a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, September 30, 2013

Zig then Zag

Zig Zag  Is a nice look, at least I like it.

 I am not up to much blogging tonight.

Jack in the Box, pinwheel
in the middle and half square triangles as well as that other thing, I don't know what to call it.
Download now as a pdf pattern

Jack O'Lantern  hmm another Jack.   I like this guy with his happy face and all squares too. Clever designing for this one.

I went to the doctor this morning , the one who did the MIBI , Dr. Horne. He was to give me the results of the MIBI . And the news was very good. My heart is pumping extremely well and the arteries which is what I was concerned about are clear. I was so happy to hear such great news.

We had to come home because the cleaning lady was to arrive early afternoon. 

She did come and went right to work. Ray went out, he always goes out when she is here. 
Marg came over    and we missed her since both Lynn and  I were using the washrooms and did not hear her knocking on the door. She left me a book by Nancy Bush. Nowhere Safe is the title. There are three Nowhere books, I did read one other.  I look forward to reading it. Thanks Marg. 

We were expecting Adam and Lisa for dinner but they were running late and had something to eat with Sam while they watched his hockey game. They had helped Peter take down the things from the truck. Peter is moving back here from Calgary so he needed help to unload. Two of Peter's friends also came to help. He is happy to be back home.

Richard has had some trouble with his blood clotting and he has to go to the hospital for injections of blood thinners.  Poor Rick there just seems to be so much happening to him.  But on the whole he seems happy with his friends and the things he is doing. Good for him. I pray for his happiness every day .

I am almost finished the Halloween topper for Matthew, just need to fold and pressed the binding and sew it on. Should be done this week. 
Jim is coming down on the 18th of this month. You know it is not that far away. I can hardly realize how fast the weeks go. Ray and I were commenting on that this morning.

I did a little bit of knitting on my dishcloths but that was it in the way of creativity LOL.
No I did not make more than one .Haha.
Then Adam and Lisa arrived , we had such a nice visit together. I am always happy to see them.
That was our day. tomorrow it is my sewing day and that will be fun. Pat picks me up at 8:50.

Isn't this beautiful, of course it is pink which is always a good reason for me to love it.

A little bag for your notions. I have one like this filled with the things I might need when I go to a quilting class. It saves having to set one up every time.

How sweet this picture is. I wonder who is singing him to sleep. 

I am closing now because I am tired and out of things to say. So to all have a great evening.

Good night.
Hang him out to dry I say!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Marg told me this afternoon that there was no blog yesterday. Sometimes I press the Publish button and it does not work. I should really check it out. Sorry about that folks but it is up now even though it says Sunday since I just pressed the publish button. So there will be two Sundays. How about that? Two Sundays in one week.
It has been a day if rain but that is nothing new here in the spring and fall and winter LOL. And we did have an amazing summer with months of sunshine so nothing to complain about.

I am sitting here eating  radishes almost as big as apples. I thought they might have been strong tasting but they are lovely and sweet.
Radishes are my favourite snack,tasty and ready to go at a moment's notice. Plus they are a healthy snack. Perfect. Plus I had some Brie with the radishes. MMM.

Did I mention that we found a ring in our grocery bag yesterday. Today we took it back to the store and were told the woman who lost it had been running around the store asking if anybody had found it. I am glad we helped her out by returning the ring. 

I talked to Adam and he was on his way back to Sam's, he and Lisa will be here tomorrow and they are leaving for Louisiana Tuesday morning very early.  It has been lovely to see them and visit for a bit.
I had intended to buy a frame for the hard copy of the photo of Adam, Lisa and Prince Charles but we did not go to London Drugs or Michael's  which is actually better as they have lots of frames to choose from.
Tomorrow I have to go to Dr. Horne to see what  the results of the MIBI he did earlier this month. Then our cleaning lady comes at 1:30, and Adam and Lisa around 3:30 so shopping is pretty well off the list. Tuesday is my sewing day so it will be Wednesday before I can shop. This note that I have just written  will remind me. I find it I write something down it works as a good reminder. Finger brains LOL. Your fingers remember how to type or play the piano or knit or sew. They have a wonderful memory. Remember that- Finger Memory. My dad used to talk about page memory. See we have so many ways to remember things. Amazing isn't it.
I have been going through a new knitting site that Jean sent to me. It reminded me of the many types of knitting I did in my younger days. The one I liked the most was the Norwegian style knitting. 
  1. The star pattern is one of the most popular 
    patterns as far as I can tell. It was the one I enjoyed making.
    I liked knitting Irish knit sweaters with those gorgeous cables .

    My blog is doing weird things tonight , moving all around so I
    must be careful. It seems that I go to the end of the blog and it
    goes even further and shifts around. I'll be careful.

