a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


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Arrow is the name of this block.

These pups are adorable and so is the kitty.

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September 29, 2014
Wacky Geese
Here is today's free Block of the Day pattern

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Wacky Geese. Oh I do like this one.  And here are the instructions.

Oh well this si how it goes some nights. I was sick for most of the day, more dizziness. I wonder why. I went to the doctor and she sent me to a therapist. It was okay for about ten days and now it is back. I go back again next week. 

I stayed in bed until afternoon and then got up. I was able to make dinner, yeah for me LOL.   
We had pork chops in mushroom soup, a favourite of ours, a potato and creamed corn. I love all that with pork.  I really like dinner and so did Ray as he ate all his :>)
Now we are watching The Big Bang Theory.  Some good laughs there.
I had to call Pat and back off from going to my sewing group this morning and I don't like doing that since I love my Tuesdays with the sewing ladies but what can one do. 
Ray went out and got his car washed, he also went and did a bit of shopping, bought some bread at the bakery in Metrotown. I love that bread so will really enjoy it.
I did nothing but email and Facebook while I was up. I sure hate being sick it is such a waste of time.

I had a lovely letter from a friend . It was so nice. We don't really write letters much any more so it was good to get one.  Thanks friend!

this one makes me laugh , that is its purpose of course. I recall Keepsake Quilting having a chair for husbands on it veranda so this one is quite funny to me.

What a beautiful Victorian style purse for a very dressy evening out on the town.
Trees for Christmas, the repetition of the tree shape is what makes this quilt. And the stars !!

Finally I had to share this one with the ladies who read me.

And on that note I will close.

Have a great evening. I will.
Good night.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Sunday and I hope to get things done. No that did not work. Ray wanted to go out to London Drugs , so we did. And then we had a bagel and coffee at Tim's.  At London Drugs I bought two books. Now I have enough reading to last me a while. Right now I am reading a Richard Castle book for the first time. I just started it so have not formed an opinion yet. I finished my book by Greg Iles. It is the second one and I do like his writing. I plan on going to the library to see if he has written more books.

When we got home I had a long nap. That took care of my day.

I had hoped to sew a bit but this tiredness takes up too much of my time that I might spend on sewing. It is quite irritating.  So no sewing today. Hopefully tomorrow it will be a different thing.

Ah Rapunzel taking down her golden hair.  Charlotte and make believe. Photo taken by her grandma Carla. She looks so happy all dressed up in her fairy tale costume.

Block of the Day Road to California. I like the look of this block.
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This photo came in today so it is Fall somewhere but not quite here yet. The trees here are all green. But it will be just as beautiful when Fall arrives here.

This lovely piece of hand quilting is the back of a quilt because it can be seen better. Such gorgeous work.

Isn't this pretty?  The blue binding is quite attractive.

Time for me to sign off for tonight.
                 Good night.


Saturday, September 27, 2014


Six tubs of margarine  Anonymous. We  buy on sale and freeze them. No it does not affect the taste or the texture.  

As for the day today we went grocery shopping and then had a good afternoon at the casino...  We did not win lots this time but neither did we lose much. I was down $20 for the day and Ray was up $60. We had a good afternoon and it was fun for the old folk LOL. Ray and I always have a good time together , we are so lucky to be happy with each other. 
We had our lunch there, a Reuben sandwich on marbled bread. It is a lunch we both love and we share the sandwich as it is too big for one person. The beverage was coffee with cream. A good start to the afternoon.
We sure get our exercise walking around that huge casino. I would love to put a pedi, Oh I don't know what it is called but it measures the amount of walking one does.

We had a bowl of soup for supper when we got home. It was Thai chicken and rice, a new soup and quite good.  Now we are watching the football game with Vancouver and Calgary. I called Rick and he was at the game as it is in Calgary. He and Ray are football fans.

Scrappy hearts and borders make for an interesting table runner. I like this idea but think that the very light blocks do not give the heart enough definition. 

This is a great little wall hanging to adorn your sewing room.

Grey is a neutral colour but this quilt stands out with the block  of flowers and the zigzag design of the backing.

Cute Santas. I would love to find the pattern for this. 1 need a new applique pattern to do on Tuesdays and I don't want flowers.

That is all folks.
Have a lovely evening.

Good night.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Winter already

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Winter Kaleidescope  Pretty block this.

Now what could be easier than this block.
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I think I may have missed a blog , sometimes I am busy and I forget. And last night I went out with Kathy to Cake Therapy at Tom's. It is an evening out for the ladies who quilt. Tom provides the cake, we all have a piece and he demonstrates a quilt plus gives out the pattern on a card. I collect the cards LOL. They are really good and maybe some time I'll make a quilt, that isn't happening right now though...............
Tom with the Quilt of the Night

Whoops here he is wearing a tree skirt. Tom is quite a card.

There this is the quilt of the Night, better picture.

