quickly. 

Because of that we have not gone out for days. Matthew brings us what we need. Thanks Matthew.  If he comes today I think I'll ask him to take me to the Crossings so I  can do a bit of shopping. We don't need very much as Ray is not eating much and neither am I. I did make him some tomato soup and toast. And he is eating that with some encouragement from me. Some might call it nagging but I call it encouragement LOL.

Other than his illness report there is not much else to say today.  I will report in later this afternoon. Maybe there will be something to say.

Thursday, July 28, 2016


Yesterday Matthew stayed at the hospital all day waiting for Ray to get his surgery. Caroline stayed here with me. Thank you so much to both of you. You were wonderful. Ray is not feeling very well today. He is sitting in his chair with a damp cloth on his forehead and his eyes closed. He prefers that to lying in bed. I would be lying in bed if it were me. But he is different than I am. Ray is still not feeling well from his surgery yesterday.

With all this going on I am the nurse today. Well more like a waitress.. That's okay I am glad to be able to help Ray get better. And suffer less I hope.

Matthew kindly went to the bakery today to get us some bread. We had run out of it. I don't drive Ray's Taurus and I gave my Mustang to Peter because I had not driven it for two years and had promised it to him years before.

Caroline stayed with me all day yesterday. I so appreciate her kindness. Matthew stayed all day with Ray at the hospital.

And today Ray and I are in all day of course.He will sleep and I will work on my laptop. Oh yes and clean up the kitchen. I guess I'll have to take the garbage down too. Then Maybe I'll do some work on the heart quilt for Eve in Quebec. She has asked me for it, she being Nancy. It is good to stay in for a day.
That is all folks, have a good day all.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Ray has been in the hospital since this morning. He had what was supposed to be a minor hernia surgery. Not so minor as he is unable to wake up. He thought it would be a local aenasthetic but obviously not. I am worried about him but they are keeping him in the hospital so that is good. Matthew has been with him all day and is still there. He just said it would be 8 or 9 o'clock before they let him out. Matthew is so good staying with him all day. Caroline has been with me all day, keeping me company and I greatly appreciate her spending her day with me.

So this is what we did all day, wait for news about Ray. He will be a bit groggy when he gets home I guess and will want to go to bed.

Because all we did was wait there is not much on the way of news to report.  So I wish you all a lovely evening folks.

Monday, July 25, 2016


Did I miss a post? If so I have a good excuse. Adam is here and we have been visiting. It has been a wonderful visit . He is leaving tomorrow to go to Calgary to see Richard his brother. I will miss him. I have so enjoyed his visit. 

Tonight we went to TOPs for dinner. I had a lovely meal of cabbage  rolls with sour cream. Yum!!  Ray had them too and Adam had a lovely pork chop. We all enjoyed our meal. Sad though it is TOPS is closing in August. It is family owned and the family is moving back to Greece after decades of living in Canada. I have been going there for meals since 1975 and will miss the restaurant and the family greatly. However things always change. The owner tells me that a high rise apartment building will be going up on the site. I hope the family is successful in Greece as they have been here in Canada. Thank you to TOPS and the family. We will have to search for a new restaurant.

In the afternoon we went to the ostomy clinic . I needed to have my ostomy checked to see if all was okay. It was. I am always happy when I get the okay on that.

So we had a full day, it was great.  I like a day when there is lots going on.Although sometimes I do enjoy one that is a bit quieter. Well truth be told I enjoy all my days, they are a blessing. I am thankful for each and every day.

Have a wonderful evening folks.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

A sunny day

Another beautiful day here in Vancouver. We had a fine time with Adam. Early in the day we watched TV and then Adam took us out for fish and chips at Cockney Kings. It was great. They do wonderful fish and chips at that restaurant and we all thoroughly enjoyed our meal. Thank you once again Adam.

I called Richard today , it was Katherine's birthday so there was a party going on there. Happy Birthday Katherine. You are a great lady.

Now we are watching the evening news. 
we always watch the news as we like to know what is going on in the world and in the city. 

We did nothing else except visit with Adam. A nice thing to do , it made us happy.

I am continuing to knit my little cloths. I gave Adam some to take to Lisa and now I need to increase my pile again.  

