a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What did we do

What did we say?  We did very little today and said even less. 

Now let's see if I can remember what we did. Oh yes I went with Pat to Langley where our hostess, Diane,  lives on a beautiful property with a lovely little pond and a wonderful brown Lab dog who greeted us all individually. I love that dog, wish I could have one. But that won't work in this apartment. I like a big dog like that one. So friendly and gentle. Such a fabulous creature.

We, the Tuesday group, were there to have our annual summer 
party. Diane always hosts it, she is so generous with her time and home. The weather was glorious, sunny and warm. It is a pot luck party as all our get togethers are. The food was delicious and varied as are all pot lucks. Thank you Diane for sharing your home and garden. Pat drove me back home and said she would not be available next Tuesday so I won't be going to Tuesday sewing next week. That is always disappointing but I look forward to the following week. And thank you Pat for driving me to sewing each week.

I did not have anything to do at sewing since I don't have anything on the go at the moment. I hope to get something ready for the following week. 

Rick and I chatted a bit today. Ray was hoping that he could fix our  TV programming  from Edmonton but he was unable to do so . He will be here on the 14th so can do the job then. Catherine is away in Hong Kong right now but Bobby is helping him . He has good friends and I am so grateful to them for the help they give him.

Jim called too and we talked for a while. He was busy with one of his rentals getting ti ready for the next tenant. He keeps going all the time. such energy he has. 

After I got home I had a little lay down but no nap.Not a lot of energy here LOL.

Have a great evening folks.

Monday, May 30, 2016

into hiding

Blog seems to go into hiding sometimes. But it can't escape eagle eye Boudreau for long. And here we are for another evening of fun and games LOL.

I talked to Bob and Buzz today and we are meeting for lunch on Friday. I am looking  forward to the visit. 

As for today we went to see Dr. Ward, one of Ray's many doctors. He is way down Broadway but that is fine as we always stop in at the White Spot when we go there. The visit was good and everything was okay with the last tests he took. We enjoyed our meal at the White Spot. I had poutine , a French Canadian dish for those of you who do not know of it. It is made up of French fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. It is delicious despite being very bad for you. However I rarely have it  in fact I have not had it before. Chips and gravy yeah but not with cheese curds. I threw caution to the winds. 

After that we went to Safeway to pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy, then we came home.  I had a very nice nap . Because we ate at the White Spot late in the afternoon we did not have dinner. I just had some toast and cheese for a snack.

That was it for the day, we watched TV and I computered. Life is good.

I definitely need to sew. It has been a while. Other than Tuesdays when I do only hand sewing I haven't done anything. My machine is covered in other things. It is not good .Tomorrow is Tuesday and I am going to Surrey with Pat. We are going to Diana's acreage for a big outdoor party. It is the annual summer party for our sewing group. The weather has been lovely so it will be great. Pat is picking me up close to ten and we will drive out to Surrey, close to White Rock. It is a lovely drive too. I am so looking forward to the day. 

and that's it for tonight........

Friday, May 27, 2016


A rainy day here, grey and rainy but that is okay as we need some rain. We live here in the rain forest and it has been pretty dry lately. I like the rain, it keeps us green. 

I had a nice nap this afternoon, it is cool and damp perfect weather for a nap. 
So that pushes the day forward and makes things fresh. 

We did get out though , we had a visit to the doctor. Ray had to talk to the doctor about his sugar count and his potassium count as a result of recent tests. He said his sugar was okay. He is healthy still. Thank goodness.
I am still on the good side.

Then we went down to the Crossings to get Ray's pants that he bought recently changed. He had to leave them there because he could not get a pair that fit him. They were regular gym type pants , ones that he wears around the house for comfort.  I did not even get out of the car. My memory is getting so bad I did not remember that. It is awful when I forget things. I used to be so sharp. I said that to the doctor  today and he said I was still sharp so that makes me feel better.

We did go to Safeway for bread and we bought some things there for dinner.
I had some rigatoni and sauce that we bought there but was not hungry enough to eat it all. Some nights I just am not hungry. But then Ray is the same. Appetite seems to fade as you age, along with many other things.

Tonight I am planning to knit. 

I see that there is a Trump riot, can't tell where but it could be anywhere. He seems to stir up people's emotions wherever he lands.

And that is all folks. Have a great evening.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

No stopping1,237

There is no stopping Donald Trump now , he has the number of delegates he needs to become a candidate. 1,237 is the number that opens the door.
He can become the candidate for the Republican party. What now?

