a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, February 28, 2015

another star

Download now as a pdf pattern

Golden Star, this is a lovely pattern  and fairly easy to make.

I accidentally put this up on the blog already so ignore the first one please.

We are watching Mike and Molly. I get a huge kick out of Mike's mother, she is so naughty and funny.

I called Marg tonight and we had a very nice chat. She has a new cat Angelina who loves to sit on her lap. The previous cat Russell did not make it. I liked him and his name but I think he passed on.
Sometimes I think I might like a cat but I am allergic to the fur. So no cat for me.
Then I think I want a dog but there is the dog walking three times a day. Still we get our faces licked lovingly!! LOL.

Today Ray and I had to go grocery shopping. I did not buy a magazine this time as there are none that are current. I have read them all for this month. Hopefully next week will be the one for new issues. Magazines that is Haha.

We went to Tim Hortons where I had soup and Ray had a bagel and cream cheese. Coffee all round.  I like going to Tim's. 
I like going out to eat .  That's why we do it so often. Ray does too.

Still working my way through  Edge of Eternity. Up to  260 pages. I read a bit every day. The book is so big I need to put it on a cushion because I have difficulty holding it.

We are now watching a show called The Great War. That is World War One and my dad fought in all four years of that war. It was a horrendous act of aggression and many lives were lost.  Thank goodness my dear father survived . I did not want my dad to be lost in the war because I would never have been born and I did not want to have lost my dad before I could meet him.

Dad in the uniform of the British army, my father was English, born in 1891. Amazing two generations and 124 years apart as of this year. He was an honorable man.

Our adorable Charlotte in her mom's new shoes. Meaghan cannot wear them yet as she is pregnant but Charlotte feels she is perfectly able to wear them. What a funny little girl. I wonder whether Meg and Lewis will have a girl or boy. They have elected not to know ahead of time.

Lovely house quilt and the guy is nice too. I call him Mr.February.

This is one I call the Wavy Quilt, it looks like an ocean. It is lovely though. I like the curves.

This dog is so cute. It is lovely here in Vancouver but the rest of the country is still locked in winter so this is for them.
Log cabin block. The block instructions would not come up so if you want them I know you will be able to find them on the internet.

I think I'll have one folks.

Have a great evening.
Good night.

it's golden

Download now as a pdf pattern

Golden Star

Friday, February 27, 2015

still ill

Another day of being a bit sick , not feeling up to par . However I am on the mend. Unfortunately,  Ray is suffering a lot. I just hate to see him like this. Luckily he is going to see the doctor on Monday. In the meantime , he needs to remember to take his Tylenol regularly. I have to remind him of that. Hopefully, the doctor can help him.

So all I did today was read and use my laptop. I am eagerly anticipating Adam and Lisa's visit on  Sunday . 

We didn't even cook. We ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut. It was not good at all and it was not cheap either. I won't buy another one from them. It was the first and last time. Restaurants need to make certain their product is tasty.

We mostly watched TV today but tomorrow it is grocery day so we will get out and about to do that job. I like buying the groceries and so does Ray. I get to read the magazines on the newstand too, always a pleasure.

This is a handy guide to have especially if you are buying on line. The only one I didn't know was Turnover .

Puzzled look on Quinn's face as he solves a problem. And clever little guy is sitting up now.

This is a nice two coloured quilt. I love the cut outs of the fence and the cowboy.  This cowboy was made of cloth but when I was riding along the prairies in the USA I saw many designs made of wood similar to these on fences along the way. They were very attractive. 

and with that bit of wisdom I bid you all adieu or good night.

Have a great evening folks.

On my way.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

animal planet

Man I had my blog almost done and I just deleted it somehow. It is not the first time I have done this but it happens so fast I have no idea what I did. So I am unable to fix it. 

Where was I?

Let's begin with this chicken mug rug and her eggs. I love these chicken quilts. It looks reasonably simple. The chicken is actually a half circle . That is the main part of the mug rug . All the other parts are simply bits of fabric.

