a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hi everyone. Nan has been improving but not very quickly. She is not yet able to get herself up out of bed, and she is most unstable on her feet. It is important to remember that she was in quite a weakened condition before the surgery, having been I'll for nine months and in and out of the hospital continuously through thT period. In addition, although I don't see it, she is not as young as she was.

So today the doctor decreed that she would stay in the hospital for another two weeks, and she'll be transferred to a general medical ward where physiotherapy will be the primary order of the day. She and Ray are a bit relieved at this as they didn't feel she was ready to go home quite yet. So thats the latest.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Hi everyone. Nan's progress from her major surgery has been slow, but steady. She is alert in between pain meds, and we've had her up on her feet several times in the last few days for short walks. She is improving although it is slow. She will certainly be in the hospital until Wednesday or so of next week, maybe longer.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another day, another report

Hi everyone...this is Adam again. things went as they were expected to go today. Nan passed much of the day in sleep, although she could awake when spoken to. She didn't really seem too aware of what was going on, and she was certainly in discomfort from time to time, but she was clearly improving through the day. Ray and I think that she will be more alert tomorrow, and on the mend. thank you all for your good wishes and I will convey them to her tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Long but successful day

Hello everyone, this is Nan's son, Adam. Today was surgery day. We went down to the hospital at 8:30 a.m. as requested, and after taking down her name etc, they placed us (Nan, Ray, and me) in a holding cell and didn't come back until 11:00. Surgery started at noon and was supposed to be done in three hours. She didn't get done until 4:45, and her doctor said her bladder was worse than he thought, and she was on the verge of another major infection episode. But other than being a difficult surgery he said it went well and was completed successfully. In consideration of her age and condition he said she will have a difficult couple of days ahead of her, but should be on the mend. She will be in the recovery room, not allowed visitors, until about 9:00 or 10:00 tonight and then she will be transferred to a ward if she is breathing well and recovering ok. But realistically she will sleep all through the rest of the day and probably will be groggy and sore tomorrow. We will go and see her tomorrow morning.

So...the surgery was successful, she is in the recovery ward, and now begins the healing and recovery process so she can get back on with her life.

Monday, September 19, 2011

last blog fora while


Cute little wall hanging and a nice blog to read.
This will be my last blog for a week or so. Time for surgery tomorrow. We have to be there at 8:30 AM and from there I don't know what happens. Well except for surgery at 11:30.
I got a lovely gift in the mail today , a large yoyo maker. I am thrilled. IT seems to be a secret friend but it looks to me as if the return name say It's Ione. Now is it? And if so a huge thank you:)))
If not a huge thank you:))
Nice looking quilt on modabakeshop.
Peter and Rick came over today and i could not come outof the bathroom ro see them. I was so disappointed as they will both be out of town working this week. Rick in Calgary, and Peter in London and then Dubai.
That's it for tonight, I am tired.
Have a great evening folks.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

getting ready

We had to go to the pharmacy for that dreaded cipro mag for tomorrow. Plus we bought all the liquids that I am allowed to eat tomorrow. Now we are ready to go for my surgery.  We went to MacDonald's for a big Mac and they have something new, Cinnamon treats. They were delicious .                                                                        
There I saw one of these great green cars this morning. I love the colour and if I could buy a new car I'd buy one this colour. Yesterday I saw an orange one.


Billie asked if I could have someone give updates, so I'll ask Adam to take care of that. We are expecting him shortly from Louisiana. He's coming to make sure I am going to be all right.  He is such a good man. I am fortunate,  all my men are good men and I have a good number of them.
Then men are outside adding little overhangs to the doors so the rain slides down and does not go into the walls, plus they are adding new doors. We have our new door but no overhang yet.
My embroidery machine and box of threads are now back in their place. Ain't it a shame LOL just as I am ready to sew I have to put it all away. I am hoping that it won't take too long to get better although the nurse this morning told me it would take a long time.
Another dog in a box. He was eager for attention. Nice looking boy. We watched The Dog Whisperer today all afternoon as it was a marathon. Amazing techniques that man has.
No new quilting things tonight. I have had difficulties with this blog disappearing on me and then I have to close up and sign on again.
So I am signing off LOL for the night.
Have a great evening.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Falling down

