a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, April 30, 2012

sleepy time gal

I tried to find a pillowcase pattern but was not successful in transferring the site to my blog so back to old faithful About.com where you can find anything. Also I want to sew and Ray cleared some of the stuff off my sewing table. Now to find a space to cut the border. Not an easy task and I am off to do that now. Wish me luck!
My sewing table covered up with stuff off the walls etc. I wanted to sew so Ray kindly cleared it off and put it all on the bed haha.  My sewing project was a pillow case. I had to watch a video at least 4 times before I got the hang of it. This is the site I used.   www.robinquiltsetc.com    It is a great place to shop around for ideas.
The fabrics , the ladies of the group who gave me that gorgeous SBS quilt also added this piece
which was part of the border and just the right size for a pillowcase. Accident you think Haha.
There the three pieces sewn together in a roll so all the seams are enclosed just the way it is shown in the video.

A tutorial from Carol Doak. Have a go at it.

http://countryjunktion.com/2012BOM.html       The May banner is up, cute flowers Grandmother's :))

I am having trouble with my lettering, it won't stay on normal. My I am getting very frustrated with this laptop.

Here we go, let's see if this stays. I got part of my pillowcase done and will finish it after we have supper. Neither of us is very hungry as we had lunch at Cockney Kings and even though we just had on piece of fish and shared one plate of chips, coffee and that was it.Not a big lunch but we are still full. Our appetites are getting smaller all the time but our weight remains the same haha. What's that all about.

We took the laptop back this morning as it was a mess. Clay fixed it but I still don't have my address book back which is why I took it to get fixed in the first place. Clay was quite angry with the young man who worked on my laptop. He said that he had a call already from another woman who brought her computer into the store and was not happy with the way the guy dealt with it. He is in for it.
I think he was in a big hurry and not paying attention. And so it goes-on and on and on.............
Income tax day today, Get it in or you will be fined. The big man has your number LOL. I know the American filing deadline is April 15th but ours is April 30th. And I feel for you that have to pay.

Now back to my pillowcase... Almost done, stopped to eat and play with my laptop. Oh dear that is such a waste of time some days.

There it is done and I feel good plus I have a new pillowcase. What could be better.

Don't mess with a woman, she may be weaker that a man but she always gets  him back even if it takes forever LOL.
Ray made this for dinner and then he apologized for not having any olives LOL. As if he ever needs to be sorry about anything. And yes I tell him that. His presentations are always so lovely.
I am closing for tonight. I had trouble with blogspot again and the part of the blog disappeared. I am tired of computer problems.
Have a great evening folks.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

red brolly

Look for "My Little Teahouse".
Wow this is a full site, so many things to see and so many other blogs to visit. It will take a bit of time but try it anyway, you can always go back if your time is short.

Paper piecing again or as they call it now ,foundation piecing. I went for the duck and was cornswaglled by the number of pieces. Hey but that's me, now some of you may be better at this than I am and if you do the block please send it into my blog so I can see how talented you are. That goes for anything I put up on the blog.

Busy day once again. I had to go to London drugs for my laptop and the young man there gave me simple instructions for activating the new Kaspersky that I bought. Simply put ,put in the activation code and then my email address.
Well!!!! there were pages of stuff that went on and on until I could not longer do anything. Even the activation code was for a commercial computer or something and would not take the numbers he gave me. So I just shut it all down and now I am writing the blog . It works but I have no virus protection now. It all goes back to him tomorrow. Ray is not happy. He says phone him and tell him it doesn't work. Because he does not use a computer he thinks that's all you have to do. I told him I did not have the information to give the guy and there is no way to tell him it doesn't work and get hime to fix it. I need to give him real information and I don't know what happened . So back to the store.
He would just tell me to bring it in anyway.

Ray is having so much pain from his spinal stenosis that he is impatient. I can understand that if you are in a lot of pain. We go to the doctor on Wednesday , maybe she can help him with the pain.

