a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

post block

 I made this block a long time ago when we had a Dear Jane club. I think it is a Dear Jane block. I made the easiest ones like many other quilters and then left them to go on to other things.  I might put mine together to make a table runner. Yeah right!! But I might show them here LOL

Bob of Bob and Buzz fame called today to say the he had a net for Ray's car and Jim gave him the one from the red Taurus.
But that is not the news. Bob said they had a car accident and their car was totaled. A woman in a van ran into them. They both had to go to the hospital  in the ambulance. Bob said they both suffered soft tissue injuries. Sorry guys! Get better soon!

We too Jim over to Budget where the red Taurus was stored and picked it up. He took it home to our place and then took Ray and I our for lunch to Mr. Ho's -Chinese food.

Michael Phelps made history today with his 19th medal. I was happy about that as I was rooting for him. Last Olympics in China whne he won 8 gold medals was an amazing feat and I was stunned at his  ability to succeed. Of course I do not like to get my face wet so any swimmer had my admiration. LOL

A great Christmas Redwork quilt. I loved it. But  I have a Christmas quilt that I designed and made all the blocks of snowmen on my now defunct embroidery machine, Sigh!

Do you realize all the beautiful cherries are now in the stores. We went to the market today and bought cherries , grapes and corn.
We did eat a lot of cherries . Let me remind you not to eat too many as they cleans your system and you may not get out the next day.
On the other hand they taste way too good!! haha!

I love the action and spirit in this picture of a little mouse.
Fly away , fly away home LOL.

Another friendship picture, aren't they good together.  I like these photos of animals together who shouldn't be friends but are. Doesn't this one warm your heart. It does mine.

Our Kate on safari in Africa. She is the last in line with the red headdress. Kate is quite an adventuress. First Mexica, then India, next  the far north in Fort MacMurray, then Africa.  What a woman!

So have a lovely evening folks, the weather is beautiful for sitting on the porch and drinking tea. Too bad I don't have a porch LOL.

Buona Sera.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sun day

And it was a sun day . We went to the barbecue at Budget Cars. The hot dogs were really good and the weiners were from M&M. I have a card from them but have never used it bacuse most of their product is frozen. The weiners were really good. We have not had any good ones for so long that we've stopped buying them. Ray asked the 'chef ' if they were frozen and he said no they weren't so we are going to give them a try.
It was such a great day again and we sat there for some time chatting , eating and drinking cream soda. Even though we just bought a new car we looked at other cars just for fun. The young man who was looking at the beautiful Mustang convertible the day we bought ours was able to get the financing for it and the car was his. He had such love in his eyes when he looked at it. Ebi asked how old I thought he was. In his twenties I guessed and Ebi said he was 17. I could hardly believe it  , he was very mature for his age. I was happy for him.
After we left the barbecue we went to Canadian to look for a net for the trunk of the new car. No luck there.
Then we went up to Metrotown for bread. The bakery there has the best bread. We bought two loaves ,one to eat first and one to go in the freezer for safe keeping LOL.
Then Ray said ice cream? I never say no to him , so we had ice cream at Dairy Queen. Hahaha. No wonder I don't lose weight.
Can I blame it on my husband ? LOL.
I am sure we did something else. Oh yes we went to Safeway for our prescriptions. That took a bit of time. Then we finally came home. I was so tired out that I lay down. Usually my lay down goes like this, I read for an hour, then I sleep for an hour. Today I fell asleep right away and slept for an hour, then I read for an hour. Topsy turvy!
We had a salad for dinner but it wasn't all that good as I had bought bagged lettuce. I don't know why I bought it , usually It isn't good enought for me. Well today was the usual. I will never buy it again, it is just as easy to pull the lettuce apart.
Isn't it beautiful.
Now compare this.

Such beautiful colours in this handbag. And it is a tutorial for you to follow. Nice eh!

Some very interesting pillows but just for show. Then most of  them are for show aren't they.

Ahah the littel girls outside are scraming their little heads off. Ray and I like to hear the kids play. It is such a joy to hear them.

I no longer sew, time has eclipsed my need to sew. does this sound reasonable. The whole story is that I can no longer find the time to stitch a few seams. I hope that soon We cna slow down a bit and stay home. I'll need  a long rest before I get started LOL.
Sorry forgot to publish.


