a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, February 28, 2010

back to norma lknitting and sewing

I almost forgot to write my blog for today. I was so excited about the end of the Olympics and wrting my last Digest that I forgot my original purpose which was to write a daily blog. I guess no more cute stories but I will be on the hunt for them.
i did do a piece of embroidery today a tea towel for a friend , another cappucino cup. It was a bit of a nuisance as the thread kept breaking. Sometimes the thread never breaks , others it breaks a lot. Must be the thread I think. Fairly obvious?haha. I have a lot of different threads that people have given me because they no longer embroider. One of my friends was dying of cancer and she gave me her threads before she went. She said she would not be using them again . I treasure them and think of her every time I use them.
I wasn't too happy about the quality of the towel though, it was too loosely woven for my liking. But I had to move on..Tomorrow I want to do another tea towel for the same friend.
My eyes are a bit better tonight but it won't take long for them to act up again so I won't be on the computer for long.
Knitting last night was a bust as I had made an error and had to take it back severa inches. Not a happy camper :>( It is a tiny baby shrug and should not be a problem
but it has little holes, YO bits and when I did the decreases it threw the pattern off. I wonder about pattern makers , couldn't it be made a little clearer. Oh well I will need to catch up tonight. Maybe I should go back to socks, I can do them blind folded. When I was young I could do the most difficult knit patterns with no problems. Time changes all things.

Olympic Digest 2/28/2010

The last hurrah!! The game just exoploded and the US shot and scored at the last 30 seconds bt Hurrah again Sid the Kid shot and scored for a Gold for Canada. We are ecstatic!!!! It is bedlam here, across Canada and in Khandahar where the troops were watching. It was a hard fought game, well played by both teams. Hockey Gold for both Canadian men and women. The perfect end to the perfect games.I can't help but cry with the American team as their faces show such a huge disappointment. But that doesn't mean I wanted us to lose :>)) As Ray just said if someone had to get Silver he is glad it was the States, we love America almost as much as we love Canada..
So the games are finished ,the closing ceremonies start at 6:00 I think.
It has been such a good time for all. Our athletes have performed wonderfully well. On u tube there is a video of dancing in the streets, it was super to see. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUZyX8qQgvE
And the second one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QuBge8AQCI&NR=
Finally Oh Canada
Thanks for reading, it has been so much fun to write about the Games.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Olympic Digest 1/27/2010

I am having trouble seeing tonight all is blurry so I may not do a blog tonight. Check back again tomorrow.
Well I am going to try and complete this as I have another twin story and Canada won 4 medals today. We now have 13 gold medals tied for the most ever with Russia i think but am not sure.
Please frogive any spelling mistakes i can't see this small print and i am not a good typist. Anyle which way this will be short and sweet.
Two young men from Dartmouth Nova Scotia , twin brothers Brian and Dennis decided to drive across Canada in 1995 Mercuty Sable which Dennis bought for $500. Young men are so brave LOL. They spray painted theor old crate with Halifaz to Vancouver. I made taht drive both ways in 1959 ad 1961 / Coming back west with husband. 5 choldren under 6 and a mother in law in a second hand station wagon, so I know what that drive entailed. Brian says it took a week and a half, about 65 or 70 hours of driving and $1000 worth of gas.They got here and had a fabulosu time along with everyone else in town. He says it was awesome. They gave the old Sable away and he says he is thinking of heading to Australia next week.
I hope this isn;t too, too bad but franky i cannot see what I have written. I'll clean it up tomorrow...
Off line for tonight.

Friday, February 26, 2010

sew darn much to do

I slept in until 8:40 this morning and it took until 11:00 before we got out of the house since the Friday newspaper takes me nearly an hour and a half to read. Then I had to shower and get ready for stepping out with my man. We didnt' do anything of any great importance but did our mall walk and had a Burger King hamburger which we cut in half and each ate one half.
We met an old friend of mine from when I used to go to exercise class. His wife has the Janome 11000 and was off to a class to learn how to use it.
When I got home I had to go upstairs to get the e-mail on my PC cleaned off and to reorganize my embroidery designs. Some of my Sunbonnet designs were getting out of control, can't trust that girl , so I made another folder and put the ones from emblibrary in it. Then made another folder
for religious designe, Only have one but it deserves a folder of its own. I bought this design today too.
Then I had to write and address two thank you cards , no stamps , that's for tomorrow :>))
Finally.... I sat down to sew some more Snowball blocks. That wasn't going so well and I decided that my machine needed cleaning. My Janome is quite fussy about cleanliness and starts misbehaving when dirty. It wasn't really that dirty but there was fluff and a bit if dust in the bobbin case area. Good thing there was no loose bits of thread , that causes a real temper tantrum LOL. After that and a drop of oil I changed the needle and it was all set to go again.
I find you need to be most careful when doing the diagonal sewing line on the cornere squares as it won't fold back correctly if the line is sloppy. I had to unsew one line, could be worse , but then I only got 5 blocks done before it was time to make dinner. All we had was macaroni and tomatoes with weiners, one of my favourite dishes if not a culinary marvel LOL
Now I need to get to my knitting..good night all.

Olympic Digest 2/26/2010

Joannie Rochette whose mother died on Sunday skated to a Bronze medal in the women's free skate long programme. She is amazingly strong holdong it together for the Olympics instead of opting out as she well could have.
Korean Yu Na Kim was magical on the ice, skating to a record number of points and winning Gold in the Free Skate. I did feel sorry for Japan's Mao Asada who own Silver and whom no one seems to mention. She had to be fabulous to win Silver and she was.
Interesting story from Iran-one lone Olympic female contender who performed in the giant slalom oourse in the first race. Although she finished last, she was a first for her country in that they allowed her to compete. That is a huge triumph for Marjan Kalhor and hopefully she can attend another Olympics. She did finish the course , many others didn't. I wonder where she practices..Anyway congratulations to her for being here and for finishing.
Prime Minister Harper and Wayne Gretsky were sitting in on the Women's curling today,cheering on Canada but it didn't help Sweden won the Gold and Canada got Silver..
They say there are so many Australians in Whistler they are calling it Whistralia! They are working in Whistler because the Canadian Government allows Australians a 2 year work Visa and the Aussies do love to ski on our mountains.
The aerial events are so exciting, they fly so high and land so strong most of the time. Very scary , no wonder I love it..
One last comment on the shape of things to come in fashion. The Olympics were something to behold when it came to costumes in skating. Shaun White and the American half pipe skaters in baggy jeans and plaid shirts were quite sloppy I thought even though I drank in all the jumps. Shiny skin tight body suits worn by The Ukrainian pairs skater were not somethng I like but who knows what might appeal to others. Evan Lysachek looked sharp in black but the feathers have to go. Johnny Weir who also wore feathers, fur, and red roses on his head at the end of his programme is annoyed at the Quebec journalists for the nasty things they are saying about him. The anti fur folks are after him for wearing fur so he has decided to go for fake fur the next time. He is controversial to say the least.
Last but not least were the Russian skaters who sheathed themselves in Aboriginal feathers. It seems that feathers ,leather and fur are the shape of the future.
That's it folks, we are almost done here :>)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

quilts I am not doing today

That says it all.
Our friends came today and Buzz set us up to get a Nexus card so that when we go to the States we don't have to wait in line for hours. We just have to wait now for an appointment to be interviewed by the USA customs to see if we are acceptable to them. Two little old people should be acceptable don't you think? Much thanks to Buzz for her efforts on our part. We served lunch, baked Potato and bacon soup and devilled egg sandwiches. Very good, the egg sandwiches were made by us and the soup was made by Safeway from their Signature collection in the plastic tubs. Excellent soup !!
That was all we did today , made lunch , chatted and filled in forms, but it was a nice, pleasant day.
After that I read my newest book Gotham Diaries and it is interesting enough to review when I have finished it.
Ray made a salad for his dinner and didn't make one for me, Waaa. He likes endive lettuce and I can't stand it so he just makes it for himself. I teased him, did you make mine and he said do you see any? But he gave me his vinegar and oil and I added my iceberg lettuce to it. Great dinner LOL. But I made some hot chocolate and that spiced up the meal!!
I have to sign off now, I can barely see this print tonight, it's so blurry. It is awful.
Canada women won Gold in hockey-hurrah!! Happy day.