As for the nobody Boudreaus there is very little to say today. We did go out to Canadian Tire for a new coffee pot since we broke ours. Then we went to Costco and who knows what we bought there. So many items to capture your dollar , 119 of them. I have to ask Ray what we bought since he is the one who does the shopping. I bought 2 books, my usual items to buy. I need to have something in the pipe to read. There is no greater sorrow than to run out of books. Ray says we bought mostly paper products, we usually do buy them there. They are easy to store in the locker.  We alsohad a hot dog at Costco, they have very good hot dogs there , worth the trip.

I was kind of tired when we got home so lay down for a nap. Now we are watching the news. We did not make dinner , Ray was not hungry so I suspect he ate while I napped. No problem I made a salmon sandwich for me and one for Ray. He ate that. A salmon sandwich is a favourite of ours and sure hits the spot.

I just talked to Rick and he will be coming in from Calgary on the 14th of June. I am so looking forward to seeing him. He is such a courageous man. He has always loved to travel and ALS does not stop him. His son Ricky is doing the driving this time and Chris , his friend, is driving him back to Calgary. That is so wonderful. 
I plan to call Adam and see if the rumour he is coming up from Louisiana is real LOL.

So now it is evening here , watching the news and relaxing. No more to say so good evening to all.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Did I miss writing my blog last night? Oh well I guess there was not much to write about .

Ray went to the doctor this morning, nothing serious just a visit. He came home around noon with two hamburgers and were they ever good. I could have eaten the both of them. He also brought cheese sticks from the bakery, also very good. We had a fine lunch. A hamburger is not something I eat very often, seldom is the case but I certainly enjoyed this one.  I think I'll have a hamburger more often. I can see the merit in that LOL.
I look at the title of this blog and wonder what is missing. I imagine it will come to me eventually. 
So far no idea what is missing but we did go to a condo meeting tonight. Sometimes I wonder why but mostly it is to keep up on what is happening in the building and to express  our own opinions if we feel the need.  There was nothing of any great consequence at the meeting as far as I could tell. Hope I did not miss anything. Oh well even if I did someone will let me know. You can always count on someone .We sat with my sister Marg, that was nice for me, we talked when there was a lull in the meeting. She walked home with some friends and we were driving  so we rode home.
When we got home we met the neighbour across the hall and he said he is buying that unit next week. Right now he is renting. Nice man and two nice kids , a boy and a girl. He will make a good neighbour.

As for the rest of the day I stayed home, Ray went out for a bit but I stayed home other than the meeting. I had a long afternoon nap. That was it, such a lazy day. Tomorrow we are meeting Bob and Buzz I hope. I did ask them but no confirmation as yet. So I am calling. No answer so they must be off somewhere.
And that is it for today/tonight.
Have a great evening.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Pink, there is something about the colour Pink. I love the colour but besides that I find it very calming. Blue is supposed to be the calming colour but for me it is pink.It warms my soul and it makes me happy. So there it is Pink is for me. Why this paean to pink?  I am knitting a dishcloth with pink variegated yarn. And it makes me happy.  I do like all the other colours too but pink is my favourite.

I note that my spelling needs a lot of correction according to the American spelling guide. But I was brought up learning the English spellings and using the American ones was cause for punishment in the old style school system under which I was trained. If you were not a good scholar then you could get into bad trouble. Fortunately I was a very good student. Each term we had exams and were then seated according to where we fell on the spectrum of exams. I usually was in first place . One time I was in third place and that was a tragedy for me. I had to work hard to get back to first and that was the first time I had to word for marks. There was a new student and beating her was a challenge but I was up for it LOL.

Today was busy. In the morning I went with Pat for coffee and then to sewing. I had very little to work on as I have no new projects on the go. I made another heart block. Our granddaughter has asked me to make a quilt for her newest baby daughter. So I am working on a heart quilt. I have most of the top done but it still needs a bit more work. Maybe I can get at it tomorrow. If I start at it in the morning I might have more luck. I need to put on borders and then I will make the sandwich. I have the backing ready but need the batting so off to the store I go.

Tomorrow that is.
As for the rest of the day, Ray and I went to the hospital. He had to go there for a few tests and I went with him. I always go with him when he needs to go there. we went to our nearest hospital Burnaby Hospital. We had a coffee in the restaurant there after his visit.

I did not even have a nap. I lay down and read for a bit but that was it. We didn't even have dinner just ate Whatever we could find. But I want to eat some lettuce with celery. That is one of my favourite snacks along with oil and vinegar dressing. On that note I'll close for tonight. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

another week.

Today is Monday and a holiday for Canadians. We celebrate the Queen's birthday. There is an old chant we used to sing. 24th of May
                                     The Queen's birthday
                                      If we don't get a holiday
                                      We'll all run away.

