a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, April 30, 2010

books not read

I gave up on Emma by Jane Austen. I hope to return to it at a later daye but as I mentioned previously Romance stories are not easy for me to read. And I did read Mansfield Park so as it often is with books I find if I have just read a book by an author I need to back off that one and wait a while before I read another. I don't know why but I do not like to read one after another of the same author. The rhythm of the books are the same I think, the atmosphere continues on from book to book , the feeling is often similar and the vocabulary load carries over.
There was another one I had and could not read, can't even recall the title. That means my book list is a bit behind times :>D
I did purchase a new ironing board cover , now isn't that really exciting LOL. I have a love affair with irons and related items. Some people love any number of things but I have to be restrained from buying irons .Every new colour that comes out I want it but Ray keeps me from buying foolishly. Lucky me~!! or my apartment would be inundated with irons LOL.
As my grandson said to me once "Grandma, you are so easy to please" .
I have the pattern for the napkin and need to test drive it tomorrow before I add it to this page.
See the tower, see the black spot on the tower. That's my son Jim building this tower out on his acreage. I must ask him what it is for, something to save him money for sure LOL
Rest Easy..

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Talk about darning

Life is so funny, I have not mentioned the word darning for many, many years and I ddi that on this blog recently. When you speak the word the action seems to follow, very weird. Serendipity I believe. So please be careful of what you speak LOL. My favourite grey socks developed a hole in the heel , I just noticed it last night. Could not find the right wool so I used some left over from Ione's socks. Now my grey socks have a red mixed blend spot on the heel. It definitely was not my best darning job but then I have not darned for decades. For some odd reason I like it :>)
When I first married Ray his brother said to me "Nan I want you to mend my sock" "Not going to happen" said I. "What do you do when Ray gets a hole in his sock? I throw them out and buy new ones. He was not impressed but I was not impressed with his manner of asking either LOL> That was in the 70s.
Enough about darning, definitely not a hot topic LOL.
A real hot topic is the cataclysmic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. My concerns are for the families of the men who were killed on the oil rig and for the beds of oysters and clams that may be totally killed off, for the sea creatures and sea birds in the Mississippi delta and surroundings . It is horrendous. I wonder what the federalgovernment can do to help . Can the military do anything to cap the well?
Can the rest of the world be of assistance?
Sorry to day no quilting today. I am in a slump for some unknow reason. I think that happens to a lot of quilters and crafters. But I did take the Hallowe'en topper out and lay it on the table to see if it fits there :>)) and it does!!
Tomorrow we have to leave early for Ray to go to the specialist and then we have to stay out while the elevators are being serviced. I can't handle the stairs to the third floor any more.
Stay well folks. Have a great evening and a good night's sleep :>()

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

more laptop troubles

Who would believe it, my new,New laptop lost one of its key tops today. Back to the store, I know they hate to see me coming but hey what can I do. We talked about going for a different name machine like a Sony since I am so unhappy with this model. The clerk said he would try and arrange it so I need to go back on Monday. I am prepared to pay more if I find one that pleases me more than this one. Let's hope. :>)
Other than this nothing unusual has occurred today. We both spent the afternoon watching old TV shows and that is nothing to talk about.
I did ask for permission to add the napkin pattern to this blog and have not yet received permission so I spoke too hastily yesterday when I promised to have it up today. When and if I get the go ahead is when it will be on this blog.
I looked at the fabric that needed to be cut into strips and then looked at it again, still not cut, maybe tomorrow. It is a bit of white with pink that I wanted for the appliqued hearts. I need to get it all done soon so it can go back to Quebec with Lynn and Daniel when the visit in May.
It is for the new baby ,she won't be that new if I don't get a bur under my saddle pretty soon LOL.
Good night! Take care!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

pleasant work

The boss liked my quilt hurrah? Did YOU quilt that she said to me LOL. And my friend loved her socks so it was all good today. :>) I helped another friend Betty Lu with her knitting lesson on her socks. It seems I am the sock guru at my groups.How nice to be a guru of something LOL. Mostly I sewed on labels in this group so the recipient would know where it came from. Ione was cutting up strips of the batting and fabric that are left after trimming. We are making pillows for the people that live out on the streets and in shelters. The pillows are lovely so I hope they can hang onto them on the street. There was a really neat pattern for making napkins, I am going to ask for the instructions and put them on here tomorrow if I get the go ahead.
At my first group I appliqued part of the next butterfly, the top two wings but remember I was also teaching knitting.
As well I had to discuss a purse that Betty Lu is going to sew for me. She did a sample of the pattern and it was delightful. It is called a Tulip Purse and is really cute. You can see it next week. The bag pattern is featured on my blog several photos ago. Betty Lu loved the purse so much she made three of them this week and has orders for three more LOL.
Have a great evening folks...