Olympic Digest 2/25/2010

Wow yesterday was a great day for Canada with 4 medals, Gold and Silver in the Women's Bobsleigh, always want to call it Bobsled for some strange reason. Clara Hughes gained a Bronze for the 5000m speed skating race and we scored a Silver in the 3000m speed skaters relay. Good news!! We now have 7 Gold medals like the USA and Germany but not the same number of total medals. We also won the hockey game against the Russians who like Elvis have left the building/country.

Red Mittens on Inukshuk, they are on every statue, I am just collecting stories.

There is a woman from Winnipeg who looks a lot like Shaun White and is being tagged for photo ops and free drinks, she says she would like to meet Shaun. Who wouldn't, he is my hero even though he isn't Canadian.
Norway's King Harald V arrived at the bonspiel rink to watch his countrymen beat out Great Britain 9 t0 5. That only means that the team will progress to another never ending qualifying game in curling sigh ! Did you know that a curling rock is made of 100% Scottish granite and weighs 40 pounds. I didn't either..
Wveryone knows that you need to watch your wallet when you are in such great crowds as are at these games and in the town. One person's wallet was gracefully taken from his pocket, the money and cards removed and the wallet returned to the man's pocket by a very clever thief. Fortunately he discovered the theft early and was able to cancel his cards. Now what will he do with no money and no credit cards. Poor guy!! Hope his wife had hers :>))
I like this one, the visiting Swedes came to Ikea for some home cooking and left without buying anything. But they ate what their stomachs wanted :>))
We are watching the women's Team USA playing hockey against Team Canada. These women's games are really fast and good to watch. Try it some time.
It is too early to say good night so I'll say good evening :>)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

quilt finished/ book finished

Isn't it lovely. I just adore this little quilt, it is so cute. Thanks Fons and Porter for a great design. And thanks to my friend Lynn for such beautiful quilting.
It has been such a fun quilt to do, it's not every quilt I am so happy about. If you scroll down the earlier photos you can see how it all came together.
This one's for me !!
My friend Buzz is coming tomorrow to help us get a Nexus Pass that gets us into the States without having to go through the massive line ups. We rarely go over the line as we call it because of the waits despite the fact that we are so close to the USA. If we get the pass we just have to go through without being inspected by Customs.
No sewing today , too tired again. Watching the Olympics is wearing me out LOL.
I finished a book last night called Dead Cold and I think I have read it before LOL. It was interesting though as it takes place in a small village in Quebec. Location is of great importance to me when I read a boook and because we have family in a small town in Quebec it makes it more interesting as I can put myself in the picture and relate to the story.. So this one is a little mystery but the life in the village and the way people interact is of most importance to me and to the detective of the story. It was just fun to read. Some books are like that.
Done for tonight folks! Sleep well.

Olympic Digest 2/24/2010

Are you watching the game. All Canada is... The Canadians and Russians are duking it out on the ice. Canada is ahead and has been throught out the 3 periods . But the game is not over yet and you can never count the Russians out. The score is 7 to 3 for us. We prayed hard to win and are still on our knees LOL. Of course nothing in Canda is more exciting for us than hockey and nothing is more important.
However Joannie Rochette has won all our heats with her gutsy performance last night in the women's free skate just 2 days after her mom died at the aiport of a heart attack. She was coming from Quebec to see Joannie perform. It was a stunning performance and our hearts were weeping with her as she skated. She was third/bronze medal in her short programme. After the skate was over she broke down and sobbed with grief. She had not been able to do that for the two days prior to the skate and it just came gushing out. I don't think there was a dry eye in Canada. What a magnificent woman and an magnificent athlete.
Lots of celebrities in town and they can be seen in the restaurants, Wayne Gretsky causes a huge sensation wherever he turns up. Cindy Crawford was seen at Chambar and Glowbal eateries.
I love this story, the "top dogs won't get 'board' on the local slopes" says Vancouver Sun. An English Bulldog who rides the snowboard and is famous for a U Tube video is looking to ride the slopes , either Grouse or Cypress Mountains. Nothing has yet been agreed upon but the owner says they will crash some mountain so watch for it folks. I can't wait!!And the dogs are proof that even small, fat ,ugly dogs can be true athletes LOL
Hurrah!!! Canada won 7 to 3 way to go Canada. Off to the next round. Too many rounds to my liking. I want quick results.
Night folks.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

quilting day

Off to the sewing ladies today. I took some heart blocks to the group to see if they liked the fabric I had thought about using for sashing of the blocks. No one liked it and made numerous suggestions none of which I cared for so I am at a standstill. I think I'll go to the fabric shop as there are many more choices and one can always come up with something perfect- or close to perfect LOL.
I continued to sew on my purple butterfly and one lady said that might work for the hearts but it is no longer available at the shops.
I did get all four out of five parts hand appliqued today . That means I have done three less the embroidery of the antennae.
At Community Quilts we work on quilts for hospitals and otherplaces/ I just sewed on the labels today.
My friend finished quilting my Hallowe'en wallhanging. We have a deal, she quilts and I knit her socks. I already told you that dear readers That works for both of us but now two more ladies want me to make them socks.They are friends and I'll do it as long as they give me the time I need and they will. Right now I'm knitting a little shrug for my great granddaughter who is just 4 months old.
Today another friend gave me her serger, she didn't want it any more and just wanted it out of her house. originally she bought it to make clothes for her grandchildren but they didn't like what she made them so I think it discouraged her a lot. I'll need to take a class to learn how to use it. At 78 Ihave not used a serger and am not sure why I accepted it from my friend. It will keep my brain functioning LOL

Olympic Digest 2/23/2010

Good times for Canada today and last night. A Gold in the free dance portion of the Ice Dance competition. A beautiful rendition/performance of Gustav Mahler's Symphony #5. We have been holding our breaht for this forever. It is a first for Canada ever in this sport and to have it happen in our Home and Native Land makes it extra special.
Congratulations to Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir who started skating together at 6 years old.
Ashleigh McIvor won a Gold in an exciting Ski Cross race that started in a snow storm, yes ,Snow, on Cypress Mountain this afternoon. The field was four skiers in the finals, one of whom got stuck on the edge of the jump and was ever after way back in the race. But Asheigh was out in front all the way. Congratulations to Ashleigh!!
We also watched curling today and Canada's men won over China. This team has not lost yet and the finals are soon. Men's hockey game at supper time, Canada against Germany, Canada was ahead 3 to 0 when we left the restaurant.
Stephen Colbert is a huge hit here with comments like " Canada- Europe with toilets " But he is beloved by Crazy Canucks.
Twins again...my friend Nancy who is working as a volunteer for the Olympica said she came upon a set of 22 year old twins who asked her where to find their seat. She showed them which door to come through and led them to their seats in the very large stadium all the while chatting vivaciously and being funny as only she can be. She so entranced them that they asked for her the next night and would not accept any other volunteer. She said it was so much fun being with them and flattering too that they asked for her. She is retired but forever young.
Sixteen foot skis of glass on Granville Island made in red , white and blue to celebrate the Olympics .
A funny thing today at my sewing group, the ladies were talking about how much they liked the Olympic bouquets of green Spider Mums and green Hypericum berries along with Broadleaf plants and one of the eladies who is not proficient in English but works at it , said are they broccoli. If you want to view the bouquets in all their beauty and representing the Green Olympics , pun was not intended, just put Olympic Bouquet into your browser.

