a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, October 30, 2016

getting better

I am feeling a bit better today. So
I have been up for a good part of the day except for a nap this afternoon. On the mend!!

My sister Marg came over this afternoon , it was a good visit. She brought me a book to read. 

Matthew and Caroline visited this morning and brought Tim's Sandwiches and Chili. We had half the sandwich for lunch and the second half for dinner along with the chili. Thanks Caroline and Matthew for the lovely meal. You are very kind and thoughtful. We enjoyed our meal.

Nothing exciting happened but then we don't need exciting every day do we?  
Just being alive is exciting enough LOL.

So as you see we had a nice day. 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

still ill

Not feeling quite up to par yet, another day ought to do it. I am out of bed though and sitting up.

I would like to eat a Tim's sandwich but that will have to wait until I get out. In the meantime I think I'll make myself a bowl of soup Ray said he will make me some soup. Great guy, my husband. Not too many like Ray.

Of course I have done zero today other what choice did I have. I am still very tired and plan to go to bed early. I did knit a few rows on my washcloth and will do several more tonight. It is almost to the decrease stage so that is good.

And that is all for now folks. Have a good evening.

Friday, October 28, 2016

not well

No blogging, I have been ill for the past few days. Thanks for checking in.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Late to start blogging.  But here goes. I should have material to talk about.  For some reason I am quite warm tonight and Ray says he did not turn the heat up.  Maybe it is the laptop that makes me warm.

It was a rainy drizzly day today, but I like these days. I always remember going downtown shopping with my mom on a day like this. For some reason it sticks in my memory. I think she bought me some cut out dolls. I loved those dolls. What fun they were. It takes time to cut them all out before I could play with them and that as part of the fun.
My memories of rainy days are so good.

Ray and I went for lunch at Mr. Ho's with Sam. We do love visiting with him. Lunch was good but Chinese food is one of our 
favourites and Mr. Ho's Chinese is always great.

After we left Sam we came home and spent the rest of the day relaxing. I had a bit of a nap .  I like a little afternoon nap.  And the rest of the day was spent watching TV.  
Quiet day eh. 

I am very tired tonight for no reason at all. Even watching TV seems a big effort. Oh well I shall prevail. I do not like to go to bed this early  because I wake up in the middle of the night.

Tomorrow Mary is coming over for a little visit. I will be happy to see her and the little greats. I am so fortunate.

And that is all folks. Have a lovely evening. I am going to bed.

Monday, October 24, 2016


I just finished a yellow dishcloth. Yellow is such a cheerful colour and makes me feel joyful. I love yellow.

We did go out for a bit today. We went to the Crossings for a bite of lunch and then to London Drugs to see the books. I did not buy anything today. Neither did Ray. But we did look around to see all the stuff. And then we just came home. 
At home we relaxed , I read a bit and computed.
The day was quiet, I had a nice chat with Adam and Rick. 

Tomorrow is Tuesday and my sewing day with Pat. I look forward to Tuesdays.But right now I do not have  project to work on and can't think of anything to start.  So I will probably applique some of Betty's blocks. I have done that before. Betty does a lot of charity quilts so has many blocks to do. Some of the other ladies do Betty's blocks too. Maybe I should do some charity quilts too.

I am feeling a bit tired tonight. Not unusual. However I do not want to go to bed this early. So I'll just suck it up and hold on until later. 

I need to check my sewing bag and see what is in there for me to do. I am sure there is something.

That's it folks. Have a great evening.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

give it up

I think I'll give up on blogging for  while. I seem to have very little of interest to say. I have been home all day today and have done nothing. So what is there to talk about. 
I am not active at all these days. No sewing ,no knitting, no embroidery, no shopping, and no nothing. So no blog.

Have a great evening. I am going to bed. Sleep well.

Saturday, October 22, 2016


Saturday and  shopping for the weekly groceries whenever I get dressed.
Well I did get dressed and we did go shopping. We bought nothing special and did not even go to TIM'S for lunch as we usually do. We came home and had lunch here. But that was too far back and I can't remember what I had. Supper was simple salad, beans and that was it. But it was good. I bought some feta at the grocery store and added that to my salad. I love feta in my salad. Now I am full and happy. Oh and I had a couple of cookies for dessert.

