a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Back to Dresden


Such an interesting way to make a Dresden Plate and I thought I had seen it all LOL.

A Dresden turkey by Jenny Doan, and of course a great tutorial.


Out this morning and lunch at Ming Wo's, maybe not, neither of us can remember the name of the Chinese food stall. And we eat there often as the food is good. We just get one plate of three items and two forks. It is always tasty but I can't find the name of the restaurant . I'll check it out later in the week.

We walked around a bit and Ray bought his favourite tea towels at QUILTS . That is all we bought today . 
I had to go to Telus because I could not get my phone off Airplane. So the agent did it for me. Then she asked if I got what she did. And I did not . I told her I would come back if I needed to. I was saying to Richard isn't it a pain that  After 70 years of using phones I  no longer can figure it out.  That is PROGRESS!

We went to the library and I got Winter of the World. I'm sure it will take me more than three weeks to read it. However it can be renewed if I don't finish it.  It looks to be interesting.Ken Follet , of course it will be interesting.

We came home after all that and watched TV. I did my email, the days are so much the same. We think  we should go to different places for a change. I want to go to Granville Island
 for a visit. We can buy great food stuffs there , have lunch on the water or next to
the water,  watch the seals and seagulls doing their stuff, go to the quilt shop and generally do a lot of things.We would need to go early in the morning to get a parking spot.

I'll take pictures when we go , maybe next week?

Sewing Machine of the 70s , it has a boxy appearance. I think it is a Singer.

Now this is relaxed, nothing relaxes like a cat. They seem to be able to hang off anything.

Block of the Day. Pyramids is the name.

Download now as a pdf pattern

How About a Hug? This lighthearted design is from Heidi Pridemore for Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume 2. http://www.quiltandsewshop.com/product/quiltmaker-100-blocks-volume-2-digital-issue/best-sellers

Well folks the time has come to not talk of many things LOL. That's done already.

Have a great evening.
Good night!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Ah Tuesday my sewing day but I did not attend the groups as Pat was not able to pick me up. So i stayed at home ,well you know I rarely stay home. Ray and I went to the Ostomy Clinic to pick up some supplies . After buying those we went down the road to Cockney Kings for the best fish and chips in the country. As neither of us can eat a lot any more we each had one piece of fish, I had the chips and an oyster. Ray shared my chips and we each had a small basket of cole slaw. It was delicious.
We came home then . I ate , I slept LOL. Yes after a bit I had a nap, a good one . 
Now I am thinking of what to eat for supper. Neither of us are very hungry so it won't be much, bowl of soup, noodles, an egg. Even a sandwich is too much tonight. 
I used to wonder that my mother could eat one egg for her lunch, now I know why. As you head into real old age your hunger tends to diminish. Be  warned and eat while you can. LOL.
So I had an egg in a cup and a salad for dinner.


A strippy way to make a pumpkin using your scrap strips. It is unusual but as we are used to seeing pumpkins in orange and using just a variety of orange strips would no doubt please our eye.


Wow glorious rich deep colours in this quilt. They must be batiks. I think.

A wonderful mug rug of a turkey for American Thanksgiving and on toward Christmas. This one is adorable as are most of them . It looks easy to make.


And these elephants are not quite as easy but  certainly are very cute.

LOL This is a funny cartoon. Enjoy it.

Whoops another pincushion. Fun one though.

On to other things. Humpback Whales a threatened species are coming back to the west coast of Canada.

A humpback whale breaching. What an amazing sight. I have always wanted to see this. We used to have Orcas and Belugas at the aquarium in Stanley Park but the pool was considered too small for such a huge creature and as the whales were retired and let loose back into the ocean we not longer had whales to see. They are not toys anyway and I am glad they were left to live their own lives.

I love this picture of a Hutterite woman and her quilting.

Isn't this one gorgeous. Look at the old Singer treadle. These quilts are amazing coming off that machine.

So adorable, twins in a boot.

Our street today.Amazing sight.

Ready for a nap , my lovely Charlotte.

Time to go folks.
Have a great evening.
Good night.

Monday, October 28, 2013


What a fabulous visit we had today with Meaghan , Kate, Charlotte and Candace the girls' friend from childhood. It was wonderful to visit with them all.  Lewis did not come today as he was not feeling well.
Charlotte is always the centre of attention when she is here and wherever she goes I am sure.  She is a bundle of energy, never stopping and never stopping talking in her wonderful little voice. 

