a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, February 29, 2016

yes it is

 I forgot all about my blog tonight. Adam is here and we are visiting. I made dinner tonight, sausages,
potatoes which neither Adam nor Ray can eat but I love them so I ate some, mushrooms , fried with onions a bit of celery and some crushed garlic. It is excellent when cooked that way. Next was cauliflower, and then some coleslaw. It was a tasty meal.
In the morning Adam and I went back to Tartantown to pick up his bagpipes which were being serviced . We had some lunch at a Thai restaurant. I had a very tasty soup and then some sort of noodles. It was a different kind of experience for me and it was good.

We came home and spent the rest of the afternoon here. Supper was a success and now we are all relaxing and watching TV a movie Better Call Saul. Adam says it is a series. That means we can watch it another time. If we like it.

I was asking Adam about mesthelioma as we just saw an ad on the TV for veterans and their families to apply for monetary aid. So I asked him about his dad who died from it , if any of my boys applied for the aid. He said they could not get it. Why I wonder, they meet the criteria, after all it was their dad who passed away from it. Life is weird sometimes. And unfair.

So this is a short one.  Good night!

Sunday, February 28, 2016


Remember this song Lazybones Sleeping in the Sun, How you gonna get your day's work done Sleeping in the mid day sun.
It was very popular when I was a young person. I still love this song.It was performed by numerous groups and persons. My favourite performance was by  Paul Robeson.
 I remember singing it myself but not for publication LOL.
Well that is me today, Lazybones. I did very little today, sat in my chair , played with my laptop, wrote this blog and snoozed a bit.

Adam went off to Sam's earlier in the day and will be staying with Sam overnight. He will be back around noon I think. He and I are going back to Tartantown , he has to get his pipes back and I like looking at all the Scottish things in this store. My mom would have loved it as she was a Scot, born in Port Glasgow.

I have been informed that it is not necessary for me to write a long blog every day so this might be a short blog.
Yes it will be a short blog as I have so little to say tonight.

Other than doing so little today I spent the day sitting and doing nothing. That is my "so little ".  My day was good!

I wanted to give Adam some of my knitted wash cloths today but when I went to my closet for them Adam was gone off to Sam's when  I came out of my room. So Adam they are on the table for you to take home to Lisa.

That is all folks , have a great evening everyone.

Saturday, February 27, 2016


Ah good evening, just a bit late tonight as Ray and I were out at the Richmond casino. Adam was not here when we came home earlier in the day so we decided to go off on our own to the casino. We had a good time, Ray came out ahead and I broke even. We had a bite to eat at the cafe in the casino . Hmm I can't even remember what I ate, couldn't have been spectacular. But it was good and filling so that was all we needed. 
We shopped for groceries in the morning so that was off our minds. 
I bought some things I wanted to eat , I know I did but for the life of me I cannot remember what that was. My memory is not behaving very well these days.
I did give Rick a call to see how he was and he said he was doing okay so that was good.  I hope every day that he is well. 
Adam has been out with his brother Peter and his other brother Matthew. He enjoyed the visits with them. With 4 brothers all living in different places from him it is not easy to get together. But this month he is getting to see all four of them. Jim was down in Louisiana a couple of weeks ago and Peter and Matthew are here in Vancouver and he is going to Calgary next week to see Rick. That makes this visit a very pleasant one getting to visit all his brothers.
Tonight we are watching men's  movies something about guns and the army. Not my cup of tea but I am outnumbered LOL.
So I am busy writing my blog and after this I'll read for a while before I go to sleep.
I was going to have a manicure tonight but we got home too late. Tomorrow is Sunday so I should be able to get it done then.
Marg came over this afternoon for a visit. It was a pleasant visit and I enjoyed it.  She brought ove a book . It is by Irene Kelly and is called The Sins of the Mother. I hope I don't see too much of myself in this book but am sure there will be some similarities in it. Who needs a mirror of their sins to read but I will read it as there may be a mirror of the things I did right LOL . 
That is it for tonight folks.I  hope you have a good one.

Friday, February 26, 2016

another day

Morning news. Adam and I went out this morning.
We went to Highgate Mall to buy some special lipstick for Lisa, one she cannot get down there in Louisiana. There were 2 lipsticks in the store and Adam bought both of them for Lisa.
Then we stopped for coffee and a bite to eat. I had a piece of pizza. It was good. 
When we left the mall we drove around for a while and went past the house where I grew up. Adam spent some time there too when he was a boy. I am sorry we did not stop as my friend Heather lives there now. It would have been good to see her again. I'll check tomorrow.
We came home from there and spent a very lazy afternoon, at least I did. Adam is doing his laundry so he is not quite as dilatory as Ray and I are. I like to spend time on my laptop and Ray likes to watch TV. 
 Nothing special on TV nor on my laptop so it seems that I wasted my afternoon. However I enjoyed it. Being lazy I mean. 
Adam is meeting Ricky (my grandson ) and Peter my third son for something to eat. He, Adam, is very popular with all the men in the family and the women too.  I know they will all have a good time together.
I don't know what to have for dinner and Ray is no help LOL. He has no suggestions either. I'll have to take a look around and see what we have in the cupboard.
Well we didn't have much so we each had a bread roll with lovely sandwich meat. It was excellent! So that was dinner. Haha.
And that is it for tonight folks.