Jim called today and said he would be down from Edmonton in about three weeks.   I am looking forward to seeing him, it has been a long time since we saw each other. The older one gets the more difficult it is to get together. Ray does not want to drive to Edmonton or Calgary any more. And my sons are not as young as they were either, I had them all in my twenties and now I am in my eighties.  So they are either coming into their sixties or are already there. Travelling gets more difficult for all of us.

Today was wet and windy and we pretty well stayed home.Except for grocery shopping. That was our big outing.

Now it is evening and we are just vegging out and watching football B.C. Lions and Edmonton. We are ahead at the moment but not by much so it is a close game.I want to get back to my sewing but I have no initiative right now. I wonder when my energy will come back. If ever. I have to get this quilt done for Eve in Quebec, Nancy asked me to make one for her as I did for the other children. The top is done and I think I will call Lauren and make arrangements to have her quilt it on her long arm. I'll do that soon.

And that is it for tonight folks. Have a great evening.

out and about

We went out today!  Not very far but still out. We went to the salon for a haircut, both of us and then for lunch we went to the Crossings and Tim's for a bite to eat. We shared some chicken  Nuggets and barbecue sauce. We had coffee too. Then we we went to Cob's for a loaf of bread. And home.
We just watched TV this afternoon, so lazy today. 

I am watching for any action between Hilary and the Donald. I wonder why he has an article before his name. Well it does define him and one has no doubt who is the person under discussion. Such is fame.

I am so lazy today , just sitting and playing on my computer as well as watching TV. But I am sleepy so I think I'll have a nap. See you later.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

at home

Stay at homes again. We must be getting old or something.  I did talk to our grandson Sam though and that was good. We made a date for Wednesday. I am looking forward to seeing him. He has been in the hospital for minor surgery.I am glad he is okay.
What does one do while staying at home? Well we do nothing other than a bit of laundry and computering. Well Ray does the laundry and I do the computering. Role reversal .

When one does not go out there is little to talk about. 
I see Mr. Trump is talking about accepting the results of an election if he wins. What a guy. If he loses while unacceptable to him  I am getting the idea that he will not accept the results. He is a bit off the wall as far as I am concerned. However I am just an observer and of no consequence. Still it is fascinating. Go Hilary!

So tonight we watch the news right now and other shows later in the evening.

And that is it, a short blog tonight. Have a great evening. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Such a quiet day, we stayed in all day. Matthew came over in the morning and did our vacuuming. He has been so good doing that for Ray. He always spends some of the time visiting which makes me happy. Then Peter visited us in the early afternoon and we had a lovely visit with him. Later in the afternoon I had a great phone chat with our grandson Sam.  We hope to get together soon as he is having surgery tonight. 

I did nothing today , really lazy day. I watched TV and did my computer. One of these days I want to sew LOL. I think I'll call Lauren my long arm quilter to do the quilting on Eve's quilt. That would be fine by me. I don't think I will make any more quilts. Well maybe one for our great granddaughter Rose if I can get motivated. It is taking so much effort to get that way now. I am 85 soon and losing a lot of oomph.

Rose is a sweet little girl and I think she would like one of my quilts. I want to embroider the blocks then set them together. Better get that started soon.

Tomorrow we will go out for a bit. We like getting out and about, having coffee and lunch. We used to go to TOPS but that is closed now. I sure miss that restaurant. I used to go there for lunch when I was teaching. 

We are wondering about Hallowe'en . We seldom get any kids here that night but there are two children that sometimes visit across the hall. Every year we wonder about little visitors, so we do buy some candy for them and then have to eat most of it ourselves. It is a sad tale LOL.

Time to go folks. Have  a lovely evening.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Rainy day today , we stayed home all day. It was lovely to just stay home for the day, I really enjoyed goofing off.  And I really goofed off and did nothing. It was good.

My day was spent on the computer except for a bit of napping for a bit. Not long though.....

