a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, October 25, 2014

A week later...

Grandma is still in hospital in Burnaby. She is recovering as well as can be expected, but they cannot give her the level of physio that she needs to do better. So we are waiting for a bed to open up at a recovery/rehabilitation center in New Westminster that can give her a higher level of care :)

It's a hurry up and wait scenario.

Today is my husband's birthday. We are taking our kids to an Equestrian center for a fun family fall/halloween event :) I expect there will be some fun pictures! In the meantime, here are a few more from our halloween fun last weekend.

Walking toward the miniature trains. VIME volunteers their time and trains during these events and for us, are actually the main reason we are there!

Rose walking along the trick-or-treating path :) She loves getting candy!

Trick or Treats from a witch!

There are more pictures, and we stayed until it got dark, but that's a post for another day :) Hope today finds all of you well!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mary again!

Hi there :) So a little more info about what happened with Grandma. She's in Burnaby Hospital on the 4th floor. Those of you who wish to visit, please do so! She's under Boudreau :) 

Apparently she was taking a picture from a few stairs up on her staircase. She was trying to get a good angle on her Hallowe'en quilt hanging when she fell and landed directly on her hip. I'm going to assume it was for the purpose of the blog, so in that spirit, here is a Hallowe'en themed post.

Last night we attended a local (to us on Vancouver Island) event called the Enchanted Hallowe'en. It was opening night :) Here are some pictures of our evening!
Rose dressed up as a kitty Tiger.
I gave her our first ever "manicure". I don't do a lot of makeup stuff for myself since the kids were born and I hadn't painted my nails in years. So why not? :D It was a bit of fun for me for the evening.
Albert was an awesome Papa and had Quinn in a carrier for the night. Quinn was Batman (as you can see). 
Though he slept for most of the night, he was pretty alert near the end.

Finally, to round things out, I found this great quilt hanging. I think it is probably more in my style than in Grandma's.

And these adorable little owl sculptures :) Unfortunately they are no longer for sale, otherwise I would have tried to buy them!

Hope you are all well!

Friday, October 17, 2014

No updates for a few days.

Hi guys! Long time no talk :) I have some good and bad news. Bad news is that Grandma fell and cracked her hip. She will be in hospital for a week or so recovering. Good news is that it could have been much more serious, but she got pretty lucky and will be back!

Unfortunately she has changed her account password so I can't log in and publish or view your comments. Only she can do that. I just have the power to post. I will try to track down her hospital information so those of you who are local or wish to send flowers, can.

Hope everyone is well! If I find time, I will try a few Grandma type posts myself :)

Monday, October 13, 2014



Don't you love the www. name Cluck cluck sew. It is so original and funny.

Sawtooth is the name of this block.
Download now as a pdf pattern

Download now as a pdf pattern

And Sawtooth Star is the name of this one.

Jim left this morning for Calgary and then on to Edmonton. He is going to visit Rick in Calgary before he goes home. It will be a long drive for him and a long day too.  He left at 8:00 this morning. I wonder if he is there yet. It is 4:20 now.

As for us we just went to Safeway for a few items. It was a short time. There was a dog chained up to a pole right where we parked the car. She was there when we went in and still there when we left. I felt sorry for her. And I did not have my camera so no pictures.

Then we had to go to the bank for money, can't go too far without it. 


A girl has to look good.

We came home and Ray had to clean the oven as there was a spill yesterday. Thank goodness we have a self clean oven. I remember the days when we had to clean the oven by hand scrubbing it. Everyone hated that job.

Now we are watching John Wayne hanging form the center span of a bridge he is building. Hurrah for John Wayne.

This is the centrepiece that my dear daughter in law Lisa in Louisiana created for her Canadian Thanksgiving table. Beautiful isn't it.

And that is it for tonight folks. 

Good night.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


I just ate a chocolate bar Krispy Krunch my favourite. I rarely eat chocolate bars for obvious reasons but this one was just sitting there so I ate it.

