a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, November 30, 2014

two for the price of one

Download now as a pdf pattern

Another one.

I like this block. It is real.

Another stay at home day. I have not really felt energetic enough since I got out of the hospital to go out and about much. I was in there for 2 months so I need to get used to going out again.

Ray worked really hard today doing all the work around here for the weekend. He is resting now.

The mother of the couple who moved out of the apartment across the hall dropped by today with her doggie. Sam is his name. She is a nice lady but will be gone by the end of the month. I guess she was doing the last little bit of cleaning before it is no longer theirs. Too bad -they were all lovely neighbours and had a dear little girl about the same age as Charlotte. Molly is her name. I'll miss them.
We have had good neighbours in that apartment and I hope it continues when the next people move in.

We have been in this apartment since 1996 and have loved it all this time. It is most pleasant living here.

I have been so lazy today, hope tomorrow is a better day for me. I want and need to get out for a bit.  Fresh air might help me. I did the exercises this afternoon that I got from the hospital, nothing too strenuous but still it gets me moving . 

I  love this picture of Rick's friend Chris with a new grandchild. His face is so expressive.
Thanks for the picture Chris.

Goffins cockatoos. A pair of these birds will make an unholy racket but they are fun to watch when they dance back and forth. I know this because we had some of these guys when we had the house.

This is precious Wish I had a dog LOL.  
That's about all for tonight.
Have a lovely evening and relax.

Good night.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

i forgot

I forgot about the blog , just remembered it. So here goes.

We did go out today to buy groceries. I have not been grocery shopping for months so it was fun even though all I do is read the magazines . Ray likes to do the shopping because I am so slow and it takes too long for him. I get to do what I like and so does he. He ha always liked to do the grocery shopping.I on the other hand am not so eager about it. LOL.

The rest of the day we watched TV. I looked for air fares to Calgary. Tomorrow I'll purchase two tickets. I must ask Rick what is the best date for him. I would like a bit of flexibility around the dates.   I am so looking forward to Christmas with Rick . Jim called today and said he would be there too so it will be a real treat for me. Now if I could  only see the other three of my sons. Maybe in the new year I might see them and perhaps Sam too.

Ricky came today for a lovely visit and coffee. I was very happy to see him, he is such a nice young man .

I hope to see Sam soon too, it has been a while. I think the beginning of October was the last time we were together. I miss him.

I looked at some fabric today, that is the closest thing to quilting that I got today.

Rick with his granddaughters, Charlotte on his lap and Rose pushing the wheelchair.  I love this photo. 

My favourite quilting girl, Sunbonnet Sue. The yellow sashing and corner blocks are a different look. It is so cheerful, I like it.

Sunbonnet Sue through the year. I made some of these but never got them finished.

Breast Cancer Awareness quilt. Pink is the colour.

Did I show this one before? It is so cute that seeing it again is a good thing.

So that is all for tonight.

Have a lovely evening.
                   Good night.


Friday, November 28, 2014


Download now as a pdf pattern

Nice block, a bit complicated but nice.

Only in Canada you say....... LOL

We spent the whole day inside today doing nothing but relaxing. It was great.  I just played with my computer/laptop. We watched TV, episodes of Downton Abbey and other stuff. Now we are watching Big Bang Theory .  Easy watching.

We did not cook anything just warmed up smokies and sauerkraut from last night.  So lazy but a nice way to spend the day.
I spent some time looking up flights to Calgary but did not book any today. I will check again tomorrow and book our flights then.

Good news I am going to be a great grandma  in July. Meaghan is expecting again, her second child, a brother or sister for Charlotte.
Exciting for all of us.

Just the thought is highly amusing.  Great pet!

Because we did nothing today there isn't much to write about. However I do have pictures.

Charlotte spontaneously hugging the snowman. Adorable isn't it.  I love her red jacket.

These boots are made for walking and they make a great quilt too.  It is a lovely idea for a child's quilt.

