a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, January 31, 2014



Variations on a theme in the site above. Looks like fun to do.

is where I found this pattern. So if you are interested look there.
Nice colour relationship, black, red and white. This seems to be the "in" colour scheme. I have seen this scheme on several occasions.

I had some difficulties with getting onto my yahoo, google , blog and facebook today. I could not bring them up. Apparently there were problems. So I got a late start on my blog and did not finish yesterday's blog.

Last night Kathy and I went to Tom's for Cake . As we sat down cake and coffee was delivered to our place. The cake was delicious, but I do not know what it was called. Then Tom took over and demonstrated how to make the latest quilt that he had on the design wall. He gave out post cards with the pattern on the back and as Kathy and I did not get the one for last month he gave us that one too. It was a holder for postcards. I think I will make that one. It looks easy enough. There were other things happening but I forget them. Bad news.  So Cake Therapy was a great evening. I want to go again.
And I bought a yard of red striped fabric.
It is really a lot redder.

As for today Ray and I went to Costco. Now it was a big trip $250 this time, the first time we ever spent that much. I did buy some great books and that bumped up the total. I'll take a photo later and put it up.  We always go there for our paper goods, Kleenex paper towels and tissue paper. We rarely buy meat but did today, a basket of cooked chicken legs and thighs which were attached to the drumstick. This time we bought some canned goods and chocolates.

We also ate lunch, delicious hot dogs and a cold drink.

We came home and rested. That is a big walk around  the Costco store. Ray gets the worst of it as he had to deal with all the stuff we bought. But we had a good time.

We watched a show on the 10th Earl of Shaftesbury who was murdered by his third wife and her brother. It was most interesting. His body was thrown out of a car and down a ravine and was not discovered for a long time. You can look the story up by using the title of the Earl. 

Does this amuse you as much as it does me?

This is a beautiful  young woman and her bright clothing just enhances her looks. Is that her sleeve on her head?

And here is a neat mug rug of
Snow balls and a snowman. So cute!

This one is an attractive version of Cathedral Windows and in a very different colour scheme.

I have lost the pictures that I downloaded. It takes so long to find things on this computer.
They came up. 

Download now as a pdf pattern
Around the Block is the the name of the pattern.

But folks it is time to go.
Have a great evening.

Good night.

Thursday, January 30, 2014



These look like little  baskets without handles. The 30s fabrics carry this pattern off well.

And here we have a pattern that says Do It Yourself, make your own designs / blocks.  Start with graph paper and go from there. Click  on the block, see if it works.
I will be going out tonight with Kathy to Tom's for Cake therapy. I have never been to this event and am looking forward to it. So my blog won't get finished until later tonight.

Today so far we went ot a clinic that one of Ray's many doctors said did not require an appointment. NOT. He got an appointment for March. Don't believe what the doctor tells you. LOL.
We had lunch out then went to FORD to make an appointment to get the brakes looked at. 
We had to go for bread and then finall came home. I want to add a design to my stick but it is not working right. The embroidery teacher took my sticks , 2 of them, lost one and cleared the other off completely. Don't trust the experts.
Doctors and experts have left us in a bind.  I  think I'll have to make an appointment with Tom to fix it up again. 

Moda Bake Shop calls them car seat quilts

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dresden good looking

I hope your vacation was lovely Jean and Gus too a taxi home. Ray told him that he had an appointment and could not pick him up.

Practice your dresden plates with a fast project! Get the free template for this mug rug here >> http://bit.ly/1f3olN5

I so like this lovely rainbow Dresden Plate. Dresden Plate is one of my favourite  patterns.

We had such a great day today , didn't get home until after 4:00.
First I went to the chiropractor for my back adjustment, then we went to the doctor for our regular appointment. Ray had to see her about his Rheumatoid Arthritis and she prescribed Methotrexate again. It seems to be the only thing that works but he has to be careful because it affects the kidneys and his are compromised already. So he only takes it when he is in a lot of pain. 
Then we went to Nygard's to have a look around. I found a pair of grey pants I liked but they had to order my size. I bought a watch.
And i bought two balls of wool to knit a pair of socks.
Nice colour isn't it?

Then we went over to Tim's for a doughnut and a coffee.

It was a great day , we enjoyed ourselves doing nothing special.

We came home  after all that and watched TV. Our usual kind of day.

Aah a dog in training ,such a wonderful sight.  We saw one the other day in ABC restaurant when we had breakfast with Sam. He was a young dog and not fully trained yet but he was beautiful. For some reason I assume that these dogs are males.

New word ladies.

This is it -a log cabin baby quilt. It is beautiful and the many colours will make it fun for a baby.

Using soft coloured fabrics this quilter has made a gorgeous appliqued quilt that will grace any bedroom.

A beautiful red teapot. Although I am a coffee drinker rather than a tea drinker I do love teapots. So many of them are gorgeous as is this one.

This is a Piecemaker's quilt. See all the actions. I only saw one other quilt of this type and that was many years ago at a quilt show.  They are amazing .

