a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, April 30, 2016


Short blog tonight since I don't feel like writing or reporting.  It was another gorgeous day here, the same as the previous days. We did not do much so there is not much to say. 
I hope you all had a good day, we did even though it was a quiet one.
We are watching Jimmy Stewart and Katherine Hepburn in an old movie. I always though Jimmy Stewart yelled too much as his form of acting and watching this has only confirmed my opinion. I know that this style of acting was the rage long ago before method acting became the norm.   And method acting is so much better to express reality of any sort. To express emotion without yelling is an art.

I am tired tonight as it is a bit late , we are off to bed soon. As soon as this blog is finished. 

Our day was normal , we shopped for groceries and then came home for lunch for a change of pace. We sat around for the rest of the day, I computered and Ray watched TV. Then I too watched TV. See  normal. I did not even knit much. Writing is a change of pace. 

My Richard is a very fine writer and he practices his art every day. I wish I had his talents in the art of the pen. I tend to write what I call in a straight line , reporting essentially, and not the least poetic. Rick's prose is poetic and beautifully written. 

As for the other four sons they do not blog so I don't have a sense of how they write prose. 

We plan to actually cook tomorrow, make chicken noodle soup is the plan. It will be good and tasty. We bought the chicken today along with the chicken broth.

So good night friends talk to you tomorrow.


Last night Diane picked me up and we went to Ellen's for the Pot Luck. Diane is so good she always comes for me when it id pot luck.\It was a great evening. The air was fresh, it was warm and the company was great. There were about 6 of us I think, not sure exactly how many but all were wonderful. We had lots of good food to eat . Why can't I remember just what the food was. I know I ate from all offerings. My memory is getting bad. Of course there are always dip of some sort and things to dip. Always we have a vegetable plate with a dip, that is a staple at our pot lucks.  Little quiche were also on the menu, I like thsoe little pies.
People are moving around now that summer is almost upon us . Several of the group are soon off to Europe , Britain or Arizona. I am staying home I think. 
It would be nice to go to Calgary if I can get Ray to agree. He doesn't seem to want to go round the way I do. Maybe he might want to go to Quebec. I would love to go to Louisiana but medical is always the issue in the USA.
Today has been another marvelous day here in Vancouver. Beautiful weather lately, no rain which is unusual for spring here. But I am grateful for this hiatus of fine weather.
I meant to give some of my knitted washcloths to Diana and to Ellen. So I put them in bags and then promptly forgot them. We won't get together again until July. Think I might remember LOL?

Today Ray and I just did our grocery shopping. nothing else. We even came home for lunch instead of eating out. 

Just watching the news and it is about the killing of elephants for the ivory tusks . The elephant population is sadly decreasing .I am so afraid that there will soon be no more elephants, already they are an endangered species. What is wrong with us that we have no respect for the other beautiful creatures that inhabit the earth with us. Do we really need ivory? I think not.

So this is it for tonight folks. Have a wonderful evening.

Pretty isn't it?

Friday, April 29, 2016

another day

Did I miss another day?  I hope not but here is today's a bit early since I am going out for dinner. Pot Luck night with the teacher pals.  It will be a good time for me and for all the others too, it always is.  Diane is picking me up at 5:30 and we are going to Ellen's. I am getting the feeling I wrote this before. Oh well here it is....again?

Marg and I went for my birthday lunch, yes still celebrating LOL, almost a month later. We went to the golf course restaurant. The atmosphere is lovely looking over the green perfect lawns, today it was beautiful, the sun was shining and it was fairly warm. We ate indoors so that helped. However a group of men came in and they had their lunch outside so it must have been fine. I had Louisiana chicken on a bed of salad. Excellent! Marg had a burger, whether chicken or hamburger I don't recall , along with fries.It was a good lunch for both of us.
Ray drove us there and picked us up to come home. Then he and I went up to Metrotown to walk around. We did not have ice cream today although I wanted some. Ray says we came close though. I will have a good meal at pot luck tonight . So it is a good eating day for me. I do not eat a lot so it is all right to have two meals in one day. It comes out to one meal anyway. But tonight we have dessert!!!

