a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

wow look at the time

I just got off the phone with a friend over on the island who has been in hospital with one of these awful infections. She didn't like being in the room with men and women so she persuaded the doctor to let her go home. She needs to go back there 3 times  a day , the last anti biotic treatment is at midnight. Then tomorrow it is more of the same. What is going on with all these infections people are getting.
She thinks the infection she has can be cured, I sure hope so. Anyway she talked for an hour so that set me back on my blogging but it did give me something to say LOL.
Ray and  Jim took the car up to get fixed and while they were gone I had a lovely nap. It was nice and peaceful.
Marg came over after that with a copy of our cousin's obituary. He was very active in the church as an ordained ministry and then he joined the navy as an officer. Bill and I were close playmates when we were very young and lived in northern Manitoba. Then my family moved to Vancouver and later his family moved to Alberta and finally Victoria. I was sad to hear that he had passed on.
So between visits, phone calls, naps and my computer I passed the day away.
Ray made his wonderful spaghetti sauce yesterday but we went to the Keg so he put it away in the fridge until tonight when he warmed it up and cooked spaghetti . I loved it, Ray is such a great cook.
Ah here she is Miss December and the last of this series. I hate to see it end.
I am going to bed now since I am tired.
Have a lovely evening folks.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

early night

It's a bit early but we will be out for dinner. Jim called from Seattle and wants to take us for dinner at the Keg for Ray's birthday on Saturday. It should take him about 3 hours to get here from Seattle barring any incident at the border and rush hour traffic. It will be good to see him, he has had a long journey.
I had to rearrange my calendar this week. We postponed our casino visit with Margaret as Jim does not like the casino. Then I had to change the restaurant because we had planned to go to the Keg too so now we are going to Swiss Chalet for chicken  with Sam to celebrate his and Ray's birthday instead of steak. Two celebrations  in one week. We are a busy bunch here. I think I am recovering well because we are pretty active at least part of the day.
Ray had to take his car in this morning but they were too busy so he has to go back tomorrow. he did have an appointment but he didn't want to leave me alone for too long.
I receved a lovely floral arrangement this morning from the ladies "Pumpkin Seeds group" where I used to go on Tuesdays to sew. It is gorgeous and I am very happy with it and thankful for the thoughtfulness of my friends.
Great dinner at the Keg. I had the quarter head of lettuce covered in blue cheese dressing, diced tomatoes and something else that I forget. But it was delicious. The first time I had this was in Reno quite a few years ago. I liked to so much but had never seen it on another menu, so of course I had to have it. Then we all ordered steak or prime rib with baked potato and all the fixings. It was a lovely evening.
We're watching The Mentalist so I need to focus :))
I'm getting pretty tired, another busy day, so I am thinking of going to bed soon. I really need to lay down but then I read for a couple of hours,so it is my body that gets tired and needs a rest. I am going to do that after the Mentalist is over.
Good night folks.

Monday, November 28, 2011

making the grade

Walking the halls, good exercise for the legs. I did walk the full length of the hallway using the walker of course,there and back. It is quite a long hallway so it is a challenge. And of course when I got to my final destination, the washroom, LOL, my legs gave out. But I was glad to have done that walk, a challenge for sure but worth it.
We went up to Metrotown, wheelchair this time, and had some Chinese food. We used to go to Manchu Wok, but it has been quite a long time. Today was a treat!
Then we went groceery shopping. Ray couldn't push a cart and my wheelchair so he put a basket on my lap and he had grocery bags  on the handles of the chair. The shopping was small, not many extras but we got what we needed, so it was a good day.
I was pretty tired when we got home so had a long nap.
I saw some dogs today but can't seem to get my camera organized quickly enough to take their photo. I need to get Ray to slow down a bit. Swoosh! here one minute, gone the next. It has to get better LOL.
Ray is going to put up my embroidery machine soon and I can get back at those little ballerinas. They are so cute and I am anxious to do more.
Isn't she adorable , she is number 5. I have numbers 1,2,and 9 already done.
What did you think of the on stage battle between the two 73 year old football players Angelo Mosca and Joe Kapp. Old hatreds never die, they just wait for an opportunity. Amazing!!
But that was the worst of the football riots. LOL. After the Lions won the Grey Cup and the championship , fans left quietly and there was no upheaval. A much different crowd from that rioting hockey crowd last June.
I read an article in the paper this morning that said eating soup is a great way to lose weight. I am watching my weight since I did lose 23 pounds while in hospital and don't want to gain it back. Wishful thinking , you say. Well I am having soup every day, good thing I love it, all kinds of soup. So far so good.
I'll keep you posted every once in a while. Even so it is good.
Got to go folks.
Have a lovely evening.
Buenos noches.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

