a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, June 30, 2013

hot and more hot

It is hot all over the continent. Ray and I are quite comfortable in the apartment.  Neither are good in the heat so we have our place set up for comfort.
Others in Vancouver are not so fortunate as most homes here don't have air conditioning.  So they suffer. I am worried about people in the southern part of the states with such high use of AC and I hope the grid does not go down or they will suffer beyond suffering. That speaks to my family down in Louisiana. Let me know how you are.
I did a lot today , well a lot for me anyway. We went out for a while but not in the heat except to walk across a parking lot. LOL.

When we came home I spent a bit of time sewing. YES! Sewing. I went to work on the blocks that I had from the guild. While I pinned and sewed and pressed I also boiled some eggs and then later chomped them up to be ready for sandwiches. It was good!! 
That's a bit of standing on kitchen ceramic tiles and it makes me quite tired. So I had to lay down and I fell asleep. Ray woke me up at six o'clock. Oops pretty late. He made sandwiches for both of us along with a side of radishes. 

I had to rub his back again after supper with Myoflex which seems to help him with the pain in his back. 

I quite forgot the time until 7:00 when I choked back a big gulp and realized it was past time to start on my blog.

Block of the day. Album Star.

Download now as a pdf pattern
Album Star...notice the way the triangles have been made with half square triangles . Hmm not that unusual is it ? I was talking about the inner block  , not even noticing the outer part of the block. I am singularly focused on the centre of things. 
It seems to me there are several album blocks of varying types.

And yes they did trade Cory Schneider to New Jersey. Another huge mistake by Mike Gillis. What they got in return is a ninth draft pick. That poor guy will take a beating from the fans . We all loved Cory!  Gillis really ought to go.

Trying to stay cool and more to come.
Dog on ice, oh what a wonderful day!
Moose in tub keeping feet cool if nothing else, but he is in the shade. Or is he making shade LOL.

This would be a fun quilt to make and decorate all these little dresses with lace and such. Since it is symmetrical you can make the pattern yourself by folding  a piece of paper in half . But I digress I said that the other day 
didn't I.  The sashing colours are excellent. Great quilt for a little girl or a big girl for that matter. 

Three does not seem to be a crowd in this case. All from the same litter obviously. Sweet little things.
Charlotte on her very first road trip. Going to Calgary or whereabouts to be a flower girl at a wedding  .

Ricky when he was a little guy . I don't think he cooks much now LOL.
That's my show for tonight folks. I hope you enjoy your evening and that you can keep cool some way.
Good night.
Under the sun. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Peony pattern

Download now as a pdf pattern

Double Peony- now this is pretty  and summer like. 

Beautiful day , sunny and warm, not the terrible heat in other places. Being near the ocean seems to keep the temperature at a reasonable level. Although there are some summer days that are oppressive. 
But today was not one of them. 
We did go grocery shopping and spent quite a bit more than we usually spend but we were picking up cases of water and noodles. 
We just enjoyed the rest of the day doing nothing.

I heard a terrible rumour that the Canucks were thinking of trading our young goalie Cory Schneider. Say it isn't so.  That would leave us with just Roberto Luongo for the next 9 years. OMG what an awful deal Gillis made when they contracted for Luongo.  If we lose Schneider it is toast for us in the run for the cup.  Oh well whatever goes for brains in the hockey world astounds me. 

Cory Schneider after a winning game.

I am thinking of starting to sew and embroider again if I can manage it. It would be kind of nice to do something creative. Maybe tomorrow would be a good day to begin since it is Sunday and we often stay home on Sunday.

I embroidered this barbecue apron for Matthew. I like the ants. They remind me of a time when we were in Tobago and I dropped a part of a french fry on the floor of the deck. From nowhere came an army of ants who got themselves under the fry , picked it up and walked away with it. My how I laughed at that. Aren't ants resourceful?

I have no idea why this was in my picture files  but it certainly is appropriate  of the book I am reading . It takes place in the  Tower of London and is a story about a murder that happens there in the 1920s. Of course the Tower is the home of the Ravens and the story goes that if  the ravens leave the Tower the Crown will fall and with it the Kingdom. 

