a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, November 30, 2013

talked to Mary

I just had a lovely talk with Mary.  She is expecting another baby and will have an ultrasound sometime before Christmas. That will show the baby but not the sex of the baby. We would like it to be a boy but of course we love all our babies no matter what sex. I had 5 boys and would have loved to have a girl but it was not to be. And in the end I was very proud of having 5 sons. They were and are fabulous.  Anyway we are excited about a new member of the family.

Rose with a Tim's doughnut on the nose.


A wonderful wool envelope to fill with dollars for the season and you get to fill them again next year if the envelopes are returned to you. They look to me as if you just cut them with pinking shears and sew the sides down,. But then I have not checked out the pattern. 

Charlotte and her dragon, I wonder if his name is Puff the magic dragon who lived by the sea.  Actually it is a stegasaurus.

Our day was good. After we did our grocery shopping, I was feeling unwell. This cartoon gives you a hint of my problem.

Hahaha. I took some Immodium and we went to a party. Nothing stops us. 

Crossing the bridge. to Tom's
We went to Tom's to the Christmas party. It was lovely to see everyone and to visit with Santa. Santa is Tom's dad. And he looks like Santa. Tom says when the go for walks in August yet, kids come up to him to tell him what they want for Christmas LOL.
All I bought were two cones of embroidery thread.

Here he is , the real thing.
Merry Christmas.

Block of the Day.   Flock of Birds.
Download now as a pdf pattern

On the way home we stopped off at Tim's to buy our coffee for the Tassimo machine and we had a cup of coffee and half a doughnut.
By this time I was quite exhausted and took to my bed when we got home, slept for an hour and a half. It was good. 
I got up and made us some dinner. Ray is in the kitchen cleaning it up now.
Ah such good friends in the wreath 

.Here is the link to pattern six of Debbie Mumm’s “Favorite Things Sampler”.  http://www.debbiemumm.com/Projects/QuiltBlocks/2013/

One of Debbie Mumm's favourite things.

Time to go folks.
Have a lovely evening.
Good night.

Friday, November 29, 2013

I was busy today

It is almost 7:30 and I have just stopped working. We went out today without thinking that it was Black Friday. There were many sales on but not too many people. So it wasn't crowded. 
I wanted to go to Black Bond Books to pick up my yearly diary. They always have the one I want and did so again this year. I was happy to be successful in my hunt.

We went upstairs to have a bite to eat and then roamed around the upper floor of the mall. 

I saw a nice oufit down on the first floor as I leaned over the railing.Ray said let's go down and take a good look. We
 caught the elevator which was quite busy so we had to wait for another car to come.
The clothes in the shop were lovely so I bought a very nice jacket
two tops.

Then we went to IHOP and shared a vanilla milkshake. It has been decades since I had a milkshake.
When we got home I started work on my embroidery. That got interrupted several times for on reason or another. One
was Richard called and we had a nice long talk. I really enjoyed that. 

Then I made something for Ray and I to eat for dinner. It was salmon sandwiches. That takes a while as the black skin and the fat has to come off. Then I chopped up celery and onion , added that to the salmon and put in the mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Served it on brown bread with lettuce. It was delicious and was all we needed to eat tonight.

I got back to my embroidery. Something was wrong with this piece, the lines did not meet up and the different parts of the design were not as good as the HIS was. HERS was a disappointment. I'll have to ask Tom what the problem is. He is having a Christmas party tomorrow , I hope Ray will take me.


For those who love their teas and like to carry the favourites with them, a tea case.
A lovely mushroom mug rug and so easy to make.. Just make a slight oval and cut off one end , stick it on a stalk and Bob's your uncle as the English say.

One more mug rug from my collection....
Simple cupcake. If you have an embroidery machine there are many embroidered cupcakes on the net. I  have a lot of them, unused at the moment.

Our new calendar for 2014. All old fashioned homes that we love to look at. Twelve beautiful pictures are in this calendar.

