a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, August 31, 2012

Day in the life of Rose

I talked to Grandma today, and she's feeling much better today. According to the doctors, they managed to get the infection before it really got a hold, so they will be using a milder antibiotic and they expect the recovery to be faster. No word on the expectency of how long she will be IN the hospital, but as soon as I hear something, I'll be sure to pass it on.

So I'll be taking it upon myself to give you guys something to read while Grandma is in the hospital. It may not be as frequently as she herself updates, but it gives me an excuse to let Albert take care of Rose for a few minutes and leaves my arms free :)

First, here is a block that I quite like. As a kid I loved variation and delicate things and I could see a quilt made of these blocks keeping me occupied for hours, just looking at them all!


Today was a busy day for us, as Rose was recruited by my friend to model some tutus for a business she is starting up out of her home. She had her two boys (18m and 4 years old) and I had Rose and we walked over to the park and took these pictures...

After we finished taking the photos, we joined the boys playing on the playground equipment and stayed out for another hour. It was great to get the fresh air! Tuckered poor Rose out though! We got home and she nursed and was out like a light (for all of 30 minutes... but that's a standard nap for her!)

We played a lot this afternoon, spending a lot of time on the floor. Rose is starting to crawl now. She's on all 4s and can shuffle around like that. No proper crawling just yet, but it won't be long :) She's still SUPER petite... 8 months old and still wearing 3-6 sized clothing! Only 15 lbs. But we are shovelling food into her and she just keeps gaining at her own pace. For example, today started with toast, a chopped up strawberry and a full serving of veggies and beef puree (she only ate about 1/3 of her toast). Then in the afternoon she had a piece of french bread (ate about half of it), a few bites of cheese, a whole handful of blueberries and another half a strawberry, a child size yogurt (they're called minigo) and that's not even including all the nursing she did! And we haven't even had dinner yet.

She fought her afternoon nap until around 6:00. Albert came home late from work so that was alright (he didn't wake her). Now that he's home, he's made dinner while I do this and she wiggles around watching us do our thing :)

Well it's time to go eat! I hope you guys had a good day. It sounds like Grandma did and our day was good too.


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Long time no chat!

Hi all,

Mary here! I know we were all hoping you'd never have to hear from me again... not because I'm unpleasant, but because you're not hearing from Nan (Grandma) and we all know what that means!

After being out of the hospital since January (?) and off the anti-biotics since March (I checked that date ;) ), she's taken another turn and Grandpa Ray had to call the ambulance this morning. He hasn't been able to get any information from the doctors, but she IS back on antibiotic for now. I know the specialist wanted to keep her off it, but right now it's required, so we'll see what they say.

I'll be keeping in touch with Grandpa and I myself am going to Burnaby in the second week of September. Hopefully she won't be in there that long, but he track record so far says otherwise.

I'll keep you posted! Here's a picture of Rose to cheer you up :)

Guten Auben!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happiness is good friends

Another block in Mimi's Bloomers. Easy type of applique. Even I could do it.
Oh and this one is so easy, even I could do it LOL. Plus it is a new site for me and hopefully for you too!

Ever heard of Q Pins, well here they are making life easier for quilters by marking your rows. Keeps your rows and columns straight.

Susan's new block Snow Churn which is from www.quilterscache.com

And now for my friend Rae's quilt  . Rae got the pattern off my blog. That is so exciting!! Thank you Rae. Now which blog was that?
Not a very good photo , My apologies Rae but the quilt is lovely , the crosses are all done in 30s conversation fabrics.
This morning I went to Kerrisdale Quilters in St. Stephens Church. The  church gives us the room every week ,so very generous of them. We  all give a donation to the church at Christmas time.
We talk a lot, look at magazines and catalogues, applique some and even embroider a bit.
Today I embroidered the antennae on my butterflies. Not all of them but 1 and 1/2 butterflies got their antennae.
 Then it was time for lunch. Ray made me a nice salad and the dressing was in a separate container. It was lovely, thanks Ray!
Then we gathered up our stuff, at least Betty , Wendy and I did. Wendy drove us down the road to Mary Alice's where the Pumpkin Seeds were busy making hospital quilts. Wendy took my walker out of her car and gathered up  my bags and then she went on her way to a lunch date with her granddaughter. Betty and I did what we usually do there, sit and chat. Well Betty gives instructions to the downstairs people on what fabrics to put together. She is so good at that. I , on the other hand just chatted . I don't know what I bring to the room but everyone talked to me LOL.
A picture of Wendy's WIP , she is another who has a beautiful  colour sense.
Finally the day was done and we went to Betty's for Tea and cakes. Delicious! Betty's daughter Ann dropped in to visit and drink tea.
When I got home there was a roasted chicken on the counter. It came over from Safeway haha. Anyway it was good. We ate it later as I was tired and neede my nap. Why not?
I like those chickens but we usually get the barbecued ones. Roasted was a nice choice.
Just ran into a cute project, doll house potholders. Great for gifts.

