a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, December 31, 2013



Isn't this a beauty? What would you use it for ?

Another gorgeous star block for your pleasure. 

Haha a great little design for a quilt. This one has free instructions so go ahead and try it out.  Click and you're on your way.

Ray and I went to Walmart today, the one in New Westminster. We had been going to the one in Vancouver for a while and wanted a change if WalMarts change. Well this one had. There was a whole new section added to carry groceries. It was a big surprise. However we did not was a lot of stuff. We just went for bath mats and I wanted some pads for nail polish removal.  

whne we came home I had a nap, yes I am back to a nap. I read for some time. It was a new book and I have no idea where it came from. It is called Alone in the Classroom. A very interesting beginning with a murder of a girl and a hint of evil in the principal of the school where our heroine is a teacher. It is an interesting take on the classroom of the late 1920s . I am finding that I make comparisons between teaching then and in the 1960s to 1990s. There are of course similarities but also differences. The teacher in this classroom impressed me with her efforts to help a boy with obvious  dislexia. He has been written off by the principal and everyone else but she has taken up the cause and is teaching him one on one after regular class.  I did not get too far into the book but what I have read reads very true to me. 

Now we are watching Dr. No a James Bond movie. We have  not seen the one before. It stars Sean Connery. It is not bad if you like that kind of movie. Lots of action !

This is a true beauty I don't know what it is called but I would name it Harlequin. I am sure it has a lovelier name than that . 

What a lovely table runner. I like the blue fabrics and I bought 2 pieces of blue today, small pieces.

That's the day folks.
I hope you all had a lovely day.
Have a nice evening.

Good night.

Monday, December 30, 2013

a few new things

It's called popping the seam  
 Great site for  making connecting seams.

Fascinating tessellations. Looks like fun to do.

A few tutorials here.

Wow I forgot about the blog and wandered into playing the gambling games. Bad news but there is no money exchanging hands. These games just take up a lot of time.

We went to the doctor this morning. I told her about the fall I took and showed her where my leg hurt and that I thought it was from my statin pills. She said it was from the fall. So  down my leg bone, my elbow and my wrist is where I  hurt myself. It is hard to get off my chair because I lean on my elbow and wrist to push myself up off the chair.  My legs don't work and I have to use a walker. So now I am officially a cripple Haha.

After the doctor we went to Safeway for prescriptions. I discovered that the very expensive pills I have been taking since I was in the hospital in 2011 are merely probiotics and I don't need to use them . I can use the other probiotics that are less costly. 
Good news. We got some of those. It was busy at Safeway today and as it was raining a bit we waited for the medication , had a coffee at Starbucks in the store. They are so nice to me there always taking my coffee to the table. 

Did you gain any weight over Christmas? I did , about 4 or 5 pounds. Now I am annoyed, can't afford to gain any weight. TIme now for losing. Just cut down on the goodies and chocolate as well as portions of dinner. That should do it. I'll keep you posted on my progress if you care and if you don't care LOL.

Richard and Katie left yesterday and they arrived home in Calgary at 1:00 in the afternoon today. I am sure happy all went well. Winter in the mountains can be a problem. He is glad to be home.

Ray cleaned up the Christmas things today, tree is gone, Angels have been put away, cards taken down , only the hallway desor is still up to be taken down soon.

I took some time today to send out new years e-cards to my family.  I hope all my readers have a wonderful year ahead, love, health and wealth in your cards.   That will make me happy.

Kate is on her way to Fort McMurray to visit friends before she goes back to Toronto . This is not a winter photo but it is Kate.

Something has changed in my photo gallery and I cannot get them to show up. Sometimes I wonder why my laptop just changes thing by itself. It is very frustrating. So no pictures unless things get better here.
And they aren't so I will have to close up for tonight.
Sorry folks.
Have a lovely evening.
Good night.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Brave World

Download now as a pdf pattern
Brave World is what this block is called, interesting arrangement and could make an exciting quilt. It is actually a four square so only 4 parts to make if you choose this one.

I found this already made quilt this morning and thought that it makes such a lovely quilt , just squares . No instructions but a good quilter could design this one. Try the pillow shams first then advance to the larger bed quilt.
It is very attractive.

My friend came up with this set of birdhouses that make for a fun quilt.

A Flirty Trip Around The World. There should be patterns on the internet, I don't have one at hand.