Monday, February 22, 2010

going to the movies

Mary and I went to see the romantic comedy When In Rome this afternoon.After buying a large bag of popcorn, extra butter and a bag of popcorn chicken with salt and vinegar plus a coke we set off into the theatre. We sat down in the front row as I am afraid to do the stairs in the semi darkness but that is fine with me and Mary never complains. We started in on the chicken, at least I did and then I helped Mary with the popcorn as she would never be able to eat it all herself LOL I loved the chicken and enjoyed the popcorn. I don't go to the movies often so I like to get that food when I do go.
Oh yes, the movie. It began with a young woman as curator of a big art show at the Guggenheim in New York City, an unrealistic exectation right at the start. Her sister meets a handsome Italian, oh he was gorgeous!! in first class and with in two weeks is getting married to him. So our star Kristen Bell, a phenominally beautiful young woman has to go to Rome in the middle of her big chance at the museum much to the total annoyance of her boss Anjelica Houston, nobody does it better..At the wedding she meets the best man Josh Duhamel and you know the rest, don't you. A fountani, four or was it five coins and a never ending love gone wrong. It was a bit romantic, a dead loss as a comedy in my opinion, way over the top in not funny. Danny de Vito as an uninspired man in love and Don Johnson as the father of the bride, good job Don.
But still the filming was beautiful and it whiles away an afternoon at the movies.
No sewing today , not even any drawing of lines on squares :>) But I did read since I have another book due on Friday . I'll finish it tonight and may even do a book revue of this book. Tomorrow it's off to my sewing day.
Night folks !!

Olympic Digest 2/22/2010

Lots of navel gazing going on today after our hockey team's loss to Team USA last night. In my opinion, hockey is no longer exclusive to Canada but to the whole world. Those days for us to be the champions at all times are gone and the world has grown up. We need to too, we are no longer entitled to that hockey gold. Sure it still might happen in Thursdays' game against the US but if it doesn't we will
still have a Silver. No need to turn up our collective noses at that .
Now I am off the podium to paraphrase a catchy phrase.
The women's hockey is so far a good game for Canada, no losses there. We will care about women's hockey if they bring home the elusive gold. If not another silver. Go girls go!
It is so mild here that people are out golfing in their shirt sleeves at Squamish , 30 minutes by car from Whistler. The picture on TV tonight was a dream scene with the golfing green in the foreground and the snow covered peaks of the mountains in the background. It was breathtaking. As pictures of this part of the world often are.
The Olympic standings at the moment are USA first, Germany second, Norway third and Canada fourth. Not that shabby!
Want a hug, there's a line up for that....Two 23 year old Vancouver residents are offering free hugs during the Olympic games, I think there's a market for that LOL. Many are taking advantage of the offer. I love that spirit of making people feel great. Most think the hugging camaign is awesome Yeah!
Off the podium for tonight! Until tomorrow...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

cutting and pinning

Today I pinned and cut. The first cuts were 5.5 " squares of more Hallowe'en prints and then next cuts were 2 .25" squares of a dotted black print that would be pinned to the corners of the bigger blocks to make a Snowball block. Because I pin extensively to make certain that nothing moves it takes me a long time to prepare blocks for sewing. This took most of the afternoon and that was it for the day. I was very tired once again and had to take a rest. However I am happy to get that all done and to get all the small blocks cut and lined along the diagonal.
Also I set out about 25 appliqued heart blocks to see how they might look in a quilt and I was short one block and no more background fabric, so I need to be creative about that as I have no intention of not using 5 blocks and am not making a 5 by 5 quilt. Well maybe LOL.

We did not go out today but Mary left early and is still out having fun. Oh to be young and full of energy.
I finished that book that my sister called me about and was hiding under fabric. That was a very quick read as I started it last night and got it done this afternoon. That took up a bit of my day , not too much but add all of it together and you have a full day.
We watched a bit of the hockey game , bad for Canada and the because we felt lazy made cheese sandwiches for dinner. I had a grilled cheese and onion sandwich with sweet pickles and a V8. It was good. Ray made himself a plain cheese and onion one.
All is well , I need to take some photos of my blocks.

Olympic Digest 2/21/2010

A slower day for us today, ,just watching the women's 1500m speed skating. Since they only skate 2 contestants at a time in a descending order from the slowest skater to he highest. We are still waiting for the top seeds to perform.
But the big event tonight is hockey, the USA against Canada. There will be a huge shouting happening in the rink this evening. So far Team USA is ahead 4 to 2, I'm crying in my beer :>) Actually it is hot chocolate that I'm drinking. Much nicer drink than beer IMHO.
Mexico has one entry into the Olympic games. He is a German Prince who was born in Mexico and is twice the age of most Olympians. He calls himself a Renaissance Man and says he has no intentions of winning anything but you should watch him for his Style LOL. His desire is to inspire other Mexicans to participate in the next Olympics.
It is so warm here a wonderful day, the Japanese cherry trees downtown are in full bloom displaying an umbrella of beautiful pink. Soon the city will be full of these tress in bloom and showering us all in an aura of fabulous colour. I see crocuses are in bloom and the early pink rhododedrons are blooming. How I love spring in Vancouver.
Still thousands of people downtown today and hours long line-ups to get into the venues but psople are really good about that. At the mint the medals are a draw as is the Million dollar gold coin.
USA won the hockey game 5 to 3, very disappointing.I just hope that there is no riot in town as there has been at other lost games and won games too. The liquor stores have all been closed at 7:00 to prevent too much likkering up...
Night folks!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

hallowe'en blocks

I am still working on using up the Hallowe'en prints, so far I have done 13 snowball blocks, sewn, squared off and pressed, ready to use. Well maybe I will decide to starch them. There are still more squares to go. I think I'll use nine patches with them. My pumpkin quilt is being quilted this week and then it jsut needs to have the binding sewn down. That's a good job to do on my Tuesdays when I go to my group.
I am anxious to get it done, I like it so much. One of the ladies at my community quilts said jokingly she would do my binding if I would knit her a pair of socks LOL. Lynn does the quilitng for me and I knit her socks, she got the red ones. My quilting is so bad I hate to do it on my nice tops.I know I need to practice but it seems there is just time for sewing. My machine is the Janome 6600 and it seems to take me forever to change the Accufeed feet and to get the machine ready for quilting. Plus theer is so little time, oh I know excuses, excuses.
Mary is still here and today we set up a Flickr account for me and added my quilts to it. That makes me very happy. We are getting things set up the way I want them to be. Next on my list is to make the photos stay with the actual blog. mary is sending me a bit of HTML that will do that.
Good night folks, I have some books to finish , my sister lent me a library book and it has been hiding under some fabric. It needs to get back to the library on Friday so off to bed I go to read.

