a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, May 31, 2013

A real treat


1 20 ounce can cubed or crushed pineapple
1 15 ounce can tropical fruit
1 package of orange cake mix
1 1/2 sticks of butter
1/2 cup instant oatmeal
1 cup coconut flakes

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Dump both of the fruits & their juices into a 9 x 12 Pyrex baking dish. Pour the dry cake mix on top of the fruit & spread out evenly. Mix oatmeal & coconut & sprinkle over cake mixture with fingers. Melt butter & pour on top evenly. It should cover the entire cake mix. Bake for one hour & serve with ice cream.

 To read tutorial visit


two web bonuses shared from the new issue of mccalls quilting special issue
If you have the patience here is a video on how to make cube blocks.
Tutorial: Quilted Pillow Cushion With Hidden Zipper
More patience required to get through this one LOL.
So these are my finds for today, I hope you all enjoy them.
Ray and I just went around today for most of the day. We first went to Metrotown to Super store for some light  bulbs for the fridge,  but first we stopped off at Cinnabon for a cinnamon bun and coffee. The lady there always knows what we want and gets it ready and delivers it to the table. We have one bun and share it. Then off to Superstore , we did not find the light bulbs so left there with nothing , if you can believe that LOL.
We checked out of Metrotown and headed for Canadian Tire, they usually have what we need and so they did , light bulbs for the fridge. No lunch today at McDonald's or Tim's. I am getting tired of their food and we were not particularly hungry.
From The Crossings we found our way to Hop On's. We like to buy our produce there and they have recently opened for the season. We bought strawberries  and Ray bought another orchid, a nice yellow one. The only other items we bought were radishes and green apples.
Time to come home and clean and wash the produce. Ray put them in the sink and later on I took them out, dried them off and out them in their containers. I am eager to try out the strawberries with whipped cream for dessert. But in the meantime I made some easy lunch for both of us, cottage cheese , cucumbers and tomatoes. Delicious!
not that any quilter has a chip on her shoulder LOL.....
I remember these wicker prams for kids. I wanted one but we did not have the money for such frivolities. This picture is so cute with the English bulldog taking the place of a doll. These dogs were very popular then as were Cocker Spaniels.
Such as this guy
Sniffing the morning air, AAHH springtime.

Crocheted pincushion. I wonder how that works , there must be some kind of barrier between the outside and the next layer before the stuffing goes in.

Now here's a way to get the kids to eat their vegetables. So  eat the hair first little Johnny.  Hahaha,
Choices are so hard, do you prefer the yellow or the black for the centre.
A clean machine means good sewing.
My handsome grandson Ricky who lives and helps my son Richard. Thank you Ricky, you are a special man.
Now who's trying to be invisible. Let me tell you I see you!!

Richard's Charlotte the Ballerina. She got up this morning and wanted to be a ballerina. She is a special girl.
I took pictures today but this is plenty for the day.
Time to go folks.
Have a beautiful evening . My prayers for all those in the way of the storms in Oklahoma, Kansas  and Missouri.
Good night.



Thursday, May 30, 2013

piano etudes


Check this out, it is an amazing  paper pieced piece of art work.
Could you do this, I couldn't but I have an internet friend who did.

Today we went to Costco- $135 worth of merchandise later, we ate a Costco hotdog , our usual fare at that store. The store was crammed with people, we had never seen it that busy. However we managed to get around and find the items we wanted to buy.  I bought one book Guilty Wives by James Patterson. They had Paris by Edward Rutherford at $22. I called Marg to ask if she wanted to split the cost as we share our books anyway. But I could not get her on the phone. She called when we got home and said she had taken it out of the library. So maybe I'll save my self some money and take it out of the library too. I have to go there anyway to find out how to take out books on my e reader.
We bought some Marie Callander chicken pot pies
and some individual lasagnas which we had for dinner. The lasagnas were very good. Costco has such good items for sale. We are thinking of going down to Washington state to check out the Costco at Bellingham. I hear the prices are even better there than here.  We'll think about it some more LOL.
We had to go to the bakery for bread and then we came home.
I lay down for a bit because as usual I get tired after we go shopping and walking all over those huge stores.
Look at this easy block and enjoy the beautiful colour combinations. I love the way the fabrics are coordinated so well.