Monday, April 26, 2010


Not an SOS for an emergency , but shorthand for Save Our Socks. You know how elusive the socks are , how they can get completely lost never to be seen again and you are left with one sock. Save that sock, you never know when it may come in handy. Today I had the opportunity to use a sock I had saved and replace it for one with a hole in the heel. So just a reminder that if you buy several pair of socks that are the same colour and style you are in a good position to make them go even farther than if you buy only one pair. I saved myself a pair of socks today LOL. I do know how to darn socks, my mother taught me. It is actually a weaving process done over a darning egg, which is a neat little piece of equipment shaped like an egg haha. You put it into the area of the hole and stretch the hole a bit before weaving. My mom's egg had a handle which was very handy :>)
Of course I no longer do that because I belong to the throwaway generations . Anyway the darned holes were not really very comfortable. So I saved a sock today and I feel virtuous LOL>
Time to go , Stay safe.
Socks are done, quilt is finished so I have nothing to do. Hmm maybe I should get at that little baby sweater that is in the basket.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

getting ready to applique

My preparations for another three butterflies took me a couple of hours . I do it the hard way I guess but it works for me. I can prepare several butterflies and they will stay prepared until I need them. First I cut the shapes out of freezer paper,then iron them on the back of the chosen fabric and cut them out 1/4 inch from the edge of the freezer paper. Once I used to take the iron and starch, spray the starch on the edge and iron it over to the wrong side. But I found that way too labour intensive not to mention burned fingers , OW :>((
Now I baste the 1/4" over the edge of the freezer paper and then apply starch and iron the piece. It works better for me and I can sit down and watch TV while I work. Lots easier and saves my back.
Earlier I did the binding on the community quilt. That took a long time too as I machine stitched it. I don't like doing that technique so from now on I'll do the binding the old way and hand sew it down. But done is done and it is ready to go to its new home.
Quilt is done, applique is ready and I will finish Ione's second sock tonight.
As we did the housework and laundry this morning, shopped for some things Ray wanted, cooked steak for dinner , I'd say it is a good day's work.
We bought a new scale for the bathroom too , an analog one. We have an LED one and both of us dislike it so out it goes LOL. If you don't behave in this household you are out the door haha!!
Rest easy folks, have a good night.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

a political day

After grocery shopping Ray took me to the library where I was able to sign a protest to the new tax , the HST that the government is bringing down. Tons of opposition to this and it may bring the government down if the protest gets enough signatures. British Columbians are very angry.
I bought 2 books for a dollar that the library was selling. Good deal.
Did you see that hilarious video , probably U Tube where the two little guys are sitting on daddy's lap. The older one sticks his finger in the little one's mouth and the baby bites down on his finger and won't let go even though his brother is crying. When he, Charlie, finally lets the finger go he laughs like crazy. It is so funny, maybe not to the guy who had his finger bitten. Over 100 million people have watched it so far. You can see it by typing in your browser U Tube Charlie bit my finger and it will come up.
When we got home I was very tired and slept for 2 1/2 hours.I do not like doing that and don't do it very often. I prefer to do something more productive.
So nothing special got done today. Hopefully tomorrow I will do more.
And tonight I plan to knit so the day won't be a total wash....
Stay safe!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

moose on the loose

Today I have taken with permission a story by an e friend in Alaska . I love this story . Also another friend sent in a video of these delighful animals so here it all is. I hope you enjoy both the video and the stories. Personally I love moose an would love to see them in the flesh. They are somewhat timid of being seen from the road when we are travelling but I did see one young female beside the road a rare occurrence and far below us from a bridge we saw a beautiful male with a tremendous rack of antlers, what a sight.

http://www.wimp. com/babymoose/
From Denise.... Thank you my friend.
Yes, we do get moose in our yard usually on a daily basis. The mama's won't be dropping their babies until next month. When we spot our first baby each May our kiddos (and yes even I) get so excited. For us that is when Spring really begins.

The color of the newborns is that beautiful Irish Setter red. It's just stunning. Our local moose love to swim in our lake. During the summer when the Arctic loons return it is very funny to watch a loon chase a big moose out of the lake if the moose gets to close to the loon nest. You would think that the moose would look at the little loon and just snort it away. Oh no. The loons will even dive under water and attach the moose's feet and legs. Those moose just charge out of the water and run for cover. Loons don't walk so well on land so once a moose is on terra firma they will stop and look back at the loon which is squawking up a storm at the moose.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A slick trick

This slick trick took me all afternoon once again but I got it done. And I took hotos so you can actually get a look at this trick.
First I added my binding to the back of this little quilt or as some would call it a place mat. And I did it the way that was taught by my dealer and in those sites I put up yesterday.
I am always s bit frightened at starting something new in case I get it wrong and of course usually do the first few times. So the secret is just do it over again until it is right. LOL I tend to proscrastinate but today I made myself do it.

