a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

warm day

Another lovely day in Vancouver.  Our weather continues to be gorgeous these days. And that's the weather report LOL.
We have not had much rain lately, we sure need some.

Matthew took Ray all the way downtown to St. Paul's hospital for his check up on the hernia surgery. And all is well. Thank you Lord for that. I stayed home and had a nice nap. I like to do that when I am left alone. It is so peaceful here , the sun was shining in the windows, it was a bit warm but not too hot and very quiet. A good time for a nap.

So now Ray is having a nap and I am writing the blog. Ray is cooking sausages for dinner tonight. I wonder what else he will cook up. He is a great cook. But even I can cook sausages .

I wonder what to write about today. I must put on my thinking cap as my dear old dad used to say. Dad was an Englishman and had some old English things he used to say-different from what we say.

My mom was a Scot and had her own sayings. It has been a long time since they passed on but I still miss them . Parents are such a huge influence on a child, the only influence for the formative years. I was fortunate to have had great parents.

And that is all folks. Have a lovely evening.

Monday, August 29, 2016

a waste

It was a wasted afternoon. My Blood sugar rose to 19 . Ray told the doctor and he said take her to the hospital and let them get it down. 
So we went to the hospital. And sat there for over three hours, nobody even spoke to us. Oh that is not true, they took my Sugar after 2 1/2 hours, it was 12.4, on its way down without help. After sitting there for several hours we left and came home. I was really hungry and starting to shake. 

So we had soup for dinner tonight, chicken noodle. I really like chicken noodle. Ray had a sandwich. That was it. Now that TOPS is gone we have to find another place to visit.  There is IHOP and Swiss Chalet, that pretty well sums it up in our neighbourhood, other than the KEG which is not a fast food place. Oh yes, McDonald's , Wendy's Dairy Queen. There you have it ,places to go.

That is all folks, have a good evening.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

it's over

The end of an era. TOPS is shutting its doors tonight. I am sad to see this happen, I have been going there since the mid 1970s and have enjoyed many great meals there. Tonight Steve's daughter was there to say good bye. I have not seen her for several years but was happy to see her tonight. Steve left when we wanted to say good bye, he did not want us to see him cry. I felt like crying too. But one of the sons says after he takes a year off he plans to open another TOPS restaurant. He has been working there since he was a very young man so he knows the business.
I am sad to see them go but hope that they open another facility in the future.
I see TOPS was on TV tonight stating that it was  closing.  A sad day for East Vancouver. 
This is the event for the week.

Have a great evening folks.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Today is Friday

Yes today is Friday the end of the working week. The start of the weekend. Very important day when you are working , a day of rest tomorrow and the end of the week. A great day!

Ray and I were out today and visited Tim's for a coffee and a doughnut. We shared the doughnut ans also the coffee. We are light eaters and so share almost everything we order. In the restaurant they  split the order and serve it on two plates. That is service. TOPS is closing on Sunday. Too bad for me as I like it there and we go often. 

We stopped in at Safeway for a few items and had a coffee there.

Slow day folks not much to report, It has been hot again but not quite as hot as yesterday.  And it is supposed to rain later in the week.

The government has announced an increase in ICBC rates. ICBC is our government insurance for automobiles and other things. It is mandatory as it is the only insurance agent. The government has its hooks in and there is no way out. Blah!! Ray says there are other insurance agents but they can only insure what the government allows. I am not sure on this statement so could be wrong here but I think it is right.

I have made a start on my pile of cloths with five completed and a sixth begun.  I would like to knit a sweater for one of the great granddaughters. I need to find a pattern. We went to Michaels today to look for one but did not have any luck. I'll check out the patterns I have and see if there I one I can use. I think I can make one up , my mom used to make up her patterns. She was clever that way. I miss her some days. 

And that is the end!! Have a great evening.

Thursday, August 25, 2016


I think I missed a day but what the heck. I'm back.  It is a hot day here in town. But we have an air conditioner unit so that helps a lot.
It is quite comfortable in here. 

We went to the ostomy clinic for supplies and a check up. All is well.  We go there to check up on my ostomy to make sure it is all right and it is. 

