a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

whipped cream

What is whipped cream as it applies to quilting? It appears that you may find out by opening this  url above. Some things are just surprising.

We had another quiet day except for preparing for our trip to Calgary and Edmonton which begins tomorrow. So we packed our bag mostly, so few things need to in it tomorrow morning before we leave.  It is easy for Ray and me to pack as we just take enough for three or four days. we can wash clothes at Rick's place. We will be going north to Edmonton to see Jim who is performing in a play. We will watch his play on Saturday and probably stay on Sunday to visit. then back south to Calgary where I want to visit my friend Mary who used to be a part of my quilting group before she moved to Calgary.

However we did go out for a while as I wanted to go to London Drugs. They had shampoo advertised for grey hair that I wanted to try. I also bought some lovely lavender scented shampoo that I liked. And I bought a book for the journey and visit.

Our baby boy, Mary and  Albert's  son and Rick's grandson Quinn. This is such a special great big smile. He brings great joy.

Wacky Log Cabin, it adds a new perspective to the Log Cabin.

Here is today's free Block of the Day pattern

Download now as a pdf pattern

How do you think this cat feels in the hat his owner knit for him. Not too good I am afraid.
Now I am quitiing as this laptop once again has a mind of its own and does not obey commands.

Have a lovely evening.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

daffodil yellow

Download now as a pdf pattern                                             Tulip Star. Love the bright yellow.

Sweet sewing machine on a card.

the right size to try.

A nice little applique piece.

I was looking for another photo so I could add it to the blog but that will have to wait for later or another day. 
Tuesday? that means I went to sewing today. Sharon picked me up , she is so good to do that. We just went  to the church for our sewing group. There is so much construction around that church, a huge house and lane house at the back of the house, and a presentation house for the buildings going up at a second corner being built right next to the church. It is so busy around that church. But we did manage to find a parking spot and went in for out lovely sewing day. I still did my applique hearts but I am at the end of that task so I wonder what to do next.  Any suggestions ? LOL.
When  I got home I had a short nap . Ray and I did not go out at all this afternoon.  

Shhh don't wake the baby.  What a cute picture.

Richard in Athens, see the Parthenon behind him. He is having a really good time with Cheryl, he said  he'd be home on Thursday. Ray and I leave on Thursday for the drive to Calgary.
I haven't decided yet whether or not to  take my laptop with me. I kind of think I should take a rest from the computer. So if you don't hear from me I will be busy visiting and not writing.

This is Jersey, Jack's dog. Funny how he showed up on my facebook, Jack was once married to Ray's niece. He is a lovely dog , his fur looks like velvet.

Cute little baby quilt, it is called a stuffie.  

‪#‎quilting‬ ‪#‎baby‬ ‪#‎stuffies

Tumbler quilt for a baby, a one patch quilt , plain and easy, And it uses up a lot of scraps.

So that is my day today, I hope tomorrow goes as well. Tomorrow
We get ourselves prepared for the drive to Calgary and Edmonton.

Little Rose , I wonder what she is doing. Looks like she is putting stuff into the glass of water.

Do you like orange? This quilt should please you.

Good evening folks I am done for the night.
Have a lovely evening.

Monday, June 23, 2014

tea anyone


Cute little block. I made a teapot and teacup quilt a few years ago.  I'll look for it.

It was a slow day for us , we went to the pharmacy to hand in a prescription to be filled.  Then we went to White Spot for lunch. I had a mushroom burger and Ray a straight hamburger.   Mine was very good.
And that was about all. We came home and just rested. We seem to rest a lot these days. 

It was a bit rainy today a change from the beautiful sunshine we have had for a few weeks now. I like the rain though it is very cleansing.

Rick told us that Cheryl , his partner on the trip was in a cab that went down the side of a hill. We still have not heard what condition she is in. I pray all is okay with her.  I just looked again on facebook for news but there is none.

We are leaving for Calgary on Thursday, arriving on Friday and going to Edmonton on Saturday. Where from there I have no idea. I want to go back to Calgary and see my friend Mary and Rick's friend Emma. We can't go earlier as Rick will not be back from Europe until Thursday. Although I am wondering if he will be back then since he may stay depending on how Cheryl is after the accident. Home in Canada will no doubt will be better for her.

So I continue to go to my sewing tomorrow . Pat will not be here so Sharon said she would pick me up.

My eye , the left one is still bothering me , it aches all the time. When I went to the eye doctor it did not hurt at all and I forgot to tell him about it. He was a new doctor , mine retired and I miss him. Oh well  life goes on.

I wish I could do some sewing but the way my eyes are everything seems to bother them and sewing takes a lot of eye power LOL.

Baby Quinn dressed up to go out and still sleeping. He looks very relaxed.

Now this is relaxed. Nothing relaxes like a cat.

This picture reminds me of a cover of a Saturday Evening Post. I remember selling that magazine door to door when I was young. We looked forward to the wonderful covers of the magazine every week. There were many covers by  Norman Rockwell and this one reminds me of his work.  Maybe it is.

I like this one.....

Why do cats love sewing machines, could it be that they are warm and cats love the heat. I wonder.

Nice work here , I have a table cloth done in this stitch that my MIL gave me. Actually she made two for me but I gave one to her granddaughter, Ray's daughter Lynn. I thought it should be in the family.