Olympic Digest 2/20/2010

Whoa Red Mittens on Oprah ,she was wearing them when she came on stage.!! And she gave a pair to everyone in the Audience, they were all screaming :>))))
Also Red Mittens on the Robbie Burns statue haha.
Red Mitten Madness down town as people rush the bins to buy the red mittens at the Bay , the last shipment of mittens so go get 'em Tiger LOL
I wasn't going to comment on any more medals because there are so many , not for Canada though. However we did get another Gold yesterday in the men's skeleton.Remember the turtle helmet I talked about yesterday, Jon Montgomery, he was the Gold medal winner. You never know with turtles LOL... And you can't get away with not mentioning medals at the Olympics can you?
USA is still in the lead, but watching the games has been fun.
I love the little children, there have been some really cute pictures in the newspaper ,one set of twins, yes twins again, I can't get enough of them, they are so fascinating.. This set was very young, still in the snugglie that parents wear on their fronts. Two beautiful babies about 7 months old with grey and white striped legs hanging down from the snugglie, all right they were legs in stockings, red Canada toques and sweaters, plus mittens. They looked so happy just riding along..
In the B.C. pavilion there were salmon being projecter onto the floor, the kids were trying to catch them, so cute. To see the salmon swimming around follow this link http://madethegrade.wordpress.com You may want to read this blog as the writer took a lot of photos while enjoying the town. Excellent photographer and my granddaughter.
And some puppies pulling a dog sled, well they looked like pups to me, they were coming down the street in town, so cute. Lots of wonderful things to see in town
Women's bobsledding going on at the moment, scary course. At the moment we are first and fourth but don't know what that means .
Seven medals in alpine skiing for the Americans.. good for them!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympic Digest 2/19/2010

Watching women's cross country, frankly it is not a very graceful looking sport :>) And it takes a long time.
In the men's downhill Super G there was a bad fall taken by one of the participants, still don't know the seriousness of the fall but it looked as if he was unconscious. I have often observed that sports are dangerous to your health . Some of my family members have suffered their own injuries due to their passion for sports. Thank goodness my granddaughter is musical LOL...
Cross country race still on going. Ah but there is a hockey game going on between Sweden and Belarus and the Sedin twins are playing for Sweden. Isn't Sweden fortunate, I have missed them, the twins are fun to watch.
Michael Phelps is here today, he says " it is fun to be a spectator" Easier too I imagine. His sponsorships Omega, Subway and Visa have stood behing him after last year's photo of him smoking marajuana but Kellog's dropped him.
Russia House refused to let a Canadian in because she was wearing a scarf and other pieces of clothing with Canada on it. Really!!!
Congratulations to Evan Lysacek on his Gold medal. he was superb in his skate.
I saw a white piano in an ad for Tom Lee's with black first nations designs of the Coast Salish Nation on it. Spectacular!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic Digest 2/18/2010

I had a good laugh at Shani Davis when he said It's my party and I'll party if I want to paraphrasing Leslie Gore and he is not the only athlete to do so..Canadian short track speed skater Marianne St.Gelais' headlines sang the same song after she won a silver medal.
There are so many medals , too many to count so I can only address very few on this short blog.
One thing I thought was just great is the designs that are on the athlete's helmets. Jeff Pain has a raging beaver on his helmet, Melissa Hollingsworth a horse skull on hers but the one I got the biggest kick out of is Canada's Jon Montgomery's turtle on his helmet. Turtle on a racer's helmet HELLO!!However to be faithful to the susbject he had a native depiction of a turtle on his helmet on the advice of a shaman. I like my version better LOL.
There is a line up in town to touch the Gold medal , need to have white gloves on though. Mary said the line up was 3 1/2 hours. I can't imagine doing that but she said she was going to do it.
We are watching hockey, Team Canada and Switzerland. Sidney Crosby got a high stick in the face, he's bleeding. The game is tight with a tie in the third.
I want to see Evgeni Yushenko in the men's single, which started at 5:00 but this is Canada and you can Not turn off the hockey game :>(
Just to move on over a bit, Tiger is holdiong a news conference tomorrow, no questions though :>))
That's all folks!

mittens red

My son In Louisiana wrote and said he wanted the iconic Olympic mittens for him and his wife . They are so popular because they represent the Olympics so well and the price is small. Big value, small price, what could be better LOL.. Oh yes , the cost, $10.00 a pair. So I bought the 2 pair for them and another very small pair for my great grandson who also lives in Louisiana.
Mary is off to town to meet her sister Meg, , Meg's DH and some friends to take in the free venues in town. Then tonight she is meeting my granddaughter Chelsea, different parents from Mary's. Chelsea is Matthew's daughter, Mary is Rick's daughter. They are going to a concert together. That should be a lot of fun.
Today I want to make a couple of tea towels for Sharon, the friend who gave me the lovely quilt. She asked if I could make them and I was really happy to be able to give her something she likes. I think I can manage that today.
The Korean skater just fell in the speed skate and is checking her teeth to see if they are loose since she fell on her face. Such a shame. Whoops this belongs in the Olympic Digest. Probably it will end up there too LOL.
We bought chips for tonight when we watch the Olympics. We don't usually do that but I kind of felt like having them. Regular and Salt and Vinegar MMMM..
Lindsay Vonn just fell!!!! in the women's slalom.
They are falling all over today and yesterday too in the half pipe snowboarding. Going now, no more to say believe it or not. whoops not quite, Mary just called and said she wanted to buy grandpa Ray a set of Olympic pins. He was looking at them today so that will make him happy.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Olympic Digest 2/17/2010

Mary went to town again, I'll see what was worth while when she gets home, although I think it is all worthwhile .
Red mittens are everwhere. They were seen on the statue of the Little Meermaid at Siwash Rock in Stanley Park , though some hardy person had to venture out into that very cold ocean to get them on her. The temperature never varies much by more than 2' all year round, Winter being colder :>)- such as Winter goes around here LOL.
Then they were seen on the statue of Harry Jerome the great Canadian sprinter, that one also in Stanley Park. That one looked so fabulous :>))
Shaun White the American halfpipe event snowboarder with the wonderful smile goes down the mountain at 5:00 . I am looking forward to that race. He won the qualifying round. Shaun makes about $10 million a year with endorsements, sponsorships and a clothing line.
Lindsay Vonn won a gold medal in women's downhill despite her shin injury and Seth Westcott won gold in snowboarding despite his injury. Americans made a sweep today!!
I cannot begin to write up on all the winnings but have to comment on the 1000m speed skate. It was a fantastic race , so exciting when Shani Davis of the USA won back to back gold medal wins. He is incredibly fast and puts on a fantastic show. You can't help rooting for him , especially when Canada was way down the roster :>)
Still waiting for Shaun White! LOL AND he wonnnnnnnnnnn!!!! Amazing athlete as are they all. This is new to me but I loved it. oops that was just the first run, now they are on the second run. But ,but it is a sure thing, the surest thing in Olympic wins and his victory run was out of this words 48.4 points in run 2.. out of a possible, impossible 50 points. Stunning!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic Digest 2/16/2010

I was not going to write tonight as I am not feeling well but then I decided that missed once may be more than once missed. It is the first step in the downfall LOL.
Canada won another Gold tonight!!! Maelle Ricker medaled in the snowboard cross event. And we watched hockey where Canada beat Norway 7 to 0 in the qualifying round. Sorry I can't recall any country but my own since our medal count is not often high so we celebrate each medal . It is 2 golds for us despite the fact that we have gorgeous weather which is bad for winter sports. The town is full and the city is after Vanoc to pull down the wire fence around the cauldron. Whose stupid idea was that? A couple of Mounties in the red tunics would do the security trick and please the crowd..
We watched a bit of curling another sport I had never bothered to watch in the past. I got a kick out of what I thought was a team member yelling at the rock, highly amusing to me !! but then Ray said it was the skip letting the team know what to do.LOL.
Oh and last night we saw the pairs skate, the Chinese pair was magic, I was inspired by the performance , to do what I don't know but it was inspiring :>) The pair are a married couple and the skate was stunning. The couple have an incredible connection which showed throughout the performance.
Hmm not bad for a blog that wasn't supposed to be :>)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Mary has arrived