When we came home I lay down for a rest so that I would be okay for tonight. I did not sleep though, not tired enough.  So now I am ready to go. I just noticed that it is 4:40, It is almost time for me to get ready.

Later I will finish this off when I get home. And tell tales of the night LOL.

I didn't manage to get back last night, too tired. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

missed a day

I think I missed a day of blogging. Not that it is very important as there is not a lot to say.
Ray is off to the dentist for a tooth cleaning. Not fun for him. But good for his teeth. At 78 he still has all his teeth. That was the hard water in Ontario when he was a boy. 

After he gets home I am not sure what we will do, maybe stay home or go for a coffee. Two options is good.

I have to call Buzz and see if they want to go for coffee this week. Whoops next week, I am booked up for Thursday and Friday.  Two doctors on Thursday and lunch with Marg on Friday and Pot luck Friday evening at Ellen's.  

I did call Buzz and booked for next week Thursday. Wednesday they are getting a new stove, fire in the oven of the old one. Ooo that is not good.

Ray and I went out this afternoon to TIM'S for coffee and a sugar doughnut filled with jam. Rarely have that treat but just felt like it today. Then we went to London Drugs of course. Ray said no spending but I did manage to buy some grey nail polish. Unique colour,  I have not had that one before.

I see Mr. Trump has declared himself the Republican candidate. Have they taken that vote yet? I guess it is a forgone conclusion. According to TV tonight he will be selected as the Republican candidate. I see he has thrown down the gauntlet against ISIS.Talk about fascinating politics.   

Mary our granddaughter is coming to visit on Monday. I am excited to see her and the two little ones,  Rose and Quinn.
I hope Meg and Charlotte and  baby  Orson will come too. Lewis as well. We could all have a great visit. I love it when my family comes for a visit. The little ones are such fun and so are the big ones LOL.

Ray's son Jack and his wife Margo are moving from Quebec to New Brunswick where she comes from and where her family lives. That is just that much further away from us. We visit Quebec occasionally but we are just getting a bit too long in the tooth for long journeys. Ray no longer wants to drive very far anyway so it would have to be air travel. Not comfortable for us nowadays.

As for this evening I think I shall knit a bit. After all it is Wednesday. Isn't it?

That is all for tonight folks. Have a good evening.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Sorry folks but I don't feel up to writing tonight. Come back again tomorrow. Thank you.

Monday, April 25, 2016


Sunshine and warmth are the orders of the day and it is so gorgeous. We took a drive along a portion of the Fraser River and further on along the park. It was so lovely and we were very happy about our day. We stopped in at  TIM'S for turkey and rice soup along with a bun and butter. So tasty. Coffee too that goes without saying though I obviously felt the need to say it LOL.

We went in to London Drugs to window shop since we didn't buy anything although I saw some books I would like to read. However I  held back since there are several books on my night stand that need to be looked at. Slow indeed these days when ti comes to reading.

I talked to Adam when we got home. He and Lisa got back from Ireland where they had a great time. He said he would be coming here in July. Or maybe June. They both begin with the same letter and so I sometimes confuse them. But anyway we will be visiting soon. I am excited about that. 

I also talked to Rick for a while, I need to keep check on how he is doing. I am not sure he is as good as he says, he does not want me to worry.  I can't help but worry about him. I hope to see him soon if I can get Ray to go with me. If not ........?

The rest of the afternoon I am resting in my chair and so is Ray. We watch TV and I laptop and write letters like this one. Good way to send the afternoon. Tomorrow is my sewing day but Pat did not call so I know she is away,  that means we don't go sewing.Next week. Sometimes I miss my car. I should have kept it. But when I gave it to Peter I had not driven it for 2 years. I wonder if I can get Ray to drive me there. Too far away I think. 

I sure have a lot of pain in my back- no idea why but I go to see my family doctor on Wednesday so perhaps he can help me.

There that is all for tonight folks. Have a lovely evening. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016


I am tired today. Wonder why, bad sleep, not enough sleep, 
Who knows ?
So I did little today. But then it is Sunday , a day of rest. So I rested!!  However I did not nap.