So that is it for tonight. 
Have a great evening folks.
Good night.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

baby lap quilt

 Bits and pieces haha very appropriate isn't it?


We all have babies in out lives sometimes, this is a useful little quilt for them. And it should not take long to make in any pattern and any colour.

Tips for better sewing.

Isn't this a lovely wall hanging.

And here is what looks to me like a fairly simple one to make, just squares and more squares.

Today was my sewing day with the group of ladies at the church. It was a lovely get together and so many quilters came and filled all the chairs. It was so nice to see that many friends all in one room. 
They were working on many pieces . Betty Lu was at the binding stage of her beautiful original quilt. We all suggested that she enter it in the next Houston show. 
Here it is.
That is Betty Lu on the right. Beautiful flowers , fabulous windows and gorgeous trees.

Liz was doing hand embroidery on a table cloth, She does beautiful embroidery.
Wendy is working an a gorgeous bird quilt. 
A lot of lovely applique was being done. That is all we can do there as we do not take any sewing machines to the church.

I was so tired, it made no real sense for me to go today but I hate to miss a Tuesday. Pat picked me up once again and we went to Oakridge for a coffee before we carried on. 

Still it was fun despite the weariness. I did not get very much done, my hands rested LOL. As did my brain and energy level.Not enough sleep, I woke up at 4:00 and did not really get back to sleep well.
However when I got back home I had good nap and that made me feel a lot better.

I did manage to do a bit of applique on one of my pieces though.

Ray made pea soup for dinner, it was good. He is a great cook.  I ate some at lunch time and also had it for dinner. Now I am a bit green  haha.

Maple leaf  quilt in a four patch style is always a very attractive quilt with many fall colours.

A bit of grammar....
The English language does not follow any real rules.  LOL.

Isn't this one great? It appears to be a homespun quilt LOL.

And he says" put this little dog on your page to show that you are against cruelty to animals."

And that is it for tonight.
Have a great evening.

Good night.

Monday, January 27, 2014

more bits


More hearts.

Download now as a pdf pattern

Amish Squares is the Block of the Day. Looks good and looks easy.

We had a good beginning to our day. We met with Sam at 10:30 for breakfast at ABC restaurant. It is always a good time when we visit Sam.  He is going to Kelowna for three weeks to help with the store up there. It should improve when Sam shows up. I have great faith in him. We talked as usual about the family and his other grandpa who passed away not too long ago.  We talked about his Uncle Richard, my son who has ALS and the cousins. 
Total family , it was a lot of fun.  Sam is so good-natured.

Sam and me.

Then we went to the bakery for some fresh bread. I sat in the car. Ray saw Marg up there and she said when was coming over later in the day as Ray told her I planned to lay down for a while.
She did come over around 3:00 and we visited for a while. She brought me a couple of books to read. I offered her the ones I had just finished but she had read them already so  I am taking them to my sewing group tomorrow or maybe I will just give them to Pat when she picks me up tomorrow morning for sewing.

After Marg left we had sardine and onion sandwiches on the fresh bread we had bought. It was delicious. Although I think in retrospect tomato soup would have been excellent. Another time...

What a beautiful quilt . It is just half square triangles. Choose your own colour palette. This one is lovely in these warm colours.


quilt . My friend Mary A. has done a number of Hawaiian pieces. Her work is gorgeous. 
And this piece is gorgeous too. I think it may be very difficult to do. But obviously someone is able to do it.

There it is folks finished for another night.

Good night.

Hang it up for the night folks. Haha, couldn't resist this.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


This little sewing buddy is "owl you need"! Download the free pattern here:http://bit.ly/KHTYQy

Cute little caddy for your bits and pieces.

Instructions on how to face a quilt instead of binding it.

a newly found bom has been added to our links

First block of the month is up for this series.

if you don’t have quilting software, this site can sparkle some layout inspirations

Duck Dynasty Dog , note the wonderful leggings. He is something amazing.

Sunday today and we sat at home for the day. Well I sat for most of the day and Ray worked on cleaning up the apartment.  I did get up periodically. LOL.
We watched the Variety Show of Hearts for the kids,  $6. 6 million was the final total, it is a good show  and the kids are so adorable. Ray and I also contributed to the greater good.  We do this every year .  It is a special group and does so much good to the hospital for the kids.  We contribute to the Alberta ALS society  for what they do to help Richard. 
After the show was over I had my dinner of potato salad, broccoli cole slaw, ham and dills. Ray had tomato soup but at lunch he had a great sandwich of  corned beef. So did I and that was the menu for the day. 

So cute,this little guy is very busy chewing up his little horse.

My favourite  colour of cat,  Ginger.  This one is beautiful on the lovely quilt.What a gorgeous face.

So true!]

Another so true.

Lots of pictures tonight, the pickin's were good today.

Wow what do you think of this one , I think it is a ton of work. All those hexagons, I couldn't resist showing it.

The American Goldfinch , beautiful and yellow. Another form of life other than dogs and cats.

Sara the penguin made from Minky  in front.   Cute isn't she.

That is it for today.  I am going to settle down for the evening.

Have a great evening folks.

Good night.