Mary is here for a week's visit. She has asked for chili LOL. It will be on the menu. We have plans :>)
Ray has to get a crown for his root canaled tooth. The estimate came in at $900 so he went to see the dentist today to find out if he could get silver or porcelain. Sounds like the Olympics doesn't it LOL. The good news NOT is he has to have gold because the dental plan dictates the gold is the only thing they will pay for but the payment that we pay is the above number.$900....
No sewing going on today, Meg, Nicole and Candace came in with Mary for a visit. It was such fun to have them here. Meg took her cushion home with her , you can see it lots further down on this blog.
Mostly we have been watching the Olympics, I have to get to doing something other than this tomorrow.
Then there are the Dueling laptops, both Mary and I are blogging but Mary is my research person, I ask and she finds. Now how is that for cooperation :>))better than the weather LOL>

Olympic Digest 2/15/2010

Well that was a bummer, my blog disappeared and now I have to start all over again.
My day started with a good laugh from an American snowboarder, Nate Holland. We have a slogan that says Own the Podium, Holland asks if the Americans can "rent the podium" from the Canadians. I also like Shaun White with his long hair and huge ever present grin.
Seth Wescott won Gold for the Americans in snowboarding and we won Silver with Mike Robertson, so the Americans rented the podium :>))
However we do have a Gold,2 Silvers and 1 Bronze. Not bad for us for the first couple of days . Alex Bilodeau is receiving his Gold at this very moment.. I cried.
Joe Biden's motorcade was involved in a crash going out to UBC to attend the US women's hockey . Peggy Fleming and Vonetta Flowers were both slightly injured. I'm glad to hear that not much damage occurred to the women.
Still way too warm here , normally a good thing but not this year. Cancellations on Cypress bowl today. Such a shame!
The weatherman will no cooperate.:<(
The sweetest moment of the day was when a little 4 year old boy with bright red hair sang O Canada. It was just adorable!!
Ujjal Dosanjh , a former B.C. Premier and now a Federal MP will be on the Colbert Report later this month. Apparently he has acquitted himself well....Colbert says he is great and completely gets the show. Who Knew LOL.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympic Digest 2/14/2010

We spent most of the day watching the games , men's biathlon in the morning and women's speed skating in the afternoon. We were hoping for medals in the women's and Kristina Groves did win a Bronze. I like watching this event and am amazed at the strength and endurance of the participants. It was exciting to watch.
Then we watched the men's Biathlon this morning. I had never seen that one but found it be fun to watch. They had to do a skiing event then stop and shoot their rifles at five targets, for each missed target they had to ski another penalty round. One participant missed three rounds-he was pretty tired.:>)) The shooting events were one prone and one standing. Good show.
We are all fascinated by twins and our Hockey player forwards identical twins Daniel and Henrik Sedin are a great example of twin watching. But I found another set of identical hockey playing twins, U.S. forwards on the Women's Hockey team Jocelyn and Monique Lamoureux. The women say they know each other so well they are able to read each other's minds it seems. When Daniel and Henrik play hockey you can see that they know what the other is going to do. it is truly fascinating.

book review

The Savage Garden by Mark Mills, published in 2007, is a murder mystery but a gentle one if you can call a murder gentle. The story has elements of humour along with the mystery and some lovely characters. It takes place in Italy and has a much different voice than that of American or British mysteries. The hero Adam goes to a the Docci garden to write an assignment given him by his professor. The assignment is to look into the mystery of a 400 year old death of the young wife of the Lord of the manor . The Garden is an allegory for the murder told in the statues of Greek mythological icons and in the circles of hell involved in the circles of the garden as it steps toward the valley, as told by Dante. In his study of the garden Adam not only discovers the murder of the wife but falls upon another mysterious murder that took place at the end of WW2 when the eldest son is killed by the Germans as they are withdrawing in advance of the incoming American army. The story is full of the most interesting allusions to the past and the present. Of course there is romance as well as intrigue as Adam falls in love with the granddaughter of Signore Docci.
It is an interesting book if not an exciting one and if you like real puzzles rather than blood and gore you may enjoy this book. I did. It takes a bit to get into but is worth the effort and you may figure out another murder as you read. I did :>)) There is mystery upon mystery in this book. Mine came from the library which often has stories that you cannot get in the bookstore.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

watching the Olympics

What else haha. Great viewing today, the men's speed skating short programme. I really like this sport. The skaters speed is amazing!! So are their thighs just massive.We did watch a bit of women's hockey and then the ski jumping. I like that sport too it is amazing!! I guess this will be my word for today LOL.
Maybe for the next two weeks too :>)) Anyway I am having fun doing nothing but sitting in my chair, not something I usually do. But I did make a meat loaf for dinner and as I can see the TV from the kitchen I did not miss anything.:>))
Sven Krame of The Netherlands just skated to a record in his race, speed skating.
As for anything else in my house it isn't happening.
I did want to tell you about my youngest son who was written up in the paper along with other Vanocuverites in quotes of the decade, in speaking to his wife "Honey I'd like to take all the money we have, borrow a whole bunch more on our credit cards and start a radio station out there on the west coast of Vancouver Island" They now own 4 small radio station isn small communities serving their needs locally.

Olympic Digest 2/13/2010

First time ever that Olympic Flame was lit indoors!!
There is so much to talk about that I can hardly think of what to say. The opening ceremonies were held in B.C. Place an indoor facility. There were some beautiful creative scenes , full of pyrotechnics. dance, music and song.kd lang performed a piece by Leonard Cohen called Hallelujah. kd was dressed in a beautiful cream three piece suit but I wondered what was up with the bare feet. Was it an allegroy of her start in life running bare foot on the prairies :>)) and rising to the top of the heap symbolized by her wonderful suit. Oh well maybe too far out LOL.
The ceremonies were long and hard for me to describe at any length. I did love the totem trees and the floor that was magically transformed into the Pacific Ocean which were beautiful but was taken aback by all the ice and snow allusions since there is very little snow here. The finale of the opening was the bringing in of the Olympic flag carried by 8 famous Canadians all dressed in white, Betty Fox, Terry Fox' mother, astronaut Julie Payette, singer Anne Murray, hockey great Bobbie Orr,actor Donald Sutherland,skater Barbara Ann Scott, Senator Romeo Dallaire and auto racer Jacques Villeneuve . And then the lighting of the torch symbolized by 4 torches which rose from the surface of the floor, one of which malfunctioned. So the other torches were lit without the fourth. The torch lighters were Steve Nash, Nancy Green Raines, Catriona Le May Doan, Rick Hanson and Wayne Gretsky.
Wayne went on to light the outside Olympic cauldron and it literally blew me away by its magnificence as it lit up the night sky.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The scene is set

Just minutes to go before the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. I'll be out for a while watching but will pick up this blog later on. It is so exciting.

a tragedy

On the opening day of the Olympics a great tragedy has occurred. A young athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili, from Georgia in Europe died on the luge track in a pracitice this morning . He was travelling at a speed of 145 km per hour when his luge sled went out of control, he was thrown over the wall , hit a pole and so sadly he died. A terrible day. A tribute to his honour will be held at the Opening Ceremonies.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

late now soon to bed

It has been a great day as you know from my Olympic blog. And to top things off I did not have to make dinner, then I went to a class with Kathy. We learned to make button holes , to use the decorative stitches on the machine and to sew in a zipper.I was very happy to learn the buttonhole and zipper sewing but already knew how to use the embroidery stitches. Still it was a lot of fun and at the end of the class we had a nice little bag with a zipper opening. Lots of laughs , coffee and muffins.

