a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, July 31, 2015

night off

Sorry folks no blog tonight. Talk to you tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Today is Wednesday , I have to keep track. I think Ray and I are going to Calgary to visit Richard. It will be lovely to see him again.

Not clear yet when but soon I hope. I need to get the tickets as Ray does not want to drive. We'll fly instead.

Today we did nothing much again. I had to go for blood tests, then we just went into our little mall and I wanted to see what they did to the reconverted grocery store. However it was not much different that before. Only the name has changed.

We couldn't even get a coffee in the mall as the store who serves coffee is closed. I hope it opens up soon. I like a cup of coffee when I go there and something nice from the bakery. The coffee washes it all down easy which is why I like the coffee.

We came home and had salad for dinner. We bought the salads prepacked with a dressing in the pack. I did not like mine and ate just a bit of it. Ray made his usual oil and vinegar dressing and like his salad. I should have done that too.

So Ray boiled some eggs and we had eggs and toast for dinner. It was delicious, we both loved it.

Did I mention that I wrecked my second toe. It is longer than my big toe and when I got out of the tub the other day it bent right under. It became quite bruised and was sore. To make things worse I ran over the toe with my walker LOL. How stupid can you get? It is still not better and looks like it will take a few more days to recover.

This is a lovely quilt that I found on Facebook. I like the colours and the regularity of the design.

Better left unsaid :>)

What a beauty and it is just squares but the colours are amazing.

A real cutie sitting on a real cute hassock. Looks doable doesn't it?
It is time to go folks, have a great evening.

Good night.    

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday doings

What a great day today. Pat picked me up early or I got up early so she could pick me up early. We went for coffee and talked about the things we missed in the last few weeks. She won't be available for the next 2 weeks either. But today was great. 
Then we went off to the church for our sewing day. I have not been there for some time and it was wonderful to see all my friends and to sit and chat and stitch. What more could I ask for. Helen showed me some pictures she had on her phone. The modern phone is amazing, It does things mine won't do. I am contemplating getting one. But I think they are very expensive. Anyway Helen showed me great pictures of quilts and friends that now live in New Jersey I think. I certainly enjoyed looking at the pictures.

We ate our lunch there and finished off our quilting,then we came home. I had gotten up early 7:00 which is early for me. So I had a nap when I got home. That was good.

When I got up I did very little other than use my laptop. Then when Ray came home from his trip to the dentist so he came home with a frozen mouth. Hmm that was good for me. I made supper for both of us. He was tired and I took care of him. Very often he takes care of me so we have a mutual operation here.

I called Marg and we chatted for a while. It was nice to talk to her.
She won $120 at the Villa a local casino. Good for her.

Lovely orange quilt, I found it on Facebook today. It is super but not quilt finished, no borders or binding. Still lovely.

This one is nice, it is made of strips and squares.

                                   Little guy                              
                                                                           And his friend.

Hmm some cake. I love these amazing cakes. Remember I had one on my 80th birthday.

Another great quilt.

That is all folks. Have a great evening.

Good night.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Ah new post

Some day I will remember what I did in the day. Sad to say I have to ask Ray what happened.
So here goes. After our usual morning things, reading the newspaper, watching Perry Mason, Quincy and Rockford Files we went out. Off to the mall we went to pick up some new bags for the city recycling that is going on here. We found some at SavOn Foods, then thought we should try Walmart. So off we went to Surrey where Walmart is. They had bags that were unwaxed on the inside and were half the price of the ones we bought at SavOn. We bought some anyway. This is a new programme that the city fathers created for unsuspecting citizens. It is a bit costly but we are in it to help the environment. We might try it with plastic bags but Ray says you just take the garbage and and dump it in the container. He says that is what most people do and it is quite offensive to the nose. So we, as good citizens we use the bags.

After Walmart , which is near the casino and we did not go, we came home and ate some of the cherries we bought. They are delicious. It is so nice to eat the local cherries in July. We have always had the cherries in July and I look forward to eating them.

I did a bit of cleaning up of my sewing area getting prepared for tomorrow when I go with Pat to my sewing group. She has been away for several weeks so I have not been going either. I am looking forward to it.
Then I searched for those cardboard pieces that are in magazines but we must have thrown them all out. I wanted them to cut out some hexagon shapes so I can make them tomorrow.

So that was my day. 
Here are some quilts.   
This could be pretty.
Nice isn't this.

This one is called some kind of an Angel.

On the rollers, this must be a Long Arm machine.

This is called a lap quilt. The background is USA fabric but you can use another fabric if you do not want this one.