Pretty stars and nine patches make a gorgeous quilt.

This is such a cute picture.

Time's up folks.
Have a great evening.
Good night!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

sad today

I am sad today worrying about my Richard and what he has to face mostly alone. I wish he lived here on the west coast where at least we could help a bit and see him a lot. What this ALS has done is taken so much from him. And taken my son from me. I am sad. 

We had a nice day today , met Buzz and Bob for a bit of lunch. And of course forgot to take pictures. I did take the camera  but it spent the day at the bottom of my purse.  Grr.

However our visit was good and we talked about many things. It is a funny arrangement, Bob and Ray chat about whatever men talk about and Buzz and I discuss lady  topics. Buzz and I talk about family, Christmas, cooking and all the things women discuss. 
The men talked about Albion, driving, aches and pains.

I got a bit sick and we had to leave for home where I spent the afternoon  in bed. After a while I felt better and got up for a bite of dinner.  I had more of the tortiere and gravy and it was good for the second day.  And now we are watching the news. It is all good for us.

Ooh my arm is so itchy. It has itched ever since I had the IV implanted in my are for a year after I was sick with all those infections in 2011 and 2012.   

On top of a long arm quilting machine is a great place to rest LOL.

Tomorrow I have to go and get the colour cartridges for my printer. Buzz sent me the information on where to get some cheap but it did not have one for my particular printer . Too bad as they were quite cheap. 123InkCartridges.ca  
This should get you there if you live around here. 

Babysitting comes naturally to some.
LOL. This dog is a natural keeper. I love it.

A beautiful conure and her babies.  I think this might be a Patagonian conure but I am not sure any more. At one time I knew all the parrots but I haven't thought of them for so long. This is one good mommy.

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving dinner as these two little guys are enjoying their pumpkin pie.

A boy and his horse.

Time's up folks.
Have a great evening.
Good night.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cardiologist today

Download now as a pdf pattern

This is a nice airplane block. I had to make one once for a guild trade , looked all over and finally found the pattern in one of my own books. We had a good laugh over that.

I made this block for Jean.I liked it.

Block #10 of the Deli Geese Block Project.  They are all great for stash fabrics, fun to make, and free!

I don't know if I sent all the other blocks but I liked this one, Huckleberry Finn as it has fabrics in it that look like parts of flannel shirts.  It can stand alone without the other blocks.
You can click on Nickel Quilts or the url above Block #10 and if you hit previous at top left it will take you back to all the other blocks. Tom Sawyer #9 is also a great block. Have fun with them.

Today I had to make a return visit to the Cardiologist. Dr. Horne is retiring so it will be our last visit with him. Too bad I liked him a lot.
It was just a check up. My weight is the very same as it was last year at this time, Check /

There was a slight misdirection on my electrocardiogram from the heart attack Halloween night, but that was to be expected.He made some slight changes to my medications. And that was all. Good visit.
On the way home we went to the library and I picked up the latest Peter Robinson book from the fast reads which means I can only have it for one week. But that is not a problem for me.   I'll get started on it tonight.

We went into the mall for bread and Marg was there so we sat with her and then we drove her home after we had done a it of shopping for our dinner. I bought a meat pie. It was a tortiere so I am looking forward to eating it.  Out daughter in Quebec makes  tortieres for Christmas.    They are excellent.
I made the gravy from a package , first time doing that for me.  It was pretty good.  I enjoyed my dinner.

Once a long while ago I joined a group of Dear Janers. This is one of the blocks I made. It is called Granny Weaver. The group disbanded and I stopped making these blocks. I actually joined the group for the fun and not the quilt. I ran into these blocks the other day, maybe I'll make a wall hanging.

I also love to knit socks, here is a pair of socks with self striping yarn.
Most of the socks were made to order for friends. I personally don't like wearing them.Strange isn't it. I like knitting them though.