We do get the holiday , if not on the 24th then the closest Monday. But when you are retired it is all a holiday.
So Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth even though your actual birthday is in April.
It all started with Queen Victoria and the holiday for her birthday.
On my birthday only I celebrate LOL.

We stayed home today, oh look the print is different.I wrote the top part earlier, but it is legible so that's okay. I tend to write my blog throughout the day sometimes. Things happen and I don't want to forget what I want to say so I add items as the day wears on. It is early evening now and whatever I have to say this will be it for tonight.

Sad news from Quebec. A very fine lady we had met while in Quebec on one of our trips lost her life in a car accident. We are sorry for Noella and for her family. Such a waste of a fine woman. May she rest in peace.

Rick and I had a nice chat this afternoon. Catherine , his partner is going to Hong Kong for 25 days and that means Richard may be coming here for a short trip. I was hoping to get the chance to see him this summer. I had contemplated checking with Ray to see if he wants to go. We do not have to drive since we do have air miles and Calgary is a short trip. I would also like to see Jim if we go as he lives about 4 hours drive from Rick in Edmonton. I live in hope. And have I heard rumours that Adam may be coming up north from Louisiana. More hope!! That would all make for a wonderful summer.

There you go folks. All is well in Vancouverland. Have a lovely evening.

Sunday rest

Sunday, I think  it is Sunday. Every day is Sunday when you don't have to go to work. So Sunday it is. And we didn't even go out. We did the laundry and that is all.. I made two tomato sandwiches for lunch, one for each of us. Tomato and Mayonnaise, excellent. I haven't had one of those forever. Now what shall I make for supper, nothing big as neither of us are very hungry, it will have to be simple and easy. Any ideas? haha.

Sitting for the day is restful if not particularly healthy, but that is what I did today. Computering and writing were my activities today. I did write to Bob and Buzz  to see if they can go for lunch this coming week but so far no response. They are probably out somewhere. I hope they can come for  lunch at Metrotown during the week.
However it does make one sleepy. Activity is required to keep awake. 
We are watching the case of Dr. Crippen a case in the early 1900s. I have read of this case before but it is still interesting. Dr. Crippen killed his wife and with his paramour took themselves off on the HMS Montrose to America. Canada , I think.  Yes that is right.
Finished for today.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

losing it

Did I forget to blog on Friday? Here it is Saturday and I am going to write my blog. All is well , sometimes I forget to do the writing. I guess that is okay given my age and memory issues. Tonight I remembered , so here goes.

First we did our grocery shopping, came home and put everything in the fridge and cupboards. 

Then we went to the casino  and so were late getting home. We had a good time gambling. First we were planning on going to Cloverdale but missed the turn off so we ended up in Richmond at the casino there. I have no idea why we like to gamble but we do. Fortunately we don't so it all the time and we take a minimal amount of money. Now we are home watching TV as we usually do in the evening. We are watching Forensic Files as we usually do :>). 

I have neuropathy in my feet and they drive me nuts sometimes with tingling , cold and pain. That is from Diabetes I guess. No guessing about it that is the reason.

We need to go to Costco soon to pick paper goods. they are more reasonable there than at the grocery store. We buy larger packages too so we don't have to go that often. We have a storage room down the hall where we keep all those goods until we need them. When we first moved in here in 1987 that storage room was just one big room for three apartments. It was a mess. Since I was on council at that time and the president I made arrangements for all the storage rooms to be separated into three sections for the three apartments that it was supposed to serve. Certainly that made a big difference to all the owners on each floor. I was on that job for just 5 years. Some people stayed on the job for a lot longer.  My opinion is that the job should be for a finite amount of time and that others should have the opportunity to serve.

That is all for today folks. I hope you had a great day and have a good evening.
Good night.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

day of rest

Not totally resting as I did some sewing and then some unsewing. I am not ahead at all. First I added a border to my quilt and then the corners were not right so I had to take it all out. That finished me and I put it all away until tomorrow. I get put off when it goes wrong. So back to the sewing table for this piece. 

Ray is making supper tonight so I am waiting. We are having smokies and a potato. Sounds tasty to me. It was very tasty!!

He and Matthew are going to St. Paul's tomorrow. Matthew is taking Ray for a consultation , of what I don't know. . It is across town actually down town. I am grateful to Matthew for helping Ray. I will stay home and fix up my sewing.

We went out for a bit today, had lunch at McDonald's. I had Chicken McNuggets and fries. Tasty stuff even if it is not good for me. However I seldom have such goodies so I don't worry about it.

Then we just came home and rested and I did that bit o f sewing. I like to be alone when I am sewing. I can sew and make  mess if I want to. Ray does not like mess but he is good about my sewing and I always clean it up every time. 