Kate , I took a couple of pictures of Kate.
Wearing  Charlotte's Halloween costume.
Reading Olivia to Charlotte and Meg is on the background with her head cut off . Sorry Meg.
Candace with her mouth full, Sorry Candace. I seemed to be taking candid photos today.

Playing with something or other. By the way see the leaves in the window aren't they lovely. Tomorrow I will show some local trees.

Charlotte  loves our cleaning lady who came today and Charlotte just ran to Lynn and jumped into her arms. Lynn loves Charlotte too. She always asks after her when she comes.

Charlotte liked the books I got for her, one of them was Olivia Goes to the Ballet.  Charlotte loves pigs and ballet so the choice of that book was a good one.
I don't think this one is the same book but I sure recommend Olivia to read to your youngster.  Charlotte loves her.
I made macaroni and cheese to serve along with the chili that I made yesterday. I sent a container of chili home with Meg for Lewis as he likes my chili. 

My day was complete with the visit. 
After they all left and Lynn had begun her cleaning I went down for a nap. I slept for 2 hours, and I slept like a log. All that cooking wore me right out LOL. 

We didn't even make dinner just ate what was around. I had an egg in a mug. Lynn , our daughter in Quebec taught me this one. Put a bit of butter in a mug, add the egg, break the shell of course, and put in the microwave for 1 minute. Be sure to cover the mug or you will  have egg all over your microwave. I have a plastic shield that I use, not perfect but it keeps the egg in the mug. It tastes good to me with a bit of salt and pepper.

http://funthreads.blogspot.com/p/free-quilt-patterns.html   Good things to look at, check out October for a laugh.

Download now as a pdf pattern

Nested Triangles is the name of this block.

And that was my day. My night is spent writing the blog , searching for things I want to put on it and watching TV.

Have a great evening folks.
Good night.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

anything snow in Calgary LOL>


 Civil War fabric  5 bar  square  is the talk of the town haha.  But it would be a great and simple style of quilt to make. So on with it, good for a man. I have always thought that Civil War fabrics  were fitting for men. So many fabrics are very feminine. I love those beautiful fabrics but could not use them for a man.

Ray and I went  out for a bit today and ran into  Marg at the local mall while we were shopping at the Pharmacy where we spend a lot of time LOL.  Marg came over after we all got home for a bit of a visit.

When we got home I sat with my blocks and took out the stitching around the half square triangle. That took a lot of time and I am not sure I'd do it that way again.

I made some chili for dinner and to serve tomorrow if anyone wants it. It was pretty good if I do say so myself. I should have taken a picture. I am getting careless about taking pictures. 
  1. www.sewmamasew.com/2013/01/half-square-triangles-hsts-8-at-a-time/‎ 

    This is a fascinating way to make 8 half square triangles at a time.

    I have not found a good site to show the 1/4 " stitch
     around the entire 2 squares. So you will have to trust me on that.
     For 4 half square triangles sew around the squares 1/2"   and cut
    diagonally twice, For 2 half square triangles sew around the 
    perimeter 1/4" and cut diagonally once. 

    I am having trouble with  the blog tonight doing weird things.
    But I'll keep on trying until I lose my cool and throw the laptop out.

    Haha try and sew on this little guy. I wonder just how old it is.
    I recall the old saying step and a half and this reminds me of that 
    saying. I am not quite sure what it meant but it was applied to 
    people  , usually little people.

    How do you like this one quilters?
    I could scarcely make one for Christmas let along four of them.

    Download now as a pdf pattern   Pretty pineapple block with a central
    Nice colours.

    I am going to stop for tonight as this is getting way too
    See you all tomorrow.

    Have a great evening.
    Good night.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

better now

A bed foot quilt or a table runner, whatever you want it to be. The pattern is the Pineapple block. I think if you printed out the pattern it could be paper pieced but don't quote me on that LOL.

And to that lovely person who wished me better today. Thank you and I am better today, normal whatever that  maybe but normal for me.

Christmas Robin Paper Pieced Pattern  

The  picture seems to be unavailable at the moment. So just bring it up if you are interested.