Thursday, February 25, 2016


Wednesday today. Adam arrived last night and is out for his lengthy walk.  Ray and I are the lazy ones , sitting here watching Perry Mason. 

I think we'll get out later today, where I have no idea. But the day is still young. And we will wait for Adam to make a suggestion.  
Which way will we go, I know not. What I do know is that I need to get dressed  LOL. So time out folks.

Hmm I left off  here yesterday or maybe the day before and am just now getting back to it. No idea what I have been doing instead of blogging. Let's start with today and maybe work backwards.

This morning Ray and I went to the eye doctor for our half yearly examination. We both passed with no problems. Thank goodness.
However this took up a lot of time. There is so much wasted time waiting to be called in to see the doctor. The waiting room was packed and only one doctor working. It is always like this. I wonder if this goes on all day. We usually have appointments in the morning , wait, wait, wait and then we get in to see him. But we both got good news so we can see okay for the next 6 months.
We had a little bit of lunch after our appointment. We had a walk and then ate lunch. I had some curry and rice. I  like curry, it is a nice change of pace,and a bit spicy. 
When we got home I was tired and lay down for a nap. I have a theory that old people are like little kids and need an afternoon nap. At least I seem to need one and Ray naps in his chair . So my theory goes for both of us. 
We plan to go out for dinner tonight since we have nothing in the house. Adam is out at Sam's so no need to cook. 
That is all for today folks. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Off to the hospital this morning for an ultra sound of my kidneys ordered by my personal physician. Why? I have no idea but I guess he though it was time. I will ask him next time I see him. From my perspective the kidneys are working just fine.  That is the health report for today.
Of course we had to wait a while in the waiting room before they called me in. So that took care of the morning.
We had a bit of lunch in the hospital cafeteria. 
I ran into an old friend who was working there for some organization. It might have been the Healthy Heart Helpers. I used to belong to that group but did not stay.  I hate exercise and that was what the organization was about. Exercise is healthy they tell me but I am 84 in a month and still going strong so I guess that does not apply. Ray does not like exercise either and he is healthy and able to carry on. He is amazing. Maybe the walking we do keeps us in shape. My dad used to walk every day and he was a very healthy man. Actually Dad was a great man. I was lucky to have him as my dad. My mom was a great mom too. Marg, our brother Peter and I were very lucky kids to have such good parents.

Adam is coming from Louisiana for a visit  I am not  sure how long he will be here but I hope it is for a while.  He'll be here at 7:00. He has to collect his luggage and  rent a car . I ma so looking forward to seeing him. I tried to get hold of Jim but I guess he is still traveling. 

Matthew was here this morning too or was it yesterday? He comes over to help out so that is great. He is a good son. All my five sons are great.

Have you noticed the explosion of adult colouring books that have landed on the magazine shelves of late.  I loved to colour after school when I made up my teaching charts. Adam just rang up so I am sending this out.

Next day......
Adam arrived at night and is out today . He walks miles each day. I have no idea where he went this morning but suspect that he went to IHOP and met Sam. However who knows but Adam and Sam LOL.

Anyway last evening we had a lovely visit with Adam before bed time.  This morning as usual we got up later than Adam. He is an early bird and we are not. I do not like getting up early. Lazy girl that's me.

I don't know what we are doing today. I hope we go out with Adam at some point. I am going to hope for dinner at the Keg with Sam. We'll see.

This is a big enough blog. So here we go. Talk tomorrow.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

smooth Sunday

Quiet today, a day of rest for us,  other than finishing off the laundry from yesterday. 
We went out to the drug store for a bit and I bought another paperback book for myself. This one is entitled " You Don't Know Me by Nancy Bush. "  I bought one yesterday too so I have lots to read. I can't go to sleep without reading for a bit. Marg and I trade books , I have one of hers I have yet to read. This way we get to read even more books. You know I don't even remember learning to read. My youngest son Matthew taught himself to read before he even went to school.  I remember him saying to me , Mom these words make no sense, when he wasn't even in school. I said you can't read Matthew. Yes I can he said but not this. Show me what you are trying to read .It was the French side of the cereal box.  I turned the box around to the English side and he said Oh, I can read this and he proceeded to do so. I was unaware he could read until that moment. Amazing!!  A child's mind is a precious thing.

 There was nothing to do otherwise today other that going out for a bit and spending a lazy day at home.  That was today.

I must call Pat and tell her I have to go to the hospital on Tuesday so not to come and pick me up. There just did that. I hate to miss out on my special sewing day but sometimes there is no alternative.
I missed last week too because I was feeling ill.

Tonight I am sitting in my chair relaxing and computering and writing this blog.  When we spend the day at home we get kind of lazy. Tomorrow we'll get out as we have to take out T4s to the tax accountant. We over paid on our taxes so there will be a refund. The government has had that $$$ for long enough. LOL.