Richard left this morning and this is what I did this afternoon.   I talked to him a while ago and there was no room in Revelstoke to stop for the night. He is going to try for something in Golden. I am worried about him and Kate driving through the winter night. He tells me the roads are fine so I intend to believe him or I will be very unhappy and worry all night. On the other hand no news is good news and if I hear from him it is good news too.
I pray that he and Kate arrive safely in Calgary tonight.

As for Ray and me we had a nice day with Matthew , Caroline, Chelsea and Ryan.  Matthew asked us to go to the Starlight Casino for a while. I was not lucky today nor was Ray. But we all had lunch together and that was a nice time.
We came home and went to the grocery store to do our shopping for the week. Back home and putting the groceries away, after which I Had my nao. And it was good. Ray woke me up at 5:00 or I would have slept for another hour at least.

I read my Facebook and e mail then began to write the blog.

What is next , We are watching a made for TV movie, at least it has that feeling.   Love , murder, evil, goodness trial, prison redemption, you know the scene. Relaxing and easy.

Rick and Charlotte.

Rick and Rose and me in Victoria.

On the ferry going from Vancouver to Victoria.

One of the many inhabited islands in the straits. It was a misty day as you can see. Often the days are cloudy and it is hard to see very far.

Richard looking out at the ocean thinking of all he has lost . He loves the sea and sailing in his boat which had to be sold when he got sick. All is loss with this disease. Whenever he turns around he is losing something else. My heart bleeds for him.  He is so brave about it all.

Rose eyeing up that milk at the White Spot.
and that is all for tonight.

Have a lovely evening.

Good night.

Saturday, December 28, 2013


We have been away all day from early morning to 7:00 tonight. All three of us are quite tired out but satisfied that we had a good day with Mary, Albert and Rose.

We took the ferry to Sidney and drove to Victoria to Mary and Albert's apartment. Rick gets us at the front of the ferry because he has a wheelchair and is handicapped. We got on early and set up to the restaurant which is what nearly everyone does when they get on the ferry. We went tot he 6th floor where they had the buffet. The view was fabulous and the restaurant was lovely. Sitting up high on the ferry and watching the islands go by or us going by the islands, just very large rocks in the middle of the sea was a beautiful sight. Small sailboats motored by as the sea was very calm ,hardly any waves, so no sails were required.
We had our breakfast at the buffet. It was not the best buffet I have had but it was adequate and the setting was spectacular as I have said. 
We sat there drinking coffee until it was time to go down to the car deck and depart to drive to Mary's.

We had fun at Mary and Albert's watching Rose play. She was fun to be with and just a bundle of energy. She never stopped for a minute. It's a good thing Mary is young. She needs her strength LOL.

Richard took us all to White Spot for lunch. Rose ordered a pirate pack. Ray and I shared a clubhouse sandwich . I can't recall what the others had. Maybe because I paid not attention.

My fall last night has resulted in a sprained wrist and a sore elbow along with a few other aches and pains.

On the ferry on the way back we saw a young family with three boys all dressed alike and it reminded Rick and me of my five boys all so close in age. There was only 6 years between the eldest and the youngest. Those were busy years for me. But they were magical times for us.

All in all it was a wonderful day. Thank you to Richard for including us in the visit and to Mary and Albert for sharing it with us.

Another full day and no more to write. I hope your day was good too.
Good night.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Dinner out tonight

We just got home from the KEG where we had dinner. Richard treated us to this wonderful dinner. I had a small slice of  Prime Rib and baked potato with all the trimmings. But first a had a small Caesar , I really like that drink.  I never drank liquor before I turned 80 but now I have a Caesar when we go to the Keg as I truly enjoy  one. Luckily we don't go to the Keg very often.  
Richard had a large Caesar called a Keg size Caesar. We had hot bread with 3 cheese butter , I love that. Then Rick had a  large Prime Rib and potato. Ray had  a Sirloin steak, no potato as he is not supposed to eat them but he had grilled veggies.
We had a slice of  ice cream cake  for dessert as it was an anniversary celebration. Ray and I have been married for 38 years. Not bad for a second marriage. It was just a bit early for a celebration as the anniversary is not until the 29th. But we are going to Victoria tomorrow and then Rick is leaving to go home to Calgary.