I need to do a manicure tomorrow. My nails are starting to peel, well the polish is starting to peel and I so not like them to look bad. I really like my nails to look good. Fussy mussy I am.

And that is it tonight. Have a great evening.


What is happening today? First I am doing the laundry and then making chicken noodle soup. So that keeps me busy. Later I am looking forward to eating the soup. I tasted it and it tastes good. Hmmm blowing my own horn!!
And so far today that is all. Waiting for the dryer to stop and then folding the washing. What an exciting day LOL.
We need to go out and pick up some bread but Ray is not feeling very well today. So he is sitting in his chair and resting. 
I was lookign at he books I bought and looking forward to reading them. Hmm that is 2 looking forwards LOL.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

lovely day

Another beautiful day here in Vancouver, the weather has been spectacular lately. We are so fortunate to live here. I have lived in Vancouver since 1938 except for a ten year span in Victoria and 2 years in Halifax.  But I always come back home to Vancouver.

Huge condo fire in White Rock several miles away from us. I called Peter who lives there and he said they had not suffered from smoke issues. I was worried about that. Does a mother ever get over being a mommy. Peter is in his fifties and I am still fussing. Shame on me. I worry about all my kids and it never stops when something happens. But all is well. I worry about Richard the most because of his ALS.

Today Ray and I went out this morning and also had lunch out. Then we walked around the mall a bit for some exercise and some window shopping. I did not see anything I wanted . I seldom want anything these days. I wonder what happens when you get old. Been there, done that?

When we got home I did some more knitting and made one and a half dishcloths. It is the yarn that I love so many gorgeous colours.
I started knitting when I was young. My mom taught me how to knit. I did catch on easily. It was socks that I learned to do first and still knit socks 75 years later. Mom used to knit socks too for my brother . I like to knit them but have never worn them because I feel they are too thick for me. I like a thinner sock even in winter.
Still they are a nice item to knit and give away.

I found another top in my closet and wore it today, a pretty pink, lacy top. My closet is a veritable treasure of new tops LOL. Some fairy salts my closet with tops!! Nothing else though.

I think I'll take some pictures tonight of my cloths. Then I can show you the pretty colours.

Time is up folks, have a great evening.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

knit wit

I knitted today. Finished one dishcloth and almost finished the second one. It will be done tonight. So my pile is growing. It had been very depleted but now is coming back. I like to have a pile because I can give some away and have a reserve for us. They are great for dishes and facecloths too , all cotton yarn so nice and soft.
Today I made a pretty red cloth.

Today is Tuesday and my sewing day. Pat picked me up and we went for coffee at Oakridge. Then we headed off to our quilting group. I had nothing to sew so I knitted. Others were doing embroidery or hand piecing. It is a busy place when we all get together. I was knitting socks, still on the first of the pair. I don't know who to give them to this time. I like making socks. I do need to start on another quilt though so that I have something to work on on Tuesdays.

After I got home I did nothing here just played on my laptop. I did not even sew but as I said I did some knitting.  I think I would like to knit a child's sweater for one of my great grandchildren. I will need to look for a pattern. There used to be yarn shops but they seem to have all disappeared.  I think the fabric shop out in Surrey has yarn and patterns but mostly I have to go to Michael's which is close by. I'll check with Ray to see if we can go tomorrow after the doctor appointment. He said fine!! I just asked him. Why do I ask? Well I no longer drive and have to check with Ray first. He never says no. That would be trouble :>)

No more news here so have a great evening folks.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Late again and I forgot to write earlier.  We watched A Clebration of Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday. She is a wonderful woman , I admire her very much. I remember when she and her sister Margaret Rose were children as I too was a child then. They were like movie stars in those days. There were books and colouring books about them.  I loved the two little princesses then. And I still admire the Queen very much. She is a perfect example of goodness to her country and the empire. To think she is that old but then I too am pretty old these days. Not quite 90 but pushing it LOL.

As for today Sunday We did very little, stayed in. I knitted a bit and played on the laptop. I did not nap today so I am a bit tired tonight and plan to go to bed after I finish the blog. Then I'll read for a bit, I did read a little this afternoon too, started a new book so it is calling to me from the bedroom where it is resting LOL.

I talked to my sister Margaret for a short while this afternoon. It is Sunday and she goes to church. Lots of things for her to talk about and for me to listen to. Church is full of activity and people and children , many stories in a church.

Tonight is quiet the only call is the one I made to Marg. I just laptopped, a new word I just coined, haha. And I ate chips, salt and vinegar. I love those chips even though they do make my lips peel. Even so I eat them with relish and suffer the consequences of peeling lips. By relish I mean enjoyment not the relish from the bottle used on hot dogs. 