Another beautiful photo. I love these reflections.
A safe place for a baby to be. Cute kitten isn't he?

Lovers looking at the moon.
Makes me think of Anne and Mitt Romney. Nothing personal but she is making her speech to the convention tonight on Mitt's behalf. I think she will be effective in her purpose. I am not anything since I am Canadian and have no preferences in the election , just saying.
However I am concerned about Hurricane Isaac hitting the Gulf Coast again. I hope the damage is contained and there is no loss of life. It will hit New Orleans soon  if not already . The time zones will determine that. We are much later than Louisiana.
Waves off Lake Pontrachain in New Orleans. Hmm reminds me of the waters off Dallas Road in Victoria where the ocean gets whipped up by the wind. I used to love going along Dallas Road when I lived in Victoria, so many years ago. A lifetime actually.
I am off for the night, thanks for reading.
Boa Tarde.

Monday, August 27, 2012

nothing doing

And this is what I did , nothing. Never in my life have I sat, watched TV and did nothing wlse. It was good!!
We watched Perry Mason, Cannon, Hawaii 5 0 , Gunsmoke, Bonanza, and finally The Help for the second or third time. I read the book twice but want to read it again.
A real lazy day. I ate noodles for lunch, an apple,radishes, tomatoes  and for dinner we had beef barley soup and bread.
I did a bit of knitting but no sewing. I am waiting for some fabric to come so I can make more DP blocks. In my mind I am thinkgin of changing the set of my blocks so that means it will have to be unsewed. Grr!!
I wonder what these boys are having for dinner and did they bang their pans to get attention. I could not resist them. Of course not!
A block of the day from Quilt Pro.
Download now as a pdf pattern
London Stairs. Easy looking block , almost like the Lightening block.
A nice piece of work , a needle case, I have one, not the same as this but I use it all the time for my needles.
Mine was a gift from  a friend and I also made one Cross stitched it and gave it ot another friend when we were in a group that had partners to whom yuo gave a gift.  That was fun!
Another block of the day....
We all know this block if only from Eleanor Burn's quilt in a day books. I have this one the Log Cabin block. It is so versatile in the variety of arrangements it can make.
Download now as a pdf pattern
There all is ready to go.!
Ray called the office of the neurologist to see when he could see the back specialist, 6 to 8 weeks they said, just to see him. The government has cut off all the surgeries for the summer except for 5 a month. I am really annoyed at that . What can I do? To go to a private clinic is $8000 for the surgery but it is almost immediate, within a day or tow. I am seriously contemplating it.
more patterns , how to work with panels.
Well since I did nothing today I have nothing to say at least nothing more to say.
Have a great evening folks.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

No sleep makes Jill a dull girl LOL. Do you agree?

I talked to Matthew this morning and he and Caroline want to come to visit next Saturday morning along with Ryan. He, Matthew,  is working 12 hours a day for the rest of the week.  Busy time for him. Ryan is going to Kelowna to university next Sunday and will be coming for the visit before he goes.  It will be good to see him before he goes.  That means both their children are in universities far away from home. Chelsea is in Toronto and that is really far. It will be an empty nest for he and Caroline. Fortunately Kelowna is just a 4 1/2 hour drive north so they can go and see him.
We went to Hop On's for produce today. I took some nice photos of the flowers. We bought vegetables and Damsen plums, those are the small  blue ones. I love those, they are the poor cousins of the plum family but my favourite.
The flowers are coming.
Beautiful chrysanthemum.
Purple orchids, yellow ones too. I did not buy one though. Really I need to start driving my car so I can go out by myself.
Beautiful lillies. They come in any number of colours.

After that lovely visit we came home and I lay down to catch up on my sleep. And I slept for over 2 hours. I'm good now!


I'm back on my pincushion kick again and here is a nice tutorial for one. It came in on one of my lists Cyberquilters.
I love pincushions but haven't made any lately. For a long time actually. I am going to look on the internet for a large chicken pattern. Gail sent me a pattern a long time ago but it got lost in a comouter crunch a while ago.

I am on Pinterest but have no idea why or any idea of what to do with it. Silly isn't it? Or what the purpose of it is.Sharing things I guess.

We are watching Copper for the first time, not sure if there will be a second time. It isn't holding my attention. Too bad, I was looking forward to it. Oh well many more new programmes to watch in the fall.

Do you ever feel this way? LOL. Ijust wish I could dance haha.
For Margaret. I know you'll love this kitty.
|And this one is for me as I love elephants.
Precious aren't they.
I still have not done much work on my Drunkard's Path. Nothing this week, no wonder it takes me so much time to get a quilt done.
I think I need to force myself to do at least 15 minutes a day. By the time I get back from going out I am really tired so do nothing.
I need to do another layout to see if it the way I want it to be. Tomorrow morning I'll give it a try. Just 15 minutes.
Time to go I am out of juice.
Have a great evening folks.
Guten Abend.