This lady has some good things on her blog. Have a look!

I like this block but could not find any instructions but don't you think that it could be done with 2 1/2 inch squares which would make it about 10 1/2  inches finished. What do you think?

Remember this beauty, it is the same  as the previous block but prettier to my eyes.

See any similarity with the block above?

Jim is coming in at 7:00 so we need to go to the airport to pick him up. My blog will be late!

This morning Ray and I went out to Tim's for a bowl of soup. I was so shaky that Ray brought me home and I went to bed for a rest.
Marg called around 2:30 , she was coming over with dinner , how good is that. Thanks Marg and Michael.

Wendy down the happ came over to help me with a knitting pattern but I could not find the pattern. I was so embarrassed. I looke everywhere I could think of- no luck. But Wendy was okay with that. She and Marg have been friends for some time so she stayed and we all had a good visit. We definitely fixed all the world's problems. That's what this world needs is a council  of older women. We solve all the problems over a cup of tea LOL. It was a nice afternoon.

Isn't she adorable, she shines for the camera. Little Adam did the same thing, whenever a camera was pointed at him the smile was on. How cute!
Now for a different picture.

My sweet Rose in her big girl crib. Scary isn't it baby ? Pretty soon she will be standing up shaking the bars  demanding to be let out and then she will climb over the bars and it will be all over for mom and dad LOL..
Got to go now the airport is waiting hahaha

Have a lovely evening.
Buenas  tardes.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Do we ever slow down?

Ray and I seem to be on the go all the time. One would think we are 60 instead of 75 and 80. Amazing how much energy we still have.

We went back to the car dealers this morning because we had no owner's manual for our new car . Ray had to ask the salesman Ebi who was so kind, how to move his seat and if he could move the steering wheel. I needed to find out how to reset the clock and one of the mechanics showed me the way. haha.
Ebi invited us to a barbecue tomorrow for return customers. We bought our original  Taurus from Budget too. We will go and think ti will be fun. I wonder if Red Robinson will be there. We just missed him yesterday , he was making a commercial.

Ebi gave us a lovely book of Red's music career in Vancouver with many famous  guests including The Beatles, Liberace, and so many others. It will be fun to read it all the way through.
The design I embroidered on an apron for one of my boys, which one is anybody's guess. LOL.
A little out of order but good!

After that we had to go for gas for the new baby. $57 later we had a full tank. But who knows how long it will last the way we are going. But it is so much fun to bomb around.
Then we went to the casino to celebrate, Ray won, I lost but he shared his money with me. Good guy!!

Tonight is the first nght of the firework show. It is Vietnam who puts on the first show.  I think Rick will bring his friends who are visiting him on his sailboat around to English Bay for the Celebration of Light. It is a great way to finish off their vacation.
Grandson Ricky on dad Richard's boat a while ago but you get the idea of how great the sea can be on a sunny day.

This sewing lady with the tomato handbag and fabric shawl is a postcard I made when I was making postcards. I love red so she suits me to a tee. She is from the collection by ...... Darn can't recall who it is. I'm sure you know though. She has a lot of cute embroidery designs and also fabrics with her designs on it. I have two of her fabric collections and still can't remember her name. But wait it will come to me .....

Got it Ahaha!!!
Lorelie Designs

It was fun making the postcards. People say they don't take up much time but I found that not to be true. They are small but you had to make three of them in the group I was in , some groups have you make more. I found that it was designing the cards, then sewing them and putting them all together like a quilt, signing the backs of them  and finishing the edges. It took me some time anyway . But then I am slow. Fortunately there was a deadline so no fooling around!!  You can't be late!!

Another one I think I made this one for Mary!  Is that right Mary?

Everyone needs a friend, every day. These guys look happy to be together.
Rose just looking cute :))

Time to go folks.
Have a beautiful evening
Buona Sera.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Oh my

Well here it is 8:45 PM and I am just starting the blog. We had a very interesting day.
We got out a bit late and after having talked about going to Budget Car Sales for a while decided this was the day. We wanted to see what was on the lot. Last time we were there nothing caught our eye. But this time we got caught up right away in a gorgeous blue Taurus. We fell in love immediately.