And that is it for today folks have a great evening. Or morning when ever you read this.

Friday, May 13, 2016


My blog seems to be running late these days. Sometimes I forget to write it earlier. Too much running around the net LOL.
As for our day it started a long time ago and I tend to forget what happened in the morning. I do recall that we went to Tim's for a soup and sandwich. They make really good soup. Today it was turkey/rice and was excellent. I always come away for there wanting to make some myself but then forget when I arrive back home. I am usually tired and have a nap instead. Maybe tomorrow morning I'll make some. Whoops I have no turkey in the fridge. Not much of anything else either. But then tomorrow is grocery shopping day so I might buy some turkey , a leg will do the job don't you think. I prefer dark meat it has lots more flavour. I just asked Ray to remind me to buy the leg. Sometimes if I ask him to remember it sparks my memory.
I did nothing of any interest this afternoon . I wish I could get more energy. 
I guess maybe my advanced age has something to do with being tired.
Tomorrow I have to do my nails and paint them with the pretty new polish I bought at London Drugs today. I also bought two paperbacks but they are in the bedroom and I can't be bothered to get up and find out what the titles are. But I bought them both so I think they will be good. Usually one does not buy books that are not of interest.
Time to go to bed. Have a good evening folks.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

lazy day

We had a lazy afternoon but a busy  morning. We went to Metrotown and met Bob and Buzz for lunch and a long visit. As usual it was a great visit, I do so enjoy their company. We talked about family, friends ,casinos and grandkids. Well I talked about my grands , mostly Sam. Ray and  I love  our grandkids so we talk about how great they are.
Ray and I had a small Dairy Queen strawberry sundae and Bob and Buzz had a larger chocolate Sundae. It was so good. I love soft ice cream.
Buzz told me I did not write the blog last night. That was when I got home from dinner with Kathy and guild I was so tired I went straight to bed. Kathy and I had dinner together, Barb could not come and Judith came in at the end of dinner. She ate at home I guess. She lives just around the corner from the restaurant and Kathy and I live at the other end of town. I had spaghetti with clams, it was really good. Kathy always has pizza.  
Kathy went to England today to see her dad. It is a long trip from here, at least 8 hours by plane, no other way to go. I remember when my mom nd dad went to England and Scotland and they went by train across Canada and by ship. When I was three mom took my brother Peter and me by ship to Scotland and England. I still recall parts of the trip.
That is it folks. Have a great evening.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Knitters thumb or knitter's thumb whichever works for you. What is knitter's thumb? It is a pain in your thumb joint caused by knitting and the only cure is to stop knitting until it gets better. That takes time and it comes back again. If anyone knows of a cure for this ailment will you please leave me a message or write me at nanb@shaw.ca

So I am not knitting, I'll need to get back to sewing and finish that quilt I started for Eve. It needs to travel  to Quebec. Or I can give my thumbs a rest for a while.

As for today we went out this morning to the eye doctor , he told Ray his eyes were better than last time and mine were good and then we had lunch .I had a Timmy's bacon and egger, it is actually a breakfast sandwich but it was close to lunch and that is what we wanted to eat. 
After lunch we came home. And both of us had a nap later in the afternoon. My life is so simple these days. I just told Ray I wanted to go on a trip but got no response. I'll mention it again tomorrow. LOL.  

I am worried once again about the forest at the back of us, not a big one but still it is hot and we have had no rain for some time . I fear for fire. But the good thing is we have great firefighters in town here and they will be able to protect us and our property. I just have to fret about it.

My nose won't stop running and I do not have a cold. I wonder what that is, allergy?

We are meeting Sam tomorrow for lunch and on Thursday we meet Bob and Buzz. Our social life is good!!!

That's my day folks. Time for supper which will be  a salmon sandwich.  MMM excellent.
Ray is an artist when it comes to setting up a plate. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

A quiet Sunday

We spent a very quiet day at home today. I have another cold, it seems to me it was just recently that I had one of these colds, so now I am thinking it is spring allergies that are going on. What a pain. If I use anti allergy medicine it makes me sleepy. I must go and see if there is anti drowsy medication.  In the meantime my nose is running and I am coughing, headache too . What a pain this is. I guess I will need to get something to help.
The cleaning lady came today and did her job. It is always so clean I think she must wonder why we need her, but we like it to stay clean so it has to be done. Ray used to do it all mostly but now he doesn't need to because we have the lady. And I won't let him clean before she gets here. LOL.
I had to get mad at him for that. But he has discovered the joy of having a cleaning lady.
  As we stayed in all day there is nothing much to write about. I haven't talked to anyone on the phone either other than Pat calling to see if I am going to quilting tomorrow. However we are going to the eye doctor tomorrow. I have not been for a long time.I think my eyes need to be looked at.
I ate half a bag of salt and vinegar chips. I love them, good thing we do not buy them regularly.  But now my lips will peel, that is the punishment for eating such good stuff. Kind of like a hangover from drinking.
I am going to phone Richard soon. I did and he is busy packing up meat with Katie , meat a friend gave him I am thinking it might be game. He likes wild game, he used to hunt himself.
That is all for tonight folks.
I am having a good week ahead....