Tom, the teacher, is a really nice guy. Of course it pays to be nice when you're in business. I spent a hundred dollars- part of that was fabric, needles,thread, and I signed up for another class which will be in March. I signed up for this class tonight , which is once a month for ten months because I wanted to learn more about sewing rather than quilting . So far I have been happy with the things I have learned but tonight was the best for me.
On top of which Kathy said she likes going to movies. So do I and have no partner to go with as Ray doesn't like going to shows. We discovered that we both like murder movies and now we can go together!! Things are going very well for me right now- Halleluja!!

Olympic Digest 2/11/2010

Lots of excitement for Ray and me. We went to Safeway and the store was totally festooneed with Canadian flags, Chinese New Year Lanterns and banners and Valentine balloons. The store was full of people all dressed in red and wearing Canada flags, Olympic mittens and scarves.
as we stood at the pharmacy i said the Ray sn Joyce oh listen tot he drums beating thinking it was Native drumming. She laugh and said that was the bakery beating up .wahtever they were making LOLOL. We wondered what was happening and discovered that the Olympic Flame was passing through on the street outside the store. I was so excited because I thought we would never get to see any of the Olympic sites or the Flame. So we waited in the rain all the while chatting to total strangers who were filled with Olympic spirit. Susan Anton one of the city councillors came up and shook my hand and introduced herself. We had a small chat , she said "you are not really dressed for the weather". We laughed because we had no idea we would be standing in the rain with no umbrella getting cold and wet LOL/
People were all chanting Go Chuck GO, we had no idea who Chuck was :>))....Then the crowd began to roar as the lead vehicles approached and we knew the time was near. As the Flame turned into the street ALL became quiet as things do at important time. The most exciting part was the hand off of the Flame was right in frontof us!! My eyes teared up, I had been so fortunate to see the Flame !!
We kind of figured out that Chuck was the person to whom the Flame was handed off. haha.
Nice surprise!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Olympic Digest 2/10/2010

This town is just buzzing with talk and activity.
The world is welcome to see our beautiful city through the rain LOL. But remember ladies, rain keeps your skin moist, that's my opinion, so you are in for a treatment !!
Canada's Man in Motion, Rick Hansen, wheeled into Richmond's O-zoneto site setting up the torch for Richmond City.Rick Hansen is the man who spun around the world in his wheelchair to help raise funds for spinal research.
He is a man of great spirit , Olympic or otherwise who took his disability and pain and turned it into a hugely successfful life.
Traffic jams abound LOL. Friends today were talking about an hour trying to get out of parking lots, not in , but out...
A good Samaritan found a wallet full of foreign currency and he turned it in!!That's a Martha moment.
America's first ice lounge opened today, Minus5 is the name. A New Zealand proposition that calls for people to touch and feel hand crafted ice sculptures. Hope tha rain won't wash it away .
Olympic pins abound for pin collectors who can find them in West Vancouver $5.00 apiece.
Mayor Gregor Robertson rehearsing his drumming capabilities in David Lam Park. This is a wonderful venue for musical adventures. Chelsea, my granddaughter, played there in the Lower Mainland high School jazz band.
Cute story, one woman took two medium sized red Olympic mittens apart and sewed them together as a sweater for her poodle , the thumbs being the front legs. Now that is the Olympic spirit.
So much happening, wish I could get there but no cars are allowed down town , noparking,no taxies and the transport line ups are hours long, too long for my old legs. But I can feel the excitement. It is everywhere.

early today

Since I am going out tonight the blog is a bit early,not that it matters much as I have very little to report. Isn't it a funny thing when you are happy there is not much to say except that, but if you are unhappy you can go on for hours about your pain.
I had a great lunch with my embroidery friends, don't you just love meeting with friends of like minds , there is much to discuss about your passions. Not yourself but your love of something. I had Shepherds Pie which I do love, lots of gravy too, bad bad but so good, good LOL.
We had this lovely waiter very good looking and with an accent. Not very good at accents any of us. We thought, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa. WRONG!! We asked and he said Manchester England, how far wrong could we be. Sorry for that Sandy :>))
As any good waiter would he flirted with us older ladies and definitely increased his tip LOL> and in the end he left us a card saying how he enjoyed serving us. Never had that happen before!!!
It was great!!
Guild tonight , what a great day !!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

a quilt

I have received a precious gift from a friend. She gave me a beautiful quilt!! When she was doing the final stitches I told her how beautiful it was and she is a wonderful quilter so it was the absolute truth. She said "Do you want it?" I said, "Who wouldn't?" She gave it to me, I was stunned totally!!!! I thanked her profusely and asked if she was sure because I found it so hard to believe. She said the fun came for her in the doing and she had all the quilts she needed.'She also said she was happy that I have it. So I have a beautiful new quilt. Thank you Sharon!!
Photo to come tomorrow when I download the camera.
Another friend brought in some fabrics from a downsizer and there was a piece of waffle fabric that would be good for tea towels. Another friend said Nan, I'll take this home and make tea towels for you to embroider on. She said you have done so much for us it is the least I can do. What a great day!!!
Today was applique day and I got one of my butterflies done and found that the backgrounds had been left at home so there was no more appliqueing done by me :>)). However I did have some pieces that needed basting down for the next butterfly , that gave me a job to do.
After arriving back home I sewed some more snowball Hallowe'en blocks . Ray asked why I was doing Hallowe'en right now , we all know that is how things get done by Hallowe'en don't we? So it was a good sewing day and I am happy.

Olympic Digest 2/9/2010

Well what a busy day around Vancouver. The Olympic torch was carried across the border at the Peace Arch at Blaine Washington by an American around the American border gates and back into Canada. What a wonderful "Hands Across the Border" event this was. It warms my heart.
Holland House has sent abroad a notice that they are no longer taking resumes.it says, " We are no longer taking resumes, we have enough beer tasters". :>))
The ice is melting on the downtown open air skating rink causing it to be shut down to skaters.Huge crowds in city centre and Canadian flags are everywhere even on my little car!! I am a proud Canadian and have always been one, but this is the first time I have flown the flag. But the best story I heard today was one the was phoned in to the local radio talk show by a father in response to the question, "What does the Olympic torch mean to you"....He said that his 8 year old son was practicing his skating in the local rink when suddenly there appeared 2 burly military security guards right beside him. Of course the little guy wondered what he had done wrong . Would't we all LOL?
Then from behind the guards came an Olympic torch runner and handed the torch to the young boy saying, "Can you hold this for me,Ii have to go to the bathroom?" Can you imagine the joy of that child. He was beside himself and has a great Olympic memory for his lifetime. The kind , thoughtful gesture of the torch runner was so much in the spirit of the Olympics. Oh Canada!

Monday, February 8, 2010

cutting and dicing

Sounds like a cooking show doesn't it :>))
However I am referring to cutting up fabric. The snowball blocks are making progress or I should say I am making progress with the snowball blocks . I hate to keep having to take the squares off the corners because they don't fold up to the edge. On one block today I had to take three out of four corners off. BLAH!!!
But slowly they are coming together. Ray wants to know why I am making a Hallowe'en quilt. It is because and many of you will get this, I bought an FQ of all these fabrics and only needed a very small amount so I am trying to use them up. LOL
i thimk it will be a fun quilt if ever it gets done.
I have not been doing any embroidery lately so I want to get on with it soon. For some reason I don't seem to be able to do two things at once, it's either sewing or embroidery...small brain, it only holds one thing at a time LOL>
We watched two black and white movies today, one with Jimmy Stewart as a surgeon which took place during the American Civil War. It was a good movie . The other one was silly. Why do we watch these stupid things that are supposed to be funny and aren't.
Finished the Chinese food for dinner tonight and it was still good :>))
Tonight I have to get my bag ready for tomorrow when I go to my quilting group.