    This lazy Sunday quilt pattern is the perfect quick quilting project for a day like today! Friendly towards 
    pre-cut fabrics and fun piecing, what more could you ask for? Get the pattern here >>

More trouble with this blog so I think I'll just close for tonight. 
The weather here is stormy ,lots of wind, the rain is not so heavy at the moment. So who knows what will happen.
This is a great pattern enjoy it.
Have a wonderful evening folks.

Good night.

cloth or fabric


The question was... What would you make from this fabric? Lots of colours in this pack. I would make a ? Oh heck what would I make?

Download now as a pdf pattern

Indiana Puzzle, composed of a Friendship Star which is made up of half square triangles for the star and four patches in the corners. It should be an easy block to make.

Today is our grocery shopping day and that was all we did. The rains came down in torrents and the wind was blowing but it is supposed to get worse tonight. Right now it is calm . I am looking forward to the upcoming storm. Crazy eh!
Storm Signal is the name of this one but I cannot find the pattern.

So this afternoon I tried to send something to my printer. I cannot get that thing to work no matter what I try. The reason I bought this one was because I could not get the previous one to work .Really! Printers are an anathema to me. All I want to do is print off a pattern that I bought  on line today to make a mug rug for Halloween.

But I did have a bit of success , I cut the binding for my table runner and sewed the pieces together and did a bit on the blocks for the Guild. Big deal eh! but I count every little bit that I do as worthwhile. If I do just a little bit every day rather than try and do a lot in one day. It all adds up to a finished product eventually. 

Then it was done and time for dinner. We had spaghetti and Ray's sauce which is the best ever. 
Adam we are watching a story of Saint John on 16 by 9. I guess you will probably miss it. It shows many of the old streets of the city. I remember you takin us down some of those streets and to TIm Horton's for the very first time. I had never heard of Tim's before.  It took a while to get down to the west coast . It was so enjoyable to go there with you. Good memories.
I took no pictures today so there are none of mine to show.
But I do have a few other ones to share.

How adorable is this picture Mom and Baby. Mom does not look so happy but the baby sure does. These are absolutely beautiful cats with shimmering white fur.

Such a lovely heart quilt and the border is most interesting. It is not the Greek key but it reminds me on that design.
Remember Cat in the Hat, well this is cats in the box. Oh my how cats love a box to play in.

What a great table runner, Squares Flying Geese and Stars. A good combination. However no pattern and it seems to be the order of the day right now as I have this great block called Storm Signal but no instructions.

This one should be reasonable to make if you use 3" bits an hourglass, a square and half square triangle all three inches. As for those pesky triangles  Cut  a big square in half, I cannot get the measurements. I know most of you are smarter than I am so go for it and let me know.

See all those books on the shelves? They are selvages off the bottoms of fabric. Quite clever I think.

People over on the North Shore find these guys in their garbage cans hunting for food. 

Five puppies each with his own bowl. 
No need to editorialize.

This is an oldie. I remember riding in an old buckboard like this with my uncle on the way to his and my aunt's farm, not the most comfortable way to travel.

This is it folks. I am very tired.
Good night.
Have a lovely evening.

Friday, September 27, 2013



This old fox sat among the leaves .

A  cheerful rainbow star quilt. 
Make the star and cut the squares for the border. Happy days.


This is an easy way to make a Bow Tie block. 

But here is the old way to make a bow tie. I will just add the photo and if you want the pattern it is easy to find. Janet Wickell has it on her site About.Quilting.com 
Or Quilterscache.com has it and everything else LOL.

Four of these make a neat pattern. I made a quilt of this block once.
There my job is done for today.
Ray and I met Bob and Buzz for lunch today. Bob was suffering from cabin fever I think and wanted to get out of the house where he has been since his surgery. It was good to see them and Bob looked pretty good. I think he still gets pretty tire though. I understand that. :))
Buzz looked healthy as usual . I wish I had taken a picture of her in the lovely sweater she wore today. I really liked it.
We had Burger King burgers for lunch all four of us. Tim's was so lined up that had BK's coffee as well. It was a lovely visit, we always enjoy their company.
After lunch Ray and i went to Sears where i saw a shirt I liked but since we are on an austerity programme right now I didn't buy it. Maybe if it goes on sale, oh wait it was on sale. Fiddle dee dee.
Then we had a Dairy Queen that we shared, one Sundae for two people. Good for us! LOL.
Then we cam home. I did some email and FB . I set myself a time to stop that and begin sewing. Actually I started quilting. And I finished the  quilting on the Halloween table runner. Now I just have to choose and cut the binding.  Sometime soon that will happen but there doesn't seem to be anyway I can determine which day. Hopefully it will be Sunday.
We bought a Deliscio pizza and cooked it tonight for supper. It was very good and was square rather than round. It was better than the one we bought last week. 