Take your fusible thread and make a zig zag all the way around the outer edge of the quilt close to the miter, cut the thread, and start again on the other side of the miter.
DO NOT make the mistake I did..... I could not figure out why the fusible kept shredding and breaking. After a bit I noticed that it would not be possible for the fusible to work on that side as it could not possibly fuse from there. Then I remembered that Tom said to put the fusible in the bobbin. Light Bulb!!!
After winding the bobbin and using the fusible from the bottom it worked well.
Then take the iron and with puffs of steam on the binding as you turn it tack it down. It won't move on you so you will be able to sew the binding down quite easily.
See Slick Trick!!! I'll try that again.
Tomorrow moose on the loose, a video.
Take it easy folks! but not too easy or you won't be able to do this trick LOL.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a failed attempt

Trying to sew my binding together and it did not work. I have tried the ending of the binding before and had so much trouble, but I do not give up. However a friend sent me some very good directions so tomorrow I'll give it another college try :>) You can find the directions here at
If you are having a problem maybe this might help.
Here is another place for instruction....
So that took a greater part of the afternoon. Earlier Ray went to the dentist for that broken tooth and he was there a long time. I chose to go with him this time, silly me, :>)) and met a former colleague in the office. We had a nice long chat, so it wasn't all for naught. Spent a bit of time in the library looking for another Jane Austen, I know I said I would not read another one but have been persuaded by true Jane Austen lovers to give it another chance with one of the more pleasant readings. With that in mind I started looking for a different one and the first three Austen books I found were, wouldn't you know it, Mansfield Park. Then Emma appeared so I took that home.
The latest item that thieves are stealing these days in Vancouver is , wait for it, Cheese. It has become so expensive that even the store's employees are taking it out with them, wrapping it in plastic wrap and hiding it in the garbage can out back until they are finished for the day.. Strange world !
Tomorrow I'll try the binding again and take a photo plus give some instructions on a new technique for sewing the binding down.
The night is young so make the most of it :>))

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Tale of Two Snails

It rained all day today , the snails were out in force. I noticed one in the corner of the stairs when I went up to Betty's house, it was hugging the edge of the steps. I did make note of its pretty shell and looked for it on the way back down. It as still in the same space but in the middle of the step was another snail squashed to smithereens when someone stepped on it. The moral of this story is if you are a slow driver you should not be in the middle of the road or you will be squashed. A lesson from nature applied to life.
On the same street is the bright orange house that appears in a picture further down this blog. In front of the house was a bright red fire Hydrant ,something new . I had to laugh at the juxtaposition of the red hydrant and orange house that looks on fire!!
Another friend asked me to help her learn to knit socks today so that is what I did at sewing today. We had to start a couple of times as the needles were terribly small, the wool was easily separated and the knitter was a novice at socks but an expert at other types of knitting. I think we need a different pattern but we'll see how her homework goes LOL.
For my own work this morning I managed to embroider one antenna on one butterfly. Next week I will prepare some more butterflies for applique I hope!! If all else fails there are always antennae to embroider LOL.
Good night!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Too much to say

I promised to post a couple more quilt pictures of the sewing show so I will. A bit of news re the Janome 7700. Tom sent out an ad this morning and it said he was selling the Janome 7700 for $2395. Apparently a very good price, and close to the American price.
Short blog since I did a longer one about Mansfield Park and have nothing else to say Believe It Or Not LOL.
Have a good one!!

Book Review Mansfield Park

By Jane Austen. Even by the end of the book when I was actually seeing the page and what it was saying I still had difficulties with some of the speeches. Many converstaions sounded a lot like morality lectures to me.It certainly does give a picture of what polite Society was expected to be like. The basic story is love unrequited on all sides. Fanny loves Edmund who loves Mary who loves herself, Mr. Crawford ( Henry) loves Fanny who obviously does not even like him but is expected to get over her dislike and distrust by her domineering uncle as the pleading lover has a good income and Fanny would be set for life in comfort and the benefits of society if she married Henry . All comes to naught when Mr. Crawford runs away with Edmund's married sister bringing disgrace on all the family and the younger sister elopes with her lover. In between the stories of love and pain are the secondary characters, the nasty aunt, well nasty to Fanny and overly fond of Maria the runaway wife. , the good aunt who loves Fanny because Fanny does everything for her, and Fanny's beloved brother William. Other incipient characters populate the story of course and pad the novel's plot or confuses it. Then there is Fanny's original family from whom she was rescued by her uncle Sir Thomasas the lord of Mansfield Park as an act of Charity and to whom she was sent packing after refusing Mr Crawford's proposal, There she finds another young sister of like mind and who yearns to be educated and to leave her dreadful family circunstances. Of course the ending is pretty predictable and I am sure I do not have to tell you what that is. All is well and everyone lived happily ever after. Make of it what you will :>)
As you can see there is enough angst for all.
It appears to me that Jane Austen has created the template for all the romantic stories to come. We still find the same plot outline in today's romantic novels.
Since I prefer biographies and murder mysteries over romances I may not read any more Jane Austen. I do like the movies though as costume dramas appeal to me. Odd isn't it how the mind works. However the use of language and vocabulary are very erudite.
These are my thoughts on Mansfield Park, lovers of Jane Austen will be quite unhappy with this review I imagine.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

