a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, June 28, 2015

amarillo star

That pretty block I just put up would not take any more items added to it. So here is the blog for tonight.

June 28, 2015
Amarillo Star
Here is today's free Block of the Day pattern

Download now as a pdf pattern to make a block 6 inches 

There this is easier to read isn't it.

We had a big  chicken leg for dinner. Easy, no cooking , just eating.
It was delicious and fast.

It was a lazy day all round. Just the way Sunday should be if you are not going to church.

I did so little but I did have a great afternoon nap. Spoiled lady I think. 

Ray went out for a bit to Safeway for the chicken for dinner but I stayed in for the day. I will go out tomorrow.

Here it is , a Baby Bargello for your little one. Pretty one isn't it?
I have never made one of these but I sure like this .

Nice use of stripes in this Sunbonnet Sue quilt. I made one of these SBS quilts and did this kind of triple sashing. It is very attractive.

This is such a world of colour.It will brighten up any room and  make sleeping dreams cheerful.

I seem to collect these photos of Singers. This is a lovely one, I hope you like it.

If you can draw then you can make this lovely embroidery block. I always thing a nice bit of hand work makes the tea go down better.

So that's it for tonight folks. Have a nice evening.

Good night.                         
Sleepy time.


June 28, 2015
Amarillo Star
Here is today's free Block of the Day pattern

Download now as a pdf pattern to make a block 6 inches 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

no block tonight

No block tonight , for some reason there is no stuff on the net so it will have to be all about me LOL.

I get these old lady things and find them funny so tonight I will share one of them with you.  I hope it makes you laugh as it does me.

Charlotte reading a bedtime story to her baby brother. It looks as if it is working for him. Good job Charlotte.

Orson is such a lovely baby boy.And so good. I held him for all the visit yesterday and there was not a peep out of him. It was fun for me too.

Nor if this isn't pure contentment I don't know what is. Pure bliss.

Today Ray and I went to the casino in Coquitlam . We nether of us won  much. I did have one win that I shared with Ray. After we left the casino we stopped off at IHOP for a sundae. They were very large sundaes, so if you are hungry and want ice cream try IHOP. You won't be sorry. 
We met a nice couple there and were able to chat a bit. It was nice.
Some times I think I would like to make friends with the people we meet but Ray does not want to do that.
After that we just came home and relaxed. It was a very nice day.

Isn't this quilt amazing. I found it on the internet today.  I can't imagine anyone being able to make this quilt but obviously somebody did. It must have taken forever.

I found another old sewing machine. I do love these old artifacts of our hobby. Did I ever tell you about being in Pennsylvania a few years ago and eating lunch at tables that were made from the bottom part of an old sewing machine. We, a group of quilters, loved the whole idea of it.

What an adorable little boy. I am in love!

This quilt is a standard block type quilt. I really like this style, it says QUILT to me.

Time is up folks. 
Have a great evening.
Good night.

Friday, June 26, 2015

texas queen

Texas Queen
Here is today's free Block of the Day pattern

Download now as a pdf pattern to make a block 6 inches 
This is all for tonight. Good night.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Here we are Thursday evening and  I forgot to write this blog earlier. I get involved with other things and forget the blog.

We did go out for a bit today. Up to our little mall to make an appointment for hair cuts tomorrow. Ray has to go to see  Dr. Ward in the morning but we will both get cuts in the afternoon.

I have been saving my money recently , not getting much of a chance to spend anything. So I'll need to empty my wallet tomorrow.

Richard and Katherine are up north . They are travelling again while Rick waits for the elevator in his building to finally be repaired. What a pain this is for him, no place to rest his head. He could do that here but he wants to travel rather than settle here in my bed. So as they say he makes his own bed and has to lie in it. Not a judgement but just an observation.

This is such a gorgeous purple pansy. This time of year the flowers are becoming so lovely. I love all the colours of the flowers.

Three stripes cut in a diamond shape go to make up this star. Very attractive star shape this is.

Here we have a delightful  example of a photo from another age. These are two friends  having afternoon tea and a cheerful conversation.  

So it is time to go and pay attention to the show I am watching.

Have a great evening folks.
                    Good night.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Download now as a pdf pattern to make a block 6 inches

 Road to Texas, nice block.

block pattern

Download now as a pdf pattern to make a block 6 inches

We stayed in all day to day and did very little.  I was tired, had a nap, and then got up and made something for dinner.  Well actually Ray made us strawberries and whipped cream for dinner. So I lied, I did not make dinner. But I thought about it LOL. Ray just beat me to it.

It was one of those days where I did nothing. I am ashamed of myself. I have sewing to do, knitting to do and writing to do.

We had company this afternoon. Bob and Buzz came for a visit. We had a lovely time together. I did really appreciate the visit.  

I have been practicing walking up and down the hall to make my legs stronger. They get very weak after a short time in the hospital so I need to get them working. Ray comes with me and we take my walker.

There is still no rain here and we do need it. We are going to do a rain dance soon LOL.

Isn't this Crazy Quilt block beautiful ? I love the variety of styles in a crazy quilt.

I like this yellow stripe. It is very attractive.

I call this one pink striped lightning, very pretty isn't it?

And it looks easy too. I note that the black stripes are not all black. Some of them are charcoal grey.

That is it for tonight folks.   Have a lovely evening.