so soon we forget

Watching the foorball game and forgot about writing my blog. It appears that this is a bad memory day. Ray and I went out and Matthew and family came to visit. I totally forgot they were coming.  I am so ashamed. It is still a very faint memory  in my brain....so many things to remember and people to call.
I hope they will forgive me.
The nurse was a bit late this morning so that slowed us down. Then we decided to check out the casino to see if they had a self contained washroom for handicapped people as Ray still needs to help me somethimes with the bag. They did and we became captured of course and stayed for a bit. We had a big bowl of vanilla ice cream...mmmm it was so good. We needed the nourishment LOL.
Not quite vanilla but wonderful nonethe less, even if it is winter.
Our game  is starting to fall apart,sob,sob. They really need to pull it all together.
I am thinkin of taking all my quilting magazines to the guild sor anyone who wants them. I need to clean up my stuff, fabric included. So maybe I can get one of the ladies who are supposed to help me and Ray to get me started. I'll never in my life use all the fabric and it takes up space. Another thing I want to clear away is my china cabinet, so many dishes that are lovely but seldom used now. And you probably know the kids don't want any of it. My friends all tell me the same thing, their kids don't want their lovely things either. Tastes change.
I'll let you know how it all comes out, but don't hold your breath haha.
Hurrah, we just got a touchdown, brings us into a safer zone. I like a reasonable sized lead LOL.
Covered stadium,no weather there. How nice it must be to watch the game out of the rain and snow. No snow here but I have watched some games where the snow was falling and the field was freezing and very slippery. The score is 24 B.C. and 9 for Winnipeg. It is the last quarter of the game. but anything can happen, it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings according to Yogi Berra , long deceased, but remembered for his pithy comments.
This is the sports commentary for tonight  until the final score.
Have a great evening folks!!
Guten Abend.
Final score!!!!
BC 34 Winnipeg 23.
Winnipeg got 2 touchdowns in the last three minutes of the game too bad they couldn't get started that way but they fought hard.
And we won!!!! 2011 Grey Cup champions.
And I forgot to tell you I had a winning experience today. I walked by myself ,no walker and hung onto the railing from the back of the apartment to the front room. Progress!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

very wet

Lots of lovely rain today. That did not stop the Grey Cup parade though. Lots of people lining the streets in the rain. Thank goodness for umbrellas.
We went to the hairdresser today so she could cut my hair. I am not too happy with the cut but hey a week from now it will be fine. LOL.
While I was there the resident mini daschund greeted me by jumping onto my lap. Dexter , his name, is the loveliest , most loving dog. He is a long haired version and his hair is sooo silky.
Introducing....Dexter the salon puppy :)))

Rick ,Mary, Meg and Charlotte came by for a visit.. I forgot to take pictures as I was enthralled with Charlotte. She was in a great mood, laughing and smiling and practicing how to stand up and use her feet. We were all excited by her efforts, as was Charlotte.
After they left we went to visit the salon puppy haha!
Then it was around 2:00 so we thought it was time for lunch and took off for TOPS. I just wanted a salad. HA!! We went ahead and had salad but then we ordered an entree, saliabury steak, and filled our boots telling each other it was dinner LOL. And in truth it was an early dinner as we did not have any dinner just a Mandarin orange which was delicious.
When we came home I tried to have a nap but got two phone calls and a visit from Elizabeth the Nurse Next Door coordinator. We are getting closer LOL. So no nap and that means early to bed!
So now Ray and I are relaxing and watching Santa give gifts to the dogs who are all dressed up for the holiday photo. Too cute!!
And Jean , in response to your comment, there will be no photos of me having a shower LOL!!
Have a great evening folks!
Bon nuit!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday night

All is excitement in Vancouver as the big football game is this weekend and we are in a celebratory mood since out team is one of the finalists. I just hope we aren't exposed to the madness that occurred after the hockey finals. It would be nice to say that it is a different crowd of fans but I don't know that.