Olympic Digest 2/8/2010

More heavy rain and higher temperatures for opening day of the Olympic Ceremonies. Quel Dommage!! Such an awful shame, snow boarders practice cancelled. So far it is all bad news but hopefully things will get better. Experts are burying pipes filled with dry ice.But you can rent the Whistler gondola after hours for your friends $5000!! Go Canada!! LOL.
Vanoc, the Olympic local committee was offered a solution to the snow problem months ago by an Israeli company who makes artificial snow that is apparently superb according to Austria and Switzerland. See all this could have been avoided with a little money which is beng spent anyway as followers of this blog know.
Today the Vancouver International Airpot was jampacked with 250,000 people arriving ahead of time.
Huge security at Whistler with the army in charge, military helicopters, ski patrol and a security ballon presence.
The RCMP Musical Ride has arrived!!!!!!!
However there are still 400 rooms available if you care to come and visit!!
Celebrities will be on the streets bringing the flame home. Arnold Schwartzenegger
will run in Stanley Park with the Olympic torch....wow!! Still no one knows who will run the torch into the stadium for the Opening Ceremonies. Big Secret :>)
You can feel the excitement even on the TV.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

more fabrics.

Watching the Super Bowl, it is looking good for the Saints 31 to17 for them. Can't you just see New Orleans tonight!! It is so exciting!!!!
I bought 3 fat eighths this afternoon and they are in the dryer now. Tomorrow I press and cut the., I will sew tomorrow.
Tonight we went to the best Chinese food restaurant, Mr. Ho's , the best in Vancouver, well Burnaby to be precise but it is just 15 minutes away from us so it seems like Vancouver. We did overeat. This is our order; lemon chicken, dried garlic ribs, chicken chow mein, almond guy ding, sweet and sour ribs. The waitress said " too much food" LOL. they always say that but we take it home and have it the next day. No cooking tomorrow either. I am a happy camper!!
Saints win!! I called my son in Lake Charles La. and he said there was lots of excitement in Louisiana....I want to see Bourbon street.

IOC Kangaroo

the Kangaroo stays hurrah!! IOC admits defeat. Vancouverites all on the side of the Aussies !!

Olympic Digest 2/7/2010

Slow day for Olympic news , big day for football. Go NO!!
My grandson says he is taking in free events that are offered during the Olympics. Good for him. His sister meanwhile formed her own jazz band , entered the Envisions Jazz Festival competition and won the prize as Best Senior Jazz Musician for the whole jazz festival and won $1000. Great girl!!
Leonardo da Vinci is presenting at the Vancouver Art Gallery. It is the first time that Anatomical Manuscript has been presented in its entirety. Amazing drawings, so hard to believe the genius that could describe the skeletal and muscular magic of the human body and to think that it all took place 500 years ago.He was able to look at cadavers in the hospital and intended to publish his findings but for some reason his work disappeared . They were not published until the late 19th century which set back the advances of surgery for centuries . These drawings fit very well with the Olympic theme of athletic excellence. They have been graciously provided by Queen Elizabeth the Second from the Royal collection at Windsor castle. It is a great honour.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Olympic Digest 02/06/2010

A very exciting, exhilarating experience for visitors to Vancouver is a FREE Zip line starting at Art Gallery about 6 levels high and zipping across the Robson Square to The Sears block. The premier tested it yesterday and declared it Fantastic :>) I predict along with everyone else that it will be a huge success. In Robson Square also there will be an open air ice rink as the square is to be flooded. Something old is new again. Steve Podborski , an Olymic down hill skier ,one of the Crazy Canucks in 2002 ,will carry the Olympic Flame to Whistler today.
The last shipment of Olympic mittens will be arriving this week so get yours now:>)
Not that you will need mittens to keep your hands warm, the temperature was 12' C today, very warm for winter. As the snow creates havoc in the eastern part of the continent Vancouver basks in record temperatures and we have had to limit the Olympic training on the half pipe to 3 days a week to maintain the integrity of the slopes.
Did you know that Vancouver has the best Chinese food in the world according to Conde Nast..so eat your heart out while you are here!!
There are 400 free bikes available at Holland House to encourage everyone to Go Green. I wonderhow many they will get returned LOL>
World media types are starting to arrive and checking out the city. Some things good, some not so good. We love this ciy no matter what they say, it is a beautiful place to live. I have spent my life here and do not want to live elsewhere. A Testimonial....


The red socks are finished and here is the photo I promised. I added them to my Webshots as well along with a couple of explanatory photos. I have been making snowball blocks out of Hallowe'en fabric but of course don't have enough. I'll check with my fellow sewists on Tuesday to see if we can exchange squares. I find that it is a pain to get those corners on correctly and have to take them off and do some of them again. Oh well!!
Now I want to make a cover for my machine and am thinking the quilted fabric would be nice with an embroidery design on the front and the back since they are both the same , then it can be reversed to present a different picture. That is just a thought right now; a gleam in my eye!!!
I just had to add the photo fo the blue footed boobies, the first time I saw them on a film I fell in love with these silly birds. Who would think of blue beaks and feet.Birds are so funny, so are people:>))
We have a resident woodpecker who comes along periodically and slams away at our chimney sheath which is metal. I get a kick out of him wasting his time but my neighbour reported him to council for making a noise. HELLO! What did she think anyone could do about him I wonder LOL>

Friday, February 5, 2010


It seems my Olympic digest is getting longer and my blog is getting shorter, so today's blog is a tiny one.
It is sort of like the musings of somebody's granny. Wait a minute, it IS the musings of somebody's granny. :>)
Last night I watched The Mentalist, my favourite programme of the moment . I really like Jane as he is such a mischievous imp. Does he have a first name?
This is it, I just shot my bolt on the Olympic Digest so go there to listen in on my latest musings.
I hope the Saints win...Go Saints!!

Olympic Digest 02/05/10

Canadians call their cans for disposables garbage cans and Americans call them trash cans so I believe. Today as I was walking in the mall to meet my friend for lunch there were these lovely silver metal looking cans for disposables, they must have been new for the Olympics. And they were labelled TRASH! What is happening to Canadian culture when even the garbage cans are called Trash cans. Is trash a more upscale word, more sexy, more refined I ask you .
Other news on the Olympic front, Heineken House is set for 50,000 visitors all wanting to drink the elite of beers. I think it is elite but then I am not a drinker so don't truly know. Other attractions may be a visit from the Dutch Royal family, a chance to meet Dutch athletes, food drink and fun for all. Sounds like fun to me.
Did you know that there is now a fabric made from the inner down of the Muskox, called qiviak. Apparently it is extremely soft and took a lot of experimentation to get it usable. It is very expensive , a scarf can cost up to $500, too costly for this peasant:>)) Not too expensive for Sara Jessica Parker though.
By the way you may want to learn a few words of Canadian so that you can blend in with the natives. Double double is a synonym for coffee at Tim Hortons where all Canadians go for the morning Java. Do we actually say learn ya as one jouranalist said? I think not. Or homogenized milk, not homo milk,and don't forget garbage can , that is what you'll hear no matter what the new trash cans say.We have trucks, not lorries as the Brits say and our trunks are not called boots either LOL, boots are for the feet. And all the packaging is in French and English as we are a dual language nation ,well except for all the other tongues that abound. That is all the language instruction I have room for today. LOL
As for the Aussies the banner is still up and the controvery is high!! Actually there is no controversy , we are all for the Aussies 100%. The mayors of all the surroundong cities have stated that they will be very happy to hang the boxing kangaroo!! So we are all weighing against the IOC .