Then we went down to Cockney Kings for fish and chips. I could not eat all my chips so I brought them home. Not a good idea since I did not eat them and now have to throw them out. I should give up on bringing them home. 

Once home I read a bit of my book, had a short nap and ate one corn on the cob each for dinner.  And that was my busy day.

Tonight I plan to knit more cloths and maybe start a new pair of socks. I am thinking of knitting a sweater for one of my greats if I can find a pattern. I'll need to check out the patterns I have here first and then go to Surrey for a pattern if there is nothing here in my stash.

I talked to Richard today, just a short conversation. He seems to be okay today. I need to talk to him every day to make sure he is fine.I have not talked to Jim for a while ,I can't seem to catch him at home. Whoops Ray said I just talked to him. My memory is getting really bad. 

I want to call Sam to confirm our date for next Monday. I am looking forward to seeing him.

And that is it folks , it is a beautiful day here I hope you enjoyed your day wherever you are.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

what now

Late night and I seem to forget my blog often these days. I get doing something else and there goes the memory. Sorry about that.

As for today what did we do?We went to the ostomy clinic and bought some new bags and I got inspected for damage. There was none so that is good.

Then we went to Tim's for a coffee . We did very little else. When we came home I did some knitting and computer. That was it. 

We had cabbage rolls for dinner that we had picked up at TOPS yesterday. We are sure going to miss TOPS, Sunday is the last day of business. We had better go there this week for a final visit.
I wonder where we'll go now.

I had a good chat with Rick tonight. His daughter Katherine dropped by. She is good to him. I am thankful for her.

I wish I lived closer to them but Calgary is another province away and takes at least a day's drive to get there. Probably two now that we are so old. Still I would like to go but Ray has to do the driving and it takes a lot out of him these days.

I have some good books to read. I read mostly at night when I go to bed so it takes me a while to finish a book. I fall asleep too soon.

That is all for tonight folks. Have  a great evening.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


We had dinner at TOPS tonight. They are closing on Sunday and we will miss the family and the restaurant. I want to go one more time before it is over. I have been going there since the mid 1970s so it is a long association. I think the family is going back to Greece. So many times in life you cannot go back only forward so I hope it works for them. 
As for the rest of the day we stayed in and I continued to knit my cloths. 
Tonight is just for resting and computing. I like to do my computer in the evening when it is quiet.

It is a lovely evening again tonight. We have been so fortunate with the beautiful weather we have been experiencing.

Nothing unusual happening here tonight. I did give Rick a call but he was busy making his dinner. He is a good cook. All my sons are good cooks, they did not take after me. I do not like cooking. Their dad was creative in the kitchen and Ray was a fabulous cook in his day. My dad was a good cook too.  Now we don't really care for the work of cooking.
However we do like the work of eating LOL.

So another quiet evening for us,Ray is watching TV and I am computing.

Marg was over this afternoon for a visit and she brought me a couple of books to read.  I did buy two books when we stopped at the bookstore today. So now I have several books to read. I like having a feast of books in my room. I am uncomfortable when I am down to a couple of books. 

That's my day friends. Have a lovely evening. It is beautiful here.

Monday, August 22, 2016


 I played around with my yarns and knitting, finished two cloths to add to my pile.  I will start a third one tonight. My pile will grow then and it will be respectable for a change. No need to worry about not enough cloths.

And knitting is mostly what I did today. Although we did go out to the Crossings for bread. We had coffee at TIM'S and went in to London Drugs. We just bought a package of garbage bags at London Drugs. That is what we did today. Just about nothing.

At home I knit as I said in my first paragraph.  So it was a lazy kind of day.

I did not even hear from Richard and we usually talk every day. It is 8 :50 so 9:50 in Calgary and I won't call him as I might disturb him at this hour. I'll call him tomorrow. I have nothing on my calendar tomorrow.

We are watching Murdoch tonight. It is a Canadian production ,we both enjoy watching it. Murdoch is a detective and solves many cases on this show. But in this show he and his wife plan to adopt a child they found.  Nice but we know it is not quite that easy in real life. There are hoops to jump through to adopt a child.
Not that I know personally as I never had to adopt. I had five natural sons. Lucky me!