We had lots of people coming through today, the nurse of course who gives me the IV and Antibiotics, a Coastal Health worker who gave me a shower. Tricky as I have a pic line on the left arm and my bag on the right leg. Ray rigged up a wrap for my pic line as it is not supposed to get wet. He also had to purchase a hand held shower head to give us more control as to where it goes.  But that was over and I was clean.
I made arrangements to get a haircut tomorrow. My hair is such a mess, I look like an old hag but tomorrow it will be a lot better. Haha!! If I remember I'll get Ray to take a picture. It will be my first time out for a long time . I must remember to take my camera.
Then Marg came over for a visit and to tell me all about Black Friday. She bought me a gift ,a  CD of Mamma Mia. I have never seen it so it was a lovely thought.
The Nurse Next Door called to make arrangemnts for tomorrow.We need to talk about what services they are willing to give.
I am spending a lot of time watching TV and reading but it does help pass the time.
Enough of me, I hope you are all fine and sewing up a storm. That would be fun.
 I can't remember the last time I put Sunbonnet Sue on the blog so here she is.
 I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.
Have a lovely evening folks.
Buenas noches.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Big Wind

A big wind storm today!!! Matthew called and said they had lost some power. We didn't because all our wires are underground. So I was lazy and went to my bed and watchd the storm from there. It was very enjoyable:))And I finished the book I was reading. I was like a true documentary of a serial killer. It was an awful book but I haad to finish it. Weird isn't it?  Another funny thing, in the hospital I was totally unable to focus on reading but all that frustration is gone now.
Are you all shopping Black Friday? My sister Marg and niece Karin have gone across the border to find bargains. I have never been to a Black Friday and when I saw the huge crowds on the news I knew it was not for me-another strange thing, I found an album in my photos that was not mine. I knew none of the people in the album.  I'll delete the whole thing. Done. I hope it doesn't come back!
Ray getting ready to make dinner , isn't he amazing!

I think I am going to go through my quilting books and clean some of them out. They can either go to the library or to the guild. I need the room and nowadays you can find everything you could ever want on the internet.
It's time to reorganize.
There! a bit of prettiness to brighten a dreary November night. Not my favourite month.........
As I said last night not much going on here folks, it will take me a few more days to get up to scratch.
Have a lovely evening all snug and warm in front of your fireplace.
Good evening!
Bon Soir.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

another day out on the street :>)

Today is my Sam's birthday. Happy birthday  Sam , I hope your day was wonderful. I love you.
Stronger today, I could stand up with the walker of course, without my legs bending or shaking. Moving around a bit was good . Ray stays with me though just in case. I have fallen too many times since this illness caught me. But it has been a good day.  I was able to take care of myself ,cleaning and dressing.
And I took a photo of the bareness so here it is.
 Taken from my bedroom window while I was having my afternoon rest.  The post in the centre is the window frame. I did take 2 but only one showed up. :)) That seems to happen to me often LOL.
The nurse came this  morning to give me the antibotic. She has been here many times so it was like old home week. Lilia is from Russia so her stories of life in Russia prior to Gorbachev are interesting, believe me you would not want to have a baby there. She loves Gorbachev because he opened up the borders and people like Lilia were able to come to Canada. She is a very happy Canadian!