That was all I did today. Ray was not much better. He did arrange some papers for me to take care of. We were exceptionally lazy.

Tonight ... more of the same.

Because I did nothing I have nothing to say so the blog will be short.  I have to say I enjoyed doing nothing. Once in a while that is good.

We did not even cook dinner just ate something from the fridge. Now I am a bit hungry.  Of course.

And I will knit a bit tonight and get caught up on my cloths to add to the pile.

There is an ad on TV that says the vacancy rate in Vancouver is very low. I am so happy that we have our home here and don't have to worry about the vacancy rate.

I lose track of the days but Ray says today is Tuesday so tomorrow Peter is coming over for a visit. I am looking forward to seeing him.
 And that was my day folks.  Have a great evening.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

No show

The storm predicted for last night did not materialize. So we prepared for nothing. I guess that is good though,  better to be prepared than not if something should show up. Still lots of rain and some little wind.  Today was a good day to stay home and relax. And that is what we did.

I read a bit and computered some.  And did a lot of nothing. That is continuing for the evening LOL. Later  I will read. My days are planned.

It will be a nice evening for us. Right now we are watching the news and Trump is all over the news. It will be a most interesting election. My son and grandson who live in Louisiana will be voting in the election.  I am avidly interested in the outcome. 

But back home life goes on peacefully. I hope it stays this way. 

We had cole slaw for dinner. Ray made it, his cole slaw is always good. A nice treat for dinner. Then we had a small bit of ice cream for dessert. Yummy!

And that is all for tonight folks. Have a great evening.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


The weather is wild today, wet , windy and wild. My tree is just blowing in the wind, some trees here have fallen over from excessive wind. Not outside my window thank goodness. It is November weather not mid October. I guess winter is here early.

However it is fun to watch from the comfort of my recliner. I like watching stormy weather. All ferries have been cancelled and some areas are without power. Our lines are all underground so we are not usually affected when we have a big storm.  They are shutting down Stanley Park at the moment. High water lashes the area. And high winds make it dangerous for falling trees. Poor trees LOL.

Ray and I had a nice day , we shopped for our weekly groceries and then went to the casino for a couple of hours. Tonight we are just relaxing as I mentioned.

Tomorrow is just a lovely Sunday coming up and I want to do a bit of sewing. That will be good since we probably will stay home for the day. I am looking forward to that.

Nothing very exciting happening at Chez Boudreau, nothing at all.
TV watching at the moment, the news for now. We watch the news every evening. 

I need to give Richard a call soon but right now he is in Saskatchewan attending a friend's wedding. I think David went with him for company .That makes me feel better as I think he needs support when he is traveling. 

There that is it for tonight folks. Have a lovely evening.

Friday, October 14, 2016


I wrote last on Thanksgiving Day and just now published that very late issue of my blog. Short too.

Today it will be  full issue blog. Today Ray and I met with Bob and Buzz for coffee up at the mall. It was a good visit as usual. We always have good visits with them. I love my dear friends. We must have sat and drank coffee and chatted for close to two hours. That tired me out, I came home and and a good nap. 

It has been very stormy here the past few days and trees have fallen, mostly on cars but close to homes too. As far as I can see none fell on houses though. It is also pretty chilly for October. Usually it gets this cold in November , not this early. It is possible the weather will turn warmer still this month.

Ray is feeling a bit ill tonight. He is talking about going to bed a little earlier than usual. 

After we came home I had a nice nap which perked me up substantially for the rest of the day and evening. So tonight I will write and watch TV in my cosy recliner. Ray and I each have a recliner to relax in. We are so fortunate.

We did not have dinner tonight, just had whatever was handy. I had toast but that was all I wanted tonight. Ray had toast too. But if we get hungry later we will get something more substantial .

Sometimes I wonder what we did before TV which makes the evenings interesting. I know we used to read. I still do but mostly when I go to bed where I can concentrate .

And that is all for tonight folks. Have a great evening.

it is time

It is time for my blog, It is late but a they say better late than never.
It is nearly ten thirty and almost time for bed so this will be a short blog.
It was another day when we stayed home all day but as it was a holiday there was good reason. It is Thanksgiving today.
Well you can see I started this blog and did not finish it. It is now Friday and I'll have to start a new blog. Sorry about that.

