a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

gone again


Look at this! all squares makes this quilt very easy and very attractive. And the scrappy look is also very good looking.

Nice pair of quilts.

I like this little musical quilt and the colours are great. Unfortunately no pattern.

Bright and cheerful , this orange and blue quilt makes quite a statement.

Are you ready for your coffee yet?

Isn't this  adorable and don't they look so contented.

This is from a site called Dusty Old Thing and it features old things . They call them antiques but I think antiques are much older things. Even so I enjoy the items that are featured. They feature things of an earlier time.

My dear granddaughter Chelsea performing with her jazz group. She is very talented.

Flying Fan is the Block of the Day.

Download now as a pdf pattern

My day was not anything great. I stayed in for the whole day as I was a bit under the weather. Richard and Mike left around noon . I was very tired and went to bed. I slept for the afternoon. But that fixed me up. Last night was a bad sleeping night so the nap made up for it.  Ray went out for a short time  while I was napping. That was our day.
I hope tomorrow is another kind of day, more active.

Tonight is all TV watching, right now it is CSI.

And that is all for tonight folks.

Have a great evening.
Good night.

Me and Rick yesterday.

Good night.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014



Aha another pincushion - adorable

Free Quilt Pattern Find ~> Amish Tulips


Pretty tulips for spring. 

We had a great day with Richard today. Mike went downtown and Rick stayed home with Ray and me. The morning passed with Charlotte and Meaghan. Charlotte kept us all laughing and entertained.
Charlotte and Grandpa. Today Charlotte was going by the names of  Belle and Turtle. I prefer Belle as she  is a beautiful little girl.  She entertained us all morning with her stories and singing. I have a china doll that sits in a rocking chair. Charlotte loves to sit in that chair and today she sat rocking the doll and singing lullabies to here. It was so precious.

Meaghan checking out something.

In the afternoon we went up to Metrotown for a coffee and a Dairy Queen treat. Rick had a Peanut Buster Parfait , Ray and I shared a small ice cream,  no toppings. 
Rick and me at Metrotown.

We came home and relaxed then ordered up a pizza ,  tsaziki and oysters. It was very tasty. 

Mike came back here and finished off the pizza.
We are having a lazy evening now.
I have a lot of quilts today but too many to put up now. 

Ray's great grandchildren Hayley Rose and Julie Ann. Such nice little girls. We have so many lovely little girls in the family. Soon there will be a little boy and that will be so nice too.

So the night is over for me. I hope you all are getting a good sleep.

Good night folks.

Monday, April 28, 2014


It has been good to have Richard with us overnight and for most of the morning. 
He and Mike arrived last night. Mike went down town this morning around 11:00 and Rick went the other direction to Abbotsford on business at 1:00. So we were all by ourselves again.
Our visit with Richard was good . I was happy to see his ALS is still not moving very fast and other than his legs being paralyzed he is looking good and performing pretty well. I hope this lasts for a long time and he has more life left to live. He is still a cheerful man, it is amazing to me how he carries on so well. I admire him and his will to fight his fate.
Tonight he and Mike are meeting their friends the 2 friends named Chris and brother Peter.
I hope Rick does not get too tired as it is not good for him but keeping up with things is hard.  
Ray and I went to Safeway to pick up prescriptions, we had a coffee at Starbucks and then came home. I had a short nap. It doesn't take much to tire me out either. Old age? But I recover well.

Our Precious Rose picking Daisies for mommy. What a sweetheart she is.


Nice quilt with different planes. The colours are good for this theme.
And I like the straight set too.

Good things here at robinquiltsetc.com

Isn't this a great picture. Volkswagons are good for this kind of fun.I like the fancy look.

Download now as a pdf pattern
Flying Dutchman is the name of this block of the day.

When this kitten poked his head up on my computer this morning I fell in love with him.  Hoe could you not.

Nested Churn Dash in bright colours and polka dots. I have no pattern but it looks good so here it is.
Ah I found the pattern here it is.

That pretty well wraps it up for tonight.

Have a great evening.
Good night.

Sunday, April 27, 2014



Paper is not dead, is it?


 A modern look for your living room. It is simple and clean looking. Of course blue and white is always a clean look. I remember my first husband's mother making the very same comment in the early 1950s. What was simple then is the same now. The colour scheme is eternal.

I forgot to finish my blog because I have been waiting for Richard to arrive . I was talking to his aunt and friend on Facebook which also occupied me. It was so interesting to chat with them.
So my mind being busy it forgot to remind me about the blog.

We had a visit from Marg today and I had some books for her. She reads a lot as do I and I worried that she had read all the books I gave her but no she had not read any of them, so I was happy about that. She then passes them on to a friend. So we recycle and save the earth. 