sew day Sunday

I sewed just a bit but my back was very sore so I had to stop sewing, take a pill and then had to lie down for a bit. BUT I did finish quilting my community quilt and think I'll add the binding tonight. Since I am having a lot of trouble getting things done I have to do them a bit at a time. Too bad :<( I would love to be able to spend greater lengths of time but am grateful that I can still do things that make me happy. Talking about happy I love to read as regular readers will know and am close to the end of Mansfield Park, I'll do a complete review when I am done which should be tonight. I have a friend in MN who is watching hockey and her SIL told her "You hate the Canucks" I had to laugh, we are the Canucks are my team. They lost last night so the series is tied 2 2. We have been getting too many penalties and the LA Kings are scoring every tme we are a man short. Bad news!! We need to pick up the game a bit. I promised to show a couple of quilts that were at the show yesterday, I didn't take many but will add a couple of them to this blog. One is a fabulous Hawaiian applique piece. It caught my eye right away as it as at the entrance LOL where it was intended to catch the eye. The sunflower quilt is a small one but so reminiscent of the real Kansas with a tiny farmhouse in the distance and the big sky in the background. I loved them both. Paquie the elephant in the Oregon Zoo is 48 today. He was the first elephant born in captivity. Hello! if it is good enought for the evening news it's good enough for On that note I will call it an evening :>)
Take care!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

sewing and quilt show

Good show today , up real early for me so that I could get to Marilyn's by 7:45.
I made it, traffic was light and I hit all the green lights. Great start :>)
We were early getting to Abbotsford even though it was an hour drive and we had to stand in line for 20 minutes. But there was a feeling of excitement among the crowd who were looking forward to seeing everything in the Tradex centre.
First stop of course was the loo, LOL. Then I hit Tom's, looking for the new machine, the Janome 7700 . Wrong end of the room, it was the store shop with sewing, fabrics and such but not machines. No matter I enjoyed the shop, bought a really cute kit for a smaller type bag that I hope I can make soon.
Then I made my way to the other end where the Janome machines were situated. I love to look at amchines so it was heaven to be there where all the manufacturers of sewing machines were showing off their wares.
The 7700 is a huge machine and I thought it looked like the dashboard of a brand new car all shiny red paint and chrome :>). It had a very large harp and in that area it was much higher than any machine I had ever seen which makes it exceptionably suitable for moving quilts through , lots of new stitches too from what I could tell. I didnt get a chance to try it out but Tom will let me do that the next time Kathy and I go for a class. There were other machines at the booth but all eyes were on the new member of the family.
I did check out the other machine booths , many had their fabulous embroidery machines doing the stitchouts all by them selves. A man walked by and pointed to the empty chair in front of the machine and said Invisible Woman ,LOL.
There were so many beautiful fabrics at the show but all I bought were 2 charm packs. I wanted more but felt that I had so many I already had not used so sew away Nan for the whole year and maybe next time I can buy, buy, buy.
Linda McPhee gave a fashion show of her designs, some were lovely but others weren't, that seems normal to me :>)
It was a good day but a tiring one as I walked the length of the show several times.
Have a good night! I know I will!
Tomorrow I will show some of the quilts I photographed.

Friday, April 16, 2010

replies to comments

I have been meaning to write this for a while. When I receive a comment on my blog, I don't know how to make a reply so I add another comment to my blog in response. If you have written a comment you will note that another comment comes below yours. That's me!! :>))
If anyone knows how to make a reply in any other way let me know.
Thanks :>))