I had a fall today , small injuries, a sprained wrist and cut elbow , jerked back muscles but it it the kind of soreness that won't last long.   That's what comes of walking into a dark room with no  light on. Stupid isn't it. 

As for the early part of the day Ray and I went shopping. Off to Chapters to buy a Kindle. I want a Kindle because they are back lit and It will be easier for me to read.  It was so busy in the mall that we could not even find a parking spot. I have been in that mall before when it was like that and knew at the end of our shopping we might not be able to get out. So we went to Staples at the Crossings . They had samples of the Kindle but none for sale. End of story . London Drugs had no Kindles at all, they did not sell them.   We bought a can of coffee and a eye liner , that was it.

We came home and waited for Rick to come home from a meeting with a friend. He was not long behind us. 

And of course I forgot my camera, what is wrong with me these days.  I just asked Rick and Ray to remind me to take a picture of Rick and me tomorrow.  Rick made a whole life time of pictures on a USB memory stick. It was wonderful and I want as many pictures of him as I can get.  It has been a super visit.

A picture of Kate and someone's baby. I have no idea who this adorable baby is but I know who adorable Kate is. My granddaughter, Rick's daughter.

I thought this quilt was just the thing for a little girl.  Change the colour scheme and it works for a little boy too. 

This is so old fashioned , long dress, hat and muff makes up the girl's outfit for outdoor skating.
While I like the colour of this quilt it is just way too busy for me.

I'm tired so I am closing for tonight.

Have a good evening.
Good night.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

where is it



Many lovely BOMs here , this is just one of them.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. We had a quiet one with just 4 of us yesterday but today it was a full house, lots of action and noise. It was wonderful. I loved hearing Charlotte singing Christmas carols in her lovely little voice. She is such a lovely girl and so much fun to be with. I have some great photos and will add them to this message later. We gave her a big doll and some new shoes for her present along with other things.  Auntie Katie put the shoes on the plush lobster Rick had brought back from PEI for her. It is hilarious.  

New shoes for Charlotte and her new friend Lester the Lobster from PEI.
Grandpa and Charlotte, hmm I wonder what is so interesting on the floor.

The first thing Charlotte did when we gave her the doll was to take all her clothes off LOL.  Then the doll lay naked for the rest of the day. Meaghan took all the parts home so Charlotte will be able to dress and undress her doll at will. 

Don't you love little kids. I wonder what Rose will do with her doll.  We are going over to Victoria on Saturday to give out her presents.

It was a wonderful day with our child Richard, grandchildren Meaghan, Katie, Chelsea, Ricky and great grandchild  Charlotte and Louis grandson in law. Matthew showed up for a short while and Peter was here too. It was a big show~!!! I loved it.

Peter with his coffee.

Chelsea , Matthew's daughter and my granddaughter. She is a  very accomplished musician.

Rick went out for a while after everyone went home . He picked up some  things for us and got a break too. Ray and I just relaxed before it was time to make dinner . That was my job today. I just put together dishes of leftover dinner from yesterday. It was good once again.
Katie and Chelsea playing with Charlotte's present LOL.

Meaghan in  Rick's wheelchair. We ran out of chairs haha.
Ricky sitting this one out .

I like these cartoons of this special little lady and her quilting. Plus her cats LOL.

A pair of kittens in the box.

And two cute puppies to brighten up the end of the day.

That is all for tonight. 
I hope all had a wonderful  Christmas.

Have a lovely evening resting up from the festivities.
Good night.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Download now as a pdf pattern


Merry Christmas to one and all. 
See you tomorrow.

Good night.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

the quilts are not made

'Twas the night before Christmas, And the quilts were not made. The threads were all tangled, the cookies delayed. The stocking weren't hung, the pantry was bare. The poor weary Quilter, was tearing her hair. Stacks of fat quarters, tipped over in streams. Visions of Log Cabins, had turned into dreams. When what to her wondering eyes should appear, But a bus full of quilters with all of their gear. They went straight to work with just a few mutters, Sorting and stitching and brandishing cutters. The patterns emerged from all of the clutter, Like magic the fabrics arranged in a flutter. Log Cabins, Lone Stars, Flying Geese & Bear Tracks Each quilt was a beauty-even the backs. Her house how it twinkled, her quilts how they glowed. The cookies were baking, the stockings were sewed. Their work was all done, so they folded their frames, And packed up their needles, without giving their names. They boarded the bus, and checked the next address. More quilts to be made, another quilter in distress. She heard one voice echo, as they drove out of sight, Happy quilting to all and to all a good night! ~Author Unknown Merry Merry, Happy Happy, Quilty Quilty Y'all!! >

A wreath made of hexagons. Great isn't it ? You know I love hexagons and anything the uses them for a creation. 