Ray worked hard today getting things ready for the cleaning lady who comes tomorrow. I do not get this. Why pay a cleaning lady if you clean up first. Really , she may think you are dirty. Not going to happen here. Even if he does not clean ahead it is not dirty. Oh well we all have our idiosyncrasies. Mostly we do not recognize our own funny stuff.  I may have to put my foot down. 

I finally finished my book, it takes so long now for me to read a book. I usually read hen I go to bed but lately I fall asleep and do not get much read. So my books are piling up. I kind of lose the thread of a story if it takes me too long to read it . Oh well not much I can do about that. As you age things sure change.

But some things remain the same, for instance I found another new top in my closet today, one I did not know  I had bought. This is crazy. I sure do not need to buy any more tops. I will have to keep out of the lady's clothing department for a long time .LOL. 

Marg and I had a phone chat today and planned to go to lunch on Friday for my birthday lunch which I missed due to Being n the hospital. So we catch up, that is good.

And I am done with this blog for tonight folks Have a lovely evening. It is so nice here tonight so I know we'll have a lovely evening.

Good night.


I have never had Vegemite so have no opinion about it.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

fish and chips

I am of English and Scottish heritage so it follows that I love fish and chips . Ray and I went to Cockney Kings for a late lunch. It is our favourite fish and chip restaurant . Ray is not supposed to have chips because they have too much potassium and can do damage to his already fragile kidneys.   But he can have fish and maybe a couple of my chips as I can have it all. Lucky me!!!
The fish and chips the are delicious. Ray knows where the best fish places are as when he was working for Albion Fisheries.

I just remembered that I had this blog to finish. I do that, write some then go away to look at something else then forget to come back. But anyway I am back again. 

We went to the casino this afternoon but did not stay long. Guess why. LOL. We did have fun today though, We did our grocery shopping, well Ray did. I stopped at the magazine rack while Ray bought the groceries. He was doing what he liked to do and so was I. A very nice young woman stopped at the magazines and we chatted about quilting for a bit and about the guild for another bit. I think she might join a guild somewhere. It is well worth it to join for numerous reasons, one of which is the fellowship of other quilters, another is seeing other's work which s usually a real treat.
I like to talk about the guild as it has been a source of pleasure to me. I was president for two years and thoroughly enjoyed that job. It does give you another view of the guild and the quilters. If you belong to a guild take a chance and run for office. You can't go wrong and if you are not happy you can quit. Not that quilters are quitters , never. 

We did not have supper since we had fish and chips  late in the afternoon, but we did have toast tonight. I like to eat toast and liver sausage. We call that my meat. No tea or coffee just water.

So the evening consists of just watching TV and laptopping. New word. I just created it LOL.

That is it for tonight folks. Have a great evening.

Friday, April 22, 2016


Remember I promised rain last night for today. And I kept my promise, it did rain today. I do love the rain so I had a good day folks. Of course I do not stand outside in the rain but love it on the window pane.

Ray and I went to WalMart today where we bought a few items. We usually buy 6 tubs of margarine when we run out and we did so today.I bought Hello magazine. It had Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday featured this issue. I remember the Queen when she was just a girl. I was just a girl too many years ago. I recall how there were cut out books featuring Queen Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret Rose. They were such pretty little girls. Of course both their parents were very attractive. Their mother Elizabeth Bowes Lyon was lovely and King George was very handsome. That was in the mid 1930s. I was born in 1932 and the Queen was 6 years older than me.  I have always felt an affinity with the Queen.  Silly isn't it but that is how life goes.  I am sure my sister Margaret feels that way about Princess Margaret Rose as they have the same name. I know Marg was named after my aunt Meg but it is nice to think she was also named after the princess. 

After shopping at WM we did what we regularly do after that and went to Wendy's for hamburger and fries plus coffee and Sprite. I had the coffee and Ray the Sprite. I must say though that Sprite is very refreshing.

It is shocking and  sad news that Prince passed away so suddenly today, I wonder what happened to him. I suspect that tomorrow will tell the tale. I feel badly for his family and his many fans.

This afternoon Ray and I stayed home . I had a short lay down but not a nap. I will be tired tonight and go to sleep early.

I talked to Marg this afternoon and we planned to go for lunch soon to celebrate my birthday which I missed because of the hospital visit. 