Margaret came over to tell us about her trip to Palm Springs with her friend Mona. They had a good time there. I know a lot of people who go there regularly , friends and my son Peter and his wife Judith.  So it must be a nice place to go. Margaret said they took a tour , went to a big mall and an outdoor market. She gave me a gift of a spoon holder. I used to collect them and have quite a few. This one is very pretty.
Then we went to Michael's where I picked up three balls of cotton for knitting dish cloths.
The single is to finish off one cloth that I started and couldn't complete and the other two are to make three more cloths.
Ain't love grand, and don't these guys make you smile:))) They sure make me smile.
And so does this LOL . I know there are many men who quilt and many boys who love to sew. I had a wonderful uncle who spent the dreadful winter in Manitoba knitting socks and mitts. I remember on special pair of yellow mitts that he knit for me as a Christmas gift when I was eleven and gave. I'll never forget those mittens nor do I know why it is such a clear memory.
But here is a photo of my Uncle Gavin in his kilt as he prepares to go to war with my dad, WW1.
Or not I can't find it here , maybe on the other computer. I'll look later.
I made this quilt for a guild challenge but I didn't win. No matter though I love it. I took two patterns and incorporated one into the other. The middle star is actually a double star and then I put that into a maple leaf. Since the colours were purple and blue I could not make the Maple Leaf red. One day my plan is to make a red one for the hall wall Haha!!
Time for me to drop out!!!
Have a lovely evening and I will check to see that this is posted.
Habari ya jioni

late again

Mary called to say my blog was not up. This is the second time and I am not sure why as I did press the publish button.
Please accept my apologies. I will check it from now on.
Thanks for your patience and to those who remind me if it is not published thanks to you too.


Broken Sugar Bowl
Another of Susie's blocks from her grandmother's diaries.
You might find this introduction enlightening.

UP in the air, dogs don't care they like it there!!

We shopped this morning for groceeries. After shopping we ususally go and have coffee at Tim's but Ididn't fel like standing in the line up this morning,

I called London Drugs to ask about my laptop , not ready yet but they did locate the address book and found a couple of viruses. He says if they can just scan them all will be well but if not they will have to reboot everything and that means losing all my stuff. So I am going down there tomorrow to put my embroidey designs on a memory stick because I would hate to lose it all. He said he will wait until I get there.

Weather report: Rain today and big spots too in some parts.  Other parts of the province are experiencing floods . If the Fraser River goes that was too we could have some overflow just down the road, The are bulding new townhouses on the flood plain just below us. Ray and I are thinking that if the river swells those buildings will be in dreadful shape. I wonder why the city allows that tyoe of building right on the banks of the river. Even if it just swells a bit it could be a hazard. I think of this every spring because I remember the big flood here in 1947 and it worries me.
Now this is the house to buy if you live near the river LOL, I think I saw a house like this on the flod plain in Louisiana , one that survived Hurricane Rita. Adam was ther in Louisiana when that hurricane passed through Lake Charles, that and several others. Nice place to live but it can be hazardous to your health as can other parts of anywhere. Here on the west coast it;s earthquakes. Apparently we had a small 4.5 quake the other night but it was out further into the ocean and at night so no one felt it. Thankfully!!
Remember the hat I was knitting with such angst. I gave up on it and took it all out and wound the wool into a ball. There is so much yarn on that huge ball that after three days I am still winding it up. What a pain :>)  Maybe I should cut it and wind up the next portion as the ball is getting a bit too big to handle. I won't buy something that large again.
Now this is responsibility!! What a good dog taking care of the others.
This computer is not full of the pictures that I had on the laptop so I have to go hunting again to find what I want for this blog,
1964- Me in my better days when I was younger. Well maybe not better but surely thinner LOL.
After I married Ray and he supplied me with good food and good cooking I put on a lot of weight. Also my thyroid became disfunctional at the time and the doctor I was foinf to told me there was no issue with my thyroid and I just ate too much. I saw another doctor who tested amd and found that the thyroid was not working. One was a man and the other was a woman. Guess which was which!
Anyway folks time to go.
Bon soir.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Hi guys! Mary here.

Grandma asked me to post for her tonight. Her laptop is still in the shop and she's having trouble connecting to the internet from her desktop at home. I suggested that she reboot her router, so she may yet be on tonight.

In case not, here are a few pictures and videos of Rose to keep your attention! :D I think she's adorable, but I'm a bit jaded ;)

Hope you're having a great night!

She is adorable and yes we got on thanks to your help once again Mary.You are so clever, thank you very much my love.
Computer problems on both computers , such a big pain. My laptop is still at the shop and who knows why my PC went out on me. Of course if I knew I wouldn't have to ask Mary for help now would I?
Today we went to London Drugs to visit my laptop but the guys who are doing the hard stuff weren't coming in until 1:00 PM. I did not get a call before 5:00 so we'll go back tomorrow morning. Lots of typos on this keyboard as I am not used to it.
My walker gave me a big bite on my finger. Just because I put my finger in the wrong place, now I ask you is that nice. So I have a nice big blood blister bruise on my pointer finger on the right hand. WAAAA!!!
Meaghan got a new puppy , he looks a lot like Remy ....
Part Schnauzer and I don't know what the other part is.
Haha now there is the difference between a dog and a cat LOL>