Another stay at home day. I won't be going out until the 27th. Tomorrow is Christmas day , Family coming over on Boxing day. So Friday will be a day to go out for a while. Then Rick and I are going over to Victoria on Saturday. Sunday Rick and Katie leave to go back to Calgary and we are back to normal. Almost. There are decorations to be taken down before real and total normal returns LOL. I am not sure which day that will be.
But for today Matthew came over for a visit and he came bearing gifts of goodies that he and Caroline made. Shortbread from my mother's recipe. Wonderful Scottish shortbread is what my mom made.  Then fresh made cranberry sauce, still warm, and some different cookies. There are hardly any left. We gobbled them up between the three of us .((  Naughty but good.
All that's left LOL.

We saw little Molly from across the hall running up and down. I had a little gift for her so I tool the opportunity to give it to her grandma. Molly gave me a present back, a little tree standing up in a small mason jar. It is just so cute. Molly who is almost three helped with the snow part of the gift.  She is a sweetheart but is reluctant to talk to us. Shy little girl.
Shake it and you get a snowfall.

Rick went out this afternoon to have a coffee with a friend. It is so boring for him sitting here with us and the TV. I am glad he has friends here. I would like to be sewing but it takes up so much room that I don't bother. Then I have to take everything out and put it all back again.  And he sleeps in the room where my machine etc. is. Next year I'll get started again. LOL.  I want to get at my embroidery.

This picture really touches me.

This dog  Abby passed over the rainbow bridge and the little girl asked God to make sure He  took good care of her dog . She told God she missed Abby so much and was happy God had let her take care of Abby for a while. 

Our Charlotte all set for winter. She is getting so big and will be three years old in January. Rose just had her second birthday this week.  Mary , no pictures? 

No snow folks, it has all gone. That was a short winter. Haha.

No pattern for this lovely quilt but I figure that if you call the squares 9 inches then the little checkerboard pieces would be 3 inches each and so would all the other squares in the 9 inch blocks. The colours are so rich and deep. I would love this quilt.

Our sweet Rose had a birthday on the 20th this week. She was 2 years old.  I am waiting for a picture and will put it up when it comes.

Great grandson Adam in his new kilt. It is lovely isn't it. He looks happy. It's the Scot in him.

Time to go folks.
Have a lovely Christmas Eve. I hope Santa finds your chimney.

Good night all.


Monday, December 23, 2013

jingle jingle

All the Jingle Blocks ready for downloading.


Amazing quilt.It is just for looking as far as I am concerned.  But it is beautiful.

Now if this doesn't make you smile.............;)

Today:  Ray and I went out early to the mall because it was going to be busy. Ray had to go to Lenscrafter to get some new pads for his glasses. It was early and the mall was quite busy . However we went to the Cinnabon restaurant for a half a cinnabon. We always share one and have a coffee that we share too.  Different sides LOL.
We did not shop though since I had done all my Christmas shopping  weeks ago. We only shop for the little ones anyway. So it is really easy. Rick had a nice visit with Meaghan and Charlotte this  morning. He had to make a business visit in Abbotsford so he made the date with Meaghan. That made him happy. 

He spent the afternoon with us and Margaret who is his aunt and godmother. We all chatted and told stories as we do when we get together. It was a nice afternoon. 
I made the same dinner as yesterday, sausages, corn and potato. Still my favourite.  Haha.

Now I am just doing the blog.

This little quilt looks fast and easy.  But of course it won't be in time for Christmas.
It is from Quiltmaker magazine the Nov. /Dec. Issue this year.

This is a pretty blue and blue Log Cabin quilt. We all know how to make a Log Cabin don't we? So no instructions are necessary. Right?

 Good thing she didn't ask if you wanted Chicken McNuggets LOL.

So sweet , mommy's little helper. Isn't she clever?

I don't have much to say tonight, we are tired so I'll just close offsmall hearts photo: hearts lisass_web-small.gif.
Have a nice family evening.
Good night.