That is all folks, have a good evening.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Good evening folks. A question? If I am a blogger does that make you a bloggee? 

The weather here is beautiful once again, warm , sunny, fresh. It is fabulous. I understand it is going to change tomorrow but by the way it is tonight you would never know that. I think we live in Paradise.

Not a busy day, I had a long nap this afternoon and it was a deep sleep for some reason. Then I just relaxed in my chair for the rest of the day. Tomorrow we are both going for a haircut- badly needed. I thought I had to go to Pot Luck tomorrow but realize that will be next week. I am looking forward to seeing all the potluckers since I have not been for some months. It is past time for me to begin going out again in the evening for my events. I wonder what I have to bring, Jan will call me soon about that.

I must get back to sewing. I have a quilt on the go for the new baby in Quebec, It needs to get sent before Eve becomes a woman LOL.

We got our income tax refund and it is enough for a trip. I would love to go somewhere. But then it is Ray who does the driving so it all depends on whatever he wants to do.

I found another tee top in my closet this morning, one I must have bought and forgot. How many times have I done that? Oh well my closet is a veritable store of new clothes LOL.  That I do not recall purchasing.

So that is it for today, nothing much going on.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A day late

Ricky , my grandson, Rick's son visited this morning.

Wow I began  this yesterday and then for some reason quilt writing and went somewhere else.

Back to Ricky's visit, it was lovely. He is so nice and I sure like it when he spontaneously comes for a visit.  He has moved back to Abbotsford in the Fraser Valley so he does not get this way very often, it is a real treat when he drops in. 

Today we had to stay in for the day as Matthew came over at noon and the cleaning lady came at 2:00. She stayed for two hours a=so that made it 4:00 when she was finished. We  had dinner after she left, well actually we went to  TOPS for dinner so we didn't have to cook.  Good move!!!

I did nothing special today, so lazy.  No wonder I never lose any weight.I have been the same weight for years, nothing changes with me. I don't seem to get much older looking either. I guess I was old looking a long time ago. LOL.

The weather has been so gorgeous lately, we have all the windows open even though it is 9:30 PM . It is still quite warm. The weatherman expects it to rain on Friday which is still 2 days away.

I talked to big Rick for a bit this afternoon b ut we had to cut it short since it was dinner time for him. I keep forgetting that  Alberta is an hour ahead of us. Oh well I shall have to think before I act as my dad used to say. My dad was such a wonderful man. I loved him very much, and loved my mom too. She was a great mother. I was a lucky girl.

I am still recovering from the bad bruises I got in the hospital. Mostly it is my hand that is so bruised. I wonder why. That happened while I was unconcious I think because I have no memory of being hurt.  Who would think you could get damaged while in hospital LOL.

Nuff said folks. Have a lovely evening. Good night.

Monday, April 18, 2016


Thanks to those of you who wished me a happy birthday. I have had a good but lazy day today after being in the hospital for a week.  I did nothing but sit in my chair and read as well as writing on my computer.  eg Laptop.  

I did talk to my sister for a short while and we talked about going for lunch for my birthday which has since passed and that I was unable to attend since as you now I was indisposed. 

Not much to say but I did call Rick in Calgary to see how he was and he was practicing on his wheelchair to see how far he could go in it if and when he could no longer drive. Rick is so brave and is preparing for the day when he can no longer drive. What a great man he is. I so admire him for his fortitude. My sons are pretty fabulous, all five of them.

Ray and I neither of us did not go out today at all which is unusual for us. Tomorrow we'll take the air as they used to say  long ago.

So that is all for tonight as I did so little. Have a wonderful evening. I hope you all have the wonderful weather tonight as we do here.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

where am I

Wondering where I have been? Well I have been in the hospital for over a week. I collapsed here on the floor and Ray had to call the ambulance to take me to the hospital. I had another of those dratted infections. So it was off to the hospital for treatment. They dosed me up with antibiotics for the past week and that took care of it for this time.

The antibiotics get rid of the infection in a hurry, thank goodness.  I don't know why I keep getting these infections, nobody knows. It just happens. So that is my annual vacation LOL. A week in a hospital bed.