Download now as a pdf pattern

Album Road is the name of this block. It is interesting enough to catch my attention. The colour combinations are good too.
Aren't these pretty  I think they are mug rugs.
Couldn't resist this one but find it hard to believe it is natural and not assisted by a human.
what a clever way to do a Trip Around the World in a heart shape. It says so much about the quilter or anyone who makes this for somebody they love.
An unusual pairing but very sweet and loving. Love in the animal kingdom is predicated on proximity, not that unusual for humankind as well.
Time for me to go folks.
Have a lovely evening.
Good night!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

in bed

A day in bed, well most of it. I have a bad cold with the consequent headache that sent me to bed and to sleep for a part of the day.

We are watching the hockey game between Chicago and Detroit.  They both have 3 games apiece so this is the final game for one of them. Both teams are wearing red one with red and white and the other a more solid red. I don't root for either team as I am not sure of either one. During the course of the season we don't get to see the Eastern teams so never develop and sense of what and who they are.  The only eastern team I root for is Pittsburgh Penguins because Sidney
Crosby who is from Cole Harbour in Nova Scotia. He is a young man who has been likened to Wayne Gretsky.  He has a beautiful game.

Dr. Henry Morganthaler has passed away today at 90 years of age.
He was an icon for women who needed to have an abortion.  He was instrumental in making the rights of women a priority. I remember when I was young having friends who had a back room abortion and died because the person performing the abortion was totally inexperienced in that discipline. sometimes it was a barber, or a hairdresser or a pharmacist , anyone who set them selves up to do the job. It was a terrible way for the women to die , huge infections and no antibiotics in that day. The alternative was social and public humiliation. Abortion was a crime in those days and a woman could be charged and jailed for such actions.

There is no Block of the Day today as the one shown was another basket block and I am getting tired of all the basket blocks being published.

I found this lovely block though and it is in Quilting.About under tulip block. This one is very pretty with the 30s delicate fabrics.
After quilting we love chocolate best LOL.
Get on with it sweetheart. You need to sew faster and faster like Rapunzel who had to spin straw into gold overnight for three nights.
Ah how sweet. And so is she!
this is what we were subjected to in the 40s and 50s. Ladies please behave yourselves and at all costs please your husband. Look good while cooking dinner LOL.
Grandpa and Rose. The little girls sure love their grandpa and he loves them too.
What a wonderful Victorian sewing basket.
Oh my another adorable bit od scenery.
And my last Aw Gee for tonight,  twin boys shortly after birth finding each others' hands to hold. So wonderful!
That's all for tonight folks.
Have a lovely evening.
Good night.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

On for tonight

Well I wrote my blog last night and forgot to publish it. It is now up so don't forget to read two blogs tonight. Yesterday's was short so it won't be a huge commitment of time.

So today was my Tuesday sewing group. I only went to the morning one as Richard is leaving, has left, to go home and I wanted to be here when he left. He will be driving himself as Ricky is staying for some work in Abbotsford. It makes me nervous that Rick is alone but he seems to be fine with that. I hope his trip goes okay. I worry so much I know but then isn't that what a mother does. His legs are useless to him now so he depends a lot on his arms to get home where he wants to go like off the couch and onto the chair and vice versa.  It was good though to have him here for the week . I am happy about that. He is so upbeat about it all , much more so than I am. I think  Rick had a good visit and I know he really loved seeing the granddaughters and his daughters as well.
Memories are made if this and I hope his are as good as mine are.

Back to the sewing day, I was doing hearts again. It appears that several of us are appliqueing hearts these days. I think it is because we have no other plans on the plate and hearts are such an easy thing to do and to carry anywhere.
Betty Lu has finished her Baltimore Album, actually it is her second Baltimore Album. She was adding the sleeve today and Pat was doing the same for her beautiful quilt that I showed last week.
It was a productive day at the church. :))
This lovely fairy quilt top is Sharon's. A lovely and imaginative use of pre printed squares.

Did you see where this man in Surrey Harry Black bought two tickets on the lottery with the same numbers and he won on both of them, 15,.8 million on each ticket. He said he has no family. Imagine no one to share the money with. Ray says not to worry he'll have some company  LOL.

My granddaughter Chelsea , on the right, playing her saxaphone with a friend. She has her own band out there in the east at Humber University in Ontario.
Download now as a pdf pattern

Basket Puzzle block. Four little baskets set in the corners of the block. It is kind of nice don't you think?
Many tutorials  here for fun and profit LOL.
For those of you who like to knit dishcloths here is a
pattern for the most simple one.
And here is one I just crocheted and that I use for the bathroom sink to clean up the wet spots. Still need to sew in the ends.
Nice block. I like this sewing machine block. Great neutral background fabric.