So here I go , it is late and I am tired. Have a great evening folks.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Almost past bedtime and here I am late again.

Full day today. Talked to Jim in Edmonton for a while about one of his rentals which he is completing renovating. I get the impression it is a mess and requires a lot of work. It is a good thing he is able to do all the renovations that needed to be done. He is very talented that way. 

My memory is failing a bit. I can't recall if I talked to Adam today but Rick called and we had a good chat. I am 85 years old and my memory is generally pretty good but some things escape me occasionally. Still I am able to write this blog every night and that requires a decent memory.   

We stayed home all day and did very little other than laundry I read my book for a while but did not have a nap so I will be ready for bed tonight.

I asked Ray if we went out today and he said "I went out in the hall" He always makes me laugh. I read somewhere that a marriage will last if you have a partner who is funny and makes you laugh. Sounds good to me!  Ours has lasted 40 years so that proves out for us. It has been a good ride. Ray is a great husband.

Ray is suffering from a bad back today. He is in some pain. Poor guy. I hate to see him suffer. But he is a Trojan and carries on valiantly. I admire his perseverance. I hope tomorrow is a better day for him.

I did some more knitting tonight. All I do these days is cloths but my mind is thinking of knitting a little sweater for one of the greats. That would not be any problem. And it might be a lot of fun. All I need now is the yarn and a pattern. My mom knew how to knit a sweater without a pattern. She was a clever person. My dad was very clever and smart too. I had great parents.

That is it for tonight folks. Good evening.


Saturday, August 20, 2016


Saturday is grocery shopping for us. When we worked it was Saturday . We thought it might change when we retired but no, it remained the same, Saturday. Old habits die hard.

Dinner tonight was at TOPS, it is closing next week and will I ever miss going there. It has been a constant in my life for a long time. 45 years I think. I hope to go one more time. The owner is very sad, his wife says he cries every night. The family will be going back to Greece. It will be a huge change for them.  He was not there tonight, too painful to say good bye to all his customer / friends. 

I don't know where we will go now. There are lots of restaurants of course but none quite like TOPS. It is a family affair and so welcoming. 
Maybe he will keep a pied a terre here. I was told he would keep one of his houses here . I hope he opens another restaurant but the is highly unlikely.

I did very little today other than knit a bit. Hey that sounds like a good title for a blog LOL. Tomorrow we'll tackle the laundry and whatever housework we need to get done before the cleaning laady comes this week LOL. A classic, clean up first before the cleaner comes.

Tomorrow I have to get busy with my sewing. I have been so lazy lately about my sewing. There is not a lot to do so I'd better get busy.

I bought a HELLO magazine  today, not something i usually do. Actually it is a rare occasion when I indulge in this magazine. But it tempted me with an article of Hugh Grant, one of my favourite stars, so I purchased it. I did enjoy reading it. 

I talked to Rick today. He is all alone right now. I hope things pick up for him soon. I wish he lived here or we lived there so we could be of some help to him. Katherine his daughter is there in Calgary though and helps him a lot. Praise God for her being there. She is a treasure.

And that is all for tonight folks. Have a gorgeous evening wherever you are. It is beautiful here. Good evening.

Friday, August 19, 2016


I think it is Friday, it feels like it.  We did very little today except sit in front of the AC. It is quite hot right now, actually the hottest day of the year so far. But the AC makes it slightly cool. I like it slightly cool so it works for me.

We were supposed to meet Sam for lunch today but I was feeling a bit off and had to cancel. That was pretty disappointing for us. I always love to see him.

Ray went out to pick up a pizza for dinner , I stayed home while he shopped . It was very tasty.

Matthew and Caroline are bringing water over in an hour or so. I like bottled water and Matthew kindly is getting it for me tonight. He is so helpful to us. I so appreciate he and Caroline for their thoughtfulness. 

We did very little today. So I have little to write about tonight. 