Matthew is meeting up with Adam later in the evening. They are sympatico and that makes me happy. 

That is all folks for this Sunday. Tomorrow may be busier.
Have a great evening.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Short post tonight. We went to the casino and donated. We had lunch there and enjoyed it. 
That was all we did today.
We went to the Cloverdale Casino , it was quite a drive.

Tonight we are watching TV and that is all.  
 Have a great evening folks.

Friday, July 22, 2016


Ray is happy. I just heard children yelling outside our window. Ray always says it is too quiet here and he wishes there were children playing and yelling and laughing on the street. So tonight there are. It is such a lovely sound. 

Another gorgeous day today. The sun is shining , the day is warm and the evening proposes to be soft and gentle. We live in a wonderful place, I have always been very happy to live here. I remember when I was young and we headed down to the beach on a day like today. Mom and dad would pack us up along with a lunch and off we would go on a Saturday. While we were there we would buy fish and chips, always a huge treat for my brother, sister and me. I loved those lazy summer days, swimming in the ocean , eating on the grass , drying off on the towel, it was such a wonderful time for us kids. Mom and dad seemed to like it too  as we went fairly often in the summer. I did not like the sunburns that we used to get though. I had fair skin that burned, so did my brother Peter but Margaret's skin tanned. Still we always had a great time.
Later as a teen I used to go to the beach with my friends or Peter and I would take Margaret to the beach. We went on the bus in those days. Always such fun. I loved those summer days when school was out and we were free to have fun.

I talked to Adam tonight and he wants to go to Cockney Kings for fish and chips this weekend, so the fish and chip trip is still on only in a different way.

And that is it for this gorgeous evening. Have a good one!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

the fix is in

Adam is off with Sam. I think he is coming back tomorrow, probably late in the day. I am not a typist so I have to  look at the keyboard. I am sitting on the almost dark here tonight so far I have made many mistakes as I can't see the keyboard. I fixed the mistakes but I am sure there are more to come. I never had the luxury of typing classes so it is hunt and peck for me although I do use my thumb and two fingers to type. Before I got on the internet I never used a keyboard so this is not easy for me.

Ray and I went out for a while today, it was a gorgeous day,sunny and warm with a very light breeze. My favourite kind of day!!
We went across town to Oakridge, had a coffee and walked around the mall. We bought nothing, but Ray bought a ticket and won $30.

Walking around these city malls takes a while so we get some exercise that way. Not a lot but some which is better than none.
I had a bit of a nap when we got home. It makes me tired these 
days. Being old is a tiring game, but we carry on.

Once home and after the short nap I worked on my laptop/I must remember tp ask Matthew to take down my old computer which is still working and piling up e mail. I want it to stop.

Jim called tonight from Edmonton. He is working on one of his rentals but might come down after that is fixed and rented. I am looking to seeing him again. It is hard for me that three of my sons are all far away and I don't see them very often. Jim is in Edmonton Alberta, Adam is in Lake Charles Louisiana, Richard is in Calgary Alberta and Peter and Matthew are both here in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia.
I spoke to Richard tonight, we speak every day. He has ALS as my regular readers know so I feel better that I speak to him often.
Adam is still off with Sam, probably fishing. As I told Adam I son't see the charm in sitting there waiting for a fish to bite. His dad was a great fisherman and he did not like it that I was not interested in the sport. Boring is how it seems to me. Probably what I do is boring to them. We all cannot like the same things. But Adam said he would bring back a halibut for me. Now I like that. LOL

Well it is time to go folks. Have a great evening.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

last night

Last night Adam took us all to Grouse Mountain for dinner.  We took a cablecar to the top, the view from there was gorgeous, Vancouver at its best. I have never been up there despite living here most of my life. It was a wonderful time with fabulous food. I was thrilled with the whole evening. There were Adam, Ray and I and Sam and Celeste. I had lamb for dinner , the meal was delicious, the company delightful. I certainly would like to go up the mountain again!   
Thank  you Adam for a lovely time
Today was quieter . We went out briefly and then stayed home for the rest of the day. We went to WalMart where we bought a pile of margarine. We store it in the freezer  until we need it. 

As we usually do after a trip to Walmart we went down the street to Wendy's for a hamburger. Well I had a chicken burger which was very good. We don't often have burgers so it was a treat.

