a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

chicken sweater


 Chicken finery by your knitting needles. Funny isn't she.

An idea  for a child's pillowcase. Good use of a border fabric. There are so many cute pillowcases out there.

this dog's first trip on a train and he is frightened so jumped into his owners arms LOL. A big baby .
Block of the Day

Download now as a pdf pattern

Memory is the name of this block.

Oh boy I forgot what I was doing and here I am late again.

I did not feel well today so when I got up I was really tired and after a while I went back to bed for a few hours. But still not on top of things today. We didn't go out at all. Even Ray stayed in except to go to Marg's for the mail. The mail is not being delivered to our section of the development  ever since the fire. So we had to set up an alternate delivery site. 

A good one for a camel, the office is empty. Can you imagine going to work and seeing this guy. Camels are not friendly animals, they are given to spitting and biting.

I don't think I have shared this picture before, can't be certain but here it is regardless of whether it has been on my blog before. Cute one though! Cats and dogs can be  trained to do some simple tricks. Or is it that we people feed into what the cats and dogs do naturally.

My lovely niece, Marg's daughter, Karin with her two precious dogs . 

Off to her swimming lessons so she says. I think it is funny that she has her mom's purse. My eldest son did that too. One day I found him walking down the street  in Victoria, which was a very quiet town in the fifties, and he had my purse over his arm. Kids like purses. 

And lastly I pray for world peace.....

 Beautiful Cathedral Windows. I love this pattern and this one with black and white is wonderful.
I did not locate a pattern for this one but I am sure you could find one on the internet.

I did so here is a pattern.    

That is it folks. 
I'm done and off to be again.
Good night!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Great Tuesday

Free pattern


I talked about making pinwheels recently . Here is a pinwheel pattern from Riley Blake.  It does look simple don't you agree?

I think I will be short tonight. We had a lovely day today and I am tired.

This morning I got up at 7:00 an hour and a half before my usual time. Sharon picked me up at 9:30  and off we went to our Tuesday sewing day.  I didn't get a lot of sewing done but I did get in lots of talking which is so nice . I usually applique one full heart but today it was only half done at the end of the meeting. Then it was time for lunch. Ray made me a nice salad for lunch. It was perfect for a warm day and I really enjoyed it. Only one quilt picture today but it was very interesting. Joanne made it from a Jelly Roll. She did a great job of arranging the strips so they made the best picture. Lovely border fabrics too.

Joan was working on that wonderful quilt she made from paper pieced Australian animals by Margaret Rolf.  It is amazing . I showed it on here before.
Here it is again for your pleasure.
There was no one there who was going to Pumpkin Seeds so I came home with Sharon. Thanks you Sharon for helping me out today I do appreciate your kindness.

So I was home early and Ray was still out. I did some of the laundry and a bit of housework. Not much though LOL.

Ray and I went out for a walk along the river. The river was running high and fast but still within its banks thank goodness. It was exciting to watch. Because it was a nice day there were lots of people out walking along the river or sitting on the benches provided. We did not see anyone barbecuing , I guess that is reserved for the weekend. It would be fun to barbecue, we don't do it on our deck, too hot up there.

After our walk it was off to Tim's for a coffee and a doughnut. I had an iced coffee for a change.

This great motorcycle was outside Tim's and of course it being yellow I found it very attractive.

Then we came home after a full day. Ray had a bit of a nap and so did I.
We had spaghetti and Ray's sauce for dinner .MMM delicious!

 These are pictures of the river. The top one is right across the river and it meets up with the sky so it is all blue.
And this is the river with a person in the frame.  The pictures today are not too good for some reason. Except for this one which I took with the sun in my eyes and could not see what I was taking. It has been so dry here this summer , no rain this month and all the grass is dead or dying, the tress are losing leaves or needles and the plants are drooping. We need some rain. I love a good storm.

So this is how it feels to lose weight. Right Marg?  Marg has lost quite a lot of weight by doing the right stuff!!

No you deserve to be spoiled. Dogs do!

Now this is a gorgeous mug rug , Cherry Delight.
And this is the end folks. 
I am off to do something, don't know what LOL.

Have a great evening!
Good night.

Monday, July 29, 2013

other things


Nice little pad for the baby in your life.

This is so lovely and useful too for your dinner rolls. The fabric just glows and makes it even  more attractive.