Some days I run out of things to write about. I did talk to Richard for a short chat, but he was on his way out.  I like to chat with him every day to see how things are going with him and how the ALS is behaving. He seems to be okay. He says he is fine but one never knows when he is in Alberta and I am here in B.C. a province away. He sounds okay. I pray for him all the time.

That is it for tonight folks nothing much happened here today.
Have a great evening, it is gorgeous here tonight.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Tonight I do not feel like writing. So take it easy folks and relax. I am very tired and don't have much to say.

It was a lovely day today. The sun shone , it was warm and very pleasant. We didn't actually do much of anything. We met Bob and Buzz for a bit of lunch up at the mall. It was a very nice visit. Old friends are just the best I think. They stood up for us when we got married . We have been fortunate to have them as friends. 

Ray just brought me a glass of V8 juice. It is very refreshing and  tasty.  He spoils me. What a great guy he is.

After we met for lunch we just came home and I had a short nap. 

We did not have very much for dinner, it is very hot today so we did not feel much like eating anything , just had a light snack.

I just had a few potato chips this evening. 

I had a nice talk on  the phone this evening with a dear friend.
And that is the day for me.  I hope you had a lovely evening.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Today is Wednesday I went to lunch at Tops, so few days left before it is gone. I will miss them so much. The owners are going back to Greece. I heard they got 12 million dollars for the restaurant and house. A lot of money. I wonder if Greece will live up to expectations. After being away for decades it will be different that they remember. It always is but then who knows. I will miss the family but wish them well .
That was my big adventure for today.

When I came home Ray and I went to Safeway and he won $35 on his ticket. He is lucky these days. 

Then we came home and spent the rest of the afternoon watching TV and for me a bit of reading. Tonight I plan to read some more of my book. That is worth looking forward to.
Some days are very quiet and today was one of those days. No phone calls , no visitors, just Ray and me.

I think I heard  from Richard but am not certain. I like to hear from him or call him every day just to see how he is with the ALS.  I will call him tomorrow for sure. I need to call all five sons tomorrow. But it is hard to make that many calls in one day. However I will try. Sometimes my memory is not all that good. But my mind is great for 84 years old. I am fortunate.

I knit more cloths, this one is a lovely yellow, I love the brightness of that colour. 
Time to go folks , have a great evening.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

what day is it?

When you are retired you lose track of the days more easily. I have lost days this week and still am not sure what day we are on. Good thing I have a calendar with dates on it so I am able to orient myself in the week. I will look at it now and I think it is Tuesday. Hope so or I'll miss my appointments for this week.

Today was another simple easy day. We did go out for a bit at the Crossings, had coffee and doughnut at Timmy's. Then we went to London drugs, I bought a book 'After She's Gone ' by Lisa Jackson. She is a good writer , both Marg and I like her writings. So I look forward to another great read. Then it goes to Marg.

After coming home I spent time on my laptop doing a bit of writing. Then I hard boiled 6 eggs, sliced them up and added mayonnaise and a bit of mustard and a drop of tabasco sauce. They were ready for sandwiches which we had for dinner. Excellent and very tasty.

I see in the news that there are huge floods in Louisiana mostly around Baton Rouge. But anyway I called Adam in Lake Charles to see if he and Lisa had been affected. But he assured me they were on higher ground despite having a small lake at the back of their property which backs on to a golf course. That was a relief for us.

We have an air conditioner unit. It is wonderful in the hot weather we have had recently. It makes our apartment very comfortable.  For $300 it has given us great relief from the heat. This apartment gets the afternoon sun and when we were without AC it was dreadful. But now it is lovely. I do not take the heat well so it was a great investment for us.

Still knitting, am up two more cloths. I must get busy and start counting how many cloths  I have finished.  I have discovered a new way to use them. I put one in the right end of my laptop to rest my wrist on when I am typing. Then my wrist doesn't get sore from rubbing on the edge of the laptop.

That is all folks, have a lovely evening.


Another gorgeous day here. Our weather has been fabulous lately. We are so fortunate to live here.