Billie, thanks for your prayers and good wishes on my surgery.
Late tonight- I had another fall and it took us a while to get me up.   I worry about Ray when he has to help me. I wouldn't let him lift me up because it is too hard on him but we figured out a way , I slid over to my chair and pulled myself up onto the seat and he pushed me up onto chair . We becoming experts at this. I don't know why I fell , my feet and legs just wouldn't work . They were really bad all day. However nothing stops the two of us  . We went out to the Keg for dinner, that was before I fell. Do you think prime rib can cause shaky legs and falls LOL.
When I came home I got another block ready to embroider and messed up the first one . The colours are hard to read on the colour sheet and of course my threads and the ones on the machine are not in sinc , neither do they match with the colour sheet. So of course it is hard to read or choose . I was not going to unpick,no,no, so I used another square of fabric and started again.
She doesn't show up very well but she is cute. Now I am in the mood to sew I have to take time off , but that's the way of the world. I do enjoy doing these little girls.
The dogs were out today , on the street and at the mall. I love the way they pose for the camera.
This guy was tied up at the Dog Park.
This next dog was with his owner but was friendly and willing to pose with his tongue hanging out LOL.
We did our grocery shopping this morning and I bought two quilting magazines, both McCalls. They each have something in them that I might want to do if I ever get around to it. I'm saving them for the hospital hoping I have the urge to read.
I read all the literature that I got  yesterday, it was very good and I think I know what to expect. Frankly I am a bit scared of the pain, my usual concern. I am a big sissy, low tolerance for it.
Consider the lillies of the field ,aren't they beautiful. I like the variety of colours that they come in and their lovely scent.
I'm off to bed to rest my wounded body haha.
Have a good  evening, what's left of it.
Buona notte.

Friday, September 16, 2011

pre op


This blog has some different ways to make half square triangles, it looks really interesting and give hints as to the problems and the fixes.
This morning we had to go to the hospital for pre-op. There was a lot to do so it took over three hours. First  we saw the Stoma nurse and she showed us how to do the procedure and marked me as to placement. Now I have to practice as she also gave me a kit with practice materials in it. However I will have lots of help from the nurses in the hospital and the community nurses will be coming after I get home.
Then we saw another nurse who went over all my files because this is major surgery and I needed to know what was ahead.I also had to know what to do on the day preceding the surgery. It's a lot of information, hope I remember, but again there are notes.
Next we talked to the physiotherapist and lastly we had to go to have my blood taken .
Then the home nurse came to deliver my antibiotic.
After all that we went to the casino, I won $100  but Ray was not so fortunate.
I was going to do another ballerine today but didn't of course. I did get the stabilizer cut though. One thing at a time LOL
I tried to take a photo of a fence that I really liked , it was most interesting but for some strange reason the photo was just all white. I think I'll get Ray to park the car behind the bank and I'll walk up and get it.
I'm hungry so I have eaten two Damsen plums and four long cuts of cucumberwith salt and vinegar. Nice treat eh! So I had my good ,healthy food and now I want chocolate. None in the house.:((
A sculpture at the Burnaby library. It is a great building and has several of these perfect spheres on  blocks. The pole bisecting it was just an accident and the rain on the window was an act of God. :)
I took some photos of houses today ,some are on an angle LOL.
Slightly askew, but  a brown house. As if you couldn't see that LOL.
I think that this one is a dusky rose but the real true colours don't show up well on my camera. I need to take it back to London Drugs.
Thanks for listening !!!
Have a lovely evening.
Bon soir.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

so sleepy

I am so sleepy but don't want to go to bed as I'll sleep for 2 hours easy.
You  know this is not me, I don't sleep so no one can take my picture LOL so thislittle kitten is a symbol of sleeping.

I called the doctor this morning to inquire about my pre op information. Heather , at the surgeon's office  said she had not hurt from the hospital but  said she would get after the hospital about it.
Five minutes later the phone rang and the hospital was on the line with the information I needed. So tomorrow at 8:30 I go to the hospital to be briefed. I know no food or drink after midnight and of course that dreadful bowel prep  before the day of the surgery.

