a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Peter was here

I am late tonight first because I wanted to finish my pink ballerina so I could take a photo.
She is a pretty girl but then I love pink. Now there are only two left to embroider.

Secondly Peter came over to visit after dinner. He was teaching a course at Metrotown which as you know is not too far from us. It was really nice to see him. He said how he found teaching to be very exhausting. He was really tired and left early to go to bed.

I had lost my little knitting book of socks and hats and spent two days looking for it. Finally it appeared in a place I had already looked at twice. It was hidden in plain sight, well almost it was beneath a Keepsake Quilting catalogue on a small table in the bedroom. But I am done for the night so I'll start tomorrow.
Both of  us were a bit on the slow side today, Ray didn't have any energy and neither did I.  However he got all the receipts for income tax organized. I spent sometime on my PC trying to figure out how to print a photo from My Pictures. I  got it eventually and not too many tries either. It was a photo of Ray's sister Marion who is still with us and her 5 children. It came in the e mail and he wanted a hard copy.
Then a friend phoned and we talked for some time. It was good to hear from Barb. She has her own set of problems dealing with her husband who is having vision troubles along with some other issues. Getting old is not for sissies LOL.
Is this the same couple that Jean found in Puerto Rico LOL....
If you have seen War Horse you might find the real thing interesting. My dad was in the Royal Horse Artillery and was among the first group of Britains to go over to France in 1914.
See this picture of the RHA

It is time for me to go. Have a good evening.


Monday, January 30, 2012


I just wandered through a blog that had yoyos on it. She is committed to making a quilt of yoyos and needs 1008 in order to complete the task. She used that yoyo maker to make hers but some of my friends say it is just as easy to make them the old fashioned way by cutting out the size circle you want including 1/4 seam allowance and stitching a running stitch around the circle at the seam allowance, then pulling it up and tacking it down. 

 Lu Ann's blog is called Loose Threads and the yoyo button is down on the right hand side. There are loads  of  items of interest  on this blog, plenty to keep you busy for a while.
I also ran into some knitiing blogs and crochet blogs. No doubt there are blogs on everything.
We had to wait for the nurse this morning and that was a concern as our appointment at the Ostomy clinic at noon. But she arrived at 10:00 . My dressing needed to be changed on the pic line, it gets changed every Monday and that takes a bit of time too.
However we were able to get it all taken care of  and reached the clinic in time even a bit early.
Lucy , the nurse , looked at my wound as they call it, I call it a crater, and pronounced it improved. Then she redressed it, so I had two dressing treatments today.
We went for lunch a Tim Horton's and bought some bread at the bakery.
By then I had to go for a nap. Well we came home first LOL.
This picture of my dear friend Gail in Phoenix, well really Surprise, AZ. was taken in her sewing room where she works her magic. It is a lovely room to work in. When I was there we would spend the whole day in there just chatting and sewing. It was a lot of fun. We went out for dinner at Abuelo's and Olive Garden, both restaurants that I really enjoyed. We also went to some local quilt shops of course :)

TODAY I received an envelope in the mail. It was a set of 5 double pointed knitting needles, Ione found them for me and mailed them. THANK you Ione. You are such a treasure. I do so appreciate your kindness.
Take care of your own, what lucky chicks sheltered beneath their mother's loving wings. This is such a lovely picture and captured my imagination completely.

Matthew called this evening and we made a date for him to come over for a visit on Friday. We had a laugh because my calendar is very busy, but not with social engagements but with medical appointments.
I think I'll set up my hoop for the next ballerina, that will be my sewing work for tonight LOL.
Have a good evening folks.
Barka da yamma.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

guilty guilty guilty

The Shafias have been found guilty of killing three of their daughters and Sahfia's first wife of a polygamous marriage in what was described as  an honour killing.. First Degree murder is  a life sentence and in Canada life is 25 years. We agree with this verdict.
Shafia , his second sife and his son all convicted.

Scroll all the way down to find  some more sites to click on  rug mugs for  your valentine.
I have never been particularly enomoured of this block, Delectable Mountains, but this piece kind of catches my attention.

I love this picture . Of course I don't care if it is Monday tomorrow or not since every day is Saturday LOL. I am afraid to say it , but I will, I always liked Mondays, it was a day to have a clean  slate for the week.  I'd get everything ready on Friday and was raring to go on Monday.
Charlotte's chubby little face, I think she might be eating something.