Sunday, May 8, 2016


A beautiful day for Mother's Day. Peter came over with flowers. What a sweetheart he is. Jim called from Edmonton , Rick called from Calgary, Adam called from Louisiana and I spoke to Aaron and young Adam. And Matthew sent me a card. Sam called to take us for lunch next week.   It was lovely to hear from them all!! I had a very happy day.
The rest of the day was spent watching TV and laptopping. 
So I had a very pleasant day . I' m happy to hear from all my men.
Ray set up dinner we did not have much as we went out for lunch yesterday to celebrate Mother's Day.
I hope there is something good on TV tonight . Right now we are watching Bill Marr, We get him, he is a political commentator but more democratic than republican.  We like to keep up on the politics of the day. Big fight on this programme. Clinton or Trump sad choice.
Tonight he is talking about drug addiction, percoset was the drug he used as an example of addiction to prescription drugs.
I am still knitting up those little dish cloths that I give away to friends. The pile is getting high so I had better find someone to give them to. I knit them because it calms me down if I have one of those days, it is better than drugs I think.   So everybody take up your knitting needles and calm down.
Time is up folks I'll be here again tomorrow.

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Wow I did not realize it was so late, I usually write the blog earlier in the evening. 
Sometimes it is easy for me to forget about writing but I remembered tonight. Not that I have a lot readers but I want to keep the ones I have happy. 
There is a show on right now about sleep disorders. Apparently many people suffer from it. I used to when I was working. It seems your mind cannot stop thinking about work. At least that is how it was for me when I worked. Now that I am retired I do not have this problem. Thank goodness.
TV has sometimes good things to say. That is if you watch the TV.
We went out for lunch today to TOPS our favourite restaurant. Big meals , good food and a nice atmosphere. We had a toasted tomato and bacon sandwich which we shared and a salad as the side dish. We do not eat a lot any more, at least at one sitting so that is why we share our meal. The restaurant is very good about that , maybe because we go there often. I have gone there since 1975 when I was still working. We teachers would go there for lunch and I still go there as it is in my area.
It is another beautiful day here , similar it not the same as the previous gorgeous days we have had.  I love living here and always have ever since we moved here in 1938. We live in northern Manitoba before we moved here. That is where
Marg , brother Peter and I were born. Our dear brother Peter passed away a long time ago. He was still a young man but had a heart condition, blocked arteries before they had the skills to repair them. I had the same condition a few years later and  by then They could do an angioplasty. I had to go to Victoria though to get it done. But fortunately I had a dear friend who put me up for the time. She had the same condition and has unfortunately passed away some time ago. I still miss her, we had so much fun together.

Well I seem to be talking about sad things tonight, I'll stop now.
Good night!

Friday, May 6, 2016

stillnot well

Thank you Michelle for your kind healing thoughts. I am feeling better tonight but still not up to writing much. Once again I did not get out today.
Not much to say other than yuch not feeling well .  But still it will get better.
At least we are not victims of the great fire in Fort MacMurray described by one of the fore victims as apocalyptic. It is dreadful. The fire cannot be put out I am not sure what the reason is, but it is a horrendous fire.
We pray for rain. Only rain can can fix this tragedy. And here it smells like rain but this is far away from the Fort.
I know it is early but I feel like going to bed . It is just 8 :11. 
We are watching WW2 films once again. For some reason we both like that. I guess because we were young when WW2 occured and it made such a huge impression on us. It was a big thing in our house when we were children as both my mom and dad were British and talked about the war a lot, many letters came from Britain, so we were pretty inundated with the war news.
That's it folks I am going to bed.  Have a good evening my friends.

a day in bed

I spent most of the day in bed, still trying to get well again. I hope that comes soon. I am one of those people who likes to get out every day and today we had a lunch date with Bob and Buzz which I had to cancel . Maybe we can get together next week. That would be nice. I hope to get out tomorrow.
A day in bed is not my favourite thing to do, bed is for night time. But sometimes it is necessary. However I am up now and it is 2:00 so that is not too bad. 
Ray has gone out to do a few errands , to get some mayonnaise which we have been trying to get for the past three days and kept forgetting. Are we getting old? LOL.
I talked to Rick today and he is now having to use his power wheel chair. I think his arms are getting weaker from the ALS. It is absolutely heartbreaking for him and for me as well. I hate that he is getting so much weaker. He is so brave. I am sure I would not be as brave as he is.
I am sitting here with a can of cashews and eating them. They are good but not quite salty enough for me. Made with sea salt that is why they aren't very salty. Probably better for me.
I am watching Forensic Files. I like this show even though it is about murder and such. I like mystery novels too. Although I bought two James Patterson books recently and now know why Marg does not like him. I am not happy with these two books. Even so I have read one recently that I did like.
Since I am home for the day I have not much to write about. 