For the rest of the day It was easy. I had a very nice afternoon nap. I seem to be tired a lot lately so I think I'll go to the doctor to see why. Ray thinks my sugar might be too high. I never thought of that.

Adam has gone fishing with Sam, the McBrides all like to go fishing. Their dad ,Mac, was a devoted fisherman all his life. I have never been interested in fishing, find it incredible boring. 

So Ray and I are alone tonight like we usually are. Not that it bothers me. I like our quiet life.  We watch the news of the day at 6:00. Then we watch favourite shows for the rest of the night. I do my computer stuff, or I do some knitting or hand work. It's a good life.

And that is it for today,
Have a great evening folks.

Sunday, July 17, 2016


Adam has gone over to Sam's for tonight and tomorrow until the evening when Adam is taking us up to Grouse Mountain for dinner at the top of the mountain. I have lived here most of my life and have not gone up that mountain. Never skied so felt no need to go up. But this will be wonderful and I must remember my camera. 

Adam left around one o'clock and Ray and I went to Safeway. Haha big deal eh!!   Then we just came home and did nothing.  I did my computer, Ray watched TV. I thought to have a short nap but the phone rang and that was it.  Serious business!!!

I have a blood spot on my left hand, I wonder how that happens. Ray gets them too. No reason for either of us, I did not bang my hand on anything, it just erupted.

I have done nothing today , seriously! I was so lazy. Well a load of laundry but that is all.
Tomorrow I hope to do better. At least go out for a while and get some walking in.

I gave Adam a number of the dishcloths I knit. Lisa likes them and apparently so does one of his friends . They are great to use in any area where there is water usage.  And it keeps me busy knitting which I like. I like to keep my hands occupied when I am sitting in the evening.

And that is all folks. Have a great evening. It is gorgeous here.

Saturday, July 16, 2016


I am not in the mood for writing tonight but in the mood or not I must persist.
Thinking about what to write is often an issue. Tonight I will write about company. Adam is here or was here yesterday. I think he is at Sam's (his son) home tonight as he is not here LOL. 

Ray and I went to the casino today. I am not sure what Ray did but I lost today. You can't win every time you go, the odds are against it.  But we had a good time. And tonight we are watching a movie on TV. We have  a really good life . I suppose that after a life filled with honest work we deserve a good retirement.  Many are not as fortunate as we are. It is too bad we cannot all have this lovely end of life.  

I talked with Rick tonight for a short chat. Katherine has been with him all day but was just leaving to go home when I called. She is such a blessing to him.  Bless you Katherine. He said that Katie , his daughter, was just coming in as I called. So he has someone with him most of the time. That is a relief to me.
In his blog today he said his ALS is making slow progress, slow is better, it means he will be here longer . I don't want to lose him ever and hope I go first.

Time out folks I am going to bed.

Friday, July 15, 2016


I had an idea for a blog but it has since escaped me. I hope the idea returns .

Our day was so low down and easy. Ray had to go to St. Paul's and Matthew took him there. I stayed home and rested. Those two don't need me along with them. 

Pink is such a lovely colour. The dish cloth I am now knitting is pink yarn. I find pink to be so relaxing and easy on the eyes. Is it because I am female or is it actually pink that does it. No matter it does the job.

I expect Adam to arrive this evening if he doesn't go to Sam's place. I talked to him a while go and he was in Houston. Usually there is a long wait in Houston to make connections to Vancouver.When I went from here to Houston the wait was at least four hours long.
I think he said he would be here around 10:30 tonight. I'll be up anyway so there won't be a problem. I am looking forward to seeing him.  I was thinking about Jim and hoping he will come down from Edmonton soon. I would love to see him. Now would be a good time with Adam here. I think Adam is here for a week. I just tried to call Jim but he is out, no answer.

I had an afternoon rest while Matthew and Ray were gone.It was not a sleep but a rest. And it was very enjoyable. I like to read in the afternoon if I am home.

Now it is almost supper time, we don't know what we are going to have for supper tonight. I would like something simple. For me simple means macaroni with butter and parmesan cheese. One of my favourite foods.