Time to go folks.
Have a great evening.

Good night.

Title gone

Download now as a pdf pattern to make a block 6 inches



Sorry forgot this one.

Saturday, July 25, 2015


Late tonight, busy doing other things. But finally I am getting down to business.

We  had a normal day today , nothing special happened. I like to sit around in my night clothes in the morning , read my newspaper and check my e mail, write some letters and just have fun. Then around 11:00 I get dressed for the day. We usually go out for lunch somewhere. We don't have anything special, just tasty food. Often we eat at the mall then go walking around the mall and buy something if we find anything we want. We haven't found much lately. But remember a couple of weeks ago i bought 5 tops. I still have not worn them all but I am working on it. LOL.

Back to today, we just did our grocery shopping and came back home. See a quiet day. We watched TV. Tonight there was a show on Jim Jones and the murder of all his followers by poisoning. It was really well done and though the topic was horrible I did enjoy the presentation of the actual events. Enjoy seems to be a word incompatible with the murder of so many people. But if you can enjoy such a thing I can say I did. It was a horrible time and so many people died terribly from cyanide poisoning. Jim Jones shot himself so he did not take the poison.  A coward to the end.

This is my  son Jim, a loving kind man. He lives in Edmonton so I do not see him very often. He is such a handsome man.

And here is a handsome animal with gorgeous ears LOL.

Row quilts, the latest internet rage. They are all over. There is a contest going on. This one I think is displayed in Ladner at Quilter's Bear. I hope that is the right information.

An oldie but goodie.

Did you have to take this class in school? I did and hated it for some reason. We had to make a dress, it was so ugly I never wore it.
So that is all for tonight folks.

Have a great evening.     Good night.

Friday, July 24, 2015


Yes I woke up this morning to rain beautiful rain pounding against my window. Oh my how we needed it to soak the grass and water the trees. I was very happy about the rain. It is refreshing as well as beneficial.   The flowers were happy about the rain too. We were blessed today.

We had a good day . We went to Metrotown our local mall. It was so crowded with people , kids out of school and people escaping the weather. We just had a coffee and walked a bit. We did not buy anything but bread at the bakery. Ray went to the watchmaker to pick up his watch but the man was out to lunch . We'll go back tomorrow. 

Tonight we are watching the football game, Toronto and B.C.
We are watching the football game Toronto against B.C. The score is 21 to 7 for us.

 Let's  keep it that way.....

In the afternoon we just took it easy and rested. I seem to need a lot of rest lately. It must be my age.
I do a lot of looking on my laptop during the afternoon. Nothing special today though.

That seems to be it for tonight folks.

Have a great evening.
Good night.

Continue with the precious rain.

A special mug rug and it looks easy to make.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

hospital visit

Another gorgeous summer day here in Vancouver. 
We began our day driving across town to the  Diamond Centre across from Vancouver Hospital.  Ray had an appointment with a specialist there to investigate the cysts on his kidneys. One cyst on each kidney was the issue. However the doctor assured him it was nothing. Put it out of your mind the doctor told him. That was a big relief for both of us. 
On that news we took ourselves out to White Spot for breakfast. I had the Sunny Start one of my favourites. It is like a hamburger only with bacon , cheese and egg. It comes with some kind of sauce added to those ingredients. It is very good.  

Ray went to Albion fisheries , his old workplace  after he brought me home. He came back with two sides of whole salmon, one of which we had for dinner. It was fresh and delicious. I cooked it in the oven and made some mashed potatoes with gravy as well. There were no vegetables tonight. I might make some later tonight, a salad perhaps as I like salad for an evening treat.
As we got up early this morning I was tired when I got home from the hospital and had a nap when I came home and   Ray was on his way to Albion.
We did not go out again.  
Lisa and Adam are back from Scotland. They are back home in 
Louisiana. It is great to go away and even greater to come back home.
Ray made a big dish of varied peppers for his dinner and I had the salmon. Sometime we do that, each have a different thing for dinner. It is good to be flexible LOL.
Ah my favourite Dresden Plates. What a lovely quilt. I love the colours.

This block is the ubiquitous Churn Dash . I like it a lot but have renamed it Chicken Little.

Snail's Trail or Shakespeare in the Park ? Beautiful and difficult.

Richard and Emma, great friends.

Enough for tonight folks. Have a great evening.

Good night.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Download now as a pdf pattern to make a block 6 inches

 Star of Kansas

Feathered Star Quilt,.. free Tutorial

Is this from last night. I am confused about what I have been 

doing.  And I am not feeling  up to blogging tonight. So sorry.