Jim and I went out again today , we bought a few things for Thanksgiving dinner. We had ham not turkey. Ray made scalloped potatoes, my favourite. We had mixed carrots and turnips and Jim bought some wild rice so we had that too. It was a great dinner. We bought pumpkin pie for dinner but were too full to eat it. 
I hope Canadians all had a good day today. If not then tomorrow when it is really Thanksgiving.  Jim is leaving tomorrow morning and will drop in on Richard in Calgary for a visit.  Tonight Jim and Peter are going to Kareoke. They are both good singers and love to perform. They will have a good time.

Jim helped me with my printer today and it is working. Thank you Jim. I hate to see him go home as his visit was way too short but that is the way of the world. He has a show he is putting on and directing so he has to be home by Tuesday. Jim is a busy man and always has been.

This blog is about twins.

That it does.

Two of a kind.

Lovely Goffin cockatoos.

Gorgeous flamingoes standing on one foot.

Two puppies that even lid the same way LOL>

Who Dat?  Love these faces.

Weimareiners. I was walking across the parking lot today and what should come along but one of these dogs with his owner. He stopped for a pat on the head , a very friendly dog. And a nice time for me.

It is so cute the way little elephants scamper along, I love them.

It looks as if time is running out folks.
Have a wonderful evening and a happy Thanksgiving to all.

Good night.

Saturday, October 11, 2014


Too bad you can't find Cornish Pasties Jean, They are very tasty. I wonder if they would travel at all. 

It has been a wonderful day with Jim. Ray was sick today and had to stay home so Jim and I went out to do the grocery shopping. Then we went to Mr. Ho's and had lunch. Of course we could not heat all of it so we brought some home for Ray but he didn't want to eat anything. It went in the garbage. Too bad. 
After we brought the groceries home and put them away Jim went to his favourite store where he buys things he calls chips. I have no idea what they are but he plays with them in his basement workshop. He is an electrical worker on a personal level and is a genius with things electrical. He is a great worker on other things too. I always ask him for help. Today he has been working on my computer system to get things working better.  I am always happy when Jim comes . He is a great friend and enjoys going around the same as I do. Guess he got that from me. My dad was the same way.

I was going to cook dinner but neither of them were hungry so we just noshed a bit.
]Tomorrow I want to cook up the ham and make some of my family favourite macaroni and cheese. We bought some baby 
bak choy , Jim and I both like it so maybe I'll cook that.

Bear this in mind tomorrow.

Blue is such a gorgeous colour and this one is well designed with the blue and the browns and a nice dark blue binding.

Man's best friend, just look in those eyes. I wish I had a dog.

Brian on Rick's lap and his new bride beside them. It looks like they are all having fun. Happy Thanksgiving folks.

Isn't this great?  What a fun design on these pumpkins.  And all the houses are different.

And that is all folks.
       Have a great evening.      
                      Good night.


Friday, October 10, 2014


Malala!!!  2014 Nobel Peace Prize winner  gives us thought  to wonder what one determined young woman can do. She is amazing and has done amazing things. If she moves even one other person to repeat her acts of courage and bring continued peace to the world and to young women of the world she will be remembered forever.

It has been a good day for us. We had to go to see the cardiologist who confirmed my visit to the hospital next week for tests. Nothing wrong just checking. I do not like these tests because they cause me pain. I am a cringing patient who does not like pain. Well who likes it anyway so I am not that unusual.

Here is something really cute you can make for Hallowe'en. If not for this year then next.

Oops I left the blog and forgot about it.   Jim arrived from Edmonton  and we have been visiting with him. It is so good to have him here. So that is why I forgot my blog.  We have had a wonderful time with him. I count myself fortunate to have wonderful children and grandchildren.

After the cardiologist we went to Metrotown for coffee and we shared a burrito . 
Then we  had to go to our family doctor  to get a referral for the eye specialist. 

Isn't this fabulous, The reflection of the eagle mesmerizes the bird as he looks at himself .

Neat birds that look easy to make.  Birds of many colours could be arranged on a quilt face.

I love this beauty. These flowers remind me of delphiniums. 

That is all for tonight folks.

Have a good evening.
Good Night.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

sore eyes

No blog last night. I went to guild with Kathy. My eyes were so sore that I could not do the blog last night and they are still very sore today. My vision is all blurry so this blog may be short . 