I haven't heard from Buzz today about Bob's situation . I hope all is well with him and he can leave the hospital .
Buzz phoned a little while ago to say that Bob was still the same , still under morphine so not really conscious. We will go to visit him on Monday. I pray he will be fine.

We are watching Kindergarten Cop with Arnold Schwarzenager. I have seen it before but it is still very funny. So this will be our evening for a while. 

Isn't this a lovely quilt. One thing about this kind of church is that it is symmetrical and therefore easy to male a pattern of it. Just fold a piece of paper and draw half a church. See . Easy LOL! 

I have had these puppies on my blog before but they are so cute and that is why they are here again.
Great grandson Adam and grandson Aaron in fake moustaches as if you didn't know LOL>

I can't seem to focus much tonight so I am going to close.
Have a great evening.
Good night!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Can you believer it? Hallowe'en

Some cute Hallowe'en tutorials just in time for the season LOL

.Download now as a pdf pattern

Blueberry Compote is the name of this block, The blue fabrics are pretty, not sure about the pattern though but it is representative.

Little Betty Bag :: Free Pattern And Tutorial 


Nice bag here if you are into bags.

Here it is 5:30 and I am writing the blog. Nice for a change instead of later in the evening.
We were waiting all day to hear from our friend buzz who had to take Bob to the hospital yesterday. But no luck, I hope he is okay but I am thinking he may be sicker than we thought. I am praying for him.
That's Bob in the red shirt as if you didn't know, Ray in the blue plaid.
In the meantime we went off for our walk at Metrotown and because we walked we stopped for half a cinnamon bun. Oh my isn't that awful.We encountered a chap and his 2 kids looking for Toy's R Us and we could not remember where the store was until after they had left to talk to the concierge. We haven't been there for a couple of decades at least. It is beneath Sears on a lower lever and there was no lower lever in the section where we were except for parking. Man the mind does slow down. Too bad. We wanted to buy some shoes for Charlotte so we looked in Gymboree as they carry some shoes and they had a great sale.  But tough luck , nothing. Maybe we can go back again on Sunday.  I have looked in regular shoe stores but they don't have a selection of shoes for young children. Maybe I should look on the internet.  Tried that . No luck, I need more time.
The rest of our day was the same as usual except for this evening. Remember when Ray had to go for treatment on his back.  He had an episode a couple of days ago when he went to get something into a closet in the hall. His back kicked up quite a session and was extremely painful. Tonight he was trying to drain the air conditioner . He was down on his knees and his back did the same thing again. It was obviously very painful and this time I saw it. He managed to get up and to the chair without help. He was in so much pain. I got the Myoflex and rubbed it into his back. He took two Tylenol extra strength.  Then he asked for my walker which I brought to his chair. He went to the back of the apartment and I haven't heard from him since.  We have trouble here with small bathrooms. Rick has trouble even getting into the main one . I wish there was something we could do about that. Rick said he almost fell the night he stayed here. They are small standard apartment sized bathrooms and are for healthy people. I hope Ray feels better tomorrow , he says he'll call the doctor . I hope she will be available since it will be Saturday.
So that was the day for the Boudreaux.
Time for photos.....
I think this pattern is called BuzzSaw. Betty used to make this one. I am going to check out the pattern.

Buzzsaw Block: FREE Buzz Saw Quilt Block Pattern - McCalls Quilting

www.mccallsquilting.com › patterns

This is as small as I could get it. 

I like this photo of Rick, his truck and his wheelchair. And his cheerful smile. 
 He is so good about happy.

Look at this amazing quilting. And I believe it is all done by machine.

Smart cat and this is what we all need to do this coming weekend 
when it is supposed to get very hot.

I couldn't resist this face. Can you? He just makes me laugh along with him.

Now THIS is a chair LOL.

Rick took this picture of Ricky. It is wonderful. 
Ricky is a good subject and Rick is a good photographer.

I am having trouble tonight with this blog so I am going to close out.
Have a good evening.
Good night!


Thursday, June 27, 2013


A Year in the Life of Sunbonnet Sue
She is just too precious, I love Sunbonnet Sue. This is a very nice wall hanging.

