a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Green bird

Download now as a pdf pattern

Darting Bird
Rather a nice block but it may be the colours that I like LOL.

Amish Star

This one takes up a lot of space but I like it and thought you might too. 

Amish Star
Skill Level BEGINNER
Finished Size 12" x 12"
Download Instructions: Click here to download a .pdf with these block instructions. (Problems downloading our .pdf? Click here for troubleshooting tips.)
Cutting Instructions
Gold print
... 4 squares 2 7/8" x 2 7/8"
... 8 squares 2 1/2" x 2 1/2"
... 4 rectangles 2 1/2" x 4 1/2"
... 1 square 4 1/2" x 4 1/2"
Navy solid
... 8 squares 2 1/2" x 2 1/2"
... 4 squares 2 7/8" x 2 7/8"
... 4 rectangles 2 1/2" x 4 1/2"
Assembly Instructions
Step 1.
On wrong side of 2 7/8" gold print fabric, draw diagonal line with the marking tool of your choice. Layer square with 2 7/8" navy square, right sides together. Sew 1/4" seam on each side of marked line; cut apart on marked line. Press open to make pieced squares (Diagram I). Make 8 pieced-squares.

Step 2. Using Diagram II as a placement guide, sew 2 pieced squares to 2 navy 2 1/2" squares. Make 4 total.

Step 3. Draw diagonal line on wrong side of gold print 2 1/2" square. Referring to Diagram III, place marked square on navy rectangle, right sides together, aligning raw edges. Stitch on drawn line; trim away and discard excess fabric. Press open. Repeat on opposite end to make pieced rectangle. Make 4.

Step 4. Using Diagram IV as a guide, sew pieced rectangle to gold print rectangle. Make 4.

Step 5. Using Assembly Diagram as placement guide, sew units together to make rows. Sew rows together to make Amish Star Block.
It was a wonderful day for me. Sharon picked me up at 9:40 and we were off to the church for another lovely day. I took the quilt made by my friends on Flylady to show the ladies who had made a block for Richard. They were really impressed with the quality of the blocks and the centrepiece which is fabulous. The setting by Sue is exceptional, she made amazing choices on where to put the blocks which were of different sizes. Sue also did an exceptional job of the quilting. When I took the quilt to Community Quilts they were also very impressed and so muc becasue most of the ladies that had done blocks had never met each other and the blocks came from three countries. What a wonderful world we live in. This is a much better look at the quilt so here it is again.
As I said above I went to Community Quilts today. I had not been there for some time so it was a lot of fun for me and everyone was really happy to see me. At least they sure acted like they were LOL.
After Community Quilts Sharon, Juliet and I went to Betty's for tea and cookies, good conversation and quilt magazines. Another fabulous tea party. I haven't been there for some time either. So you can see how nice my day was.
Betty made this quilt for Community Quilt's babies.
A beautiful Split 9 Patch of Christmas colours made by Yoko. Her work is perfect.
A Betty special, Betty makes many of these heart quilts for the hospital babies.
I made dinner for the two of us, Pork chops with mushroom soup gravy, baked potato, creamed corn and cooked carrots. Ray said he hadn't enjoyed a meal as much as that one for a long time. I was so happy that he said he liked it. I did too! haha.
time for dogs.....
Hahaha!! I choose my pictures if they either make me laugh or smile. No crying here. I find this one hilarious!
Isn't this lovely, what a great idea for an evening in the camp.
You are so right whoever you are.
I love this little guy and his dog and cat.
Time to go folks.
Have a great evening.
Good night!

Monday, April 29, 2013

At the Golf course

It was a beautiful day with a high wind , clear  sky and sunshine. Not everyone likes the wind but I tend to really love the wind in my face. At least if it is not causing damage I love it.

Maureen picked me up to go for lunch at the Burnaby Golf Course. I had not been there before and I think it is close to my niece's home. There were six of us , Marie, Valanna, Olga, Eunice, Maureen and me. We all belonged to the  Healthy Heart  Helpers group at one time. I no longer and have not belonged for some years but the other ladies are still going. It was fun to get together with my good friends. We talked for a long time after our lunch , I thought they might throw us out. I was so happy to see everyone.
 As with all golf courses the grounds are lovely. And there were beautiful plantings as well.
Once outside after lunch we asked a close by golfer who was getting ready to leave if he would take our picture. He was most gracious and did as we had asked. So here we are 6 ladies whose hair is blowing in the wind LOL.
We made a date to meet again at the end of August.
Thank you Maureen for driving me to and fro.
When Maureen drove me home I was feeling a bit under the weather but I sat down and visited with Ray and then we watched Jessica which is what I call Murder She Wrote. We have been watching Margaret Rutherford in black and white , she playing the part of Miss Marple as written by Agatha Christie.
I was feeling not so well by then and lay down for an hour. Last night I slept badly and had to get a bit of sleep this afternoon.
I did not have any dinner tonight , still full from lunch but now I feel a bit peckish so I'll eat after the blog is finished.
Thanks Kathy for reminding me that guild is next week or I'd be sitting out on the driveway waiting for you LOL!!
So I'm done for the night.
Have a good evening.
Good night.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A little of this and a bit of that

Download now as a pdf pattern

The beautifully Crown of Thorns, made up of half square triangles and squares. The plum and ecru go together so well. I have heard of this block before but this is the first time I have seen it.