We went out this morning to the eye doctor. Both of us had exams and drops in our eyes. I hate the way it affects your vision. Blurry vision is not fun but it is necessary to open up the eyes for inspection. We both passed the test with flying colours.  No new glasses required. Great!! 
I ran into two of my mothers as I call the mothers of kids I have taught. These two ladies have kept up with me over the years and I really appreciate that. 

Monday, August 15, 2016


What did I do today? It's anyone's guess. I think I went out for a while but am not certain. I asked Ray and he said yes. We went to the bank to straighten out my credit card and get some money out. Then we had lunch at IHOP across from the bank. I had an egg and toast, Ray had pancakes. That was it except for coffee each.

After that we came back home and I had a snooze. I seem to need a nap these days.  Is it old age? Do you think? I think so. I remember my dad snoozing in the afternoon when he was in his 80s. My dear dad was so kind, my beloved mom was such a good mother. I was lucky. I did not give my boys such a good start to their life and I am sorry for that. 
My sons are all wonderful and forgive me much. Thanks boys.

All we did when we got home was relax and watch TV. I did some more knitting on my cloths. Adam took some of my cloths back to Louisiana with him for Lisa , his wife, and for some friends. I hope his friends enjoy using them.  My pile is growing again. I like to pile them up so I can give them away whenever I want to.

Tonight we are watching Forensic Files. I like that show.
I have very little to say again tonight. 

I tried to call Rick tonight but he was on his way out to Trivia. He is so smart and has the answers to the trivia questions. All my sons are very smart. 

Have a great evening folks.  

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Seems to me that I have missed my blog recently. So here I go tonight.

I can't quite remember what I did this morning but am sure it wasn't important. I did talk to Adam , just a quick chat. 

I just asked Ray if we went out since I can't remember and he said no we didn't go out. So how could I remember something I did not do LOL.

I just did my computer and that is mostly it. Well maybe a  bit of knitting. My mom taught me to knit when I was quite young and it is an activity I have enjoyed for the rest of my life. Thanks Mom.
But now I just knit up dishcloths for family and friends. They seem to be popular even in Louisiana. See how far things go in this life. My reputation precedes me LOL.

And that was it for today, Now we are just watching TV. Life is easy.

Short blog but I have no more to say so I'll say good night.
Good night!!

Friday, August 12, 2016


I started my knitting and then realized I had not done my blog. So I put down my knitting and opened my laptop.

It is evening and a beautiful one at that.  If we had a porch instead of a roof deck it would be lovely to sit out of an evening.  However it is nice enough indoors.  And we can watch TV. We are watching Longmire one of our favourite shows. It's about a local sheriff and the issues he has in his territory. Good show.

Today we went to see the eye doctor . I do not like the feeling of sightlessness that the drops he puts in my eyes give me. It takes quite  a while for my eyes to return to normal.  While we were there I ran into two of my mothers. I call them that because they are the moms of boys I have taught. We have always kept up and had a nice relationship.  So we had a good chat while waiting to go into the office. I was happy to see them.

Ray and I went into the mall for a bit of lunch. I had a chickenburger and root beer. I do not usually have chickenburgers but that one at A&W was very good. I will try one again.

Then we had to go to the bank to straighten something up but we have to go back again. It is still not right.  So that is tomorrow's job.

I have to get busy and sew in all the tag ends of wool that occur when knitting. It is a job I do not like so I put it off. Well actually I have a plan. I knit for four nights and rack up at least four cloths and on the fifth night I sew in the ends of all the ones I knitted. Or is that knat> LOL

For dinner we had salmon sandwiches. Ray made them and served them with dill pickles.. They we delicious as is everything he makes. He has such style.

Have a great evening folks. I hope it is a beautiful wherever you are as it is here where I am.

  • Good evening all.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Now that I am here I can't remember what I wanted to say. My memory is fading fast!!! LOL

Today we just stayed home and did nothing. We nearly went out but changed out minds. It was good though.