We had a rather hectic day. First the nurse said she would be be here at 10:30 , later than usual. However I had an appointment  with the doctor at 10:45. So we had to adjust those two appointments . The nurse Page said to come to the clinic after the doctor. We did that but no one was there. We waited for about 25 minutes and then decided to go to the other clinic , the one we used to go to on the weekend. That was the one!! The antibiotic takes about 30 minutes to complete the drip. My own doctor said I lacked colour in my face and truly I have always had very high colour. Apparently I am a little bit anemic. Never rains but it pours. But pills are the answer :)) Haha I am a pill addict.
We went to the mall for lunch and met Juliet there. She sat with us and we talked about the Guild meeting. She said that in her opinion the new President would be a lively one and I agree with her. It should be fun!  You no doubt wonder how I get to go around so much but don't go to any of my groups. The reason is if anything happens such as passing out or falling down Ray knows what to do and I don't want to put anyone else in a quandry. So you see my thoughts are just for my friend's safety  LOL Oh and I don't really stay out for long as I get tired.

Rick came over for a while and I had several questions about my computer . He fixed up some of my issues and explained others. He and Peter are coming over tomorrow and I am hoping he is able to get all this embroidery stuff straightened. I am sure between the two of them they will be able to figure it out . I know I can't.
The man with the antibiotic came this afternoon too. Lots of activity around here today.

I planned to embroider but that did not happen.
And my feet hurt :( Blah!
Time for a rest.
Have a great evening.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

again with the tutorials

I had this site on my blog a few days ago . As there is a new tutorial every day I may be adding it more often. Today the tutorial is hand piecing. It is a good explanation of the technique. I once knew a prize winning quilters who hand pieced all her quilts, sadly she passed away earlier in the century. She was the lady who taught me how to applique.
This is so cute, I just had to share it with you. A great idea.

 I had a very full day today . We had the upstairs door replaced so the doorman came at 8:30. The nurse was late and while she was here my childhood friend Clairee from Washington state arrived.
We had a good visit and then went for lunch at the White Spot. For dessert there was a blueberry tart with whipped cream. It was delicious. Oh yes we did eat a legendary hamburger first. You know that old saying, Life is uncertain, eat dessert first LOL.
Clairee helping me into the van. Isn't she lovely and lots of fun too. I so enjoyed our visit.
She asked me at lunch if I followed American politics. I do , so we had a good old chinwag about the state of the union and of course solved all the problems LOL.
When I came home the door man was still working on the door but he did get it finished at the end of the afternoon.
After I got home I decided to take the bull by the horns and do some embroidery, I am going to do these little ballerina girls. Ballerina girls is redundant isn't it?  and I did this blue one.
Cute isn't she? These are going to be fun.. I have those 4 trippy little girls too that I want to do too. I wish there were more of them but I'll figure out something. That's the fun of it.

Ah ha sweet Charlotte what a beautiful chapeau for a cloudy day. She's having fun wouldn't you say.
Time for me to go, no nap today so it will be early to bed for me.
Have a great evening everyone!
Buena sera.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

hard to get

Sometimes it is difficult to figure things out on the computer even though you have been doing things on it for s long time.
I am trying to get started embroidering on these adorable ballerina girls http://www.kreativekiwiembroidery.co.nz/ballerina
Hope this works... If not just put kreativekiwi  in your browser.
So I could not find the colour sheets and wrote to Heather for help. She was just great and sent me the required information. I tried to print them out on the printer but all I could get was the first ballerina. After a frustrating time, I said to myself, well this is not working. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. Good enough for Einstein, good enough for me. So I poked around a bit and noticed a small button  on the upper left corner. Behold there they were all nine of them and I was able to get the printouts. Success, now I can get started tomorrow. I don't work well at night , always make too many mistakes so I just  don't do it.
This morning the nurse was Iris , the quilter, who had just come back from a quilting retreat. While the antibiotic was being administered we chatted quilting. She said when she gets her project finished she'll bring it over for me to see. She is also an embroidery enthusiast so we had lots to talk about. Quilters, you can find them everywhere :))
I found these ladies in Houston at the quilt show. Aren't they wonderful.