You know how you get sucked in, well we sure did. So we talked to the salesman about all the things that interested us and then to the financial guy who was very good and up front about the costs. We told him that we did not was the extra things they try to sell you so he didn't try. Then we went to the car insurance agent. That was the path we took. Now we own a beautiful car and a large debt. However we did get nothing down and 6 months no payment. however the interst will accrue for that time. I was still not sure how I wanted to pay for it and this gives me time to consider my options.
Our red Taurus , soon to be Jim's.

Our old red Taurus is to go to Jim for a simple sum and he gets two new snow tires and a new battery with the deal. Jim has wanted that car for a long time. Now all of us are happy.
We are the happy owners of a new Taurus. Well new to us , it is a 2011. 11,000 KMs. And a sun roof!
A man and his car, he deserves to get what he wants.
Now here is the one I wanted for me, a Mustang of course. Imagine a red Mustang convertible. A young man bought it while we watched. Too bad we couldn't get two cars LOL.

 Then with the excitement over Ray said do you want to go for something to eat. I did. We did! LOL.
It has been a great day!
Over the course of the day I ran into some good quilting places.

Lots of jellyroll patterns on the MODA site. I need to get some of these as I don't have a lot of ideas to use Jellyroll strips.

Download now as a pdf pattern
Lady of the Lake, a block of half square
triangles ,one large one and 16 small ones. 

That's the game for today LOL>
Have a nice night folks.
Guten abend.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

lots of sites today

A quilt made of Wandering Star blocks the block I had up a few days ago. Things come in groups, or is coincidence a reality. Some say no but I think it is real.

Called the Single Wedding block.

http://www.maubys.net/p/free-tutorials.html  Lots of smaller items to make for gifts.

Is it still today? I can't seem to recall what I did today LOL. Let's start in the morning. Oh yes I remembI didn't do anything but wait for the cleaning lady and then wait while she did the cleaning. I did nothing. It's very hard to remember what you did when you didn't do anything. I did play on the computer though, reading the mail and facebook.
After Lynn was finished the housework Adam came by. Iwas having a nap but I heard him come in so I got up to visit. We had a good talk and then we went out to meet Sam for dinner . We were going to Mr. HO's for Chinese food. Well actually we went there for Chinese food. When we got there Sam was ahead of us and he said the restaurant was closed for vacation. It has never been closed before, we were disappointed. We decided to go to Swiss Chalet, but didn't realize it was so far away. We got there eventually . Three of us had chicken which we all like and Sam had Greek salad. I ate quite a bit, Sam was surprised. I don't eat a lot at home but when I go out I seem to eat a lot. What's going on these days?
When we got home I ran into Wendy on her way to her knitting club. I asked her if she could help me with a pattern I started a while ago and laid aside because it did not work out very well. She said she would be happy to help me. In the apartment I went on a hunt for the pattern. No luck, I'll try again tomorrow.
Now I am resting LOL.
Wow what a gleeful little girl and daddy is good for a laugh too.
Another gleeful child, the mouse child. Can't you feel the joy!

Do these silkie chickens make you laugh? It is my mission to cause laughter tonight....

How about this one.
Keep your hands to yourself is the message.

Smile everyone!

My dear friend Gail embroidering my shirt, my first experience with embroidery was on this trip to Arizona . I fell in love with it and am still feeling the same way.
I am going now. Have a lovely evening.
Buona sera.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday appointments


Making flowers in 3D. Nice picture instructions to follow. Good luck with these.

Saw Tooth Patchwork Quilt Block Pattern

From About Quilting.com these great Sawtooth Stars in 4 different colourways that make a different look in each block. Very interesting.

We had to go to the chiropractor this morning for my appointment. My back was out of alignment once again , but the goo news was the ribs were behaving for a change and staying where they belonged hahaha. So now I am straight once again. Goin' straight for a change.

We went to the mall for a long walk around to get some exercise. The day was so beautiful that wished we could walk outside but the roots of the tress have lifted up a lot of the sidewalks and it is kind of dangerous for me and now for Ray too.

After that we had a lovely visit with the doctor. We all laughed and said it was like a social call. We got the number of the clinic that does back surgery but you have to pay for it. I just want to  know what it costs and if we can afford it because I don't like the idea of Ray waiting a long time for a surgery time.

There is a lot road work going on by the doctor's office so parking is an issue. More walking for the old folk.