Sorry folks, but my eyes are killing me so it is time for me to close this blog.
Have a lovely evening.

Good night.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Anonymous, no vodka  , just clamato juice. I do not imbibe alcohol.

Free videos and lessons are up to Block 8:

Well folks, my blog has disappeared once again. I have no idea where it went. This has happened before never to be found. What a nuisance.

Lawyers Block    is the name of this block and I can see why. It is confusing just like lawyers LOL.

Download now as a pdf pattern

I spent the day in today despite the magnificent weather. Some days I just do not want to go out and today was the day. 
 Marg came over while Ray was out shopping and we had a good visit.  She was in church today and had good tales to tell. 

I know some of the people in her church since I have been to a couple of church dinners and so met a few parishoners.
She is going on a short trip soon and so are Ray and I. We are going to Calgary and Edmonton. I am excited about our trip. We will see Richard and Jim so it will be fun.

I talked to Rick on Facebook and he gave me instructions and his address. Jim is very busy with his performance so we have not talked. 

We had hot dogs for supper and both of us spilled mustard on our shirts LOL. We laughed because we are both wearing yellow shirts so no big deal.

Our little Rose all dressed up and ready to go.
What a sweet little face.

Comfy cat on a comfortable quilt. I understand that cats do like quilts. I do not know from experience as I don't have a cat.

Papa gives good advice.

What is known to quilters as blenders LOL.

That is all folks. 
Have a wonderful evening.

Good night.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

no post

I don't feel like writing my blog tonight . Not much to say and nothing to write about. So no blog.

Have a lovely evening and a good sleep.

Good night.

Friday, June 20, 2014


I wanted a coke to drink but we never buy coke so I am out of luck. Instead I am drinking Caesar mix. it is tasty but not coke. Tomorrow we shop so I will buy some coke then. Probably my desire for coke will disappear after I buy some. Things seem to work that way.

You know how your lips peel when you eat salt and vinegar potato chips.  That is how my lips are right now. I am losing skin. Not really very nice.

Today Ray and I went to Tim's  for a strawberry doughnut and coffee. I liked that doughnut, it is new and tasty.

First though we went to Michael's and I bought some yarn. One ball for socks and the other three for dish cloths that I like to knit.
I plan to knit socks on my way to Calgary next week. There is a great need to do something in the car. Usually I just check out the road for Ray but since I can knit without looking I can still check out the road.

I wanted to go to London Drugs but I am no longer able to do more than 2 places as I get way too tired and just can't seem to manage a third place. Sometimes I wonder if you only get so much energy in your life and it starts to run out. If that is so mine is definitely running out. Soon I will only be able to do one thing, shucks it is a pain.

Watching Bill Maher talking about Iran/Iraq and oil. He can be so funny but the subject is often very serious.
Slavery is one of the topics tonight. Too bad it was such a short discussion. 

Now it is about Iraq and religion in war.

Oh well my blog is not political so I had better just shut up on the subject.

I was going to do some sewing today but I had a nap instead. Pathetic.   I really need to give up on the naps and do some sewing.

Interesting block with every second piece is white or light and makes another distinction on the block.

My great granddaughters making music together. Charlotte has the microphone so she must be singing.

This block was done completely by hand, hand piecing is a real art.
Caroline, Chelsea and Matthew in a family picture in Toronto  where Chelsea has graduated from Humber University .

Cozy Kitty waiting for her mom to come home.  Pretty isn't she?

My great grandson Adam with a friend and a guy from the Duck Dynasty. I don't know who he is but that's okay.

Pretty obvious. This guy's a fighter.

Road to Oklahoma , this one is a nice block. 

More family pictures, this one is Lisa and Adam in Louisiana. Adam is my eldest son and Lisa is his wife..

That is all for tonight folks.
Have a great evening.

Good night.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

post notes

This blog is not a post note but I liked the title so used it.

A day of rest. I did something I never have done in my life. I spent the day in my nightie watching old movies. It was wonderful. I find it hard to believe that at 82 I have never done that before. Well I did get dressed at 3:00 because Ray wanted to go out to Safeway for bread and large wieners, they are called smokies and are very tasty.

Then we came right home after that as it was late in the day. 
Marg called and came over with two books for me. I had two books for her as well. We had a good visit.

Ray made dinner sauerkraut and onions with the wieners all in the oven. It was a good dinner , we used mustard on the smokies. Mmm.

It was a nice day and I think I might do that again, Watching all those movies was a good time. Well there were only two but they were very good.  One was Mrs. Miniver which was about WW2 . I remember it when I was a young girl and it was very popular at that time.

Wow isn't this one lovely, a one block quilt for the wall.

Quinn at his first movie with momma. He looks relaxed.

Granddaughter Chelsea on the right, gorgeous isn't she.
She is a musician and plays several instruments. She had a jazz band too Chelsea and the Cityscape in Toronto.

Our very clever Kate showing off.

Used tires here is a clever use of them , attractive too as well as funny and entertaining.

Ducky and puppy,
friends are they not wonderful?   Labs are so good to everybody. And the duck is close to the dog.

Blue eyes up for adoption.

Enough for tonight folks. 

Have a great evening.

Good night!!