I did have a very nice room mate and we got along just fine, that is always a big plus. I am pretty tired tonight as it is my first night home. I have very little to say , not much goes on in a hospital bed.
Ray picked me up and brought me home this morning. 

Since then I pretty well sat in my chair and did  nothing other than played with my laptop. 
Have a good night folks.

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Today is my 84th birthday. I had a wonderful day.  Meaghan my granddaughter and her husband Lewis along with Charlotte and Orson came to visit. Charlotte was so much fun. She entertained us all with her dancing and laughing. She is a wonderful girl. Orson is still very young and just smiles all the time.I get such a great kick out of Charlotte. She is so entertaining and funny. It is so nice to have a great girl in the family

Rick and Katherine are here visiting from Calgary. They drove here . It is a good day's drive or two days if you have to rest. I am not sure how many days Rick took but I sure hope it was a two day drive.  Rick is setting us up for Netflix. I am happy about that as we watched it at his place the last time we were there and really enjoyed it. He just skedaddled out of here to go and get whatever he needs, Rick gets really excited to do things like this. So he was on his way quickly. I love his enthusiasm.

I got phone calls today from my away sons. But it was a wonderful day for me. 

I am still knitting my cloths but this latest one is in a yarn that I have never seen before. It is a red varigated yarn and is knitting up very nicely. I am thinking of finding a pattern for a sweater for the baby great grandsons. That will be fun to do.

Jim is rehearsing for a new musical in Edmonton. Rick suggested that we drive to Calgary and then fo up to Edmonton with him to see the show. I love the idea. We did that before and had a ton of fun. It won't be until June some time so there is time for cogitating about whether to go or not. I want to go but don't know if Ray wants to make the drive. Maybe we can fly!!

So that is my wonderful day. Have a great evening.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I don't feel like blogging tonight. I am really tired. We went out for dinner with grandson Sam to the Keg.  I had prime rib and baked potato with the works. It was delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed my meal , Sam and my night out . 
That is it my dear friends. Going to bed.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Oh my

what a lazy day!!! I did nothing but laptopping all day. Never worked, never cooked, never did any cleaning.  I almost feel guilty but not quite yet LOL.
So what on earth can I say when I have this kind of day. Not much.

So if this blog is short that is the reason why. I didn't even talk on the phone today.But I am watching a run of movies with the wonderful Gregory Peck. What a gorgeous man he is. And what a gorgeous voice he has. Some guys have it all wouldn't you say.

I am thinking of doing a bit of sewing if I can dislodge myself from the comfort of my chair. If not I guess I'll have to knit. 

Some days like this I review my life events and then stop. When you go over your life it reminds you that there isn't a lot of it left. That makes me sorry as I do so enjoy my life and don't want it to end.

Ray went out today for bread and came back with lemon tarts because he loves lemon. I ate one of them . The lemon was great but the crust was heavy. We ate it all anyway.

I gave Ray some magazines to get rid of when he went downstairs to the garbage. He did that and bought me another one when he went to the store. It was one of the same as he got rid of. Too bad.I'll have to read it again LOL.

And that is all folks. Have a lovely evening.

Monday, April 4, 2016

red hearts

I am working on a quilt for our latest baby in Quebec, a little girl named Eve. The quilt has appliqued hearts in each block. I have reached the borders but need to find the right fabric for the part of the quilt.  Haha I had better hurry before I forget. I haven't worked on it this week so I had better get busy before Eve goes to school.
Tomorrow I will have to go and buy some batting , I don't have enough here for this quilt.

We had to go to see Dr. Browning this morning. Ray had pills to get and I also had to get the pills that will improve my memory. Apparently this pill does a good job. So I am happy about that. We went to the Safeway pharmacy for the pills. I still think I am quite good or how else could I write a blog every night. 

This afternoon we went to the Crossings for a coffee and to look around at Canadian Tire. We didn't buy anything though, it was just a bit of exercise  walking around the store. I like to be up on my feet for a part of the day even if I am a slow walker these days.

I did a bit of knitting when we came home. Still adding to my pile of dish cloths. I have two in my basket that require the ends to be sewn in. I usually knit four cloths and then I have an evening where I sew the ends in. It is not my favourite task.