We went for our walk in the mall and a muffin and coffee. 
My school time friend from Washington called this afternoon and we made a date for tomorrow morning. It is always a pleasure to get together with her. I'll take a picture tomorrow.
Pretty isn't he. He was on Heather's window and she took his picture.
My friend Helen called today to wish me well next Tuesday when i get my surgery and she is going in the same day for knee replacement.  I hope it all goes well for her.
I did a strange thing today. I sent my grandson Ryan a e card for his birthday. I can just see his face when he gets it. He'll think his grandma is losing it. Ryan's birthday is in April Haha.

 It is little Adam's birthday today. LOL .He called me today to thank me for the money I sent down with his grandpa. It was fun to talk with him. Ryan and Adam's birthdays are on the 13th. My mind was in a fuzz :)))

I like this one and so does Charlotte. My boys all loved it too, that was so long ago, sometimes I reminisce about all my babies. SIGH!
Time to go folks.
Have a good evening.

Monday, September 12, 2011

some projects are just too cute

http://www.annthegran.com/cs/blogs/avid-embroiderer/archive/2011/09/06/the-avid-embroiderer-that's the goodies for todaypresents-making-a-silk-purse-out-of-a-what.aspx
What an irrisistible change purse to carry with you when walking or jogging.
easy peasy pot holder.

That's the goodies for today. My friend Heather came to visit today carrying a present of a lovely picture done by an artist she likes. The topic was Queen Anne's Lace and was cleverly done with actual pieces of the flower.
Heather and I go back a ways when we met as teachers in a local school. We became fast friends and Heather bought my mom and dad's house after they passed away.
Margaret came over to and we had a good time , Heather took some photos of Marg and me. I wanted them on my computer so took her sd card and put it into my laptop. What a surprise I got, there were 377 photos on that card LOL. It was such a shock but it sure made me laugh.

Here we are Marg on the left, she is left handed :))) and Nan on the right she is right handed, whatever that has to do with anything haha.
I like this one. Marg and I both chose to wear yellow today. She says "I see you got the call"
Heather doesn't like to have her photo taken but she did let me take one and it is quite good I think.
I wish I had taken a photo of her sandals, they were fabulous!
And here she is the fabulous Heather !!! Kind ,generous, fun and afraid of nothing. Love you Heather.
After the photo shoot Heather left to go home.
Marg stayed behind to visit and I decided to order a pizza and asked her if she wanted to join us. She did. So I called Neighbours but they said the drivers didn't come on until 5:00. Here it was just 4:00 but we waited. Good thing as it was the best pizza that I have had in a long while and worth the wait.
I am going to post one  of Heather's pictures, She said I could.
Time to check out for the day.
Have a lovely evening.
Good night.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

more moda


What a lovely easy quilt and it is all here as a tutorial. Don't the fabrics make the quilt? I often wish I had access to the same fabrics as those  shown in the tutorial. Another little thing: there is a short introduction on the page and it is signed Oda May. In pig latin that would be Moda. LOL. Someone has a sense of humour.

http://royllsister.blogspot.com/ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Coverpro1000/ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/purses_and_handbags_freeform_n_felted/?yguid=247761104
This is a long blog but has some really interesting things to look at and a tutorial as well. It is well worth perusing. Enjoy yourselves.

The nurse just left so  my antibiotic  is fresh again :))
And powerful, so strong that I went to bed and slept until 2:00. Wasting /sleeping my life away. Not long now though.
We just watched a show about divers trying to capture parasites off  whales. It was on the OASIS channel. The photographs caught in these shows are amazingly beautiful. It was mostly under the ocean and showed that even though the whale is the largest animal on earth or sea I should say, in the sea it is totally  graceful. The team of divers took over a month to capture the parasite they wanted. The whale was a female and had a calf during that time frame. Another whale, a male , stalked the mother and tried to kill the baby. It was not successful , Justice rules LOL.

Remember the Sampler Quilt -here is a an ongoing  BOM for a sampler. It looks great.

Hands across the border as Americans and Canadians congregate at the Peace Arch to commemerate the tragedy of September 11 2001.

I started to do some embroidery, just got the
stabilizer cut. I hope to get the fabric pressed and add the two pieces to the hoop. This lethargy is so bad.
The last photos from the barbecue are now available :))
Rick the 3rd  and Louis getting ready to enjoy.
Great Grandma helping out, not too successfully though. But it was fun .
That's it folks, if I sleep the day away there isn't a lot to say.
However Tomorrow is Mary's birthday. Dear Mary I hope to see you soon, have a lovely day!
Have a nice evening folks.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A barbecue

Cute idea for storage of your quilting tools
Instructions for Lots of things  LOL.