To continue, we went up to Save On Foods to pick up some candy I like to have in the evening when I go to bed. After that we came home and once again I was so tired that I spent two hours napping. I am getting tired of being tired. But I go to the heart specialist next month and I'll ask him if there is a problem in that department. If not then I'll just think that I do too much every day. I haven't seen him for well over a year and it is time.
Still no news on my embroidery machine but Kathy asked if I wanted to go to Embroidery Class next month and I do , even if there is nothing for me to do but Tom is good about letting me use his machines if I need to so I'll ask him about that. I hope  he gives me one that I don't need to do a lot of learning on or I'll spend the night trying to figure it out LOL.
Oh here is another photo of Honey Bee, hmm I wonder if her owner is a quilter and named her after the block. NAH hardly likely eh!
Good picture of her back LOL.
The Cancer Care Bear wearing the symbol, I added it for the many pwople who are suffering from cancer and for the families who are also suffering. My heart goes out to you all.
Don't we all have love for our families even when things are not going too well.
How on earth do these bluebirds sit on these branches LOL.

http://www.quiltersworld.com/newsletters.php?mode=issue&issue_id=463&department_id=44?FCBK Now you'll just have to
go and look for yourself Haha.
                          Going now.
Have a good evening.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

laptop gone

I'm in trouble with my blog tonight. I had to take my laptop into London Drugs because  my address book has disappeared. I think I told you that before. Clayton tried to find it and finally gave up the ghost. He said not much stops him but this did. So Miss Laptop had to stay there until the other experts arrive tomorrow.
All my stuff is on that little computer so who knows what will happen.
As for the rest of the day I had lasagna at Tim Hortons and Ray had an egg salad sandwich. Funny for a store that started out as a doughnut shop. hahaNow they do a lot of other items. I like their soups but today the soup list was very short and not the ones I love so the lasagna. I'm on Italian this week, last night , noon today and tonight I ate the doggy bag food I brought home for the White Spot.

I was exhausted when I got home, don't know why I was extre tired today . I lay down and had a nice long nap and now I feel just fine.
So after I ate my spaghetti I had some pistachios. Now I am done eating for the day.
She's going up on myhallway wall later this week when all the other things are up after the painting . She is so lovely and sophisticated and so twenties. 1920s that is. I made her when I was in Iowa or I made part of her with the help of my friend Ranny.
Bookmarks that I made when my embroidery machine was home . Now There is nothing I can do that is embroidery and I have two projects that are in waiting. Of course I could piece and when all this mess is cleared up that is what I plan to do. I just have to get a project that I want to do . I am thinking of doing some curved piecing as a challenge. I need a challenge and I do have the templates for that. So no more excuses Nan!!!!

Busy isn't it. It takes time just to read the thing LOL.
Today's dog , cute little fellow. I wish I could have a dog but we don't feel up to looking after it. I saw an adorable little dog today, her name was Honey Bee and she was wearing a pink sweater. We did get some pictures but I'm am no longer certain how to get them onto this computer. On the laptop I just take out the card and put it in the slot . I wonder where the slot is on this PC.
Ah there she is, I found the slot for the card. There are three more photos of Honey Bee , I'll put up another one tomorrow. We had a talk with her owner who is in remission from cancer and was taking chemo. He said that chemo is awful and I am sure it is. He was a nice guy who said he came from Mississippi 30 years ago and loves Canada. We talked about that , I love Canada too.
Another use for an old car , this time a Volkswagon, It is beautiful. Of course I love a yellow car as that is what mine is and soon I am going to drive it. I hate being dependent on other people even though they are so wonderful . But even wonderful people go on holiday which is where my two drivers are at  the same time.
Time to go and watch TV.
Have a peaceful evening.
Guten Tag.

back surgery

Looking for something fun to do with your quilting friends? How about a fabric exchange!
This is a fun video with Mary Fons and she shows some great blocks with the measurements.