Rose and Mary next- a Madonna and child photo.
Isn't it adorable.

Rick called today and we had a nice long talk about trucks and cars and weather in Calgary which he said was beautiful  this week. Sometimes I would like to go to Calgary, I have been there once a long time ago when Matthew was working there. I liked the city and if I could escape the antibiotics every morning I would visit.
We went to our new Subway for lunch today. We had soup and sandwich. Then we shopped the produce store and bought strawberries. When we got home Ray cleaned the strawberries and covered them with whipped cream. Oh they were so good.
After we walked around the grocery store and bought some mixed nuts. That was all. But I used my walker so got in some exercise.

Good evening folks , have a good one.
Sleep tight!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

heart to heart

This is an interesting pillow but you will need a tool that does chenille, still I like the looks of it.

We all  need more table toppers don't we?

I absolutely love pin cushions not that I have made any LOL, except the one on my scrap bag that site on my sewing table. But I get excited when I see a new one. Most of my pincushions are the little chicken ones the people have given me. Some day I want to make a big chicken one haha.
Grocery shopping today. Ray loves his peppers both regular ones and hot ones. So he buys a variety of peppers, slices them up  and fries them in olive oil. Then he puts them on toast and eats them. I have to go to the other end of the apartment when he is cooking peppers as they make my eyes burn. LOL.
I took my walker to the store today but didn't walk all around the store. I sat at the magazine section and looked through every quiting magazine there. I didn't buy though as there wasn't any designs I saw that caught my eye. McCalls quilting was enclosed in a plastic envelope. It did have a CD in it but I don't like buying a pig in a poke so I just left it. Cant' see what's in the magazine they can keep it.

Big RV sale going on out in Abbotsford, I know those vehicles are beautiful inside and out too with their lovely awnings, but I wonder how on earth anyone can afford the gas but then I have a small mind and don't think big . That's why |I don't get it. Lots of rich people around. If I did have the money to buy one I would go to a hotel on my vacation where there would be no cooking, bed making and house cleaning, like the one Jean and I stayed in in Orlando,see last night's blog.  It was a delightful experience. Since |I no longer can leave town it would be a good idea to go downtown to one of our special hotels and enjoy the life there. Haha.
My dog fix for today....
Now that's training....

Have a wonderful evening folks.
Bon Soir.


Friday, January 27, 2012

it's a question of ....

The question has been posedby Billie  as to what these two are doing. Jean who took the photo has responded  in a comment in yesterday's blog. LOL.
We went out twice today, making up for the past three days  :)
In the morning we went to the bakery to purchase some nice pastries for when Bob and Buzz came over. We had to go to the bank ATM for some money. Drat! the baker wanted us to pay with cash LOL. And tada! I used the walker to go out today and left the wheelchair back home. It was so great to be able to do that and it makes me think I'll get better and be able to go around to my groups. What a blessing that will be.
Buzz accompanied by Bob came to help me with some disposals. We winnowed out the shoes that I can't wear any more. Not because they were worn, they were like new, but  they hurt my feet. I wanted them to go to women who were homeless and needed shoes aand Buzz said her DDIL's church took things right down to the homeless rather than selling them  which some charity organizations do. She said some of those women were using cardboard for soles.
Then we turned our attention to my closet. Several coats(jackets) quite a few tops and some old towels. It was quite a bit but there is still more to go.
We had coffee and cakes and visited. Buzz asked when we were going to get new furniture. I said we aren't.  She said we usually changed our furniture occasionally. I said we are getting shabby and the furniture and carpet  are getting shabby along with us  LOL.
I love this one ,so I'm sharing it with you. :))
We decided to go out for dinner tonight. So we went to TOPS as usual. I had the salad with their fabulous house dressing and a bowl of clam chowder. Ray had Salisbury steak with mashed potatoes and veggies. He can't eat potatoes because they are full of potassium and his potassium is too high and that is really dangerous so no potatoes for him. However I helped him out a bit and ate some of his potatoe and gravy. Couldn't let it go to waste, oh no! I am a good wife Haha.
Another of Jean's pictures from Puerto Rico. This fish pond was in her hotel.
When Ray and I were in Orlando we stayed at the Rennaissance . The balconies of the rooms face into a huge atrium on the hotel where they had a fish pond with lovely Koi and lovely parrots in cages.
We were across from Seaworld and it was fabulous. I loved it.
I have some great photos but they are in an album and would have to be copied into the computer. Some day I'll do that.
Have a great evening folks.
Buenas tardes.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Patterns for quilts and for use of charm squares. Look under sewing for two Valentine designs. Just click on the tabs along the top.
Salliejean, my machine worked fine today after its accident yesterday. I began the Daffodil ballerina after the nurse left, but stopped it every time I had to leave the machine even for a minute. It was partially done when Ray and I  went on to take care of all the magazines and books I want to donate to the guild library. I needed to sort out the ones I wanted to keep and the ones I wanted to give away. I loaded about 100 items into bags for Juliet to take to the guild. Ray took them down to her car because they were so heavy. I hope she can get help at the other end.
After Juliet left I went back to the ballerina and finished it. Here it is.
By this time I was ready for a nap, it was a short one but it helped.
Doing all those books was very tiring.
Jean sent this photo from Puerto Rico I think she called it the Crown of thorns. It is very pretty whatever it is called.
This is interesting .Idid not think that reptiles cared for their offspring. Can any one tell me what is happening here. Is it a friendly relationship or special delivery ? LOL.
Everyone needs a loving friend. I have the wheelchair but not the dog Boo Hoo. I love dogs but we don't want to have one in this apartment. So I just find or take photos and look at the puppies in the pet shop. Sigh......
I am getting ready to go to one of my groups next month . My walking is getting better and hopefully by then I will be  okay with some help. Please God.
We are watching The Mentalist right now. I watch and write-clever eh! LOL. 
We didn't go out again tonight, at least I didn't ,Ray took his car out for a carwash while I waited for Juliet and sewed as I waited.
Have a good evening folks.
Buona notte.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