And that is all folks. Have a lovely evening wherever you are. It is beautiful here.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

no blog

Time out, no blog tonight. Too tired, going to bed.
Have a nice evening.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Just had a call from Ray's daughter Lynn in Quebec. She and I had a short conversation about recipes. We had what I call Hamburger hash tonight. My mom used to make that some evenings for dinner. Mine is sightly different than Mom's but we like it. I saute onion and celery then fry the hamburger until it is brown I add a bit of Worcester sauce and use seasoned salt and garlic. Very tasty. Add water and cook for a while then thicken it with flour and browning powder. It can go over potatoes or on our case because Ray cannot eat potatoes we pour if over bread.
We had a cob of corn each as well. 

I am losing my memory these days . It was Pot Luck last night and we went out and I forgot about pot luck. I am so sorry about that .

We went to the little mall today for a short time and then down to Safeway. After which we went to the Crossings and to Save on foods where I bought the candy I like. Each night when I go to bed I read for a while and have one or two candies. It is a ritual I enjoy.

Take care folks , have a lovely evening.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I did a big forget today. It was /is pot luck night and I forgot about it. Ray and I were out and when we got home there was a message about the pot luck. I am embarrassed about forgetting. There is a lot of apology needed. I guess starting tomorrow I will have to call Diane and say I am sorry as she is the one who picks me up. What's done is done and I cannot fix it. 

My memory is fading and I wonder every time I forget something if it is just non attention, old age or the Alzheimers the doctor diagnosed. I guess it matters not, I forgot and that is that. 

I had a small sewing task to do when I got home. One of my cushion covers which has a Dresden Plate design on it had started to come undone and needed to be sewn down again. So I did that. Also there was the same problem on my butterfly quilt. One butterfly had started to come apart so I sewed that one down too. I like being able to fix things like that. And because I like it all my sewing jobs get done.

I am not reading as much these days as I used to so my book collection is piling up. 

Ray has rheumatoid arthritis and it has been bothering him quite a bit lately. He has to be careful of what he takes for it as his kidneys have been compromised and prednisone is too hard on them. So he has to fall back on Tylenol extra strength for some relief. It does not take away all the pain and he has suffered quite a bit. I wish there was something else he could take. Ray says not but I want to ask the doctor.

And that is all for tonight folks. Thanks for being here. And good evening.

Monday, July 11, 2016

a day in the life

Lovely day in the life of us. The weather was gorgeous again. It has been thus for some time. We went out for a while this morning to go to Safeway and then had a bit of lunch at A&W. That would be a hamburger and coffee for me and a root beer for Ray. 

We had a nice afternoon walking around a bit , then home . Marg came over to bring me some books and I had a couple for her. We had a very nice visit. She and Karen, her daughter, my niece, are going to the USA for a day. I would like to go too but Ray is not interested in crossing the line. It is a pain to do so as we have to go through customs and Ray does not like doing that. 

We did very little this afternoon, just stayed home. I did a bit of knitting and sewed in the loose ends, my pile of dish cloths is building up. The colours are so pretty. Adam wants some to take to Louisiana so there are lots for him.

Tomorrow we are getting the carpets cleaned.  They sure need it. Well around the chairs they need it, the rest of the carpet is fine. Then we'll have to go out while it dries. 

My hands are so sore . They are not happy typing today. I need to take a rest so they will feel better.

So I'll stop for now.  Have a lovely evening.

Saturday, July 9, 2016


Saturday is our grocery shopping day, so we shopped.  That was our first action of the day after breakfast of course!

And that was pretty well what we did today, just shopping. We left late so it took up a good part of the day. After we got home we just relaxed. Staying home is good.

I did my computer thing, read letters and wrote some too. I like my facebook but seem to have lost it somehow. I need to look for it as I miss some communications from friends and it takes me a while to get that. So here I go looking for Facebook. Be back later.

Friday, July 8, 2016

dining out

We went out for dinner tonight at TOPS our usual dining spot. I had lamb with rice and a yogurt dip and a small Greek salad. It was delicious . Ray had cabbage rolls. They do not have them all the time but if he is lucky they do and it makes him very happy. Tonight they did have them.