And I say let sleeping dogs lie. He does look relaxed . 

And this is a touch of ingenuity
here. I wonder if the taste of the wieners carries over into the coffee LOL.

 What could be more adorable than this picture.

Been there done that with cats and boys messing up my knitting not just my yarn. But I got really good at untangling wool LOL. An expert in fact.

We had to turn on the heat and a month early. I am not happy about that but it is just too cold for sitting.
Time to go folks.
Have a great evening.
Good night.
Football game on right now. Vancouver against Winnipeg.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Fall has arrived and not just by the calendar.  The mornings are chilly, the leaves are starting to change colour and twist and turn in the slightest of breeze , the birds are twittering as they prepare to leave  for places  south, the rains begin to splash on the roofs and windows ,and spilling out of the eaves.  It is the season of  pumpkins and squashes, bonfires and the smell of fruit falling from the trees.
The colours of autumn.

But I am tired like the season and need to rest more.
It doesn't take a lot to tire me out . Today we went out for a while, just up to Metrotown, walked a bit, had some icecream and left.
Oh no I forgot that I had to buy a new phone. My old phone had just had it, I have owned it for at least a decade and it is hopelessly out of  style as well as being useless as of yesterday. It would not work which is what made me decide it was Time. We went to Telus and chose the one I  wanted. I rarely use a cell phone but still need to have one in case I have to call Ray when I am out.  What a time that was . I have to take a lesson next week on how to use it ,can you believe this?   And this one is the cheapest I could buy. I would hate to have an IPhone, that would really be an issue. I would need a whole semester to get that figured out LOL.
So we came home and on the way stopped in Safeway to pick up the vitamins.
Then I went to bed after I had talked to Rick on the phone. He seemed to be happy. And that makes me happy.

Download now as a pdf pattern
Indian Star looks very easy with the four patch in the centre and the triangles and squares make up the rest.
Nice greens in this one. I love the swirly fabric in the background. It is my favourite in all its colours.

 What a heartwarming picture. The dog and the man after a hard day of rescue.
The soldier with the puppies. I wonder what happens to those little dogs in the war zone. Are they abandoned?  Or is mom somewhere around watching.

 A lovely yellow string quilt. Does it give you ideas for your own string quilt?

Another of my hobbies , knitting socks. I made this pair a long time ago. Then I found self striping yarns.

And machine embroidery, in this case a fall flower, the Sunflower.

Tonight is over.
Have a great evening folks.
Good night.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Good day


Join QNNtv.com to watch this video on how to fussy cut Diamond Patchwork Pieces.http://bit.ly/183GKCx

Video of diamond cuttings.

 My friend Clairee from Sequim Washington came up to this side of the border and called me to go for lunch today. 

We went to the Golf course restaurant. It was a lovely place for lunch right on a small lake which was rippling in the  breeze.

I ordered what I thought was a lamb dish but turned out to be a wrap with lamb in it along with other things. The end of the wrap fell open and went all down the leg of my pants to the floor.  It was a bit of a mess but the waitress cleaned up the floor and said they would not charge me for the lunch. That was the adventure of the day. After we had dessert which was Creme Brulee. We sat and talked for a long time. Clairee is a bright intelligent and vivacious woman and is great to talk to. But after a while we thought it was time to leave and we drove to my place , sat in the car and talked some more.   And I asked her if she wanted to come up , she said she would so we had a bit of a visit with Ray. Then she left before the traffic got too bad going across the bridge.

Just after Clairee left Adam and Lisa came to visit. 

We had another wonderful conversation. Lisa brought me some Mardi Gras Fabric. 
Mardi Gras beads, the ones everyone on the street wears and many strands of beads not just one.
Thank you so much Lisa.
She is such a thoughtful , dear lady. I am happy that Adam married her.  We all went out to Mr. Ho's for Chinese dinner and as usual it was delicious. When we finished our dinner we came home. They had a long drive back to Sam's in Langley so they went back there for the night. 
I am happy tonight.  But tired so if I put this one up before that is my excuse LOL. I love this little dog.

Some things are just sad.
And sometime I just like to add these cards to my blog.

My friend Emma's cat Minou who had to go to the dentist yesterday.
Ray went to the dentist today not that the two things are related .

This dog Scamp found these 6 kittens in a box on a heap of garbage and rescued them one by one. Scamp himself was a rescued dog so I guess he knew how it was with the kittens.

And here is Mousey dressed up for Halloween.

That's it folks.
Have a great evening.
Good night.