My day started off badly with periods of dizziness and I had to lay down for a while.
When I began to sew the machine began to eat up the fabric and jam up so it was obviously time to take it apart, clean it out and change the needle. You know that is like magic  !! I am amazed always that it takes so little to make the machine behave.

After that I started sewing the blocks for the guild. I thought they went well but upon looking at them I discovered that the triangles on one set of four blocks were on backwards. The reason why is that most of the blocks were batiks and it didn't matter which side but one set was ordinary fabric and I put them on the wrong way. And Iwas unhappy with another 2 of the blocks. So out came the ripper and off came the pieces. I repinned them and now they are ready to sew again but I am too tired to do any more sewing. It seems I can only do a bit or work and I get tired. What a pain that is. I so admire the men and ladies who can sew for hours at a time and produce so many quilt and other things.
  All wired up, isn't this clever. I wonder if it works.

I wanted to get out my embroidery machine today and get on with a few items but that did not happen. Tomorrow I am going for lunch, Tuesday it is sewing day ,Wednesday the chiropractor , dinner and guild and  so it goes LOL. But I am fortunate to be busy and able.

See what you can do with a five inch square. There are all these wonderful charm squares that can be used in settings  like these to make a quilt as opposed to just squares. I personally like just squares.
Nice sewing basket.
So what is going on here ? I am done for the night.
Have a lovely evening folks.
Good night.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday normal

Saturday normal is having breakfast, reading the newpaper, having a shower and going for groceries. Today was not quite normal, it was lovely though.

Marg and Karin came over and visited a while. Then Marg went home and Karin stayed for a bit. I bequeathed her my mom's and her grandmother's set of silverware as well as a lovely litttle set of cutlery with fine bone handles. They were short and sweet and lovely and my mom would be very happy that Karin has them now.
Karin was my mom and dad's only granddaughter after 5 grandsons, my boys, and they were so happy to have her as well.
I meant to ask her to be sure and leave them to one of mom's great granddaughters, my granddaughters. So Karin, does that work for you? We keep things in the family. We had a great visit and hope to  have another soon.

Then Ray and I went for our groceries.  I bought a quilt magazine , it has been a while since I bought one. But this one had a pattern for something I wanted so home it came with us. It is Quilts and More, I like that one as there are some interesting things to do in it.

We went to McDonald's for a bite to eat. We both had a Big MAc, a single not the double. I had never had a Big Mac before , usually chicken is what I order. However I thought it was very tasty. We just had the hamburger and coffee , nothing else.

Before coming home we had to go up to our little mall for my candies. I like to have a couple of candies in the evening and that is all. My pile was almost gone so I had to increase it. There was a lady there that we had seen before. She has terrible dress sense and always buys her pants too long and never cuts the legs down. They just drag on the ground and get all shredded. Very strange. However it is not really up to me to remark on the dress of others but unfortunately that doesn't stop me LOL. At least I don't do it out loud when I see her , just in my mind.   Sometimes we can hold unkind thoughts. It is not nice but we can't help thinking , we can  only help what we do.
Outside the mall waiting for his owner was a huge Great Dane. He was so good , never even turned his head when people talked to him.
Waiting for Mama.

When we came home I went to work on my hearts basting down the edges and getting them ready for applique on Tuesday. No rush though as I can only get one done during the time I am there with my sewing group. Too much talking, eating, reading , laughing and looking at other people's work, trunk shows I guess you'd call it.

I think this was meant for Valentine's Day and it may have been shown then but I love red and white, it is so refreshing to look at. It is just a 9 Patch but looks marvellous.
I am so happy today. Richard called and he was happy which means so much to me. He is bottling his wine and having a dinner party with his friends to night. He loves having company and dinner parties.  Isn't it wonderful that he can still do that. I hope it goes on for some time. I want him to enjoy the rest of the time he has here on earth as much as he can.
I really need to get going on making the label for his quilt and I want to sew it on next Tuesday. I think I want to get some of the fabric that is coated to go through the printer. Otherwise I can just buy another pigma pen and write out the label myself. Yes I may do that.
A lovely woman creating a lovely hand quilted piece of fabric art.
How beautiful this is, it stirs my heart.
Rub a dub dub three mice in a tub. Having a bubble bath. They look so relaxed and happy.
Last but not least.....
Time to go !
Have a good evening folks.
Good night.