I was going to have a short nap this afternoon, Short yes, I didn't even get to my room. Busy afternoon kept me from my nap, but I still feel wide awake so obviously I didn't need to nap.

So that's my blog for tonight folks. Have a great evening.



Jean I am making a heart quilt which means all the blocks have a red heart appliqued on it. The quilt is for our latest great granddaughter Eve who lives in Quebec.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday Sunday

Sunday and we stayed in for most of the day except for a trip to the nursery.  It was as usual on a beautiful Spring day. One of those gorgeous days when everyone in town turns out for the plants and a cup of coffee at the nursery where they have a small restaurant. It was fun going around all the tables with lovely plants on them. We used to buy when we had the energy and a place to plant. Now we cruise the aisles looking at the plants but not buying. We did sit for a coffee and cookie though. Stomach always comes before anything else LOL.  We did not stay long.
When we came home I read for a bit , then did some knitting. I am still making those dish cloths. I knit them , pile them up and then give them away to family and friends. They are so easy to make and keep my hands busy which is important. The devil makes work for idle hands as my mom used to say. At least I think it was my mom. Don't all those sayings come from mom?
So tonight we are watching Inspector Morse,  very English, a bit slow but watchable. On the door someone has  painted a big set of red lips, so funny. Hmm well not watchable Ray just changed to channel.
That's all for tonight folks. Have a lovely evening.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Another lovely day

Oh how lovely it has been, the days are glorious and the evenings balmy. It is a blessing to live here, but then I have lived here most of my life and have always loved it. I did live in Halifax for two years. I was born in The Pas Manitoba and lived there until I was 6 years old and my family moved here to Vancouver. My mom and dad had come here from The Pas for a holiday. They loved it so much they decided to move here right away. But then my mom discovered she was expecting my sister Margaret and so they delayed the move until Marg was 6 months old.   Mom loved Vancouver and so did my dad. It reminded them of Britain  where they came. I am happy they did make that move . I have loved living here too. This is a beautiful city on the edge of the ocean , overtowering mountains in the distance, very moderate weather. Today is a great example of the beauty of this coastal city. The day was warm, the sun was shining, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, no rain in sight and the air caressed the skin. It was wonderful, a perfect day. 
Apparently the weather which has been like this all week is expected to change soon. But then if it rains that is fine with me too as I love the rain.

I am sitting in my chair watching the NEWS as I write. I love the gentle evenings too, our windows are open, we have not yet turned on the lights so it is just the natural light of the day coming in despite it being 6:45. It is a lovely time of the day.

Ray and I went to TOPS for dinner tonight. He had liver and onions which he loves. Mom used to cook that because Dad loved it. I hated it then and hate it now. I had curried chicken and rice , I love curry so that was a great choice for me.

That is it for tonight folks. I have thought that a blog should be short but this one is long enough. So good evening, have a great one.

Friday, April 1, 2016

beautiful day

It is another gorgeous day here in Vancouver. Ray and I went to a new mall in Richmond for a short time. At least it was new to us as we had not been there before. We did  not stay very long and came home to our warm and lovely apartment where the weather is   beautiful LOL. It is so warm and delightful in here and the sun shines in through the windows making it hot. If this keeps up we will have to get out our AC as it gets very hot in here. We expect it to get cooler at the end  of the week, at least according to the weather news. I am not too comfortable if is gets too hot.

Ray had to go up to the local mall for bread. We buy a lot of bread as we can't eat a full loaf between us and we like it fresh. No we do not put it into the fridge freezer, because we enjoy it fresh.
Then we just stayed in for the rest of the day out of the heat.

We have a so called top of the line transit system here in the city , but it is so often not working . Today it is not working . I wonder why we pay so much for things that don't work well or as they are supposed to do. Fortunately we have a car and because we do not trust the transit system we continue to drive. Not that it would be very easy for me to use the transit system given my inability to walk very well without a walker. My sister Marg uses the transit system regularly, she never complains about it but I sure would if I had to use it. Marg is more patient than I am.

That's it for me tonight folks. Enjoy this beautiful weather if you live here and if you have a lovely day wherever you live. No matter the weather, enjoy the evening.