Friday, October 7, 2016


Bullying at VSB so they say.  Are we surprised?  Schools are built on bullying  from the top down.  Maybe now it is exposed something will be done about it.  Too bad but power is in the hands of the few and used by them . I am of the opinion that some will be offended by these remarks but this is not necessarily true but is my opinion. True or not.

As for today it has been a misty damp day here in the city. It is a good day to spend in front of the fire warming my toes.   Of course that is a dream not a reality. However we did have a good day in spite of the weather.  We spent most of the day relaxing but the fire was not on LOL.   We did not go out, unusual for us.

Terrible weather in Florida , heavy winds and rains. I hope there is not too much damage from the storm. I think of my son Adam in Louisiana but that is a long way from Florida , thank goodness.

I talked to Jim this afternoon, he is just back from his road trip and had a great time. His is the life!!

I have a pile of books to read. I have not managed to get much reading done lately. If I go to bed to read I just fall asleep almost right away and that is when I do most of my reading. I hope to get going on my books soon. I am not good at reading when the TV is on and it is always on.  However I am fortunate that I have my laptop and can write and investigate.

That seems to be all for tonight folks. Have a lovely evening.

Thursday, October 6, 2016


Dr. Browning at noon. Discovered I have another infection. I keep getting them. Ray says it is because I have a bag . Pain ,pain,pain. And a nuisance. But more pills to take twice a day.

Not painful though just a pain. 

After Dr. we headed out for a bite of lunch at McDonald's for chicken McNuggets. We shared one serving of them. Barbecue sauce. Good .
Then we came home and I had a short nap. Up now and getting ready for dinner which will be something from the freezer. I don't seem to cook much any more. Oh well, that is the way of old age. But I want to cook something for tomorrow. I need to think on it.

It is quite chilly , damp and chilly. Winter is fast approaching and we need to put on the heat pretty soon. Maybe tonight I'll put it on as it will get quite cold I think.

No sewing happening here for some reason, that being I don't feel like sewing. I hope to get going sooner rather than later.  
but first  I need to warm up my hands.

Tonight is watching TV and computering, maybe some reading. Busy night.

Done for today. Have a great evening folks.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Life is good but I am tired and want to go to bed. However it is just 7:30 and far too early. If I went now I would be up in a couple of hours and not able to sleep after that. Oh well time flies and I plan to go to bed around ten o'clock. I wonder if I'll last that long. The way I feel now I won't last until 8 o'clock. 

Ray stays up a lot later than me but then I think he sleeps in the afternoon in his chair. I can't sleep in my chair, need to go to bed to sleep. 
I hope to do that soon. I am so tired that I may actually go to bed early and red a bit. Reading always makes me sleepy too. I'll fall asleep for sure.

I wonder why I get this sleepy when I have a good sleep at night. I think sometimes it is just old age. 

I have knitted two more cloths and working on the third one. My pile is growing. Good.
I want to send some to Lynn in Quebec. When I get enough done that is what I'll do.

And that is all for tonight folks. Have a lovely evening.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


When was my last blog I wonder.  I  think it was a few days ago.  I had intended to go to bed but then thought I had better write.

Today is Tuesday and that means sewing and coffee with Pat. Pat picked me up at 8:50 and we went to Oakridge for coffee and then on to sewing. Lots of ladies showed up this morning. It is Fall now and all are back from holidays so the church fills up.  It is nice when there are many there . I love to listen to all the talk and to see what everyone is working on. As for myself I still have not come up with a project yet but have been thinking of making a quilt for one of the greats. They should keep me busy for some time to come as there are nine of them . Now to think of a pattern to piece.

After we came home Ray and I just stayed home. Usually we go out for a while but not today. I knit on my wash cloths and we watched TV. We are still watching TV, NCIS one of our favourite shows.
Ray is not feeling well today and his knee is hurting him. I hope the day of rest will  invigorate him tomorrow.  However I was happy to spend the afternoon at home.