It is supposed to snow tonight and the cold is in the apartment despite the  heat being on.  It   manages to get in through the windows though they are triple panes. Well it could be worse if we did not have good windows.

This fruity quilt is such a beauty . 

Well that is all folks.

                Have a great evening and stay warm and cozy under your quilt.

                               Good night.       

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


November 26, 2014
Spool and Bobbin
Here is today's free Block of the Day pattern

Download now as a pdf pattern

Nice block hope you all like it.

Today was another casual day for us. I read my book for a couple of hours, relaxed in my chair, watched TV, ate apple pie and ice cream. All good!!

The elevator was out for rehab haha. That means servicing so I could not get out and that suited me fine. I spent most of my time trying to get my computer sorted out and email deleted. It is 8:30 and I am still not done. Six weeks of nothing fixed makes for a long time fixing.  I went in the hospital when it was fall and came out in winter. Or so it seems.

I hope we can get out tomorrow, I would like to see the rest of the world LOL.  Maybe we can go out for lunch and a bit of a walk. I need the exercise. And I need to see the rest of my world small as it is.  

I think I'll do a bit of knitting tonight. I need to make some socks for a friend. But I am so slow these days it may take a while.

I have watched more TV in the past two days than I have watched all Autumn.  But I have enjoyed the rest.

Love this guy, what a beautiful face.  I wish I could have a dog. But it is  not practical in this apartment. So I enjoy other peoples' dogs.
And pictures of dogs make me happy too as well as make me smile.

Granddaughter Meaghan and great granddaughter Charlotte saying what they think of the world LOL.

Mary's boy Quinn

and my great grandson. What a happy little boy .  I love that happy face.

So that looks to be it for tonight.  

      Have a great evening everyone.
Good night.

Don't know if I used this one already but here it is.  

A girl has to look good.

Have a great evening.

                                    Good night.



Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I got out of the hospital today. It is so wonderful to sit in my own recliner and watch my own TV, sleep in my own bed and do a bit of cooking in my own kitchen. 
Ray had made my favourite soup, beef barley and I have had several bowls today. Love that soup. I boiled 6 eggs, diced them and made egg salad for sandwiches. We ate well today. It is so good to be back home.
I have done nothing special today other than have a great nap in my own bed and make the egg salad. I am trying to fix my e mail which is so full I get messages that my in box is too full and to clean it up. So I am working on that.
I spoke to Richard today and Ricky called me to say he plans to visit next Saturday. That will be great.
I have sat here in my chair most of the day watching TV.SO lazy, tomorrow we can go out for a while. I am joyful though.
Being home is so good. Ray is so good to me too.
I rested , slept, read and cooked. Wonderful way to spend the day.
So that was my day. I hope tomorrow is good too.

Many thanks to Mary for her blog help, you are great my dear. Love you!!!
Have a great evening all.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

And still further on

Grandma has been moved to Holy Family Hospital in Vancouver. We are hoping that they will be able to give her better physiotherapy there! She's in pretty good spirits, but still having difficulty even getting out of bed. Our bodies do not recover as quickly as they once did, and this is doubly true for the elderly. But I have confidence in her. My faith in her ability has never waivered, regardless of the medical issues that have been thrown at her :)

I know Grandma would be sad not to be able to post for Rememberance Day. Her family has such a strong tradition of service.


My great grandfather (Grandma's Dad)

I also wanted to post some final Halloween pictures from all the great grandkids in BC here. I hope you don't mind!

Charlotte the Monster Princess, Rose the Dragon, Sam the Dragon and Ben the Monster. Completely unplanned, but somehow we managed to all have coordinating costumes! Russ is at the back and Nicole is holding Ben.

Quinn was Batman :) 

I hope this all finds you well. Just a reminder, I can't publish, post or read your comments. I'm sorry if you're wanting specific information! Feel free to find me on Facebook through Grandma's Friends list.

Happy November!