My goodness a mug rug using hexagons. Lovely isn't it? And so cheerful.

Now this is a very big boy and old, he is reputed to be 182 years old and still going. Turtles can live to be over 200 years old. Amazing!! He looks very ticked off. I think they hiss before they bite.

Do you recognize these napkins or hankies as they used to be called. My mom had quite a few and I had to iron them after they were washed.  They were very pretty and each one was different. I like to iron them and make them look nice.

That is all folks, I am going to bed now.

Have a lovely evening.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Download now as a pdf pattern

Sugar Bowl to add to your set!

Cute little cup isn't it? I can see a whole quilt with these cups.

Queen Elizabeth during WW2.

This old Armenium woman is ready to protect her home. She  has a look on her face that would scare the enemy off.

We took  a trip out today to the Ostomy clinic to see how I was doing. My skin is being attacked and needs to be treated. So she put some special powder on it and we have to go back soon as well I have to change my ostomy bag several times a week instead of just twice. That should do the trick.

Then we had to go to Safeway for some prescriptions  and a few items from the grocery department.

 Richard called today and we had a good chat.  He had to buy a new stove with knobs on the front rather than the back because he is in a wheelchair and has to reach over the burners. That is dangerous and can cause him to get burned. There is so much that he has to change because of his ALS.

This is the last picture taken of the Titanic before she sank. I think she was a beautiful ship but the powers that be felt she was so seaworthy that they did not put enough lifeboats on her to assist the number of passengers she could carry. It was a great tragedy. There is a movie of the Titanic with Leonardo de Caprio.I thought it was an excellent movie and would recommend it to anyone to watch. It is in colour and is very beautiful.

Isn't this a beauty?  I love the little koala trying to drive this car, Note the steering wheel is on the right side of the car. That is how it is done in Australia.

Scrappy Mountain Majesties.  Lovely quilt and it looks gorgeous in blues.

That is it for tonight folks.

Good evening.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

short one

Sorry folks, no blog tonight, I just don't feel like writing one. Have a good evening.

Monday, February 23, 2015


Ah Spring!  these gorgeous tulips have brightened up my day. The colour alone is inspiring. What a beautiful beginning to Spring.

Sometimes a picture just grabs you and this one does that for me.

And here in our lovely city it is beginning to be Spring. The cherry blossoms are starting to bloom and the lovely pink will soon surround us. I love this season.

We went out for a bit of lunch today, burritos was our choice. Once in a while I like to have a burrito with a spicy sauce. Then we walked to Sears to return the tops we bought and discovered that we bought them at another store. We all had a good laugh at that. The lady at Sears was very nice and helpful.

Walking in the mall is good for me, a bit of exercise that my doctor recommends.

Hahaha then she turned bad? 

The Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne and Stephen Hawking posing together.

Eddie played Stephen when Stephen was at the beginning of his disease ALS. Hawking has lived a great deal longer than was expected.

I'm into pink tonight, this is such a simple pattern but it is most attractive when done up in various pinks.

That is all for tonight folks.

Good evening.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ducks in the pond

Download now as a pdf pattern

Duck Pond is the name of this block. Did you see the duck feet in the corners? I try to find a reason for the names these blocks are given. It is just to amuse me that I do this. I am one who is easily amused and given to laughter. I had several good laughs today. Not that I remember them LOL.

We went out today for a bit to Safeway. I just asked Ray where we went and he said Safeway. And here I thought we had gone to more than one place. Ah memory fades , again. It seems to falter way too often these days.

I began the process of doing my nails. After the shaping I put a base coat on them. If I do that and then add the nail enamel it does not last. I need to add the enamel tomorrow. That way my manicure lasts for weeks  and I do not have to redo it. I didn't do that the last time I did my nails and it was a bad manicure.