Good night.

another day of sickness

Download now as a pdf pattern to make a block 6 inches

 Bluebonnet , maybe it should be called Greenbonnet. LOL

Ray had to go to the doctor by himself today as I was still not good enough to go out.  I am still feeling low and tired. However I am on the way to getting better. I think by the end of the week I should be on the mend.
My time in the hospital was okay and helped me get whole again.

Ray walked me down the hall twice today to strengthen my legs. They always get very weak when I am ill and especially when I am in the hospital. I need to walk to strengthen them.

Meg had her baby boy . Here is his picture.

He looks a bit grumpy doesn't he? But he is a big boy .He came in at almost 7 pounds and was a bit early. His grandpa Richard came in at nearly 9 pounds and was a bit late. 

My boys were all large babies, nearly 10 pounds and 9 pounds, some were 9 1/2 pretty big boys all 5 of them. They were so wonderful and I loved them so much. Still do.

Two of my boys, Matthew , my son on the right and Ryan , my grandson on the left.

There that is all for today. Have a lovely evening folks.

Good night.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


I am short of subject matter tonight and I apologize for the brevity of my blog tonight.
Another thing my finger joints are sore so I don't want to type too much.

Those are my excuses for this evening.

We stayed in for the day. I read my book for a while and then fell asleep for another while. Lazy day for me. But then I am still recovering from my illness in the hospital. I should be back to normal in a couple of days.

My granddaughter had a baby boy today, Orson is his name.
So a great grandson for me. How lovely.

He looks so peaceful and rested. Or is he worn out from birthing. He is a dear little boy. I am hoping Meg will bring him to visit soon.  He is a great new member of our family.
That is the wonderful news today.

Ray had some nice calls for Father's Day from the boys and from his daughter. He was pleased about that.

I want to go to bed early tonight and get a good night's rest.  I need that. In the hospital there is not much sleeping time as they wake you up for any number of reasons.

Isn't this a beauty, I love it and would sure like to own it, nice little sewing cabinet too.

That is the news for tonight folks. Maybe I'll get out tomorrow and have more to say.

Have a good evening.  
                   Good night!

Have on me!

Saturday, June 20, 2015


Download now as a free pdf pattern to make a block 4 inches

I find that I am short on my blogs  lately.

Why? Because I have been in the hospital for several days with a bad infection. So far I am back to health again. I hope to stay that way. It was good to be cured. The nurses were very kind to me and Ray came up to the hospital three times a day. He is so good to me.

I hope to remain healthy from now on.

Today I stayed in all day and spent most of the day in bed. So I am good to go again. I do not like being sick and in bed but when it happens , it happens. 
Many days of illness is not good for me. However I am okay for now.

All I did today was read my book, play with my laptop and write for a while.  Ray takes good care of me. He gave me strawberries and whipped cream twice today. It was delicious twice LOL.

There isn't it wonderful. I do so enjoy it.
I ate it twice. No wonder I don't lose any weight.
Jean , my friend in Delaware called me today , at least I think it was today, to see how I was coming along.  It was very kind of her to call from such a long distance. 

I have very little to say tonight. It is a quiet night here. We are watching TV The Jewel in the Crown. Fascinating retrospective on  India.
 I am quite tired and would like to go to bed and sleep but it is too early. It is just 8:10 way too early for me to sleep. I usually sleep at 10:00 or later.
Ray is emptying the dishwasher. No work tomorrow. He is such a great husband and friend.

Isn't this an interesting looking quilt.

Isn't this a magnificent looking sunset .  David took it in Arizona. The colours are amazing.

Hush , hush Sweet Charlotte, all snuggled under her blanket, looking happy.

Good night Charlotte and folks.

Have a great evening.

And a great cup of coffee.

Happy maple leaf  tonight.

Good night all.


Download now as a pdf pattern to make a block 6 inches

Friday, June 19, 2015

Hello Jean,
I am finally out of the hospital hopefully for good this time. I am feeling okay for now.

Friday, June 12, 2015


Jean, I have been in the hospital and did not have time to say anything on the blog. I had a kidney infection, was throwing up and feverish and Ray called the ambulance. I am back home today and will be staying in the house for a few more days. I had a few days in hospital, getting IV antibiotics. I got better and came home today.

I had a good day today, got home around noon. I did not go out again and will be staying home for a while until I get my legs back. When I stay in bed for any length of time my legs get very shaky and need therapy. My therapy is walking . We live down a long hall so I can walk that and get some exercise.
I just stayed in and rested though I did not nap. Good for me LOL.

It was a wonderful day here , sunny and warm with a bit of wind. Perfect day.
My hospital stay was good, I was well treated , the nurses were splendid that doctor the same and the food good if not perfect.. I have been in hospitals where the staff was surly so this was great.

I talked to Rick today but I called when he was getting stretched so he could not char and  I had to hang up. I am happy he is getting treatment. It keeps him loose.  

Emma is here in Vancouver but I have not seen her yet and hope to see her this  trip.  


Matthew came to see me in the hospital and so did Peter. Sam came to the hospital too. I was so happy to see them. 

Adam and Jim called. Adam from Louisiana and Jim from Edmonton. Arron called from Louisiana too. I am fortunate to have a caring family.

That's all folks.  Have a great evening. 
Good night.


See who got married today LOL.