a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, February 28, 2014

Odds are

Good evening folks.
  We went out to get our hair cut and then off to  Metrotown for a bite to eat. The bite was curry again and it was good again.  After we ate we walked to Target but did not buy a thing. Neither of us feels like spending any money right now. Sometimes it goes like that.  I didn't even spend anything of consequence at Tom's last night. It was so inconsequential that I can't recall what I bought.
By the way I want to thank Kathy once again for taking me to Cake Therapy. She is so kind to me. thank you Kathy.
So after our walk we came home to find the elevator is out again and we had to walk up the stairs, three floors. Painful but we rested on the landings. Ray had to carry my walker up. He went out later to buy a few groceries and he had to carry those p too. The elevator will be out until a week  Monday the 10th of March. That will be a huge nuisance for me. But I will get out occasionally because it will drive me crazy to stay in for all that time.

This afternoon I embroidered a towel on my little machine. It is a copy of the sample I made last week. But it did not turn out as good as the sample. That's life isn't it?   I hope tomorrow I can do the second one of the pair and do it better.

Ray made hot dogs for supper with onions and relish and mustard. They were excellent as his hot dogs always are.

Now we are just watching Big Bang.  There is a hockey game on but Ray is mad at the Canucks for losing so many games and he won't watch the game.

I'll do a bit of knitting or crochet this evening. I had a nap this afternoon so won't have to go to bed early.  I do hope there I something good on TV or I will go and read my book.

Download now as a pdf pattern
Birds in the Air. Pretty block.

My niece Karin's two Westies. One is Ruby and I am not sure what the other one is.

Naughty cats.

Oh my that is true.

Yep again

-always liked this pattern, never made it though.

Hello March and I will be stuck in until March 10th. Yeah! Not going to happen.

For those in the East that is good news. 

And that is it folks.

Have a great evening.
Good night.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

fun night

Download now as a pdf pattern

Square Kaleidoscope is the name, fun is the game.

Whoops , I went out tonight with Kathy and forgot about the blog.

We went to Tom's for cake therapy . When we got there we had cake and coffee. It is a lovely evening with lots of fun. Besides the cake and coffee Tom put on a show as he does. He gave a great talk about this apron pattern and how to make the different parts. Even if  I don't do one I still learned from his talk about sewing. I am not a sewer this word always makes me laugh but it works.
We got the piece of fabric that we need to make the block of the month. Good evening. 

But it is kind of late and I am tired so not much more to say.

Kitty on a quilt, the two are meant for each other.

String quilt, this one is kind of pretty but most of them are not.

ia m finished folks , sorry about the short blog . I'll do better tomorrow.

Good night.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

bear paw

Download now as a pdf pattern

I always thought that Bear Paw was a 7 piece block but I  can only find 6 pieces.

Not the easiest pattern, but it is beautiful! This drafted this block is from a quilt that was made in the early 60's. Get the free pattern! Click >>http://bit.ly/Mu1PlI

Paper piecing once again for those who enjoy it.

This is the best puppy quilt. I have seen it before and love it.


Travel much? then this is the way to go if you love to sew on the go.

We didn't do much today but we did go up to our little mall and have a sandwich at Subway. We just ordered a half and then  had it cut in half again and it was just the right amount for lunch. We had the salami and other stuff.
We went into the grocery store and then the centre of the mall where we met Marg. It is cold and slippery out so I was worried that Marg might fall and break something. It has happened before . We drove her home.

I had a bit of a nap , but not too long.Then I got some towels ready to embroider on my embroidery machine.  I have decided that it is too much for me to get a lot done at a time but I can certainly get a smaller amount done. Tomorrow I hope to embroider on one towel. Then in the evening Kathy and I are going to cake therapy at TOM's.

Back to today, I spent a lot of time messing around with my computer trying to set it up my embroidery designs. Everything worked out well. And I enjoyed my playing.

I have a thing that irritates me and it is the pronunciation of especially. It is pronounced es peci all y not exspecially. I hear that all the time. I am easily annoyed by incorrect words. 

Clamshells in a chorus of greens. Beautiful isn't it.

And here is a simple Valentine quilt. The design can be changed to fit another pattern such as Shamrocks and a 16 patch square. Just one idea, there can be many other angles to this quilt.

Have you ever seen such amazing quilting. I haven't.

What is wrong with this quilt?

So that's it folks for tonight.
Have a lovely evening.

Good night.

 My lovely granddaughter Mary. She is Rose's mommy.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

pretty fabrics

! CLICK TO MY BLOG http://blog.patsloan.com/2014/02/pat-sloan-scrap-happy-sew-along-getting-organized.html
Easy block to do but very effective in different fabrics.

It is an old block but these ones are done by Pat Sloan in her 

own fabrics.