It is late, I had things to do, one of which was to delete all the racked up deletes on my  mail. I had difficult with getting things to send. I had to call Shaw and the young man was very good. We solved the problem with his good assistance. More trouble with the internet. Then I had a lot of mail to read so that just added to my problems.

Our day started with going to London Drugs for a fan for the bedroom. All they had were large ones , the same as Walmart had and no of any use to us. Foiled again!
We decided to go to the casino close by  in Burnaby.
We played there for a few hours, didn't win but didn't lose a lot either. We had not been so some tine so we enjoyed ourselves. Before we left in the morning I put some country style pork ribs in the slow cooker . They were ready to eat when we got home and they were so tasty. I do love the slow cooker. I don't use it often enough.
Ray called his sister Gerry when we got back home. She is in her mid eighties and losing her sight. Her dad did too but he was not alone like Gerry is. He had Gerry , his wife. Pam his granddaughter , lots of help there. Gerry has one son in the area of Thunder Bay who is very helpful, but she lives alone .
My Rick is living alone too and I worry about him a lot. 
I wish I could go and live with him but right now he is amazing and gets around the country more than I do. What does that say?
I found this lovely block Today but nothing about it. Obviously it is some kind of Dresden Plate with  an interesting bit of detail. On further look at this I see it is just a regular Dresden Plate but with the  NEWS pieces with a pointed edge rather than a round one. I am guessing that the centre is made with melons. 

Here's looking at you. Imagine taking this picture head on.  I guess a telescopic lens was used.

I met this beautiful woman at the grocery store and asked her if I could take her picture for my blog. She smiled and said yes. What a lovely woman she is. I hope to see her again.

These two are new to us but look as if they would like to join us. So here they are.

Have a lovely evening folks.
Good night.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

nice basket

Download now as a pdf pattern
March Basket. Hmm a bit late wouldn't you say but it is a pretty basket block. I like the green triangles in the center of the block. An interesting detail.

I'm a bit late starting on the blog tonight. I got caught up in the  photos of 24 photos but of course there are many more than 24. And many of my family on this site so there I was looking. 
My Sam looking great!

Nothing day today, I did not feel well so spent some time in bed trying to get better and I did get better.I have always said that sleep is the great restorer. I believe that if you sleep well all your difficulties will go away. Well not all but lots of them. Sleep won't help Richard much I am so afraid.
We had planned on getting out but it was not to be. 
My computer is not feeling well either it will not send any messages. I guess I'll have to call Shaw for help. It says there is an error. Humph, I guess !!!

Marg came over this afternoon with a book for me Stolen is the title. 
She and Karin had a lovely day yesterday down in the States. They shopped for food and other things like clothing , they gambled a bit at the Silver Reef and both came up with a few extra dollars so that was a good thing. Ray and I have not been for a while because Ray says he loses too much. It is funny about that if you don't go for a while the urge to gamble goes away. Well it does for Ray and me.

Our dinner tonight consisted of salmon sandwiches. They were excellent. I cut up onion and celery into tiny chunks and mixed it all  with the salmon and Mayo. Good stuff!! Of course salt and pepper.

Do you ever get the feeling of being heavy and I do not mean weight? I feel heavy tonight for some reason.

Nice quilt, I think my friend Helen made it. I see curves in there, not very easy to see tough.

Isn't this a great example of hiding in plain sight. It makes me smile each time I see it so I thought it would be nice to make you smile.

Rose dipping her toes in the water, she is not too sure of all this.
Now you're a little animal ,now your's a strip of bacon. How awful. Pay attention to what the little piggie says or you'll feel like a strip of bacon.

Lovely sunflower and two layers  of petals makes this one a bit different for others I have seen. I like all the sunflowers that people have made . If one day I ever get back to sewing I would like to make one myself. If anyone knows where I can find a pattern let me know.
Cats rule as usual LOL.

Like strips? Here is an attractive way to put them to use. These look as if they go together though so I am assuming that they are from the same fabric roll.

This one for my friend Donna sure had me fooled when I was looking at the small picture. I truly thought they were shoes. Look twice and see what this is. Very clever.

And now for a treat, many beautiful fabrics to enjoy.

Time to close folks. Have a lovely evening wherever  you are.
Good night.

Cook out....

Saturday, July 27, 2013


 Pillowcases again, this time I think we have a pattern that allows you to make more than one pillowcase at a time.  Now that would be a big advantage if you do pillowcases for any kind of agency.