miscellany & mac and cheese

Ramblings I should say, nothing special about today except I made macaroni and cheese from scratch. It is my family's and my favourite so asIi was in a more energetic frame of mind and had some energy it was the time to do it. It is really easy just cook the macaroni as you would usually do , al dente, since it will go into the oven, then make a cheese sauce using butter, flour, 2% milk and old /aged cheddar cheese,Canadian if you can find it. Make a reux with the butter and flour, add the grated cheese stirring constantly. Drain the macaroni well, add the sauce all together in a pan that goes into the oven, cover with grated cheese and pat with butter. Heat oven to 375' and cook the mac and cheese for 3/4 of an hour or an hour until the grated cheese is a bit browned. Delicious.
I did not sew yet today and it is already 4:00 but there were other things I did do. One was to take the scratchy labels off Ray's 4 new shirts, those things are absolutely harsh, they actually dug into my finger as I was removing them. No wonder Ray is anxious to get them off, who could wear those shirts otherwise.
I just use the stitch remover to get the stitches loose and then rip a bit.
We did go to the mall as I wanted another shirt like the three I have, one is pink and it is Paris, the second is blue and it is San Francisco, the following is beige and it is Venice. The last of the series is a green one and I can't recall what city it is. I know where one is but it is a smaller size. I might go and try it on anyway.
Tomorrow I am going to a Sewing Show in Abbotsford with two friends. I'll take photos of anything interesting so come back tomorrow for the latest news in sewing.
Take care!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Book reviews

I got my laptop this morning and had a bit of trouble getting things going called Ben and he told me what to do. I am so happy, it is a brand new one .
However I had quite a few things to do and nearly forgot to write this blog, can you imagine:>))
We are watching the first game of the Stanley Cup playoffs for the Vancouver Canucks against Los Angeles. The score is tied at the end of the second period.

I wanted to finish the first sock for Ione and for sure it will get done tonight.

We took a bag full of books to the library today, Louis XIV and his secret wife went back to where they came from. It wasn't a bad book but long and as you know history writers ,not history novelists, tend not to want to leave anything out, not a single thing. However it was an good story for anyone who likes the story of Royals. I do....

I am finding that Jane Austen's Mansfield Park is a bit of hard going. First the language is somewhat archaic, not what I am used to so it takes some conditioning to adapt to it, then the mores and customs of the Victorian age are very different from our way of life. Father really did know best in that age. He ruled the household often with an iron fist and all were subject to his will.
The eldest daughter had to marry first before any subsequent sisters could take on a husband, then the eldest son was called Mr. Bertram, the eldest daughter was called Miss Bertram , both last names.
Others were called Miss Julie etc, you get the picture.
For the first 200 pages it appeared to me that the writing was blurred, it was a very strange thing, and then magically it all cleared up and I could see it all clearly. That is half way through the book though so I did a good job of sticking with it and am beginning to understand the style of writing now and the stroy is becoming clearer.
I love to read and have done so every day of my life, some books just easy reads , popular novels and murder mysteries, sometimes something a bit more challenging but always in English. LOL
Now back to the sock. Tomorrow I try out my new table.
Have a good evening.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

strawberries and whipped cream

That's what I bought at Safeway today along with Angel Food cake. Yes I did have one cake filled with berries and WC and yes it was fabulous!! Naughty but nice. A lady at the check out counter gave me permission LOL.
Are you up for the laptop saga? It did not come in again we are now into the 4th week. Ray told the tech it would be faster if he(Ray) flew to Winnipeg himself to pick it up . He is not happy , I have to get him to keep a lid on it. The latest offer is they will give me another one, it has a bigger hard drive and costs more but they will not take any more money. Now I hope that the one coming from Winnipeg does not arrive this week LOL.
Ray set up my new table and moved the old desk, he requested that I clean up some sewing item that were not in use and throw out some boxes. The boxes stayed but I filled a bag with things I had not looked at for a long time and had lost interest in. Even so it was hard. I threw out a bag of yarn ends, you know the ones you say you'll use in something you might knit. That was not too hard as I like buying yarn :>)) Lots left from when my friend Donna in Washington state gave me bags of it for making washcloths.
Good news, well maybe, Ben just called and my laptop has arrived from Winnipeg and Ben has put the hard drive in and all is working well. Drat I don't get the red one :>( But I will have my dear laptop back .
Guild night tonight and dinner with the ladies before the meeting. I will work in the library and take my two library books back that are overdue because I missed the last meeting. It should be a fun night.
You all have a fun night too.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Waiting for my laptop

Once again the shop failed me, tomorrow we go and raise the dust a bit. See what happens!!
I had a lovely day today at my quilt groups. Worked on the final butterfly, not really final but the last one I have prepared. I need to get some more ready to applique for next week. Still thinking if what colours to do them since there is blue,yellow,pink,mauve and green. What do you think of some sort of beiges? I need to go through the stash as I want them all to be fairly light in colour, no blacks :>).
Apparently Paulina's feet are talking to her now that they are warm and they are calling me Auntie Nan, that's what my niece calls me LOL. I did some binding at Community Quilts while I was there which is where Paulina's feet were talking to me. I measured Ione's socks for length and need to do another 3/4 inch before taking it down for the toe.
The traffic going along 49th Ave this morning was very slow , no accidents but just slow. It was good that I got up early and left early which compensated for the slow take off. Pat and I got there at the same time for our regular Starbucks and talk.
Mansfield Park - Jane Austen, both Pat and I are reading this book, no consultation on the choice so it is just a coincidence. We decided to talk about it every Tuesday . I have a bit if an issue with the old fashioned language and the rules of society during that time in history. It will be fun to exchange thoughts and ideas and will also keep me focused.
Good night !! Take care.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Was I right?