I forget what we did today so will have to ask Ray. My mind is a blank on this issue.  We had to go to Metrotown to pick up two of Ray's watches that were being serviced. While in the store I found a miniature alarm clock with bells on the top. It was a bright yellow, I fell in love with it and bought it. Now it will be the one to wake me up on Tuesday mornings. I am very happy with it. Look at that I did remember.
We walked around a bit for some exercise. That is the best we can do but we do use our legs and thus keep them working. And that's a good thing.

I plan to knit tonight and finish off my current cloths. I have several for Adam when he comes on the 15th. 
I just called Rick and he is not home,that means he is feeling okay.
Peter twisted his ankle and is out of action. I remember doing that when I was younger , actually several times and it is freaking painful so I have a great deal of sympathy for Peter and hope he heals quickly. I talked to Jim yesterday and he invited us to his annual campout the beginning of August on his property in the wilds of Alberta forest. He has created a lovely clearing there and it is a wonderful place to have a party.   Ray does not want to go. I do but have to rely on him to drive me there.

That is my day folks. I hope your day went well. Good evening.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

time to say

Take the time to say I love you. It means so much to those you love. I say I love you all for being my dear facebook friends. It is lovely to know you are always there at some point in the day. Also I want to take the time to tell my dear friend Diana Clark Davis that I am thinking of her regularly and wishing her well. I know she is in a huge struggle after the loss of her beloved husband and wish her all the best. Time is of the essence in cases such as this and my dear friend I think of you every day. I pray that each day gets a bit better.

As for me and mine we are all fortunately doing fine. Ray and I have an easy life and a lovely one. 
Today we went to Metrotown to see about updating our passports. It is such a busy thing to do. Today all we were able to do was go to the Post Office to pick up the forms that we need to re apply.  We'll fill those out and take them to the government office on Canada Way, then wait for Canada immigration or whatever we call it to pass them back to us with the appropriate papers.  We have no plans to go anywhere but always like to have our passports updated so if we decide to go it won't be a hassle.

After that we had a cinnamon bun , well half of one and a coffee. We don't go to this store very often but when we do the proprietor sees us coming and makes up our order and puts it out on the table when we sit down. It is lovely to get such good service. We are very lucky.

After the bun and coffee we wandered around Superstore but did not buy anything. Then we went to the book store to look around but I was tired by then and we decided to go home.

Once home I sat in my chair and rested while doing a bit of reading and then computering . Ray was not hungry so I did not make any dinner. I heated up macaroni and cheese for me. Ray is often not hungry and I think he eats when I am not looking LOL. Not too healthy for him but easy for me.

Now we are watching the football game. I am not a sports fan but Ray likes football and hockey. 

It has been a rainy day today and much cooler than it has been lately. I like the rain though, but then I have lived here in the rainforest since 1938 so I had better like it wouldn't you think? Hot weather does not agree with me anyway.

And that is all for tonight folks. Have a great evening.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I did not go out all day today. Ray went up to the store for some items, bread being the most important item.  I did not feel like going out because I am feeling a bit under the weather today.  Tomorrow will be a better day I am sure.

That means nothing much of interest to write about. I just did a bit of laundry and little else. I spend too much time on my laptop I am afraid. I do have a bit of sewing to do but nothing vital. Actually I can't quite recall what I have to sew . I'll have to check it out when I go to the sewing machine. 

I don't even know what we are going to have for supper tonight. Bad planning that is. No planning is really what I am talking about.
If Ray feels like it maybe we can go out for supper. If not perhaps he has an idea or two. There is always bacon and eggs. Sometimes we have that for supper. We don't often eat a big meal at supper. We rarely order in for some reason. I know lots of folks do order in. Chinese food is a good order but for just the two of us that order would be too much. If the kids are here then we order in. More people to eat the food. Ray has just suggested we have a salad. That works for me. We both enjoy a salad.

I have not talked to anyone but Ray today so no news here.  It has been very quiet. But that's okay, sometimes we need a quiet day to rest and relax. 

We are just watching old movies on TV today. The last one was Black and white and this next one is in colour. They are all about Randolph Scott this afternoon. I like these marathons on a lazy afternoon. 

My blog is short today doing nothing begets writing nothing. 
Have a lovely evening folks.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

bad memory

Here it is after ten and I just remembered my blog. I get doing other things some times and it slips my mind. But anyway I am here for a short conversation.