I spent a bit of time this afternoon with my little heart blocks putting them together into rows. I didn't do all the rows because I sat down and forgot about them. Bad memory again.

This is Vancouver, isn't it lovely. My grandson Rick sent it into Facebook. I love this city and have forever. I came here in 1938 . Nothing has made me think otherwise of my city.

This is a delightful picture, the flowers are so pretty and of course we all love the old Singers.  This one is a Singer Featherweight , a much-loved sewing machine. And it is sitting on an old Singer treadle machine.

Go Walk About quilt pattern from Grizzly Gulch Gallery. 

Another colour way for this quilt.

Time to go folks. Have a lovely evening.

Good night.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

lost in space

The title is no meaning just a phrase that came to mind.

It has been a quiet day . I spent a lot of time on my laptop, my most favourite past time these days. Surely there are more fruitful things I can do. Tomorrow is Sunday, perhaps I can do better then.

We did go out for a bit to the mall, our little one. I wanted to buy my candies. I usually have a couple at night as I am reading my bedtime book.  It is a habit and one I like.

My Richard is always in a wheelchair so it is a huge problem for him that his apartment building is removing the elevator for repairs for 3 months. He has to remove himself from the building. He will be here for a short time but then I do not know what he will do. but he is a man who can fix things and solve problems. I hope he can handle this one. I guess there is no way out of handling it for him. I am anxious to hear what his plan will be. Nearly every house that his friends have has stairs. Not good!  I pray that he will figure out something to make life easier for him. I told him he can stay with us but he does not wish to spend 3 months here. 

Today we did our usual grocery shopping , not as much as we usually do as we did quite a bit of shopping Thursday and Friday.

Isn't she lovely, my granddaughter Meaghan. Charlotte is her daughter.  

Now this is a cake, it is so cute. I had a cake similar for my 80th birthday. Only it was a knitting one.
There is a market for such cakes LOL.

Wow what a quilt- looks very interesting. I like it.

I don't have a pattern for this block but I like it a lot so want to share it.

This lovely baby quilt looks like one that my friend Betty made for her great grandchild. She is a prolific quilter. However I have no idea where this picture was taken so cannot say if it is Betty's.

That is it friends. We are watching The Roosevelts a most interesting show. 
Have a great evening.
                   Good night.

Friday, February 20, 2015


Download now as a pdf pattern

Can't quite remember the name of this block but since I like to name the blocks myself it is not a tragedy. So I hereby call this lovely block Blueberry Basket or A Basket of Blueberries as many blocks have more than one name.

It appears that I missed writing my blog last night. I don't know why, just forgot I guess.

I am thinking of making a Dresden Plate quilt. There was a Dresden design tutorial on Facebook. It looked like fun and I think that I have some plates already done. I need to check that out after the blog is published.  It seems  to me it would be fun and it will give me something to applique on Tuesday at my sewing group.
I know there is a good plastic template out there in the world.

Ray and I went to ABC restaurant for lunch today.  They had been advertising Mac and Cheese on TV and that is my favourite food, has been since I was a little kid. My tonsils were removed when I was three years old and when it was time to come home mom asked me what I wanted for my lunch. She said jello or ice cream were on the menu. I told mom Macaroni and Cheese was what I wanted for lunch. That was not on the suggested menu but I was insistent and she made it for me. Good mama!!  No problem eating it either LOL.

As Walmart was a short distance from the restaurant we decided to go there. Of course we bought stuff and the bill was $ 193 and a few cents. What is it with Walmart and Costco? The bill is always high. I guess there is so many things to spend money on. It is a good thing we don't go there very often. But I did get some good stuff for myself,  mostly cosmetics and books. I do live having books to read. I am still plowing through the Edge of Eternity. That will take me a while to finish .

Isn't this a cute picture. I wonder what she is cooking up for dinner.

Rose is looking happy with her little friends. I wonder if it is a party!

Hmm I have run out of room so it is time to call it a night.

Have a lovely evening .   Good night.