But earlier in the day Ray and I went up to London Drugs for water. The cases of water there are just over $3.00 and we bought three cases this time. Now we are prepared for a while. I drink a lot of water to keep my water works working properly, so it was a good buy for us.
I bought a new eye liner pencil only to discover that I had bought one earlier. Found that one at the bottom of my purse. Once again duplicating my purchases.

This is a cute pup, he is Australian. I think he is a blue heeler but am not certain. He has such big ears so he must be able to hear well LOL.

I love this picture, it is precious. Not cute though haha.

Oh my isn't he adorable with his little fur hat on his head. Marg you should like this one.

The Belle of the ball, Sunbonnet Sue all grown up.  

There pretty isn't she . Put  Southern Belle into your browser and she will come up. Lots of them will come up on your screen.

My dear Chelsea blowing up a storm on her sax. She is a fantastic musician. 

Now it is time to go , Rick will be here in a few minutes.

Have a great evening.

Good night.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

a lazy day

Off to the grocery store this morning for the weeks groceries but we did not buy much and probably will need to go again in the middle of next week. Rick and his friend Mike will be here so we will need food. 

We came home , did not even go to Tim Horton's for coffee. That was because I did not fell too well, sore throat and sniffles. So we came home and for some magical reason the aches and pains all went away. Weird. But good.  
We made sandwiches for lunch, tomato this time with mayo. Very good, I loved mine . Ray made it , he makes the most delicious sandwiches and they look so good. Presentation is all!!

Anyway I sat in my chair all afternoon and played on my laptop.  And that was the day.
Ray worked a lot as he finished doing all the housework . Now he is resting. 

After we have dinner I hope to get to sewing some of the blocks I have from the guild. Guild is in 2 weeks so I need to get them all finished. I'm kind of mad at myself for wasting the afternoon sitting and playing but it is too late now for regrets. Nothing will change things.  I should do something tomorrow afternoon if we stay home.

Block of the Day.  Five Star is the name of this block.  interesting how it begins with a nine patch and branches out to squares and half square triangles.    Download now as a pdf pattern 

A beautiful place to rest your head. The lovely hexagons make for a lovely pillow cover.  I think I should make one of these.

Good advice as usual from Mrs. Bobbin, a wise woman :>)

These painted tires make a gorgeous colourful planter for plants of course. LOL.

My lovely granddaughter Chelsea celebrating her graduation from Humber University with two friends all of who are accomplished musicians.  Congratulations!! 

Now  fro dogs and other non human creatures.

Take it and run....  

What a precious little boy, isn't his face beautiful. He looks so approachable.

Some people love English bulldogs but they are not  one of my favourite dogs because they are ugly to my mind. I am sorry if that offends some of you . I would not do anything to hurt one though and I understand that they can be loving and kind dogs.

I love this beautiful photo . It is in Newfoundland.   Nanna is hanging up her quilts to air them out for  winter use.

Somewhat frazzled , that is how I feel too some days.

And that is the end.
Have a wonderful evening folks.

Good night.

Friday, April 25, 2014


Download now as a pdf pattern

Double Windmill

Lots of tutorials on this site.

Sweet little quilt for a sweet little girl. This is made by an independent designer. You can find her here. http://bit.ly/QtER0z

And these two beauties are my grandson and my great grandson after taking a swim of a mile and more.
I told them they both looked clean haha. But they both look lovely and healthy. Adam is such a lovely boy and so is his dad.

Adam left early this morning to go back to Louisiana and home to Lake Charles.  Lisa will be happy to have him back home.  We certainly enjoyed his visit. He cam over at 4:00 yesterday for an hour . It was a quiet visit as we all watched a movie, Blood Alley with John Wayne.  It was good, took place in China. 

Today we went up to our little mall and we met Janet there. We had a great chat and agreed to get together with several other ladies  that we once got together with and had lunch or tea. We both missed that so Janet said she would try and make a date with all the others for a luncheon. I am looking forward to that. All the other ladies were mothers of my students. They were all in the same year and we just clicked . We kept up with each other over the years until 2011 when  I was sick and in the hospital for the year. Then it all seemed to lapsed. So Janet said she would like to start it again and so would I. Looking forward to a re entry to that group.
And Janet if you are reading make sure I take pictures LOL.

Last night Kathy and I went to Cake Therapy. The cake last night was lemon squares and it was very good. There was a trunk show of items the ladies had made, then a demo of the current project which was an apron. Tom had made the project and funny guy that he is he had on two aprons. He is a man of tremendous energy. Too bad he can't share LOL. 

When I got home I was terrible tired  so I went right to bed and fell asleep immediately. I woke up at 7:35 this morning. I wonder what hit me.  But I am good today. 


Klever kittie. He'll go far.

These young elephants got intoxicated on fermented fruit and were playing around. Now they have collapsed in a heap LOL.

Isn't this beautiful. Appliqued reds and green on muslin, so classical and fabulous. I want it LOL.

Time to go folks. 

Have a wonderful spring evening. It is a fine night for a walk.

Good night.