We did not make dinner tonight just picked something from the fridge. I had a dinner from the freezer and Ray had one of his famous sandwiches. I should have asked him to make me one too.

There it is folks. Not really anything of consequence.

Have a great evening folks.

Monday, October 3, 2016


Do you ever feel guilty when you have not done anything wrong. Those amorphous feelings of unwarranted guilt come from nowhere that I can figure out. So today I have had this lingering feeling of guilt and I haven't even been out of the house . I have no idea where this comes from but it is definitely uncomfortable. Hopefully it will be gone tomorrow and my conscience will be free of these feelings. Crazy isn't it?

However today was still a good day despite the fact that we never left home for even a minute.  Nothing of consequence occurred either.  Usually guilt for me derives from money.  So foolish but  still it is there. The cause is from nowhere and the feeling is strong. 

We watched TV most of the day and in the afternoon we both sat in our chairs and watched the tube. I do things on my laptop but essentially I wasted my day. Maybe that is where the guilt comes from. So I suffered today. Needlessly.

But Marg , my sister, came over for a visit and brightened up the day. We had a good chat. She goes to church and has stories to tell .

Other than her visit nothing happened. So I will have to make something up LOL....

The phone rang quite a few times but many of the calls were wrong numbers. Richard called, he is very good about calling me and I really appreciate it. I look forward to hearing from him every day. 

Tomorrow should be a busier day.  I do know we will go out for a while. For sure I will go to sewing and coffee with Pat first. I am looking forward to that. When I get home Ray and I will go out for a while, we usually do.

And that is my day. Have a great evening folks.

Sunday, October 2, 2016


I just forgot about the blog for a while there.  But for some reason it came to me while I was doing something else. Memory is such a funny thing isn't it.

Today is Saturday and it is the day we do our grocery shopping. So this morning we were up and out fairly early , well about 10:30. Early for us.  We went to SAVE ON Foods where we shop for groceries. Then it was off to Safeway where we pick up our prescriptions at their pharmacy.  Whoops that was all yesterday, Ray says today is Sunday. It is easy to lose track of the days when every day is a retired day. Today we went to The Crossings for a loaf of bread at the bakery and we did not even stop for a coffee. That's unusual. I like to have  coffee when I am out.

When we came home we relaxed, I had a short afternoon nap. We watched TV and I played on my laptop. I called Rick yesterday but he had a house full of guests and sounded very happy. He is a real social animal and I am so glad when he is surrounded by friends. I think he said he had a house full of women. Good for you Richard. 
Ray did some laundry but that was it for us.

I note that the movie The Girl On The Train is being heavily advertised on TV.  I want to see it and also want to buy the book so maybe that will be my next purchase. Tomorrow!!

I really need to get back to my sewing soon. It has been a while and now I am missing it.  I need to think of something to make. I know , our granddaughter Nancy wants a quilt for her newest baby girl . So that will be what I do. Which pattern is the next thing I need to think of. Any ideas?  

That is all for tonight folks. Have a great evening.

Saturday, October 1, 2016


Time to blog on.  

No supper tonight just bread and peanut butter.  My mother would be ashamed of me. She could not tolerate the smell of peanut butter, but I have always loved it . Different tastes for different people.

We shopped today for groceries and that was it. Now we are watching the B.C. Lions football game.
Rick is watching it too, he is a big fan of football. I know he is watching because I called him on the phone and he told me.

Last night I went to my teacher pot luck group. It was over on the north shore at Judith's. Diane came by and picked me up. She is very kind. We had a great time with with all the retired teachers except for two I think.  Long time friends , we all taught together at some point and have been meeting for pot luck for a very long time. I love old friends. Judith has adopted two little kittens both from the same family , both ginger cats. I like gingers, they are so pretty.
We had good company and great food. Pot lucks are a lot of fun.

Today was our regular grocery shopping day so we shopped for groceries at Save On Foods.  Then we had to rest LOL so we did just that.

Tonight I have a headache for some reason. I don't get many of those but once in a while they come.  I do not like the pain.
On that note I will close this issue of my blog and wish you all a great evening.