staying in

A good day to stay home as the nurse, the cleaning lady ,  the delivery man and the pizza man came. We ordered pizza this evening for supper. We rarely buy pizza but sometimes we don't want to be bothered cooking. The pizza was good but too much for Ray and me. He had two slices and I had one.

I started to do another ballerina, yellow dress this time and red hair. Remember folks that embroidery machines are very temperamental. They want your complete undivided attention. But everything was going beautifully so I erroneously thought I could leave it working and go for my pizza. NOT. It did it again, jammed up totally . I had to remove the hoop and that was not easy since the thread had clumped  up badly in the short time it took for me to reach the machine. What a mess. I had to use scissors to break through the thread jam. The stabilizer was torn from the jamming and had moved the design out of place. I thought I might be able to save it but it was not to be.Wasn't I just saying the I shouldn't work at night -too many mistakes. Or as Adam is no doubt thinking it is a self fulfilling prophecy LOL. I'll try again tomorrow in the afternoon.
It's a shame isn't it? The damage was done to her face.  Poor Daffodil.

I think I told you I had lost 25 pounds while I was in the hospital, well they weren't lost for long, I found them again. Fiddledeedee.
I guess I need to curb my appetite. I don't want to round up too much.
We're watching the drama Bomb Girls. This is the third episode out of six. I am enjoying it. It is a Canadian production I think and well done.
Ray bought me my favourite candy today, a box of Smarties. They are so good , similar to M and Ms.

Good evening folks  have a great one.
Buenos Noches.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Here's the link for Leah's: http://freemotionquilting.blogspot.com/2012/01/quilt-along-3-playing-with-scale.html
Stippling to scale. Looks easy when she does it :)http://weefolkart.com/content/snowflake-applique-block 
An applique snowflake , I'm not sure it is hand or not
We went to the ostomy clinic today. I haven't mentioned before that I have a crater in my abdomen that won't get better , so that is why I have to keep going to the clinic. It isn't very nice and sure needs the treatment. We had to learn what to do just in case there is a complication  between visits. Fortunately I can't get an infection as I am already on heavy antibiotics LOL. Otherwise It might become septic.

After the clinic we went to our old Walmart only to discover that it is a new Walmart. They had added a huge grocery component to the store . We didn't go all around as for this day I went out with the walker, not the wheelchair. I was very impressed with myself LOL. I didn't get to see if they had renewed their fabric section,but next time I'll check that out.
Margaret came over after we got home and brought me a book by J.A.Jance -Fatal Error. I do enjoy her stories so it will be a treat to read. I still have other books to read first though. She brought The Help over too. I had already read that one when it first came out but I could read it again.
We had some very heavy rains today , but Marg and I both said we liked this weather. We have lived here too long haha.
I promised you some birds  this is a Blue fronted Amazon Parrot.
 These are Scarlet Macaws in flight.