I bought these towels to do embroidery on them. And today I got my other towel HERS ready to embroider. I pressed it on the sticky stabilizer and added the clear stabilizer on the top of the towel so that the stitches won't sink into the nap on the towel. That done I hooked the hoop onto the machine . It is ready to sew. Not tonight but hopefully tomorrow.
Here it is 
Ah barely visible, just the faintest outline of the hoop. But ready, Happy day.

We have more whales on our coast right now, the humpbacks are back . A whale came up to a boat and gave them a great treat. Apparently there are also killer whales ( Orcas)  on the coast right now. What a wonderful place we live in.
Richard went to the ALS clinic today and his upper left arm is starting to show the effects of ALS. My poor boy, this is such a difficult trial for him . We hope against hope that the disease will slow or stop. It is not happening.  All we can do is give him support and love. It seems like so little.

We found one of these great lap desk tops. This one has a cup holder for coffee and a bendable lights to show up the paper if you are writing or reading.

Rose and Charlotte with Meaghan looking at a lovely children's story book. This was take one day when everybody was here at our house. A wonderful day for me.

It is just too,too tempting for a guy to resist.

The Princess is looking for a new crown, does this do the trick.

There that is all for tonight.
Have a lovely evening folks.
Good night.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

out all day

Download now as a pdf pattern

Five Patch Frame. These Blocks of the Day need to be doubled as far as I am concerned. They are mostly 5.5 " , not very big but if you double the specs the block is a much better size. My humble opinion.

We had a busy day today. First we went to the pain clinic , it is called CHANGE Pain. Ray had a good going over for his shoulders and a couple of needles to help relieve the pain. We were there for a while and will go again next week on Wednesday so I don't have to miss my Tuesday quilting group. We feel it is worthwhile returning for the second session. Ray has Rheumatoid Arthritis in his shoulders and it is painful.  

Then we went to Metrotown so I could buy another towel to complete the HERS of my HIS and HERS Santa towel sets for Christmas.
I bought some more sets of towels to have on hand. I like to give them for hostess gifts when I go to a group  party at somebody's home. People seem to enjoy them.

We walked around the mall, I found a ring in rose gold that I loved but there is no way I can get it right now. Maybe I should sell my diamond ring. I'll ask Sam if he wants to buy it cheap. LOL.

I rarely see anything I want but today I found a purse, a wallet for our daughter Lynn with a frog on it and a little lap desk for my laptop. Wow!! I can't say I never find anything I want to buy.

We went to the pet shop because I love to see the puppies and kittens . No pictures though. Not this time.
I enjoyed the pets though. Ray doesn't want to train any animals and I sort of agree with him. It is hard to train and cat not to scratch your furniture and we don't care for hair on the furniture I guess we are too fussy. As for dogs how does one train them to wait to go outside. It is too long a trip for a puppy.  So no pets for the Boudreaus. I have to get my fix at the pet shop.

Baby Chihuahuas, kind of look like Rudolph with their red noses. Mommy looks at them with love.

Monday, November 25, 2013

what day is it?

Today is Monday. We were to have lunch with Sam but he called to say he was quite sick and had to cancel. Ray took the call. I was still in bed sleeping. Ray said Sam sounded really bad, poor guy. He said we would have to reschedule at some point. Ray's birthday is coming up and Sam is good about seeing him at that time. We have missed Sam's birthday completely. I don't like that but sometimes life interferes. Apparently lots of people are sick right now. I hope we stay healthy. We both get flu shots and pneumonia shots which in past years has kept us well.

I have spent some of the time that Lynn is here looking through my binders for a pattern I want but no luck. It has disappeared. Maybe Kathy has it. It is the pattern for the casserole holder. I didn't get mine finished in class, never do. I am such a slow worker that I seldom get things finished in time. Or never- but I would like to get this done since it is almost finished. I could go to Tom's for help.I'll talk to Ray about taking me.  The fabric is wonderful and it seems like such bad economy to leave it unfinished.
Nice bit of cloth eh!