And here is a simple little trivet for Christmas and you can decorate your tree as you wish. A bit early for Christmas but every handicraft site on the internet is offering Christmas projects so we can be ready.

trivets trees

These are my offerings for today.

And" Anonymous  "I do not have a wall plug in for my reader. I must go to the dreaded London Drugs to see if there is on on offer LOL.

We went to White Spot for lunch as I was still drooling over the prospect of a Legendary White Spot Hamburger. It wasn't busy when we got there after lunch so we were seated right away. I ordered my hamburger and ceasar salad as the side instead of fries.  Ray ordered a chicken salad.
I have been eating White Spot hamburgers since I was a teenager  in the 1940 and 1950s. I have never been disappointed but today I was. The  Triple O sauce was almost non existent and the red sauce was about two drops. the patty was dried out and crisp around the edges. I was not happy and told the waitress what my or should I say their problem was. shortly thereafter the manage appeared at our table.I explained what my complaint was, told him I had been eating their hamburgers for over 50 years without a complaint but now there was a problem. He listened to me and apologized for the hamburger. Then he took it off the bill and gave me a ticket for $16.00 for another day. He dealt with my complaint in a timely manner.

It it the  Celebration of Light tonight down at the beach. I am not sure which country is the first to put on their show. We can't see the fireworks form here but we sure can hear them. The beach is packed , people have been setting up their pup tents all day to be sure they have a spot for the display. 

Nice eh, wouldn't you love to have these gorgeous fabrics. At times I decry having a stash because I want to buy the latest fabrics as they arrive every season. But then I am hardly sewing any more so I don't buy anything more. I do hope to get down to business soon.
I bought these delightful embroideries twice. Each time my computer went for a dump and took my embroideries with it. So now I am looking at a third time because I want to make something with those designs. This time I'll download them to my stick right away.

Remember the days when a photographer came around the neighbourhood with a camera and a pony enticing the little children to beg their moms for a chance to sit on the pony and incidentally get their photo taken.
Here is one successful little boy who persuaded his mom to get his picture taken.
Recognize him?
It's Richard. I have one of Peter too but I need to dig around and find it.

It is almost time to put this hanging up. Summertime is the time for lazy afternoons, tea and cake and although there is not cake on this quilt there is lots of teapots and cups to enjoy. I really enjoyed making this one with the floral teapots and cups. It is pretty.

It is time to close for tonight. Have a great evening.
Don't spend too much time in the sun. It can be dangerous.

Friday, July 26, 2013

where to go

Download now as a pdf pattern

London Stairs is the name of this block. Why London, who knows? But stairs I get. It is just rectangles so not too hard to cut. My friend Betty would call this cut her 2 by 4s.


It starts out as a square in a square and branches out from there. It is very cheerful though and would brighten up a room.
Where to go we asked each other this morning. So we opted to go across the river to Surrey and then to IHOP for potato soup and  a waffle. I had the soup which I really enjoy, potato and bacon soup, very delicious. Ray had the strawberry waffle. I had a bite of his and ti too was very good.
Then we wet over to Tom's where Tom was inventorying his new Christmas fabrics. He had some wonderful train fabrics. I did not buy any fabric because I am not doing anything right now. I did buy a replacement for my thread snips because I broke the other pair and I  like these snips. Also two packages of needles, one gold coloured  because I like them and the other needles were Topstitch. It has been so long since I bought anything that I didn't even check the needle size. Oh well I'll check them out later when I empty the bag.


I have noticed lately that there is a rising interest in hexagons or hexies as they are referred to nowadays.  I wonder if it is because they are handy to carry around and easy to stitch on the run so to speak. This pillow is really pretty with hexagons is a variety of colours, very scrappy.

"By the way Anon I do have a charger but seem to let it run down before I charge it. I have to hook it up to my laptop to get it charged. "

I really wanted a White Spot hamburger tonight but Ray did not want to go out so I'll see if I can suck him in tomorrow at lunch seeing as we'll be right next to the White Spot.

My friend Betty Lu loves cherries and she would sure love this one. I love it too. The leaves look like 3D and perhaps they are LOL. See how the block squares have a corresponding red that agrees with the red cherries.

Nah I never said that.... LOL. But you do look comfortable.

Mama taking the kids for a walk. 

John Lennon liked working on his Pfaff.  Isn't this a priceless photo.I wonder what he is sewing.

 It looks as if I have gotten to the end folks. Have a great evening.