Have a great evening.

Thursday, May 5, 2016


Fire in the north, it is terrifying. The fire is burning up the north of Alberta and finishing off the forests. It is horrifying and fire knows no boundaries. We can only pray for rain and there is no rain in sight. I wonder if will jump the borders of Alberta and come down in B.C. 
We are bone dry here in the city too and as usual I worry about Vancouver when the weather is this dry. It is early in the season for such aridity , only April and in April it usually rains. Not so this year.
Where has the rain gone?  I love the rain and sure hope it comes again soon.
I have been sick in bed most of the day and will soon be back there  as I am still pretty worn out. But tomorrow should be better, I hope. I do not like spending my day in bed. I am up now for a short time but that will be it.
Now I am too tired to stay up for long.
Good night folks,

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I just filled out the Census form tonight. It didn't take too long to do.
The government likes to keep track of us every once in a while. But they put the information to good use.

We were watching the news of the fires in Fort McMurray again today. So much devastation and people all evacuating the area and leaving all their valuable behind.  So terribly tragic.  

I have had it for today and am very tired tonight. I want to go to bed soon . I think it will be an early night for me. Right now it is 9:25. Is that too soon? No not as far as I am concerned. 

Ray says he is falling asleep, good!! I can go to bed shortly.

Have a great evening no matter where you spend it.LOL

Good night dear friends.


I had a sleepy morning today. Didn't get up for some time and was a bit sleepy still. However as the day wore on I was more awake. Now I am just fine. Ray is napping now for a short bit. He was out shopping earlier in the afternoon. As we age we become more like the children we were at a much earlier age. Naps become important LOL.

But I have not done anything useful today other than make the bed, we never leave the beds unmade as it makes the place look so messy.

I hope to be able to get out tomorrow and on Thursday we are meeting Bob and Buzz for lunch. I am looking forward to that. I have a couple of books to pass on to Buzz.  Marg and my books sure get around. Marg will give me the books she has read and I pass them on to Buzz. I am sure she passes them on too but I must ask her. Marg passes on my books too I know. We are all great at sharing. I found a book at London Drugs I want to buy so maybe we can do that when we go out tomorrow. 

I am eating cashews as I write today, For some reason I think they may be fattening so I had better stop with the eating. 

Once again not too much to write when I stay in but I do want to remark on the terrible forest fires up north of Edmonton in Fort MacMurray.  The pictures on TV show an intense fire and a dreadful situation in northern Alberta. The town of Fort MacMurray is aflame. It is such a scary situation for the people of Fort MacMurray and for anyone else who lives in  northern Alberta. It is anyone's guess how far it will spread. I so admire firefighters who do  such a dangerous job and who are so brave in the face of terror. What can be worse . Fire itself frightens me, it is so unpredictable. I pray for their safe return  to their families.

I talked to my Richard today, He is amazing . The way he lives with ALS and how he still does so much of what he wants to do is so admirable. I admire him greatly. He has a wonderful spirit and is very brave.
Matthew was here this morning, he comes to help us when we need help. He is going to take Ray to St. Paul's . He is good that way and in all ways. Thank you Matthew.

I am coughing quite a bit and my throat hurts from it. I hope it all goes away soon.

Wow that's a lot of writing for someone who did not go out LOL.

Have a great evening everyone.


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

where did my blog go

I thought I had begun my blog earlier in the day. I often start it during the day and finish it in the evening. But it doesn't seem to be anywhere I can locate it. Oh well I am always full of words, no lack there.
The real wordsmith in our family is Richard, he has quite a way with beautiful writing. I don't get much chance to read the writings of the other four sons although they can all write well. I think they got that talent from their dad  and that is not Ray since he is not their father. 

I spent the day mostly in bed still recovering from my bad cold so I am still in my night gown , no need to change for bed LOL.

My memory for what I have already written is somewhat fading. I have to check it out periodically. So if you read here something the I have already written please forgive me. After all I am 84 now and entitled to forget a bit.

I hope tomorrow is a better day and I can go out for a while. We like to go for lunch . 