No going out today for me as Lynn is here to clean and vacuum. I like to have a day at home. I thought I had another white towel to do my embroidery and I did but it had a monogram on it. Darn I was not happy about that so my embroidery for today had to wait for another day. 

http://sewing.about.com/od/bowsandribbonshowtos/ss/bow_6.htm http://www.save-on-crafts.com/how-to-make-a-floral-bow.html

These bows are timely for the season and all the wrapping you have to do.
Isn't this a lovely table runner. Appliqued in three different designs. I love it. 

Marg came over this afternoon for a visit and we chatted for a long time. It was good. I forgot to take a picture. She has lost quite a bit of weight and looks great. 

I enjoy the geometry of this quilt .But I can't find the pattern.  Still it is good to look at.

I found it, things are kind of funny some days.
Ray and Nan at the party Saturday night. Last one LOL.

Who wouldn't love these big blue eyes.

Surrounded by dog love. And isn't she a happy looking woman.

Lovebirds. These are an unusual colour ,some kind of a mutation in the genes. I wonder if that will carry on to the next generation.

That's it for tonight folks.
Have a lovely evening.
Good night.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Download now as a pdf pattern

Fanny's Favorite is the name of this block, can't imagine why haha.

Love the name Stitching and Bacon. Cute little trivots or perhaps coasters for the holiday season.

Last night Ray and I went to the Albion Christmas party. Albion is the company where Ray worked for 27 years. He retired at least 6 years ago. And the company has never forgotten him. It always asks us to the party and Ray is mentioned in the address by the general manager as one of the building blocks of Albion. That is so nice. 

Karen makes his day or night.

Karen. When I first saw her coming tp the table I said she reminded me of the women in on of the recent TV shows. She is so beautiful.

 We were with a few young  couples at table.  They were such a lot of fun , the food was good and we had a lovely time together.

Leanne and Mike are a fabulous couple.

The party was at the River Rock hotel and Casino . It was a great place to have a party. We had the car taken by the valet and parked so we did not have to do that. It was a luxury for us. 
Dinner was buffet style with turkey, beef, big shrimp, salmon, salads and desserts as the main components of the meal.
What an eye appealing salad.
 It was delicious. 

After dinner we chatted and then went down to the casino for a short time before we went home. 
We were really tired when we got home. I forgot to write my blog , just fell into bed and went to sleep. I had a great sleep though. 
All in all a good evening. 
We are most fortunate to get the annual invitation. 

Today we just went to Safeway to get some prescriptions. We sat down for a coffee and Mary was there. Mary was a student in my grade 3 class. So we talked and she asked about Sam who was in my school at that time. I told her Sam had his 38th birthday yesterday and she said she was 38 too. We had a nice chat about our grade three days. She was a delightful child and is a lovely woman. I remember her as a tall child, nearly my height and of course she is still tall. Who gets short anyway? LOL.

We came home and I did my facebook and e mail. 
Jean wrote and gave me instructions on how to fix my printer. She is good to me and I am happy with her advice. Thanks Jean.

I wanted to embroider today and did not.  Tomorrow? We meet Sam for lunch and Lynn comes to clean. I wonder if I can get at it tomorrow. Good luck Nan.  LOL.

Grey Cup Football final today. It looks as if Saskatchewan is going to win. They are far ahead of Hamilton. But then I have seen games change and at the last minute the other team comes in and wins. Right now we are watching the news so don't know how the game is going. 

Grandmothers Choice: Votes For Women: Leonie's Medallion

Grandmother's choice again and interesting things to read and to make.

The game has picked up some, the last I heard was 16 for Hamilton and 31 for Saskatchewan.  Saskatchewan won!!

Two blocks for the last two months of the year.  You may have to go backwards to find the other ten blocks. Good luck.

Taking his pet for a walk. 

Kittens are so precious , these two are beautiful. I love kittens this colour. 

Happy Anniversary to my dear friends in Arizona Gail and David Riker.  I hope your day went well.

That's it folks. I am ending this issue of my blog.
Have a great evening. 
Good night.