That is all for tonight. Have a great evening folks.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

corned beef

Short blog today. It is Saturday and our day for grocery shopping. So off we went this morning and filled our basket with good things to eat. We brought the groceries home and put them all away. Then we were done. No other jobs today. So we decided to go to Coquitlam and visit the casino . It was not a great visit as neither of us won today. Well not quite true, Ray did win at the end of the visit. That is the best time to win as you take money home. But I did not win today. We did have fun though and shared a Reuben sandwich. We both really like a Reuben. If you are not familiar with this sandwich here it is. It consists of bread of course, we choose a light rye. Then there is a lot of meat, corned beef usually, along with sauerkraut and so I understand Russian dressing. Not that I am knowledgeable about Russian dressing. The one we buy at the casino is very tasty. It is easy to check out the dressings on the internet. Just input Reuben sandwich and up it comes. Since this is not a recipe page I'll leave it up to the individual reader to find it as there are choices.
We came home after the sandwich. Ray had a nap but I did not for a change.
 And this is the end for today. Have a lovely evening. 

Friday, February 19, 2016


Just sitting here with my laptop and watching TV as well.
There this is a lot better to see. At least for me it is. And so perhaps it is better for my readers.

It is morning still so nothing much has happened yet. All I am doing is reading e mail. Actually there is nothing on e mail either.LOL

I am hoping to find the blog I wrote a couple of days ago. I have no idea where I put it, I really need to pay closer attention. 

Today was another quiet day. We went out for a short while to AandW at our little  local mall and had a hamburger and coffee. We don't usually eat there but I did enjoy my hamburger. It was very good. We spent our time there eating and watching the passing parade. Then we went over to the mall and the superstore. I wanted to buy the candy I usually have. I eat one or two in the evening. However the bins were empty so we were out of luck. Too bad, Ray has one or two in the evening also. So we will just have to check the store again in the near future. 

I have noticed that the price of vegetables has risen substantially lately. I like my veggies so I hope the price does not increase too much. And I do love my salads . I have one in the evening as a snack quite often. Lettuce, celery, dressing of oil and vinegar. It is so tasty. Cost has increased 15.5 %, lettuce 18%. The rise is being blamed on the low Loonie.

Back at home we just watched TV and I made our dinner . It was a very simple meal. Ray asked me to make macaroni and tomatoes, something we both like. My mom used to make it for our family a long time ago. It was a cheap, filling, depression meal when mom used to make it but now it is just something we enjoy. Funny isn't it how we remember things like this from a long time past. Meals that we learned to like when we were young we still relish. 

I noticed tonight that my right knee is swollen. I have no idea why. Hopefully the swelling will be gone by morning. I wondered why it was hurting. 

There, that is all for tonight. I wish you all a sew happy evening.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I am still on board folks

It has been so long since I spoke to you all. However I have little to say these days. Life has been slow, no big times happening. \But next week Adam is arriving and we are excited about thall it has been a long time or so it seems. I am hoping for a house visit and some meals out. Mostly Adam stays at Sam's but perhaps  he'll stay with us for a couple of days. It will be great to see him again.

Life has been slow and simple recently despite the fact that I have been not feeling too well for a day or two. Better today though. I am looking forward to getting out for a little while today.

I have settled into knitting for the winter , well not for the whole winter but some of it. I am knitting little wash cloths and piling them up. The last pile I had Ray gave away most of them so now I need to make the pile bigger so I can give them away LOL.  Also I am considering knitting socks. I love to knit them but do not like to wear knitted socks. My feet don't get cold, lucky me!!

I missed my sewing group yesterday. Just as I was getting ready to go I felt a bit ill and had to cancel. My apologies to Pat who was already waiting for me. Ray had to go down and let her know I could not come. I hope she will forgive me.  So for the day I spent quite a bit of it in bed. However it must have been good for me as today I feel a lot better.

I have watched more TV lately than I ever have so it will be great to get out and about once again. Right now I am watching Matlock,  my morning coffee break.:>)

I hope to get out later after I get dressed and ready for the day.  Ray is busy doing some of the daily chores at the moment. What a great husband he is!!  I could never get a better one.

I have not been sewing for some time, not by machine anyway even though I have done some hand sewing. I like to sit and do some hand work, sewing, knitting, things like that. Those are the simple things of life.  Also I do a bit of cooking.
The weather has been wet but I like that. Rain is my favourite. As we west coasters always say " at least we don't have to shovel it". LOL. I do not care for snow, guess it is because I have lived here most of my life and am very used to rain. The rain is a way of life in the winter and spring. Just rambling on today.

Doctor just called and I have to go for an ultra sound on the 23rd at noon.Why, I don't know,
Return to blog .
 Ray and I went out for a while today. We went to Cockney Kings for a lunch - Fish and Chips. they have the best fish and chips. Ray just had fish and I had a small fish and chips. We enjoyed our lunch.
There were some unusual people in the restaurant. Hmm Maybe we were unusual too LOL. A lot of people love fish and chips.

I was tired when we got home and had d great nap.
There that is it for today. I hope tomorrow is a full day with lots fo things happening. And I hope your day was great.

Until then folks.