a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, May 31, 2014


Addressing the comment..... Thanks for the advice on eating fish but we usually eat salmon that is caught in our waters, the ocean and as far as I know it is pretty good but I will check.  On occasion we eat tuna in the can. Well from the can actually LOL.

I had a very good day. I felt really good so I suggested to Ray that we go out for dinner. We did. We went to Swiss Chalet where I had roast chicken and baked potato with the trimmings, Ray had ribs and cole slaw. We both had coffee and really enjoyed our meal out. The waiter was very good so the whole experience was positive. After being in for the past two weeks it was wonderful to get out. I am happy.

We did not do anything else during the day , hopefully tomorrow will be a day that I can go out for a longer time. My toe that I injured when I fell was not too bad today, so I was able to walk okay. I am feeling fortunate.

I actually thought about sewing today , haven't done that for some time.  I have some pieces that need to be done for the guild so maybe I'll tackle that at some time tomorrow. That would be nice.

Right now we are watching the miracle weekend where money is being raised for Children's Hospital. We always watch it every year and contribute too of course. It is a most worthy charity.

This sweet little boy embraces the need for helping Children's Hospital.

Of course you haven't. LOL.

Does this fit you? Does me.....

Well it is not a dog but it will be a great big pet LOL.

Here is a very nice row quilt.

A one block quilt, tumblers is the name for the block. Applecore is also a one block quilt.  The interest is held by the arrangement  of fabrics and colours.

That's it for me tonight.
Have a lovely evening folks.

Good night.

Friday, May 30, 2014



Pretty colours, I think they are for toes LOL.

several tutorials including two interesting ways for binding

more tutorials; check out the weekender travel bag!

What did I do today, not very much of anything . I wrote to Buzz to see how Bob was doing and he is doing well, maybe coming home either Sunday or Monday. That will be good for him, but not really great for Buzz as she will have lots to do.

Ray took good care of me as usual but I walked down the hall to the elevator and back. Since we are the furthest apartment for the elevator we have the longest walk. So it is good practice.
I'll do it again tomorrow and then go out for a while.

We had one of Ray's delightful salads for dinner as well as canned salmon with it. I enjoyed my dinner. And we have had fish twice this week.  The doctors say you should eat fish three times a week. I try but cannot quite make it.  Maybe this week. Just one more time to go.  Maybe shrimp tomorrow night in the salad will do the trick.

The tree cutters have been out the window all week and they are very noisy. But it is a job that needs to be done so we tolerate the racket.

I love this walk along the beach. It is very pretty.

See if you have a battle with your spouse he/she still cares.

Our little man Quinn, isn't he beautiful. I can't wait to see him for real.

Ah a red racer quilt top. I don't know what the pattern is but I like the way the squares crawl across the quilt.

I'm not sure if I posted this one earlier but I love it so here it goes again. Doesn't it make you laugh?

And that is it for tonight folks.

Have a beautiful evening. It sure is wonderful here tonight.

Good night.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pretty piece


Another day in for me. I did nothing but my medication is finally finished and I should be well again. I made and appointment with my doctor for Tuesday which is the first day she is back in the office.  That bug should be gone. 

So today all I did was waste time sitting around or napping. Ray went out for a while to do some shopping. I don't know what else he did LOL. If it were me I would stop for coffee or a piece of cake. But that's me. I think he is better than me.

I am thinking of knitting tonight just another dishcloth to add to my pile which is still quite small compared to what it was. I need to knit up a storm.

Tomorrow I hope to get dressed and walk down the hall. When I fell the other day I injured my toes and that makes walking difficult. However it was a bit better today so tomorrow should be even better and I should be able to walk. 

I like these rainbow quilts.

Nasty cat.

My youngest son Matthew with his dad Richard(Mac) in Dartmouth Nova Scotia where Matthew was born. Actually Matthew was born in the Halifax Infirmary but we lived in Dartmouth.  All my other sons were born in Victoria B.C.

This is a cute little panel for the summer. The basket  pattern can be cut from a piece of folded paper and the flowers and strawberry shapes are easy to cut out. Use this pattern as a template to design your own wall hanging.

Isn't this beautiful. Sun shining through the trees is always wonderful.

And here are three blocks the same but different colours.

I put this up once in a while. It shows how many cuts you can get from a fat quarter.

Time to close folks.

Have a great evening.

Good night.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

the old way

does anyone remember this. I used one on my aunt's farm in Alberta and then again when my first baby was born until I got a washing machine.  It's very hard on the knuckles. 


Time to clean out your machine? Here are some clues on how to do that. Cleaning makes for a better running machine.