It is still warm and dry tonight , although it rained a bit last night. There are so many bad forest fires in  Fort McMurray Alberta, the whole town is being evacuated. People are losing their homes. What a horror for those poor souls.
The pictures on TV are dreadful and show such awful video of the fires. 
When it is so dry like this I worry about living here in the city on the edge of the forest at the back of our place. I worried last year too. So when the day is cool like it is today I am grateful. I am not a fan of heat even so. 
I love the cool weather, cool but not cold.

I called Rick today but missed him and now I just missed Jim. I wanted to talk to Jim as he lives in Edmonton in the north of Alberta and wondered if he has been affected by the smoke from the fires. Everyone is out it seems.

I have a small quilt that needs finishing , I think I mentioned that yesterday but still have not gotten to it. Nancy, our granddaughter, asked for a quilt for her latest baby Eve. Honestly I must finish the one I have started. I seem to have lost interest in sewing at the moment . Better fix that.

So tonight is finished folks I have done writing. Have a great evening.

missed my day

So I missed my sewing day today. Why? Because I am still sick and not up to going anywhere.

I have been in my nightie all day but I am out of bed now and on the mend. I should be well by Wednesday I hope. So of course I had to miss my Tuesday group.  I don't like doing that.But life is like that you don't always get what you want. Isn't that a song title?

Of course nothing much happened today but Ray had to go to the dentist. He is so brave, he never has anaesthetic (sic) I don't know how he does that. But he has a high tolerance for pain, still the dentist is so awful.

So that is it. nothing happens when I stay home. Have a great evening folks.


Ray tells me it is Monday so the week begins. We went to White Spot on Kingsway and had a burger. Then we just stopped at Safeway for bread. 
Really hot today I am not a fan of hot so summer isn't my best season even though it isn't summer yet. It is hot though, we just turned on the AC for a while. In summer we have AC on all the time. I think it is way too early for it to be hot but then who even asked me.

This morning Mary, Albert , Rose and Quinn came to visit . It was so nice to see them all and the little ones were fun as usual. I love having them all come to visit. 

Mrs Brown

Watching Mrs. Brown's Boy, it is so funny. Today the 2 gay men are talking about getting married. Lots of trouble over that one and Mrs Brown has a new microwave oven. Lots of fun as well as trouble LOL.

Ray has gone to the dentist this afternoon. He was apprehensive about it. Who isn't when they go to the dentist.  I wouldn't want to be a dentist , every one hates to see them coming. It doesn't matter how nice they are . 

I did not go out again today as I am still not feeling well at all with this cold. I didn't even go to my sewing Tuesday and not just because I feel awful but I would hate to pass this on to my friends. So it will be next week before I go again. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow and Ray does not get this one.

I have been thinking about the finished design of my quilt for little Eve and I think I may have come up with the border idea. Maybe tomorrow I can start on it. The center is done and it is all hearts. I'll save the pictures until the top is done. Is anyone else doing any quilting these days? I like to have a project on the go.

Weather report:Another gorgeous day here, there have been many of them lately. However thankfully there was some rain last night. I love the rain. But these beautiful days are also a huge blessing.

Nothing exciting or new today I'm afraid. If I stay home for the day there is nothing to tell.

Have a great day folks. Good afternoon.

Monday, May 2, 2016

No politics Jean, I don't do American politics and know  Americans are not interested in Canadian politics. So stay with me.

Sunday, May 1, 2016


So this is Sunday...tra a la la.  And I have had my shower and am sitting here in my chair writing. Ray is doing the laundry. I will go and help him when I finish writing.  Won't be long if I stop making mistakes in spelling. Not that I have any trouble with spelling but I do have difficulty with typing. I have never had a typing lesson so it is a two finger job. Well it works .

Ray just brought me strawberries and whipped cream, delicious and so is he )) He feeds me a lot , it is no wonder I can't lose weight but he is happy with me and I am not that heavy, just need to lose a few pounds. However, not going to happen LOL.

I don't know what we are going to do today apart from laundry. Oh yes we were going to make chicken soup later on. But of course we will go out for a while we always do.  We never stay in the whole day. But that is good . Old people should make sure they get around if possible and for us it is still possible. So off we go. We can't go to  London Drugs any more Ray says as we spend money. I wonder how long this will last.

I'll get back to my blog later after I have done something and have a thought or two to write about. Nothing of any great importance I'm afraid. Maybe I should start a political blog, I do follow the politics of the day.

We spent the rest of the day at home, I had a nice nap and then it was time for supper. We only had a sandwich, mine was ham. That filled me up.

That is my blog for tonight , have a great evening. We did not make the chicken soup. Darn!