We had a very full day today . We drove out to Abbotsford to visit Rick and Carla. On the way to the house we stopped in Abbotsford for gas. $ 1.25 L, what a shock, a good shock though as it is $1.37 L here in Vancouver.  So of course we filled up.
We sat in the living room  for a while as the football game was on, Vancouver  vs Toronto. The Vancouver Lions won this game.
Here's the family dog Remy turning his back on the football game.LOL Maybe he is looking for more company.
Shaggy dog but he is such a love, one of the friendly dogs. See how nicely he sits. Apparently he is due for a hair cut, Remy must be part poodle as he has curly hair.
Meg , Louis and Charlotte were there too for the barbecue. Poor Charlotte was not a very happy camper. She cried nearly all the time we were there, teething problems. nothing seemed to calm her down. However she stopped crying for a bit  when Meg gave her some corn to eat.
Meg took her top off as she was also too hot and that made her cranky. It is tough to be a baby and the only way to express yourself is to cry.
Carla and Rick put together a good barecue, steak, sausage, potato salad, three bean salad gherkins and little pickled peppers. For dessert  we had a Cream Soda float and it was wonderful.
Tomorrow I'll finish off these photos, it takes a long time for each picture to show up.
Anyway it is late and I am tired.
I hope you all had a nice evening, note the past tense :))
Bon soir.

Friday, September 9, 2011

cutting crew

A cutting crew of one, Kathy.
View from the front ,through this window Kathy is cutting my 3 meters of fabric. She is such a professional, she can handle anything.
See how long the fabric is I would have it all in a stew. But Kathy just got on with it and I now have a pile of 12" squares. Now that's a treasure because it is the first step in any project.
Have you ever reminisced about the little Red shcoolhouse. Many people do. The ubiquitous one room school house. I attended one of those one room schoolhouses in the prairies when I visited my Aunt on Alberta. It was just one room and had a pot bellied stove for heat in the winter . The boys had to go out into the cold and snow to chop wood for the stove.  The teacher boarded at one of the homes in the area, the one closest to the schoolhouse. She was very young, not much older than I was . It was too difficult to get anyone for the job, virtually no money and room and board so they said yes to whomever they could get to do the job. However there were all grades from Grade one to grade 8.  And she did try to accommodate them with the help of the older students.
With this bit of history in mind I decided to take some photos of
the small schoolhouse just up the road from us and yes it is RED.
This is the length of the school, it is a pretty site and in the spring the cherry trees make it a beautiful sight.
All children are welcome here just enter through the door. It is such a lovely little school and only covers grades K to 4.
Apparently we had a small earthquake today. Kathy came in asking if I had felt it and then Ray came in and asked the same thing, but I felt nothing. Well it could have happened but I am so wobbly
on my legs that I probably thought it was my legs shaking

Embellishments and bags.

Stack/Whack/Slash A funny kind of site but  could be interesting.

Thanks Kathy you are the best.!!!!!
That's it for tonight folks.
Have a great evening.
Lab Vacar

Thursday, September 8, 2011

pot pourri

Charlotte eats her gnocchi. Sure looks tasty Charlotte. Mommy sprinkled veggies on the  top
 mothers can be so sneaky :))

Did you know that hoopsisters is all the rage in the quilting world. Kathy and I went to a class last year to make a small piece. It was close to Christmas I think . Mine did not get done but Kathy has done hers and a quilt as well.
  And here is her quilt, it is so pretty.