Tonight is just another quiet evening at home watching TV, reading a bit, having some toast and a  bottle of water. I have to drink lots of water. 
I have a very sore eye, the left one. No reason that I know of but it sure hurts. I hope it is better tomorrow. Not only does it hurt but it is hard to see clearly. If it doesn't get better by tomorrow I'll call the eye doctor for an appointment. However a good night sleep usually 
fixes everything. My right eye does not see well so I rely on the left one

I am knitting a solid orange dishcloth. It is such a vibrant colour. I like it. Actually I love most colours except some browns. Brown is not one of the colours I love. Some people love brown but not me.

It is such a quiet day that I have nothing to talk about. When nothing happens the day is not very interesting. I did talk to Rick for a very short comversation. I had a note from Adam and a call from Jim and that was it for the day.  Tomorrow we'll go out for a while. What is tomorrow?  I think it is Wednesday, no that's today. Tomorrow is Thursday. We had an appointment with Dr. Dilli but Ray cancelled because Dr. Browning said he would not bother with it so we won't either.

And that is all folks. Have a great evening.

Monday, August 8, 2016


My memory is really getting bad. I guess it is getting old and worn like the rest of me. I can't remember if I wished Rick a happy birthday in July or Peter too as he is in July as well. This is too, too bad.

Today though I do remember what I did. We went to the bakery for bread and had a coffee. That was it. Slow day eh!We spent the day watching TV and the evening too. I need to get busy and do some sewing. I have a quilt to finish.

I am thinking of taking down my big computer, I never use it any more, I just use my laptop for writing and reading. Email just piles up on the big one. I must ask Matthew if he can stop the mail from coming in on it. He is pretty good at the computer. Smart guy!! All my boys are very clever. I am fortunate that they are and I am so proud of all five of them. God blessed me when He gave me these five sons. Thank you Lord.

As for today We did not do much of anything. We did go out for a bit and went to the Crossings for a coffee. We love coffee. 
I like the Crossings where we can do several of our favourite places. Some of them are White Spot, London Drugs, Mark's Warehouse and Tim Horton's. So you see it is a good place for us to go. 

When we got home I just did a bit of knitting on my dishcloths to build up my pile. Today I worked on yellow ones. But did start to do an orange one. I love the colours of the yarns.

That is all for today folks. Have a great evening.

Sunday, August 7, 2016


Imagine of you could do whatever in the world you wanted. I have very simple wants and I can do them if I feel like it. But when I was young it was a much different story.  Then my desires were tempered with the restraints of money and permission. Without permission from my parents and money from them I was stuck. Then I had children and my wants changed significantly , all pertaining to my five sons. Now in old age I just want to have a safe and longer life , to enjoy my family . That is mostly it. I have no wants that I cannot achieve easily. Life is good.

Today was a quiet day. Except that Ray had a cap come off of one of his teeth and had to go to the dentist to have it repaired. I did not go out today. I did some more knitting, working with some lovely yellow yarn. Yellow is such a cheerful colour to work with I love it.

I didn't even read, but I will tonight when it is time to go to bed. My book is waiting for me. Sycamore Row is the title. I take so long to read a book now as I only read when I go to bed and if I am too tired I fall asleep. I used to read three books a week , now I read one book in three weeks. Dreadful isn't it.

Do you ever eat head cheese? Ray and I both love it and buy it regularly. I just had a slice, so tasty.

The coffee is ready for tomorrow morning. Ray always sets it up at night so all we have to do is flick the switch when we get up. That takes care of breakfast or the start of breakfast.

That is all folks for tonight. Have a great evening.

Thursday, August 4, 2016


We went to a meeting tonight for the strata council. They need more money $5000 each unit for the building membrane. The building is now 35 years old and needs repairs. Our budget needs repairs too LOL.
We sat with my sister Margaret and our neighbour Linda. It was nice to see the ladies.
Today we went to Safeway , then to lunch at A&W where we shared a hamburger. All was good.

When we came home we did nothing. I wish there were a lot more to do some days. At least it would give me something interesting to do. But we take what we can and don't complain much about things. I did a bit of knitting on my dishcloths. My pile is growing a bit now. I like to get them piled up and then give them away. I love the colours of the yarns, they are so pretty.