Thursday, February 4, 2010

red socks

The red socks are done, photo to follow :>))

Olympic Digest 02/04/10

Are you up for some more OIC silliness? Get ready!! Countries with athletes living in the Olympic Village for contenders, sometimes hang a banner from their section of the village. For instance the Canadians hung a Canadian flag, so Canadian, why not a beaver or such. The fun loving Australians hung a fabulous banner of a kangaroo on a green field, in red boxing gloves, taking a puncn at the IOC perhaps. Well IOC responded in fighting mood telling the Aussies that no fun was allowed so Please , no not please just Take It Down . It is still there by the way. I wonder how long before it comes down LOL.
Other news is not nearly as funny, not funny at all. A lawyer in Vancouver bought $5000 worth of ticket for an event ,purchasing them through an Arizona company, E Seats, from where they went to Georgia and then to Honk Kong. Guess what? they were lost in Honk Kong and the lawyer was out of luck. At least he won't have to hire a lawyer if he sues.:>)
Tickets that went for $3100 for 4 hocky tickets , are now being sold on E Bay for $75000 plus the IOC commission which brings the cost up to $82000, surely I must have written that down wrong.....
There are 25000 volunteers serving at the Olympics, several of whom are friends of mine and one whom I saw on TV tonight. And a government cabinet minister who was once an Olymoic silver medalist and is now a volunteer. Nice eh!! Very Canadian LOL

bits and pieces

I am setting up some photos of 5 blocks that my friend Kathy made for guild. She is such a talented sewist. Hi there Kathy:>)) These blocks are paper pieced animals from A Quilter's Ark by the Australian designer Margaret Rolfe. They are so, so cute, I just love them. Maybe I can make the one , note "one" that I picked up at the guild last month, now that I have Kathy's in front of me. She is working for the Olympics on guild night and asked if I could take them to guild. Of course I can LOL. And by the way our guild did get permission from Margaret Rolfe to use them in this way for a good will project.
I am still a bit under the weather , it takes more than 24 hours to recover from the 24 hour flu!! When I get all my pieces together I'll let you know, oops , bad joke LOL.
However I did cut out 16 -5 1/2" blocks and the same 2 1/4" blocks so now I have no excuse to not sew. They are all the Hallowe'en fabrics I have left over but I did not cut up all the fabric. I am hoping to exchange some Hallowe'en squares with other guild members. After all there is no rush to complete :>)) I'll mark the little squares tonight while watching TV and hopefully finish the red sock. I am wondering if I have enough yarn in the ball. On the last pair ,the grey ones , I finished with 4 inches to spare. What a close call.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

found it

So the blog turned up, not quite the same but still it is here, I will do the update tomorrow since I have been too sick to write. I should be fine tomorrow, I hope.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

let's see

I changed the template on my blog and lostiti all. I am so sad. I wonder what happened.
so sad it'sbad

Olympic Digest

It is all about SNOW!! Whatever snow we did have has melted on Cypress Bowl. What to do ,what to do. Well here is what we do, we go to Manning park about 3 1/2 hours away from Vancouver and we truck it down to Vancouver. How does that grab you :>)) No joke that is what we are doing. Those people up there will have no snow for X country skiing poor things.
The other big thing is road closures and bridge closures but then I talked about that yesterday. No need to repeat myself.
I know you like a laugh as well as I do. So here it comes. Many of us shop occasionally in Walmart and often complain that everything we buy is made in China. China has an Olympic Pavilion at the Olympics as do many other countries. Each country offers many of thiri own products for sale , products that are indigenous to their own country and they sell hockey jerseys as we are all hockey nuts here in Canada. The joke is this and you did read the lead up to this paragraph didn't you?
The Chinese jerseys are made in , wait for it, Vietnam LOL. I loved that one .... China has a hockey team :>)

apron for a lady

My granddaughter wanted to make an apron the lsst time she was over from Victoria. I had a lovely reversible pattern that she liked. We went shopping for fabric that she liked and we or she made the apron with a little help from me.LOL See the photos with this message.

Google has been giving me a hard time

I have spent the past hour trying ot get into Blogspot, waht a waste of time and energy. Good thing I am not easily upset.
I did not go sewing today , we went shopping instead, I am still looking for my silk thread so we went out to Surrey and the shop there did not have any of my thread. But I did get a lovely pattern somewhat like a tiny shrug for our newest baby great granddaughter and a beautiful soft pink yarn. After I finish red sock number 2, I can start on the baby shrug.
We found another Bouilloire or kettle. I had one before that wore out, it was one in which the sides had a clear panel. Inside the panel it was blue except when the water started to boil and then it turned red. I loved that kettle and was sad when it was finished. I liked the white one but when we brought it home it was black so back to the store it goes tomorrow.
Also I bought a Canadian flag to put on my car window. I already have a Canucks one so now it is a flag on either side of my car. Not bad for an oldie LOL.
Sewing? One block. A 5 1/2" square of Hallowee'en fabric since there is so much left over and a 2 1/4" square on each corner. What are those called now?? Sew the corner square down the diagonal and press back toward the corner after cutting off the excess fabric from the back. Not a very good explanation LOL.
One last remark, at the shop today I asked the owner if they had the Hallowe'en fabrics on sale. She said we are not a discount shop!! Very snooty lady - I have had snide remarks from her before .

Monday, February 1, 2010

Olympic Digest -02/01/2010

February already and things are starting to pop in Vancouver. The news tonight is all about traffic changes, bus route changes, road closures, bridge closures, non stopping lanes and restricted parking. It is all bewildering to me and that makes it difficult to write about it. The city is under surveillance with 1000 cameras watching all pedestrain lanes and whatever else may be out and about . It is the largest security operation in Canadian history. EVER! Getting into Olympic venues is going to be like getting through airport security, and people are being advised that it could take up to 3 hours to get through the gates.Professional protesters are winding up for a good time. We have such an experienced lot of protesters in this province. Sigh.
An intersting sidebar is Kwame, I could not get his last names there were two.Kwame is from Ghana but he ended back in Scotland where he was born while his father was studying. There he learned to ski on artificial ski slopes and graduated to real snow when he realized he had an aptitude for slalom downhill skiing. Now he represents his country of Ghana as an Olympic athlete. He is known as the Snow Leopard, interesting name, his outfit is pure white so maybe that is the root of his title. He has had no support from his country Ghana so has done this all on his own and for himself . It is a great story and you can find his biography on Global News-Kwame. That's how I got it.

A visit to the quilt shop

We had lunch with our grandson Sam today. After lunch Ray wanted to got to Ladner where the Hobby Shop is that he buys his boat building items from. We wandered around and looked at paints and some models. There was a model for the Bluenose 11 (2)which is the ship on the back of the Canadian dime. Or it is thought to be the ship and is commonly known as such but the picture on the dime is a generic schooner which is what the Bluenose is, a racing schooner . The Bluenose is or was housed in Lunenburg Nova Scotia the last time I saw it. I wanted him to buy it but he didn't.
Then we trucked on over to the quilt shop because I wanted some silk threads for applique. I have a little box full of them and am the silk thread queen of my group. They all borrow them and as there is no way in my life time I'll use them all up, I am happy to share them with my friends LOL. But there are shades that I don't have right now and would like to have.
Ladner is a good little drive away from Vancouver and we don't get out there very often so like to combine our trips, his and hers so to speak. It is a bit of a winding town, very picturesque, and we sometimes find ourselves getting lost which is what happened today. Finally we arrived at the quilt shop only to find out it is closed on Mondays, Hmm I was not very happy about that.
When I got home there was a message on my phone from my friend Jean in Delaware. It said I just called to talk and since it is 11:30 your time I guess you are out to lunch . I laughed that she knows my shchedule from way across the continent. We shared a good laugh when I returend her call. She said you are always going out for lunch :>))