I did not do anything today, just stayed home, watchted a bit of TV and slept so that my eyes remained closed.
But I did make dinner. It was perogies out of a bag. I boiled them then cut up some bacon and onion to coat the perogies and added sour cream to the dish.. They tasted delicious. I like that meal and so did Ray. I have to say that he cut the bacon into small bits for me. We work well together. 

Ray did go out for a while to Safeway while I napped. He did some other things but I have forgotten what they were. He is talking on the phone to his sister Gerry.

Isn't this a cheerful looking block. It is called Ribbon. Of course Red is always cheerful.

At guild last night there was a lady who owns a thread and fabric shop. She set up a few tables of her products. I bought 2 packs of FQs of neutrals. Whites and creams. They will come in handy. I am happy with them.

Square in a square, an easy quilt to make.

Charlotte celebrating Hallowe'en by wrapping her doll as a mummy. So imaginative.

Well that is all folks the eyes are telling me to cease and desist.

Have a grand evening.
Good night.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

later than late

Gentleman's Fancy is a great pieced block. I like pieced blocks.

Farmer's Wife quilt-just gorgeous. Have a look.

House # 15 ready for your inspection. Take a look.

I think I missed a blog last night.

Today was my Tuesday sewing group and it was great, the room was full, we sewed and ate our lunches. A wonderful get together .
I am having trouble remembering the blog when I leave it to look for something and then move on instead of going back to it. That is bad . I'll try to do better. I was going to say be better but that is a judgement of myself and not my actions. I don't make those judgements of myself.

I have been working on Tuesdays on hexagons but I have had an epiphany and will make some smaller ones in order to make doll quilts.
But first I need to find the papers. I think they have some at The Cloth Shop on Granville Island. Hopefully I can get Ray to take me down there.  It would be fun just to go there in any case.  I am going to try tomorrow to go to the Quilt shop in Surrey as we have to go over there anyway. Ray's cousin seems to be missing. His doctor called here today saying they could not get hold of him and Ray called too and he could not reach him either.

i went to my dizzy clinic this afternoon. The technician was really pleased and said I do not have to go back. Good,  one less place I need to go. Ray and I are both getting tired of going to doctor 
appointment. There are still a few that we need to finish off but hopefully that will be the end of it for a while.

Double images, so gorgeous. 
Our trees are still green for the most part as it has been very warm and the leaves need a taste of frost before they can turn colour. So we will have a very late Fall this year.

I love this quilt and would call it Starry Night but it already has a name as you can see..  So simple , just squares and a few triangles. So many lovey colours of squares.

A great way to emphasize these circles.Like it. Of course most things I download are items I like LOL.

My Richard is up for Hallowe'en and Emma is having fun with it.

My day is over and I am done with this.

Have a wonderful evening.

                           Good night!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

December comes early

December block  because it takes time to make a block.

Check out Amy Smart's free pumpkin table runner pattern here:http://www.diaryofaquilter.com/2013...

Ah good evening folks , I hope you all had a great day.
We did not go out at all today busy with cleaning the apartment and doing the laundry. Ray is very tired  , I wonder if he slept well. Hope it will be better for him tonight. 

I did not sew just played with my computer -keeping up on things.
I did however paint my nails green today, not sure if I like it but I'll keep it on for a few days while I get used to it. Oh yes Looking good is a lot of work LOL.
Pretty old looking fingers eh!

I am concerned about the ebola virus in Texas.
 I have family in Louisiana. I sure hope the authorities can contain this virus.  I just called Adam but did not get an answer.   But he just called me back. He and Lisa were at a musical show of Gershwin tunes. Nice!!

I need to begin knitting socks as I have orders for 2 pair. I'll begin tonight.

I like this photo and what it has to say about dogs. I love dogs and would like to own one but we don't want to have it in this apartment. Our daughter Lynn just got a new puppy. She always has a small dog and hers past dog died in the spring. She had to wait for this baby to be born and ready to leave its mother.

Download now as a pdf pattern

My Richard with Emma. Rick has certainly changed since the last time I saw him. Emma looks  the same LOL.

Now I want to show some gorgeous Fall photos.

Autumn is here and there too.

So beautiful aren't they. I love the full orange.

So that is all folks. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Have a good evening.

Good night.