I stayed home again today and did nothing.  My toes are very sore from my fall and it is hard to wear my slippers let alone shoes. 
Ray went to the hospital to see Bob but said he was still woozy. However they did have a visit of sorts.  buzz stays there until 8:00 PM. I think she must read, I would. She is a  faithful wife.
I slept for a good part of the day but am feeling very good now.

However I will be happy to be better and able to get out of this apartment for a bit.

Download now as a pdf pattern

The queen inspecting the troops. What I love about this picture is that gorgeous coat and hat. It looks like Wedgewood China . The blue is definitely a wedgewood blue.

These old coffee pots bring back memories of life on the farm. I love the doubledecker on the left.

Hmmm this kitty is in a bind. Cats manage to get themselves into a lot of trouble.

See what I mean LOL.

The tutorial is here:

This picture is very different two babies in side pockets. Aren't they sweet?

Short blog but that is all for tonight.

Have a great evening.
Good night.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

old friend, new baby

Mary had a baby boy early this morning. He was 9 pounds 10 ounces, a big healthy boy. Quinn is his name Quinn Raymond Alric  . Alric being the combination of Al and Rick his two grandfathers,
 clever isn't it. And a new name is formed.
Mother and son. Mary  and Quinn. Mary looks like a Madonna. Beautiful Mary.

  Quinn at least I think that is what they are calling him, welcome to the world little guy.
And my great grandson. So adorable.

Block 12 of the Ben Franklin quilt project.

My old friend Heather called me today , it was great talking to her for a while. We have been friends since the 1960s and though we don't see each other very often the refrain of friendship sings through our talks. It is lovely. Thank you Heather for the call. We have had a long history.

Ray has gone out to cash my cheque and bring me the money. I am saving up for our trip to Quebec and the money is going to be my spending money.  He has other tasks to do while he is out but they are the minor jobs of  a household.  I say minor because I don't have to do them LOL.

Bob is doing well in his recovery from open heart surgery and moving around a little. I hope his recovery will be swift and he can get on with his life.

Rick and I lost an ALS friend last night. Rick saw him as a mentor and inspiration as well as a friend and I saw him as a friend. I will miss him and I know Rick will too.

I did not even have a nap so far today so things are looking up. Tomorrow will be even better I know. Ray has been so good looking after me when I am sick that I am sure that is the reason . I ended up having a nap after all. Then I talked to Lynn my stepdaughter who lives in Quebec. She is telling me the grandchildren are speaking good English which they take in school. I am glad of that as we do not speak French. We are going there in July.

My great grandson Adam who lives in Louisiana graduated from grade 5. Congratulations Adam.
Adam all dressed up for his graduation. Handsome boy.
And another handsome boy just starting out.
He is so beautiful. Two boys today one starting out in life and the other graduating from his first lap of school. Lucky me!!

I love this old dog with the white muzzle. He is a survivor of 911 and a rescuer as well. Beautiful creature.

Funny ideas cats get.

More crazy cats to make. This  is a good idea , make four cat pads.

Good dog but right now your head may be too heavy for her.

Big Adam, little Adam's grandfather playing his bagpipes. Big Adam is my eldest son.

this bag was made and sold by my friend Jamie. Looks really good.
And that is it for the night folks. 

I am tired and going to rest.
Have a great evening.
Good night.

Monday, May 26, 2014

a visit from handsome men


Some great pattern ideas here.

I fell out of bed this morning around 6:45.  Not  a good experience believe me. I was starting to get   up and slipped off the bed. That is just the beginning. Apart from the fall I was not able to get back up. I tried for a long time but because I did not want to ask Ray for help. The space I fell into  is a very narrow  one just a small little space between the bed and the wall with the heater on the wall too. No place to turn around, nothing to grab onto and ,My bucket was at my feet and they were damaged by the bucket and I have bruises in different places. But I was not able to get up and Ray was unable to help me. I insisted that he call the firemen and he did.  They have the holds to lift a person and it was over in a minute or so. 
My feet are very sore and don't even like putting on my slippers
But it was not over for me as I was really stressed afterward.
Ray and I decided that a grab bar was needed and he went right out and bought one. So I am equipped with the bar that will help me lift myself out of bed. It'a good things since I have been having trouble staying upright.   It is not easy being old.

I did not do a thing today other that sleep and sit but good news is
coming.  Only 3 more days of antibiotics   and  I should be normal again. I hope so.

These are so easy and so nice, the match the cups which is lovely.

 Master Corporal  service dog. Isn't he wonderful.

A lovely 4 patch quilt, I think the tan and blue is very effective.
A lovely rainbow quilt. 

Such a cute baby bib.

Another country heard from. 

Chihuahua puppies are adorable.

Time for me to go folks.
I am tired again and ready for bed.

Have a great evening.
Good night.