Friday, April 26, 2013

new mug rug


A ray of sunshine for your morning coffee.
Get creative with appliqué with the free Teapot Cozy Appliqué pattern by DebbyKratovilQuilts
And more sunshine for afternoon tea. Aren't the both of them lovely.
This beautiful polka dot apint job caught my fancy and I hopw it will catch yours too.
And SBS always makes me laugh, she is so cute. This little panel is adorable.
Wow this is a wonderful applique quilt about sewing and sewing items. It is a block of the month type of quilt. It claims to be of medium difficulty . Have a look, I know you'll love it too.
My life has taken another turn, as you know I gave my car to Peter. Today I surrendered my driver's  licence. I do not intend to drive again. Ray will take me most places and I have wonderful friends who pick me up to go to sewing and to lunch.  I think it is safer for everyone if I stay off the road. I have neuropathy in my legs and ankles which renders them with little feeling and my legs are very shaky. If they don't work very well it could be dangerous. So for my sake and the sake of others on the road I decided to give it up. I haven't driven since January 2011 so it was no biggie. And if I cannot get a ride I'll take a taxi. When you consider insurance costs and all the myriad costs of a car, the cost  of a taxi once in a while is no biggie either. So rolls  another turn in the wheel of life.
Ray and I walked down the mall for a bit, bought some lovely bread at the bakery . Then we came home. I was tired today for some reason. I have been really good lately.
I had a lovely talk with Adam this afternoon, as a matter if fact he was eating dinner. The time in Louisiana is 2 hours ahead of our time. But he is a good son and talked to me anyway. He is alwasy so good to me and says lovely things about me. It is wonderful to know you are appreciated. I am fortunate in my sons. Thank you God for the blessing of 5 wonderful sons.
Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen's husband arrived in Canada today to be awarded The Order of Canada. Congratulations Prince Philip.

 Now it is time for dogs....
Moms and pups, so loving and beautiful. We went to the pet shop in the mall today to look at the dogs. Of course I fell in love again, this time with a lovely little dachshund. Next time ti willb e something else LOL. I love them all.

 Another mom and pups. Poor mom she was born with an angry face. Haha. However she is happy and loves her babies.

These two little guys belong to a friend  who was on her way to work. The dogs had other ideas LOL.

Now for a bird. An explosion of colour, birds are amazingly vivid and phsychodelic with their stunning plumage.

A flamingo's colour is determined by what they eat.  They eat alpha and beta carotenoid pigments that enhance the colour of the feathers. More of these foods , more beautiful the colour.
A moose in the mist, what a beauty this male moose is. Well I think he is quite majestic. He is a Canadian icon.
Oh and the Blue Footed Booby. I know I have featured him before but he deserves to be noticed again. Marvellous sight to see even in a photograph. And very funny he is as well.

How would you like an iceberg this big sitting off the edge of your village. Newfoundlanders must just beholding their collective breath.
Time to go folks. Have a great evening.
Good night



Thursday, April 25, 2013



26 Clever And Inexpensive Crafting Hacks
Try here for crafty things to do.
Today I received a letter from the government. Yes I am on their books. I had to have my doctor send in an assessment of my ability to drive and now the government wants additional information to assess my fitness to drive. And they want me to take a road test re examination. I have never had a road test since 1959 in Nova Scotia. Nor have I ever had an accident. If I do not send in the information they will cancel my drivers licence. Okay! I gave my car to Peter and have not driven since January 2011. They are a bit late LOL.
I took myself off the road for safety reasons. I still have Ray to drive me around and when he can't then we'll retire the car and use either transit or taxis. Cars are very expensive to own so that might defray the cost of transit options.

That was my excitement for the day LOL. We did go to London Drugs and Darrel fixed up my three pieces, laptop,camera, and e reader. I had to charge up my e reader when I came home. No charge! It is hard to believe that. What a great company. Darrel told us he had bad kidneys and had to do dialysis at home. London Drugs company will not ask him to move to another store because of the tension it will cause him. Good company!  Oh and Darrel took Ray and I out to Tim's for a large coffee.  What a nice experience.
It was another gorgeous day today but there will be a change in the weather tomorrow. Too bad but the trees will be happy with rain.
A gorgeous Magnolia tree in full bloom.
When I was gardening many years ago I read that B.C. was in the same gardening zone as Florida for plants. We can grow many plants that should be in southern climes. For example there are palm trees growing here. Funny isn't it?
Ray and I went up to our little mall for bread and sat down for a scratch card. We did not win. :(( I met a friend I had not talked to for some time so we had a bit of a chat about hospitals and her most recent illness. Old people are so funny aren't they?
Jean the Sony e reader does have a battery and I had to charge it up by my laptop. It should last for a quuite a bit Darrel said.

Download now as a pdf pattern

Crazy Anne is the name and I love the block. It does look rather crazy. The colours are perfect for this block by Quilt Pro.

I got her beat , am not doin much of any kind of sewing but I did prepare some more hearts for applique. So I am amost quit!
However I plan to get moving again.

Now let me have a good look at your gums, I'll show you how to brush them. LOL.

Baby quilt , very nice don't you agree and an easy block to do.
That seems to be it for tonight folks.
Have a good evening.
Good night!