YES!! No laptop, do I get to sell you a bridge LOL>
Tomorrow he says. Well tomorrow I am off to my ladies quilting groups. Sounds like a title for a novel. I'll think about that one :>)
Today though I bought the table that fits my Janome 6600 sewing machine. I am so happy because I have looked at it longingly for some time. What is so good about this table is that it holds the machine level to the table, I think it will be easier on my back when I am quilting as well as making it easier to quilt.
At the moment we are trying to rearrange things so everything will fit together. We live in an apartment so it takes a bit of juggling and a bit of cleaning things out but that's a good thing.
Soon we are off to another birthday dinner with Sam our grandson. I am looking forward to seeing him,we love him so and he is so good to us. It has been a good day!
We had a wonderful time last night at Matthew and Caroline's. And our grandchildren Ryan and Chelsea were a delight to talk to.
Grandchildren are God's way of paying you back for raising your own children, which was a pleasure most of the time :>).
My friend Paulina who loves her new socks said she actually slept better because her feet were warm . Nice eh! I'll take Ione's tomorrow to fit them, never knew you had to fit socks did you? Well the length is the deal. She has fairly long feet so I will need a measure. I know she will love the way these socks striped out. They are great.
Y'all have a good one now.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another birthday

We are going to our son Matthew's for dinner to celebrate Ryan our grandson's birthday as well as Matthew's birthday and mine.It should be lots of fun.
I got a message from a lady who was looking at my webshots pictures and wanted to know where I got a pattern for one of my cross stitch designs. I bought that one in San Francisco at one of the shops on the waterfront. Many years ago, have no idea what the shop is called . I have to root out the design to see whose it is. The picture is Morey Mansion and is a lovely old Victorian home. I did three of them from that shop and love them all.
I know that the patterns were not thrown out by me. And I hope not by Ray. He wouldn't do that unless he asked me first.
So maybe I can help her with the company who designed the patterns. I haven't done cross stitch for many years but recall really enjoying it. Cross stitch is so portable , you can take a small bag anywhere, not like quilting which requires yards of fabric, tables for cutting, sewing machines, needles, cutters, threads and other things. I am stuck here at home for the style of quilting I do which is the reason I rarely take classes . There is too much stuff to carry. Although the class I am taking now with Kathy is not too bad as the shop owner allows me to use one of his machines so I do not have to take one with me. Thank goodness.
Take care all.
The photo of Morey Mansion is going up in a minute.:>)

Saturday, April 10, 2010


My sympathy to the Polish people who have lost their President Lech Kacznski and his official delegation in a horrendous plane crash. It is a dreadful loss.
I received a call from my technician that my laptop will be here on Monday and if you believe that I have a bridge I'd like to sell you LOL> But I will be overjoyed if it comes to pass.
Have you ever noticed how your hands and feet are in sympathy with each other. When Ray and I were having dinner tonight I noticed that my left hand was shaking as if to salt my fish and chips while my right hand was actually doing it. So they were both working in concert. Try rotating one foot and see if your other foot helps out :>)) Interesting way the brain works.
No sewing for me today, I had a very full day and just got home. The first thing I am doing after heading for the necessary is to write this blog.
The day was absolutely glorious with the sun shining on the snow up on the mountains that ring the whole of the Lower Mainland, it was a sight to gladden the heart and fill it with joy.
I am feeling very happy , there is a design for feeling happy- choose to have a happy day when you get up in the morning. Even pain does not prevent me from feeling happy and I have a lot of it so it could make me sad but it doesn't. I learned along the way that I have to recommit to happiness each morning. Today only I will be happy and do that each day. It works!! Oh I know many will think me a Pollyanna but believe me to works for me. I do not mean to trivialize others' pain either emotional or physical but do give it a try and if at first you don't succeed keep on trying until it works.
Have a lovely evening!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