This is my first Sunbonnet Sue Quilt. I gave it to my granddaughter Chelsea. It was fun to do and I learned a lot about applique and what not to do LOL. I recently found my pattern and thought maybe I'll do it again but better this time.

I am so happy with my laptop Rick, you did a smashing job on it. You are very clever.  Thank you so much.

Ricky came and picked up Richard this morning and off they went to the boat where they are planning to prepare it for action.I guess they need to provision it for the days they are at sea, I know they usually stop for the night and tie up at some marina along the coast. I hope they have a wonderful time. 

This is not Richard's boat but I can't find his and this one showed up. I did the stitching on this and then gave it to Matthew as he was a sailor in the navy.
We went out after Richard and Richard left. We just went to the mall and had a bite to eat. I had a spring roll with peanut sauce. It was tasty but not well made as it collapsed half way through the eating of it.  
Mine did not have shrimp in it and the dealer said it was a vegetable roll. It had carrot shreds and cucumber, but it was good. 

Ray had a Greek salad. He has to be really careful what he eats now and the food at the mall is not really good for him, too much potassium and that is what he should not have. It is so hard for him to keep tabs on what has and has not potassium. I think he should take the list with him.
Oh my isn't this beautiful? The colours are so appealing.
After lunch we walked about 2/3s of the mall. It is a large mall that was once actually three malls that were joined  . That is the one I  call Metrotown.  It is our favourite hunting ground, we like to go there for exercise such as it is for us.
We came home after that, I was tired so I had a short nap.

Isn't he an adorable Golden Retriever puppy? I guess the gate is to keep him contained in one room while he is being trained.

This is such a lovely red  crocheted heart. I don't have the pattern though. It would make such a nice thing to put on your table.   annaskertje.blogspot.hu  Try this and if it doesn't work type red crocheted heart into your browser  and it will pop up . Maybe I might try it if I remember. One of the things about getting older is a lapse of memory. LOL.
Ha ha these are so funny I'll bet a child would enjoy these slippers.

I love this picture, She looks so ashamed and it makes me feel sorry for her. 

 LOL I know how she feels . Lots of times I have felt the same way about my blocks.

That's the day for me folks. I hope you all had a good one.
Have a lovely evening.
Good night.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Computer workout


Download now as a pdf pattern

Block of the day  Capital T.

Update on Libby Lehman's health and recovery from a stroke.

I am late tonight as Rick was fixing my laptop, he got it working like it used to be before London Drugs took it apart. Thank God for Richard and his talent and brains.  I am fortunate that all my  boys are clever and talented.  God has blessed me.
Here he is fixing, that is what he does. What a sweetheart.
We went to visit the doctor today, Ray for his potassium and me for my dizziness. She had a suggestion for Ray to increase the medicine he takes for it and for me she gave me a prescription. I had this one before and it worked .
We had to pick up the prescription at Safeway and then home so that we could be there when Richard arrived. We went  to the White Spot for dinner. We ordered  the Legendary, all three of us. It was huge and I could only eat half of it. But I did enjoy the half I ate.
We came home after and that is when Rick took over my computer. Now the print is the right size, my embroideries are back and 
everything is working correctly.
How do you like this fabulous post card. Not that you could ever put this one in the mail.
An old sewing machine on an old school desk.
Isn't this one amazing. Imagine sewing on it. See the shoes under the sewing machine . I wonder if they are there to be put on when sewing and why.
A good place to go right now as the rain has been coming down hard the last few days. It banged on the roof and the eaves. Although today was quite nice so no need for an umbrella. I have lived here for decades and still do not own an umbrella. Not out much though just from the car to wherever we are going.

Anita's Arrowhead. This pattern was demonstrated at the guild meeting in May and I really liked it so I have downloaded the pattern. Now to find it. It isn't coming up .  I found the page but it is three pages long and I don't want to put that much on my blog. 
But if anyone is interested you can just look up Anita's Arrowhead.

Interesting use of a single template , apple core, and colour shifting. I don't particularly care for it but think it is one way of using an apple core template.

It's time to go folks.
I hope you had a nice evening.