Off to Safeway for precriptions and more walking around the store. We ran into Kathy and had a chat. She looked great , I was so happy to see her. We have not gone to any classes at Tom's lately nor to a movie so we haven't  been able to get out. Right now there are no movies we like either. Are we getting too fussy?

Anyway my point in all this is that we walked a lot today, we call it slow walking LOL.

This lovely dog was outside the mall and eagerly looking for some conversation and pats on the head. I love dogs but have a healthy respect for them and hardly ever pat a strange dog. I need to get acquainted LOL. But he was into conversation. His owner took him away , but when we went to our car there he was hanging his head out of the window of the car next to us. And still wanting pats. I was not  putting my hand into his territory but I like him a lot for his eagerness to relate to others. Hahaha does this sound like a report card . Nice guy!!

I called Peter today, he is still in Calgary. We had a nice long talk, it was nice to get together even if it was over the phone. Then I called Rick , he was on his boat. They , meaning his friends from Calgary who had come to visit, and Rick himself were on Thetis Island having sailed there from Horseshoe Bay. It is so nice for him to have his friends with him.
Horseshoe Bay marina is so beautiful.
Peter and Rick on the left, the last photo I have of Peter , this one is from my birthday party. Then Ray, Jim, Sam, Adam, Rodger, and Ricky. That's me in front LOL.

We are expecting Adam tomorrow and then Lisa later in the evening.

What does Rose have in her arm. My vision is a bit off so it does not appear to me as it should. Anyway Rose is adorable as usual.
Poor Mary burned her finger with a glue gun, big blister and lots of pain. So Rose needs to be careful around mom :((
These not only look scrumptious but they make me smile , hope you enjoy them too :))

Time for blueberries!! Have you had any yet, they are delicious! and they are full of antioxidants, good for you.

You did what?

I think that's it for the night.
Have a great evening my friends.
Aloha ahiahi.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ruby Tuesday or any other colour


Debbie Mumm has a new project for you, two blocks are up already. Sign up for the next blocks to be delivered to your computer if you want to do her quilt.


Some very cute small projects . I got these two sites from another reading list. Cyberquilters is a great place for good stuff. Of course you have to join up or you could just get them from me. LOL

Here is a Wandering Star block- that somehow reminds me of a song.
I just had to find that song , it was running through my head over and over. So I searched and found it. I Was Born Under a Wandrin' Star sung by Lee Marvin. Now I have to find out what movie that was. But not now!!

And now for my day LOL. It was my regular Tuesday sewing day. Pat was away so Juliet kindly picked me up. We had to go to a shop
to pick up Betty's mixer which was getting fixed. 
We were parked in a lane parking lot and Juliet went across the street to get the mixer. I just happened to be in the right place to see a business transaction  going on in the lane. Who cares what an old lady knows is happening LOL, it goes on all over the city I guess.

Then Juliet took me to the church strange juxtaposition isn't it hahaha.
I had a good day there with the lovely ladies. Oh it makes me so happy to be there. I just continued to applique my blue butterfly, it is almost done, only the body left to do and then I am going to embroider the antennae on all the blocks and see if I need to make any more. Ray made my lunch as usual, I am sure he thinks I eat like a lumberjack as my dad would say. I got a salami sandwich, 2 bottles of water, a thermos full of V8 juice, a hard boiled egg and an orange. Hmm I brought most of it home. He is so kind but I just could not eat it all.
Then for dinner he made sauerkraut and pork ribs. Oh it was so good!!
But I digress , after church Sharon took Betty and me over to Mary Alice's . I didn't do anything but talk to my special friends.  I had a good talk with Lynn who is not very well and another good talk with Jocelyn about our granddaughters, well mine are great granddaughters. A nice chat with Mary Alice and so on it goes. But once again  it was just fabulous.
And the sun shone gloriously. What more could one ask for?
Oh how cute!

I kiss you?  Oh go ahead and them leave me alone....

Chicken cake, how 'bout that.

Now here's a long tall drink of water.
Now for some more pictures of not dogs :))

Made from extra blocks for Community quilts. The lady in pink is my dear friend Lynn.
Now that one is very striking, black and solids are truly Amish looking.
Lovely little doughnut with beads used to imitate sprinkles.
Well that's a lot of pictures to look at ,so time is running out.
Have a lovely evening!
Buona Sera.