No laptop again

I wonder why it takes so long for companies to make adjustments to things.
We went to the shop regarding my laptop and were told it was in the system...Now what does that mean? I guess it means something is actually happening. I did say why don't you just return my money and I'll buy another one that is right here. Well that is an option he said but it didn't go any farther. Farther or further. Is one the correct one to use I wonder. Any English majors out there who can help me with that LOL.
My class last night was fun, but my back was murder. The tables are just too low for this old back.
However I did learn to strip piece a place mat. It is sort of like paper piecing don't you think. I could see the similarities. Needless to say mine was not finished before I had to call it quits. But I'll get it done here at home where I can take my time. I love going to these classes and do learn new things so whether I complete the project there or not isn't the issue...the learning is the issue. Also I meet with the other ladies and we share some laughs and stories. Then I do manage to find things I like to buy.LOL
Who doesn't?
I wanted to buy a table for my Janome 6600 but left the money at home. I'll see if Ray wants to go over tomorrow and we can buy it then.
Time to make dinner, will add photos after that.
Take care and have fun. I do :>))
The photos are up patterns for a friend , things I bought and birthday photos..enjoy!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

missed a day

I was so busy yesterday that I missed the blog. But it is just a bit quieter today, Jim has gone home to Edmonton. The girls Mary and Meg visited for a whie this morning but left just after noon. So I have had a bit of time to read my mail and write my blog.
My birthday was a lot of fun, we had dinner and The Keg and I had the best piece of Prime Rib I have ever eaten. That was just great. They gave me a little cake with a candle on it for my birthday. It is good to be 78 LOL.
Tonight it is my sewing class , Kathy is picking me up at 5:15. The class does not start until 7:00 but the traffic on the bridge is awful and we like to get there early so we can shop LOL, we are true quilters, love to shop .
I want to buy some African animal fabric he has and pick up a Dinosaur panel that I ordered. I sure hope Tom hasn't sold it :>)) I'll add photos of the fabrics tomorrow if he hasn't retailed it to someone else.
Maybe tomorrow I will get my laptop back, sure hope so. I Amd lonseome without it but getting exercise climbing the stairs. Not losing any weight though. Jim says I need to get one of those electric stairs so I can ride up instead of almost crawling. Isn't that a picture.
A photo of my third son Peter is going up tonight. It is one of another birthday we had, either Peter or me, a couple of years ago. Isn't he handsome?
Night folks! Take care.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hail hail the gang's all here

I had a houseful of sons today along with a granddaughter who were all here for dinner - shrimp salad, ham, scalloped potatoes and cauliflower with a cheese sauce. All except the salad left overs from last night but enough to feed the whole gang so you can see how much Ray cooks LOL. Peter was here to give me a birthday present as I will be 78 tomorrow. A lovely scarf from England and a set a heavy crystal paper weights also from England.They are designed to hold a favourite photograph at the bottom. It is a lovely gift.
The last of them Rick just left and Kate my granddaughter will be back here for the night at 10:00 . Jim is still here .
We are all going to The Keg tomorrow night along with my niece and her husband. This is going to be a great party!!
I am late blogging but for sure needed to get this done now, before I get much more tired.
I was up early and met my friend Pat for coffee, went to all my sewing groups, delivered Paulina's socks which she really liked and the community quilt which was well received.
At Betty's she had a card for me and a container of my favourite little cakes that she makes and because I love them calls them Nan Cakes after me. Such a great friend, she is 85 and still quilts like crazy. She is a prolific quilter. I am a lucky woman!!
Tomorrow more ruminations of of an elderly mind :>))
Buena Sera!
Stay safe.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Singing the laptop blues

Scroll to the bottom for some interesting facts about Vancouver.
Still no laptop,maybe tomorrow , if not Thursday Ben said. I am upset as Jim was going to set me up with another programme to open my embroidery designs , the laptop won't do that,and as Jim is leaving on Thursday he won't be able to do what he had planned. So I am praying that it comes tomorrrow.
Ah such is life!!
We spent a part of the day going to what Jim calls Chip Shops where they sell little bits and pieces of stuff for making computer circuits, and so on. I don't understand any of it but he love those stores and for some reason wants me to go with him. Company? do you suppose? That's kind of nice.
I did manage to find the time to almost finish the community quilt . All I have to do is quilt across the diagonal through all the blocks and add the binding. I wanted to get both these quilts done by today but with so much company I soon realized it would not happen :>(
Next week.
I started the new socks and have done the first 6 inches, just one more inch before I start the heel. It is going well.
Maybe in a week or two it will be finished.
The newspaper today had 124 curious events in Vancouver in the forever time of newspapers. It was fun to read. William Pratt used to work here in Vancouver as a carpenter on the Pacific National Exhibition before moving to Hollywood and changing his name to Boris Karloff.
Ah I can hear you say who is Boris Karloff. Look it up LOL.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

half way there

I hope you all had a lovely day no matter what your religious affiliations.
I am over half way through my book on Louis XIV and his secret wife Madame de Maintenon and they are not married yet though she has succumbed to his charms and become his mistress . She has resisted him for decades and now they are both in their 40s, I am wondering when this marriage will take place and when his wife actually dies ,if she does. It is a fascinating time when Louis was the supreme monarch and fully in charge of all of France, a despot if you will.