You'll need to look at this one by clicking. I was unable to access the picture. It is a shamrock for St. Patrick's Day. Nice!


Pictures have been impossible to get today so that is why  There are no pictures . but if you click on the http://www. the pictures will come up.

No pictures of our day either . However there is almost no snow left because of the warming up period. The snow has melted. That is Vancouver for you, one minute snow the next no snow. Back to normal rain and cloud.  Easier to cope with, we are such wimps LOL.

We went out to Safeway just to go to the pharmacy. I had to get my eye drops prescription. So we had a coffee there and that was it. We came home, i was exhausted and went for a long nap. I am wondering why I suffer from this exhaustion. When my doctor comes back at the end of this week I'll go and see her. Tomorrow I must make an appointment. 
So our day was quiet and mine was somnolent. Maybe tomorrow I can get back to normal.

Lots of scraps- just look at this scheme on how to use them. Make a few cards or postcards. I love the pinked edges. Though I do find pinking shears tough to use so I bought a pinking blade to use in my cutter and would never go back. I also have a wavy cutting blade but do not use it as often.

Aren't these lovely and they look pieced.

Here is one from my friend Sallie who lives in the USA.  Cute isn't he ?

Nice 4 seasons. Why do
I like the 4 seasons but I like it whenever I see one.

Friends together. They seem to care for each other. 

Whoops that seems to be it for tonight.

Have a good evening.

Good night.

Monday, February 24, 2014

more and more,

Still more snow. It has been coming down all day but still skinny little flakes and a bit wet which usually means it turns to rain . However rain   seems to be waiting a turn and not taking its turn.  so we continue to have snow.

Out the living room window.

We did go out today as the roads were pretty good and the traffic was very light. Because of that we had no problems out there. We came home early to miss the dinnertime traffic.  
It was a nice day at the mall, we got our exercise walking around for a while. We did not buy anything but lunch which we had planned on before we left home. I had the Chinese food , I had forgotten  that I vowed not to eat there again because the food is not as good as it used to be. New owners, not so good food. I won;t buy it again. We had just one plate between the two of us and Ray was not that happy either. We say that we'll purchase  Curry next time. We both like that.
Pat called and we decided not to go to sewing Tuesday tomorrow because of the weather. From the looks of our date books it may be April before we can go again.  It's H... to be so busy LOL.

Have a good look at this one, it is amazing.
This iceberg at the top is what we see. The huge section at the bottom of this picture is what we don't see. No wonder the Titanic sank so quickly when it hit the iceberg.There was no room for escape from the huge berg. I find it so spectacular to be able to see this iceberg in its entirety in this picture. Stunning!

I love these sheep , they almost look blind with all that black hair in their eyes LOL.  They are from Switzerland. Do they climb the Alps I wonder or are they lowland sheep.

This is just hilarious. I thought it was so funny and had to share it with you.

What a sweetie. Be sure and give your dog a big hug tonight. I wish I had a dog.

Is this what you'd call popping corn? Looks like it to me.

Well I seem to have run out of steam so I'll call it a night.

Have a great evening folks.
Good night.

Twister heart.

Showed this one before but I like it so it is good twice.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

more snow


At 4:00 AM last night I was still trying to get to sleep. There was no snow coming down at that time. and  I fell peacefully asleep. When I awoke this is the sight that greeted me through my bedroom window.

Beautiful sight. We stayed in today and rested from the duties of life and enjoyed the view from the windows..  
And the snow is still coming down.

We did nothing, I had some things to do personally and that was it. So I had a nice nap and then played on my laptop. I wish I was not always so tired out. It interferes with my productivity. LOL.

Tomorrow we'll get to go out for a while. It is better when we go out, it seems to energize me even if I get tired. Just hanging in there is so exhausting when you are in your eighties. I never thought age would be a factor but it is huge. 

Adam called today and we had a good old chin wag as his father's mother would say. She was English and had some great comments she used. Funny though my dad was English but he did not have those colloquialisms. He and my mom who was a Scot were very Canadian .  Both of them lost their initial accents except for the odd word here and there.

Pat Sloan's block is pretty in red , black and white.

I like this applique block and I understand it is in the latest magazine 100 blocks which is still not up here in the hinterland. I looked yesterday, no luck.

When I opened my laptop this morning this is what greeted me. It was from a long time friend. I like it.

Bow Tie blocks make a nice quilt. This pattern was  the first quilt I made.

Block of the Day
Boy's Nonsense. Why it is in pink I have no idea but or course you are not pinned to pink :>)

Download now as a pdf pattern

Isn't this colour gorgeous?

Canada won the gold medal in men's hockey. Congratulations to our men and women who also won the gold medal in women's hockey.

So this is it for tonight folks.
Have a lovely evening.
Good night.