No time to sew. I was disappointed but do not trust myself to sew at night . If I am tired I make mistakes so maybe tomorrow. The hoop is ready to go.
Life is sweet when we are together.
Time flies, temus fugit.
Have a good evening folks.

Monday, January 23, 2012

blogging time

What a cute idea-comfort food quilts.  I noticed that Eleanor Burn has some food quilts on her site. It must be the latest rage.

Some cute photos of Charlotte in her new sailor dress. Every girl needs a friend but
Remy wants bite of that cookie. LOL.
A girl, a dog, a mom and a basket.
The nurse was quite late today .  It was the day for the dressing change . She had forgotten the dressing tray and so had to call someone to deliver it to her. All very time consuming and we had to forget about our chores today. We wanted to return red shirt
I bought recently. But we don't like to travel when the traffic gets heavy.
Tomorrow we have to go to the ostomy clinic so no returning of   merchandise.
My friend Jean has been enjoying her  visit to Puerto Rico as seen in the photos below.
Jean and a cockatoo. It looks like a Sulphur Crested cockatoo. If the comb is yellow then it is. Note the Blue and Gold Macaw in the cage.
And here he is out
 of the cage.
I was so tired after the nurse left that I fell asleep in my chair. So there we were the two of us snoozing away on our chairs LOL.
No sewing but in the morning I cut the stabilizer for the next ballerina and hooped the stabilizer and fabric. So it is ready to go. When is anybody's guess!
That's my news for tonight.
Have a great evening.
Bon Soir.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

a day late

Mary caught me by surprise last night, a nice surprise as it was. Lovely to see sweet baby Rose.I will have to tell you about yesterday if I can remember.
We went grocery shopping and after    that in the early evening we went  to The Keg with Sam, Aaron, Rodger and Gloria.   Gloria is mother to Aaron and Rodger. Sam is mine LOL. We all had a great time. I had a Caeser but it wasn't as good as the one I had at the Cactus Club several months ago. I shared an order of Mushrooms Neptune with Ray along with some delicious bread. Usually Sam likes to share them with us but not last night. My entree was prime rib and mashed potato . I shared a bit of Rodger's dessert, strawberry cheese cake. MMM delicious.
Sam, Rodger, Aaron and Ray after dinner. The pictures are better outside the restaurant.

See that short one? That's me in my wheelchair. The others are from left to right are Sam, Gloria, Aaron and Ray. Rodger is on the other side of the  camera. LOL. I choose not to add the ones in the restaurant as they are too dark.

Today was a busy day for me. I decided to do some cooking so I made pork steaks with onions and celery covered with mushroom soup. All went into the slowcooker at a low temperature. It was delicious when we plated it for dinner. And while I was in the kitchen  I made a sandwich using the new dark rye bread I bought . I filled it with butter, mayonnaise, tomato,onion and celery. That was all to much for the bread and it broke apart, but I ate the pieces anyway. LOL.
After eating my concoction and drinking my Sprite I turned on my embroidery machine. I set the hoop and away we went on another ballerina. It took about an hour and a half to two hours to stitch out.
Here she is....
Now there are 4 more to go.  And then to  figure out how to put them together. And who to give them to.
Mid afternoon , Rick and Peter came over for a lovely visit. They had come in from their weekend sailing. Some spots were wicked as there was a gale warning for a bit. But all's well that ends      well and they arrived safely.
I was pretty tired after all that and had a nap . Ray woke me up for dinner.
Time for me to go.
Have a good evening folks.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hijacked by Cuteness!

Hello everyone! Mary here.

This blog has been far too sparce on pictures of Rose (part of that is my fault, I've been busy!) so I'm taking over for a post and giving you plenty!
Let your mouse hover over the picture to see a caption. You can also click the pictures to make them bigger.

Pictures from the Hospital

In comparison, here's a picture of me as a newborn!

Out of the Hospital (Christmas!)

Back to Victoria

And for your viewing pleasure, here are two videos of Rose:

Rose making meeping noises... she's a squeaker!

Baby hiccups!