It is Saturday so we grocery shopped. The bill was 92 dollars and I wondered what we bought. I did not purchase a magazine which pumps up the bill but we did by a bit of meat and a bar of soap. Ray does the shopping so I need to guess LOL. I sit and read the magazines as I am way too slow for him. Of course I can hear Jean saying ,Read the bill.
And Happy Birthday Jean, I guess it is a bit late since I think there is 4 hours difference between us , maybe three , I am not sure. It is 3:15 here so you are no doubt out for a celebration dinner. I hope it was all good.

We went to Boston Pizza for lunch. I had some kind of bread which was like a pizza bread that had a dip with it. The dop was very spicy so I had to ask for a less spicy one. Ray had a small pizza, We had coffee but we are contemplating  not having coffee at restaurants any more. It is quite expensive and adds up the bill. Of course that is the intention. Remember when coffee came with the meal and was not an add on to the price. It was also 10 cents a cup LOL. Generally we only drink half of it anyway. We drink two full cups of coffee at breakfast and the half a cup we drink at lunch. Who needs the half cup? We do have a full cup of Tim Horton's though at lunch time if we are out then.

I did some sewing this afternoon on the pinwheel blocks I am doing for the Guild. I just did the half square triangles but did not put them together yet.  I have 2 envelopes to do so it will be some time before they are all done. At my rate of sewing it takes time and I cannot sit there for hours sewing. But I do some and it makes me happy. 

Then I had some dinner , left overs from lunch that we bought home. I wonder hwy things don't taste as good the second time around

.Download now as a pdf pattern

Not a bow tie but a neck tie.

Pinterest has some fabulous pincushions on this site and great ideas if you want to make a pincushion. I loved the Hedgehog.
I don't think there are patterns there just the fun of looking. And ideas.

Ray is suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis in his toes right now. He put some rub that the doctor gave him and took his slippers off to relieve the pressure on his toes. Poor guy.  We think it is RA but it could be gout. Things get sore and out of order when you get old.  He still does really well though as he is heading toward 80. He will be 76 on his next birthday in December. 

What a great mug rug for a quilter or any sewist. Love the yellow and green colours.

That my story for tonight folks.

Have a great evening.

Good night.

Just a thought. Great wallhanging.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Short post

It has been a worse day today and I spent the afternoon in bed sleeping. I am not happy. But I will be happy soon. 
We did try to go our for a while, We took our allowance out of the bank and had a bite to eat. Then we walked around the mall for a bit. Frankly it was a bit too much for me and I went right to bed when we got home.
We have been covered in fog for the past two weeks . Fog is not my favourite weather, it is so gray and wet and gloomy. I hope it lifts fairly soon.

@[114587705269008:274:Maureen Cracknell Handmade] will add the most delightful addition to your decor! ...

A pillow for your headache Oct.31.

More little girls.

I am finished for tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
Have a great evening,
Good night.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

My mom's block

Mrs. Keller's Block. Mrs. Keller was my mother and I like this block. Good colours too. I should make this block.

Download now as a pdf pattern


 I love the hexagons on this delightful little case in gorgeous reds. 

Clever little sign.

And here is an adorable baby.

a baby polar bear.  See his black foot pads with the little bit of white fur in the middle. He is so cute.

What did we do today. Nothing. I spent a good part of the day in bed sleeping but I am beginning to feel better. If I get a good  night's sleep I should be good to go tomorrow. That will be  nice, I am tired of being sick and tired. It has only been a few days but I am impatient by nature. I am an Aries so that makes me impatient I think. And red is my colour LOL.
 Ray did not go out either as he was not feeling up to it either. What a pair we are.
We did not eat much , just had soup for supper, tomato and vegetable soup mixed along with crackers and butter. Good food when you are not feeling very well. My mom used to make tomato soup and bread and butter when I was sick. I guess Marg got the same meal when she was sick. Hey sis!
I hope that I can sew some tomorrow , it has been a while for me. I have some Pinwheel blocks to make for the guild. I am thinking of doing the 1/4" stitch all around the perimeter of two blocks faced together. Remember that trick I mentioned earlier. I hope it works.

And that is my day. Tomorrow should   be better.

Here is a dog who gets into the spirit of the season. He is a terrier of some sort.

This lovely quilt is a quilt of Valour. They are made for members of the armed services who are actively fighting in Afghanistan or who are recovering from wounds  acquired in a theatre of war.  There is a whole group of people creating these quilts for the service people.

Not very friendly , these cats are up in the air over something. LOL.


Another funny one LOL>

These reds are just wonderful.

Time for me to go folks.
Have a great evening.
Good night.