There are 6 designs of log cabins but because of my slight dyslexia I am having troube distinguishing where one fabric stops and another begins. The pattern on the fabric is way too busy for me. Some of you  might not have any trouble with it.

http://www.victorianaquiltdesigns.com/VictorianaQuilters/BlockoftheMonth/BlockoftheMonth.htmAnother quilt  that looks marvellous. Try it!
What a time of it today. First the carpet man came to measure the floor and to give us a price on changing the carpet which is so bad I can scarcely look at it. It has stains at the entranc to the room that I have no idea where they could possible come from except that is might be when the cleaning lady brings the mop from the back of the apartment to the front. That may not be the cause but we never carry food or drink in that area . But I wll be happy to have them new again so it doesn't really matter unless more spots show up.
And the price was right......
This is such a gorgeous picture of the sky and the earth. What fabulous colours and such great movement.
Another nature picture LOL.
It rained today - hard, as you can tell . But the street is lined with these fabulous pink Japanese cherry or plum blossoms. It makes the city so beautiful when these trees bloom. I love it.
This afternoon Ray had an appointment with the vascular surgeon for the pain in his leg but this doctor also said it is his back that is the problem, spinal stenosis is the verdict and that means surgery to ease off the pain. We are worried about this type of surgery, any surgery for that matter. He will have to go to a back surgeon next.
On the way home we decided to go to the White Spot on Kingsway and Knight for dinner. We had a great waiter who when we went into the restaurant said "Come on down" LOL.
He  was fun. I had spaghetti and sauce while Ray had a club sandwich. It was very good and we have enough left over for lunch tomorrow.

We are both really tired  after our busy day. Neither of us like to go into town and we have had to several times in the past two weeks.
This guy amused me and I laughed....... Tee hee.

I have not been able to go to my sewing this past Tuesday or next Tuesday because all my drivers are off on holiday so I think I need to get out and drive my car around the neighbourhood.
A card Trick quilt in black and red. This was my first ever quilt and it has 81 different reds manty of them I received from friends . I know I have shown it before but it was a long time ago and as I love it , it seemed to me it could bear repeating :)))
I am going to take my laptop to London Drugs tomorrow for a check up to see where my address book went, so I may be without it for a few days. However I do have a PC in the back bedroom so I'll be able to write my blog, it just is more fun doing it on my lap LOL.
Time to go .
Have a good evening folks.
Buenos tardes.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Free tutorials for quilts. Check this one out.
I thought this was appropriate :)))

This morning we went shopping for carpets ,ours is badly stained and we have no idea where the spots came from. They are not in a place where we bring our coffee. We think it might be raindrops from an umbrella but the spots are dark so that probably won't be it. Anyway the carpet is faded in places and stained in others. It is looking very tired. We looked at two places and there was a difference of $1100 dollars. The carpet pieces were  priced close to the same dollars so we decided to go the less expensive but not necessarily cheaper carpet. We're happy with our choice. The carpets will take until May 1st to get here. We went for blue again as we like it and we are only doing part of the apartment , just the living portion , not the sleeping part. It will be more hard work for Ray to move  the furniture again. We are hoping the carpet layers will help us. The salesman said they would and they did the last time we had the carpet done. The first salesman told us that the people here preferred the tans and browns , earth colours , for their carpets and there were so many choices of those colours on display. 
We have decided not to put everything  away as in about 10 days we would have to take it all out again, no need for that LOL. So we'll just dwell in the uproar.
After we went for a bite to eat and then to the Brick to have a look at the furniture. Again mostly tan and brown leather furniture . Disappointing selection of choices. So we will continue to look. It is not essential as our furniture is not really that bad yet.
Whoops who do we have here, another Rose?  What a sweetie!! I wish we could see her more often but she live in Victoria and I am afraid to take the ferry. I have to be careful because I may get sick again and being on the ferry is not a good place to have a relapse.  Maybe I'll take a chance later on in the year.

It speaks for itself.

The Canvas Prison is something we all need to see. It is so horrifying to women in Afghanistan that it moves us all to tears.  If only it had led us into a pathway whereby we could help. The dreadful way these women are totally disrespected by their families and culture is shocking. Please have a look at this site.
Birds in the Air , you can find this pattern almost anywhere. It is an older one and a classic. Plug it into your browser and it will be there. However there are several variations of this block as it is for many of the older ones. If you want to practice your half square triangles haha then go for this block.
I have still not heard back from Tom about my embroidery machine and the way things are in here I have no surface to use for cutting and sewing until the stuff is all put back where it belongs. In view of that I went back to the library today and took out another Fast Read and one other book. Between the computer and my books I should be all right.
Well maybe that darned hat I am knitting.
Also both my drivers are out of town so I was not able to go to my sewing today. Pat will be gone for two weeks and Juliet is off to Denmark to visit her dying aunt for the next 7 weeks. I am sure it will make her aunt's last days better . Maybe I can try and practice using my car again. It would be a short drive around the block to start.
Time for me to give up on this blog for tonight.
Have a lovely evening.
Bonne nuit.