I just found some  free standing lace Schmetterling, butterfly to you and one can be downloaded as a freebie. I hope you enjoy it.
Take a look.
The nurse came later this morning but I still made my hairdresser appointment. I was a bit worried about it. So tomorrow I have a doctor's  appointment at noon and prevailed on her to make it a bit earlier. They are so busy but it is hard for me to juggle all these darned appointments. Today I found that I had put all this week's appointment in next week's page. LOL.
We went to the mall , oh yes , the mall ,and had curry and rice for lunch. AND we shared a banana split for afters. Oh my that is so bad but so pleasurable.
We walked half the mall and then my legs gave out so we had to come back home. I went to bed to let them rest. I'll be happy when this is over.
Watching the Mentalist and Patrick Janes is chained to a post in a basement. A girl has a gun on him and has threatened to kill him. Now the sloothing begins.
I have started a pair of socks but the wool is too heavy and it is just plain hard work. My dilemma is this; shall I continue or just unknit it and dispose of the yarn? I have been perseverating over this for weeks. Oh to be able to make up my mind and the other thing is one ball only made half a sock because the yarn is too heavy. There! that is my problem. I call this a problem so fascetiously when there is so much trouble everywhere.
I  have e mail friends who are very close to those fires in Texas and had to be evacuated.  I am so sad for them. There are fires up in the Kelowna area where the fires a few years ago wiped out some subdivisions. Fires in the west , floods in the east and hurricanes east and west in Mexico. What on earth is happening ? Can we blame it all on global warming?
That's my ruminations for tonight.
Have a good evening folks.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Embroider this


Calling all embroiderers....Betty has some great designs, some of which I have purchased and plan to use when I get better. That would make it next month I hope. I hope to be recovered by the end of this month as I want to go with Kathy to the unveiling of the newest Janome at Tom's. I am so looking forward to doing something related to my quilting and getting back to seeing my buddies. That will be a great day.

And eat of course LOL

The nurse was late again but fortunately the dressing didn't need changing so we were able to get out before noon. Ray wanted to go to the clinic for one of his tests but it was too crowded and he isn't very patient.
After gassing up again, the price was down 2 cents per litre to $1.35. Big deal!! they are generous beyond belief we went to the mall.
I had to mail my fabric to the  on line Bingo game I play. I was worried about playing because my surgery would interfere with the time frame of the game but Dot kindly offered to play my cards. So I can play while I'm not playing LOL.
Gee anyone want to join us? It costs a themed fat quarter . This  game's theme is purple on purple. I usually play 2 cards so I need to send a half yard. It's a bit of fun.
In the mall today I saw a Chinese man with his hair in corn rows. And I was not fast enough on the draw,so no photo
Entrance to the medical building showing these lovely little begonias. They are a  very 
popular choice for summer  displays around town since they are long lasting  and the colours are rich. 
Looking through the bars of the bridge to see the Fraser River below and the railway tracks beside. Nice view.
Time's up!
Have a lovely evening, Summer is still here !!
Buenos Tardes

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The next season is coming up

A bit early for the season but as I see it  it will take until Christmas to make it.
I  have been reading my e mail and answering it of course and forgot that I had this job to do. It's not too late 7:30.

Ione said the block I put up last night was just the thing they wanted for their group . Now that made me happy. If any others find something on my blog that is useful  drop me a line. That would make my day. There are some terrible fires in Texas and the same up here in the Kelowna where they lost a number of homes to the raging fires. The stats for the Texas conflagration are frightening, it is 0% contained. Some of my e mail acquaintances live in both of those areas.
My nurse was a bit late in coming this morning and we were worried as I had an appointment with the foot doctor. My toenails were so long they could skin a cat. LOL> The nurse is a quilter and was going on a retreat this weekend, so we talked about the different guilds. She belongs to about 4 of them. She has an embroidery/sewing Husquavarna and was planning on lessons for the embroidery component. It was fun talking to someone about quilting.
We stopped off at Dairy Queen for a small Sundae, that was lunch. Not a healthy diet but certainly a delicious one.
I had a good day today, used the walker but remained upright for most of the day LOL.
Don't you just love the colours of this year's vehicle. Here's a lovely fire engine red motorcycle.
A very small car :))

Then we found a yellow bicycle at the mall when we went for bread. It was all chained up sp no one xould run off with it. If I was in better shape I might have been tempted haha.
Then we met a friendly dog. I asked his owner if I could take his picture. He was pleased to let me. He had the dog turn to face me and would you believe it the dog posed. These critters are such hams. I love it-not that this girl is the prettiest dog I have seen but she was lovely in spirit.

For the lace makers this site has some good things for you.
Time to publish.
Have a good evening
Good night