Tonight we are watching TV like the rest of the world. It is so pleasant to do so in the evening. We relax and watch the world go by on the screen. Except Ray is watching a football game and that does not interest me much. However I get my turn later. We have to give and take.   Rick loves to watch football too and this game is between Calgary and Saskatchewan. Rick lives in Calgary so he will be rooting for the home team. I can hear him now, he gets very excited about the game.
And that is it.
Have a lovely evening everyone.


I had an idea for a blog and now I can't remember what it was. All I know is that it was a good idea.  DRAT.

It continues to be gorgeous weather here, a bit cloudy this morning but brilliant this afternoon. How I love this city. Not only is it beautiful but it has many wonderful things to do. There are great beaches to go to in the summer. I recall doing just that when I was young.

Today I visited with a friend from my youth. She, Clairee, now lives in Sequim in Washington state but comes up every so often to see the friends of her youth. I am one of those friends and am always so happy to visit with her. We went to Mr. Ho's for lunch and then sat there for a long time talking about our lives. I love old friends. Clairee and I met on the sidewalk outside her home on Victoria Drive when we were 13 or I was 13. So we have been friends for 71 years, a long time. And our friendship is as fresh as it ever was. I consider myself a lucky woman to have such a wonderful friend.

Then I came home and spent the rest of the day with Ray. We did go to the Crossings for bread and to London Drugs for a thing for my camera. It is a little card that the pictures go on and then I download them. I had one of those in the camera I lost at guild . Someone must have found it and not asked if anyone had lost a camera. Too bad , I expected better of quilters but then they are all too human aren't they.  So I  needed a new card. Now I can take some pictures. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

party in the bush

The party in the prairie bush went well so I hear. It must have been a great time.  Jim has 80 acres north of Edmonton. He has cleared a large portion I think about 2 acres but am not sure just for entertaining. They can hold a great party there. Ray and I went one year, it was a lot of fun. It may have changed since then. I must ask Jim. Rick is already home , I'll bet he needs a rest.

As for here on the Lower Mainland nothing special happened. Ray and I just carried on as usual. Tonight though we went to TOPS for dinner. It will be closing this month as the family is moving back to Greece which they left many decades ago. I wonder if they will find it as it was when they left. I think not. Nothing stops in time and things have changed in the decades since they have left. They will miss Canada. We have a great life here in B.C. I am sure they will notice the difference.  Still we had another good dinner at TOPS. We will sure miss our favourite restaurant. Steve , TOPS owner, said a high rise is going up on the site. 
As for the rest of the day we stayed home and did little. It was good though.

It is Tuesday and I didn't go sewing this morning. Hopefully next week will be different and I can get back on track. I must get something ready to sew for next Tuesday. I wonder what I will prepare. I need to think........

Well that seems to be all for tonight. I can't think of anything to write.

Monday, August 1, 2016


small blog tonight..... I am writing about sandwiches for a while. Ray's sandwiches in particular. He makes the very best sandwiches. He uses ordinary ingredients and turns them into magical sandwiches. I don't know how he manages it. Tonight he made me a magical ham sandwich.

I just watched a wonderful retrospective on the building of our iconic Lion's Gate Bridge. It was built in the late 1930s and has guarded the entrance to Vancouver ever since. It is a beautiful, graceful bridge that all Vancouverites love and cherish. It connects the north shore to the city of Vancouver. Before the bridge you had to take a ferry to get from one side to the other. I love this city and always have.

Jim called tonight to say that the acreage family party was over and that everyone enjoyed themselves. It was a good start to the August 1st holiday. Of course if you are not working every day is a holiday. I would love to go next year. I must work on Ray as he is reluctant to go to the party. My idea is to visit Jim, then go to the acreage and down to Rick's and if we can go down to Adam's in Louisiana. What a great trip that will be.

Ray is feeling a bit better today He actually went out to Safeway for a couples of items , I went too just to get out of the house. And he is finally eating some bits if food.

 It was a gorgeous sunny day. The weather has been fabulous for quite a few weeks. I wonder when it will break, not too soon I hope. Although I do like the rain.

That is all for tonight have a lovely evening.