No sewing for me today. My son was here and we talked the morning away after we had done the same thing last night. Late getting to bed so I was a little weary today.
Instead of sewing I lay down and read my book, lazy isn't it but there are days when I like lazy. I have no shame.
Tomorrow we will have a special dinner, scalloped potatoes, ham and veggies. No dessert, we are diabetic. Ray will be cooking. I made bean soup and fruit salad today so that is what we had for dinner. Jim was away. While Ray is busy cooking I hope to be able to quilt. HA!! Not with Jim and Kate here :>))
Best wishes to everyone!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

What was I thinking

I had half a blog written in my mind and now my mind is a total blank - I'll have to do something else and hope it comes back to me :>) Still don't remember so as my dear old mom would say "It can't be very important then"
I have spent the afternoon cleaning out some old papers from the days when I was the guild president , 2002 and 2003. No need to keep them any more. I found a few Discs that have been misplaced . I worked on my webshots adding photos to the albums. Is it ever slow... I think my computer is getting old. Windows XP, I need to upgrade it . My laptop is not here yet, my son coming from Edmonton tonight is faster than the laptop LOL>
Now I want to do a bit of quilting so I'll do that :>)
And I did.
Then I made a new recipe that I got from a magazine, Reader's Digest I think it was . It was not as good as it appears in the picture. But not bad either. Anyway I am full :>))
I started on another pair of socks thinner yarn and needles And got about three inches done after supper. Now I am going to work on it again.
Been a full day especially since we grocery shopped this morning.
Have a good evening. :>))

Friday, April 2, 2010

Big storm

I mentioned a storm brewing last night and the storm brewed all right. The big trees outside our windows dance the night away and the day too . Huge trees fell across the causeway in Stanley Park and closed the Lion's Gate bridge for hours. But the worst of the storm's effects were reserved for Vancouver Island where the island meets the Pacific Ocean with no protection from incoming storms. Trees down all over the island, hydro lines down so no electricity for many residents, ferries cancelled, a rough night and day for them.
Long Easter weekend and the Canadian dollar is almost at par so many Canadians wended their way across the border but not before they had to wait for 4 hours at the border crossings.
They should have stayed home and gone to church, better for them.
I am being fascetious of course as I did not go to church either , my sister did though.
Ray and I went shopping here and bought new clothes for both of us. New pants and a top for me and three new shirts for him. That makes all our spring shopping over with, just in time for out visitors and for dinner out.
Jim is coming from Edmonton and Katie from Victoria, Jim for my birthday next week and Kate on business for the legislature.
Nice isn't it, I am happy!! Sock phoo going up on the blog tonight, the latest pair which is for Paulina. I have started another pair for Ione, smaller yarn and smaller needles so they will take longer to complete.
That's the news for tonight .
Sta bene, I think I am saying keep well.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Back to Sewing

I should say quilting instead of sewing as that is what I did today. I have 2 quilts from Community Quilts that I brought home to do the quilting. I am not that good at quilting especially free motion but the boss begged for help to get these done. What could I say!!! :>)) Free motion escapes me completely but on this one I used my fancy stitch , the one I like best. It is on the Janome 6600P Mode 2 Stitch 31 if anyone cares to know. Because it falls on either side of the seamline it is very forgiving. And I added the binding to the back of the quilt, turned it to the front and machine stitched it down. First time for that technique for me so I am happy with it. I always feel so terrific when I do something worth while.
My next thought on practicing free motion is to make a large sample like a baby sized quilt and go from there. I need to get better at this.
There is still one more quilt to get done. I'll begin that one tomorrow.
As you can see I am feeling better. Except for my back. The chiropractor told me to take it easy when I quilt and to take breaks. DO I listen? Do you Listen? So I am in a bit of pain but that won't last long.:>))
There will be a photo of the quilt that I finished today .
My chain link bracelet was ready for pick up today. One of the links had broken so the jeweller fixed it.
We thought we were to have lunch with friends but they didn't show up, we had lunch anyway . When I called them later it was to find we did not have a date at all. We had one last week that was cancelled and I thought it had been delayed until this week. They did not know about that LOL
So the day was a bit of Serendipity, a step here a step there...Here a step there a step LOL-accidental discovery of something of value or pleasure. I had a most pleasurable day.
Big storm tonight, should be fun too. I love the rain and wind except when it causes great problems. I am a weather junky. I watch the weather channel when there is a big storm coming on, expecially hurricanes.
I added a photo of a friend's pond where she has many wild life visitors. Isn't it beautiful and peaceful?
Have a great evening!