I really want to make a children's quilt and a baby one. So I had better get going. At least cut out the blocks for my embroidery machine. I wish there was such a thing as precut blocks that are all ready to work on.
But the evening was lovely except that Kathy and I got stuck on the bridge. The traffic was terrible , it took us over an hour to get to Tom's. We were worried that all the cake would be gone LOL. But such was not the case. It was a kind of spice cake with drizzled lemony icing . Very tasty.

Remember when a machine was this colour?
and the cams......

My boys when they were all young. So cute.

This quilt has such lovely warm colours. It must be a lap quilt , it seems small. The pinwheels are a bit of a puzzle but so delightful.

Fancy cats. Those eyes bore right into you don't they? Clever design.

Adorable and adoring.

We went to Walmart today for 6 tubs of margarine. It is not an inexpensive store as it cost us well over a hundred dollars LOL. Always does!!  I bought a nightie, purple as Ray likes that colour. So do I for that matter.
Before that trip I had to go to the doctor who did my surgery 3 years ago. He just checks to see if you look good and feel well. He said I looked wonderful. And I did feel well today and most days. I am very fortunate for my age. 

I love the way these gourds look. They are so colourful in all the fall colours. I don't ever buy or use them but sure do like to look at them. Such a lovely variety.

Hmm more cake, this one looks very tasty too. Mizzly is scattering goodies on the icing. I don't know if that is her name but it is what I am calling her tonight. LOL

And that is it for tonight.

Have a lovely evening folks.

Good night!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

pretty one


Love this beautiful pumpkin.

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Red Cross  , not a particularly interesting Block of the Day but it may be useful.

Ray and I had to go for haircuts today, then after the scalping we went to the local mall, saw Marg and I had a bit of lunch. It was Chinese food but they give you so much in one container that I cannot eat it all.
Ray was going for his potassium test again so I stayed with Marg and visited for a while. He had to go back home for the requisition as he had forgotten it.

Then he and I went up to Metrotown to walk for a bit. We get a bit of exercise that way. We had a coffee and no Dairy Queen as it is closed for renovations. That is my favourite .

Mary's baby Quinn looking pretty happy in his yellow onesie.

Charlotte whipping up a storm of something. Now that is fun.

I call this table runner Rails. The colours are very understated and blend in so nicely.

Time's up folks.
Have a lovely evening.

Good night.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Baby quilt that looks reasonably easy to make.  So if a baby is on your horizon this may be the one to make.

These strips are made by my friend Sallie. It looks good.

Download now as a pdf pattern

Wild Star is the name and it looks pretty wild to me.

Tuesday , my day to go to sewing group. Pat  picked me up as is the normal for us. We had our coffee at Oakridge and then on to our group. It was a going away party with Betty's sandwiches and Betty Lu brought a cake.
Betty Lu is from Maine but she has been up here for 13 years while her husband contracts out to UBC as a professor of math.  We all loved Betty Lu and are sorry that she is going back to Maine but life goes on. She has invited us all to come to Maine for a visit. Oh how I would love to do that but it isn't going to happen.
I had to go to a special therapist this afternoon, one who works on my dizziness. It was and interesting experience and she worked with me for 90 minutes. I have to go back there in two weeks for more, she said another level of exercises.

Then we went up to the little mall to buy some buns at the bakery. We wanted them for the beef and barley soup we were having for dinner.Homemade soup and buns on a rainy evening, what could be better. Comfort food.

And here is a comfort quilt. Just squares and a nice border.The squares are made of flannel so it will be super warm and comfortable in lovely Autumn colours.

My granddaughter Chelsea, a musician , director , composer, singer and player of instruments.

This quilt has many leaves and is called Blowing in the Wind. Love the name.

Time for me to go folks.
Have a lovely evening.

Good night.

Monday, September 22, 2014

cut pin sew press

And that is what I did today. It was a long day of sewing and I so enjoyed it even though my back became sore and I had to stop.
I got a lot done though. I am feeling good.

I was making those pinwheels for the guild. It can be a bit of a pain when there are many cutters and the shapes are not all the same size and cannot be cut any more. However I managed to get them done. Well almost the last set need to be sewn but they are all pinned and ready to go. I get tired while sewing and have to stop for a while.
Tomorrow is my Tuesday group and Pat is picking me up at 8:50 ,    then we go for coffee and gossip. It will be a good day.
Tomorrow is my grandson Ricky's birthday and then it is my son Jim's birthday on Wednesday. He will be coming from
Edmonton on October 10th or 11th.

Download now as a pdf pattern

Quilter's Path is the name of this wonderful block. 

These are cute potholders.

Isn't this a cute one. It is a toy sewing machine for little girls back in the early 1900s, It is a hand crank. Even young girls loved to sew. When I was 6 I begged my mom for scraps of fabric from anything she had. She did not sew so I don't know how I expected her to have scraps of cloth.   However she did rustle up a few bits and pieces for me and I proceeded to make doll clothes for the doll I did not have LOL. I was always optomistic.

Here you go, a nice easy quilt that would sew up in no time flat.
Three bars and that is all. Make sure that the block measures up square.

That is it folks .

Good night.