Aren't these little ones beautiful.
So it is time for dogs or cats. We'll see what comes up.
hmm not a dog or cat but Quails that visit my friend David and Gail's yard every year. I have seen them when I was down in Arizona. David outs a big block of seed out for them. He likes having visitors. I think he said they were Gambrels' Quail.

There , dogs and cats in one photo. These two are friendly.
Time is up folks.
Have a great evening.
Good night!




Tonight I am feeling ill, I think I must have a cold. I haven't had one for years but stuffed nose, runny eyes, headache would qualify as a cold don't you think. As a result my blog tonight will be short, can't seem to think . Not an unusual thing some might say LOL.

Today I went to the movies with Kathy. The Great Gatsby which in the end was a huge tragedy but in the beginning was a huge display of excesses. I liked Leonardo Di Caprio  but was not impressed with his supposed  English accent and constant uttering of Old Chap. I think that was what he said. You’d think after a couple of hours I would remember what he was saying in his phony accent. However he is definitely a sexy man and quite compelling to look at..

Kathy picked me up and rounded up the elevator for me. It was locked and she had to climb the stairs and holler for help LOL.
Thank you Kathy for taking me out to the movies .

Kathy what was it that Gatsby kept calling his friend.

I had popcorn and could not eat it all. It made me feel nauseous. Sometimes I cannot eat much any more, so no more movie popcorn for me.
Kathy and I have not been to the movies for a year. We will have to watch that as we both enjoy the day out. Last time it was The King's Speech that we saw.

Sorry but I am just too sick to keep  on writing . Have a nice evening folks.
Good night.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

little projects.

These cases might sell well on the gift table at the quilt show too.

This is a lovely little piece that you can use as a gift , for a bazaar table and for yourself.

This is a special picture. Once upon a time Pitt Bull Terriers were honoured  as prime baby sitter as they were such great defenders of the young ones. Now they are considered very dangerous . I think the breed has undergone many changes to their make up due to bad breeding and bad treatment and are no longer considered safe. It is too bad.
We had a lovely day with the great grandchildren, the grandchildren and spouse and Richard. The girls were charming and certainly made the day.
Richard bemused or is he tired. It was a huge day for him , he tires so easily , the ALS is stripping the strength from his life. My poor boy, it is awful to see him this way.
Dear little Rose trying to feed grandpa. She is into food these days LOL and into sharing it too.
Rose in her serious mood. She is really eager to laugh and smile and play with Mary her mom. Rose is very tiny even though she is 17  months old. She has a thing for my shoe horn and water bottle. Children are so interesting.
Charlotte in her new finery, a beautiful pink dress. She is never still so her picture is blurred but you get the idea of the dress.
Cousins playing together and almost still LOL. They are just wonderful little girls.
And no pictures of Ray and me, nor Mary, Lewis and Meaghan. I must compensate for that next time.
I made a pork roast for dinner along with mashed potatoes, creamed little onions, gravy, corn, asparagus and salad. It was a very tasty dinner and everyone said they enjoyed it. I certainly did.
One accident. I knocked over a litre of milk , it went all over the floor. Lewis was so good , he just took over and cleaned the mess all up. I was so grateful for his help. By this time I was very tired and getting irritated at myself for being so clumsy.
But it all worked out in the end.
It was a great day.
Block of the Day....
One of the few basket blocks I like.

It is the Cake Basket and I think the reason I like it is that I made a one of them for a guild BOM. At that point there was a lot of participation from the guild and I think there were at least 25 blocks. I won them. I was not actually doing a quilt then so another member and I donated the blocks to  the Oklahoma disaster relief fund and another friend of mine in the US made up a quilt for those people. It was in 1999 I think.  It was my first encounter with anything like that. I hadn't been in the guild very long.
 Download now as a pdf pattern

Now this is elegance.
Beautiful piece of china . I see it has not handle but does have a wire piece for lifting. The paint job of the rooster is gorgeous.  It is from a list called Dusty Old Thing.
Grandmothers Choice: Votes For Women: 39. Endless Stairs: Rank and Rights
More from my choice site of women's rights. Enjoy!
That's all for now folks.
Have a lovely evening '
Good night!