Have a lovely evening.

Good night.   
Pretty blocks.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

another one

Did I forget to blog last night, I just checked and I did forget. What on earth was I doing. Reading I think.

Today is Richard's birthday. I hope it was a good birthday my dear.
Love you.

A non busy day today. We went out to the big mall and had lunch there. It was Chinese food and not bad!
We walked around the mall for exercise and notice that there were several stores that had closed since the last time we were there. Things are getting difficult in the retail world I guess. I always feel badly for stores that fail. I had a store once and know how much work goes into setting it up, financing it and running it. Then closing it is another set of difficulties. However it was an adventure and an experience.  It was also too much for me to handle along with working every day .
We did not buy anything though. It is awful, we do not need a thing nor do we want anything so we seldom purchase and goods. 

Lovely Dresden Plate. However I am not sure I like the blue background, I do love Dresden Plates though.

Here is a small unfinished top that is meant to be  a baby quilt. It is attractive with basic colours, almost primary colours.

This is a great quilt with repeat blocks making it seem as if sewn in 3D. It appears to be three dimensional to me like the blocks are rising up off the quilt.

So good night to all and have a lovely evening.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

have a sip

Download now as a free pdf pattern to make a block 4 inches

Happy Sunday, have a one on me and Ray. 

Another very hot day today, clear skies of course, no breeze at all. I love it when there is a bit of breeze along with the sun.   Thunder storms during the night along with lightning. 
Weather report done for tonight.
I do not like the lightning as it has the potential to ignite fires. Ray and I live in a highly forested urban area and everything is so dry. No lightning please Lord.

Ray and I had a lovely day. We were at the Farmer's Market to purchase some vegetables and fruit. We wandered around and made our purchases  then went over to the White Spot across the way for ice cream. Strawberry for Ray and strawberry and chocolate for me. I first ordered one scoop of chocolate but Ray's strawberry looked so delicious that I ordered another scoop of Strawberry. Both were  delicious.  We then went home as we were afraid our veggies and fruits would suffer from the extreme heat. It was good to get home to our comfortable Air Conditioned apartment. We stayed in and enjoyed the comforts of home.

We had corn on the cob for dinner. It was delicious. the fresh early corn is always good and tasty.
Then we had fresh strawberries and whipped cream for dessert.

My Adam and Lisa are in Scotland at the British Open in St. Andrew's Scotland.
My Richard had a 60th Birthday party in Calgary last night. I called but the party was in full swing and Rick could not talk to me. Peter and Jim were there. I wish I could have gone but it was not to be this time. But I am happy Richard got to celebrate his 60th birthday even though his birthday is on the 21st  of July. My mother's birthday was the 18th of July. That is yesterday .

From Facebook, log cabins with redwork embroidery. This is so pretty. I love red.

Looks rather Canadian doesn't it?  All those wonderful maple leaves in such lovely colours. I really like this one. It was on Facebook.

More Log Cabin, I like this one  a lot. The colours are just great.

If you had not seen one of these it is a Long Arm quilting machine. Amazing piece of work and does wonderful quilting.
Okay folks , it is time to go. I hope your evening is great and you sleep well.
Good night.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

a visit with grandchildren and their mom

Download now as a pdf pattern to make a block 6 inches
Lost the picture , hope you can figure it out.

Ryan , Ray, Nan and Chelsea at Tim Horton's. Caroline too the photo. 

We had a wonderful morning with Caroline, Ryan and Chelsea. Chelsea is visiting from Toronto. It was so great to see her and to have the opportunity to talk about her life in TO. 
Ryan was so handsome and is so nice to talk to as well. Thanks to Caroline for bringing my grandchildren to visit. I am so grateful  as I enjoyed the visit with all three of you. If there is a chance I would love to do this again before Chelsea goes back to Toronto. If Ryan comes over from Gibsons in the future can we get together again. 

Old jeans , don't know what to do with them. Make a quilt with plaids and denim. It will be very heavy but also very warm. Recycle!
After we separated Ray and I shopped for groceries. We spent 42 dollars. What is going on here LOL.  I bet we'll shop again before the week is out.

Then we went to the casino, it was not a winning day for us but we had fun and filled in the afternoon. Now don't think that we don't know what to do of an afternoon but some times we like to gamble.  We had a sandwich at the casino restaurant around 4:30 so when we came home we were not hungry for dinner. So no cooking for me LOL. Good news.

Chelsea and friends, I found this on Facebook and love it. It made me laugh.

It was a great day all round and I am a happy camper tonight. 

Have a lovely evening folks.
                                    Good night.