My day went well and we were  out and about for a short while.I have trouble remembering what I did today. But since it is Tuesday I know I went to my sewing group. Pat picked me up and we went to the mall for coffee before we traveled on to our sewing group. We talked over what we did this week while drinking our coffee.

I spent time trying to find one small piece of blue fabric to no avail. I'll try again tomorrow. It just has to be somewhere in my room with all the other fabric.
Anyway I did have  fine time at the sewing group. It is always fun to be with these friends. I just did a bit of applique, more hearts for a border on the quilt I am making for our great granddaughter in Quebec.She is fairly newborn.

After I came home I lay down for a while. On Tuesdays I have to get up at 7:00 which is two hours earlier than my regular time, so I have to catch up those two hours.  I did that and so far I have done nothing worthwhile for the rest of the day. I spend a lot of time on my laptop. My most recent plan is to keep off my laptop and do something useful for a change. Starting tomorrow!!!  LOL

I must get working on knitting my dishcloths. Adam wants some to take back to Louisiana and he is coming up June 15th. It will be great to see him.

We are watching an old fashioned show where they are doing some old dances. It brings back memories of the days when dances were more formal instead of a mish mash.

That's all I have to say tonight folks. I hope your evening went well.
Good night!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Another wonderful weather day

The weather has been fabulous for days. However there is a big fire in Burn's Bog across the bridge and while we live on this side of the bridge the smoke has no problem coming across the bridge. So it is a bit smoky , not really bad but just a bit. The fire goes underground in the bog so it can burn for weeks. 

Ray and I went out for a bit of lunch, a hamburger at A&W up at our little local mall. I had to go for a hair cut. I am never happy for the first week after a cut since it is too short despite that the hairdresser knows not to cut it too short. She even said to me "not too short yes?" But in a week it will be fine. I just need to put up with it for 6 more days.
Ray is in the kitchen running the water while I type. He is making the coffee for the morning and cleaning up. His time line is shorter than mine LOL. He is such a great guy. His mom did a good job on him.
I spent most of the day looking for a piece of fabric for tomorrow. One small square and no matter how I tried I could not find it. It is probably hiding under another piece of fabric. I'll try again later . If I cannot find it I will have to beg Pat's forgiveness. I hope she will give it. I hate it when I lose small items. They are so hard to locate. Maybe if I was neater it might help but at my age I am not going to change much. My mother was so neat and tidy. Her linen closet was so correct you could take a ruler to it and measure the heigth and distances . I always envied her precision and tidiness. I think Marg takes after mom and is neater than me. My dad was careful and tidy too so where did I come from. Somewhere in the long distant past I would guess.

I talked to Richard a while ago, he was busy cooking. He loves to cook. Must have got that from his dad. I don't care to cook, my goodness what am I good for?  But I am happy and I spread happiness around.

That is all for tonight folks. Have a lovely evening, it is beautiful here.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Time to write again

Back from the edge folks. I wasn't that long away. What did we do today. I wonder.  I do remember going out for a while. We went to Safeway and then came back home. We tried the health food store where we buy a concoction , a powder that is mixed with water and then drank. It is for my legs. They are very shaky when  I do not take this stuff and when I take it the legs are just fine. Weird isn't it. But whatever works is what I say. But the store was closed today I guess because it is Sunday. We'll try again tomorrow.

We did nothing else today . What a life eh! When we came home all we did was watch TV. Not particularly interesting TV at that.
Right now it is The Big Bang Theory and is about bugs in this episode. Fascinating stuff LOL.

Back home again we just watched TV and I computered. I need to find my facebook. It disappeared from my desk top.I hope someone in my family can take me through the steps to get it back on the desktop where all I have to do is just click to get it. I do wonder where these things go and why they go.  

Today is Peter's birthday. Peter is my third son, right in the middle of 5 sons. I hope he had a lovely day, I did call him and he is coming over this week. I'll be very happy to see him. I hope I can take him for lunch when he gets here. So here it is again....
Happy Birthday dear Peter. I love you. 

Good evening folks, it is a beautiful evening here and I hope you all have such a wonderful night.

Saturday, July 2, 2016


I am taking time out from blogging folks. It may be a day or a week. But I will be back!!

Friday, July 1, 2016

no blog tonight folks......have a great evening.