I made arrangements for The Nurse Next Door to send someone tomorrow to give Ray and hand. We have to get a hand held shower so we can direct the water so that it does not get on my pic line , that means I'll have to wait a while longer for the shower.;((
Ray is making roast chicken ,dressing,veggies and gravy. Oh my it will be so good. Let me tell you ,good food makes a big difference to how you feel. In the hospital I had no appetite and could barely manage to eat just a small amount. I had to get home to get better LOL. There IS no place like home.
Adam called today as did Matthew, Rick and Jim. Jim is heading for Los Angeles , a change of plans, so he will come up the coast and visit us.  Good news.
My eyes are not working too well so I'll need to see the specialist, too much antibiotic?  So I downloaded a photo from facebook of a baby I think is  Charlotte. A mistake may have occurred so forgive me :))
 It looks like her. It has been months since we saw each other.....She will be a year old in January, amazing  how time flies.
And soon Mary will have her baby , I am eager to see her .
That's my news for the day, not too exciting but then I have had enough excitement for this year LOL.
Have a great evening !!
Good night.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

long time no see

Just got home today and I am very tired so I won't be writing much. Note tht I am happy to be home and back on line. I hope all is well with my dear friends. Thank you so much for all the great cards, phone calls   and well wishes. They brightened my sometimes dreary days. I will be home on a home based IV and antibiotic, apparently for a very long time. However if it keeps me going I am grateful.
Thank you again for your wonderful support.
I'll keep you all posted on my progress.
Have a great evening!!
  Too bad  the trees don't last like this, now all are bare. Tomorrow I'll take a photo of all that bareness LOL.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fingers Crossed!

So according to Grandpa Ray, Grandma should be headed home on Monday or Tuesday. They still don't know exactly what's causing all the viruses and infections, but they have an appointment with a specialist in a month.

When she comes home she will still be taking antibiotics and having daily visits from a home nurse.

I'm visiting with my husband (we will be seperated from each other until I go into labour for a few different reasons - mostly work conflicts) this weekend and I will be returning to the mainland on Tuesday. If she hasn't updated this blog herself, I will update you on what's going on :)

Hope you are all having a great weekend!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another Update

Grandma is still in the hospital fighting a number of different things. The doctors can't really get a grip on it, but they have a working plan.

The idea is to send Grandma home again but this time with a pick line and antibiotics to be administered intravenously. She already has the line in her arm again, but the doctors are a little hesitant. Grandma says she was told they are still "thinking" ;)

I apologize for the update delay. Currently being 8 months pregnant, I have been a bit distracted. Rest assured that no matter what state I'm in, if anything major was to change, you guys would be the first to know!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Back In The Ambulance

Hi guys,

So Grandma was whisked back to hospital yesterday afternoon. Grandpa hadn't notified us but she had been unresponsive in bed for most of Sunday and she started vomiting on Monday morning.

Dad was in the process of setting up additional home care nursing hours and when the nurse heard she hadn't been out of bed she rushed over. Thank goodness!

In any case, her kidneys are once again infected, but she has perked up now that she is back on the IV antibiotics.

As I get news I will let you know. Dad is doing his best to stay on top of things.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Here I am back home again

I am home but not yet up to much, still weak and the legs are vey shaky.
So there is not a  lot to report.
Mary and Carla were here this after noon. We had a nice visit. Carla brought apples from her mom's trees I think as there were several kinds. Mary worked on my computers. She is so good. She just had a little while to go before Rose is born. I had a few little gifts for the baby that I picked up at the gift shop in the hospital, lovely little things that are all hand made.
Carla brought some stew and buns for our dinner. The past two nights we have ordered in. My appetite has returned now that  I can have food I like. I lost 20 pounds while in the hospital but it looks like I might gain it all back at this rate.  LOL
I have no photos right now but I'll soon take some more when I can get out. The trees are just lovely,such beautiful colours.
I am getting used to my ileoconduit and getting the hang of changing the bag.
Soon I'll be an expert LOL!!! and can give lessons. Actually I had to do lessons at the hospital as some of the nurses had no idea of how to do it. They had no training. :>(
Ray will be an expert too!!
Someone close by is hammering  Grrr!!
Ray is warming up Carla's stew for dinner. MMMM
So I will close for now.
Have a great evening folks :>))) Bon soir!