a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, July 31, 2011

pleasure is always in fashion

It was a pleasureable day today. Matthew, Caroline, Ryan and Chelsea came over at lunch time with a bucket of Kemtucky Fried chicken and fries. Chelsea is only home until the end of August when she goes back to University in Toronto. She is looking good and so grown up and confident. Ryan goes into Grade 12 in September and is going to have a very busy year with a full course load and other things he is doing. Caroline was very helpful and so was Matthew. Thanks to them all for a great visit. And of course I forgot to take pictures ~~~~~
I had to have a short nap after eating. Then our great adventure of the day-going to the bakery was next on the agenda.
Ray suggested we go down to the end of Kerr St. which is next to the bakery, where there is a huge development happening, shops, mall, townhouses, restaurants. The road is through , at the bottom of the road is  a wharf that goes out onto the river. It looked so very pretty, but the photo will tell a better tale than I can. As the Chinese say a picture is worth a thousand words.

When I feel more up to it I definitely want to walk down to the end and watch the river go by. As you can see I am making plans for when I recover from my surgery. LOL. I think it is better to not think of the surgery as that is the doctor's concern and concentrate on the fun  I'm going to have after the surgery and recovery is complete.
I took two photos of the park when we were driving away, just held up my camera over my head and snapped away LOL.
Amazing what a camera will do isn't it, even backwards!
In keeping with the beautiful day we decided to go for a Dairy Queen for asundae. MMM so good . I had pineapple with a dollop of marshmallow on top and Ray had caramel on his. It was time to go home after the Sundae but we were not up to having any dinner tonight LOL.

Here's another link with some other patchwork items for babies...
Cute set for baby from Joannes. I have a small patchwork teddy that a friend gave me many years ago and I still treasure it.
Time out folks, talk tomorrow.
Have a lovely evening.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

prairie points

This link provides instructions for making Prairie Points.
Handy little things as you can put them around the edge of a piece  to give an interesting finish.
I have seen them used in many forms on a quilt to emphasize a certain focal point and even on a tote bag just below the top border of the bag. Try them , collect them , use them, they can be fun.
It was a nice day today but the clouds are coming in and the Fireworks Celebration starts this evening. It is a week of exciting fireworks displays put on by several countries. Canada being one, naturally, China another and Spain the third. It is a very exciting event and all the beaches are full of people . Off English Bay  many sailboats are taking advantage of their perfect location.  There will be a few tipples there tonight but the police presence will be heavy to avoid another debacle like the one after the hockey game. Lots of families will be in attendance so that may make a difference. Each country puts on an amazing display of fireworks in a wondrous competition.
We'll see at the end of the week who is the big winner.
We went grocery shopping this morning, I got half way round the store and my legs gave out so I had to get Ray to help me to TImmy's to sit down. When I got home it was back to bed again. Then Marg called and came over with another book, a library book this time, so it has to be back by next Saturday. The author is Karen Rose, the title You Belong To Me. That will keep me busy this week. It was a nice visit once again.
I did not take any photos today, didn't feel like it. Times are tough LOL. So no pictures today.
Enjoy your evening folks.
Bon Soir.

Friday, July 29, 2011

subject -math

formula for making snowball blocksso you get the right size corner piece.


Bad night , bad day.. Funny if you don't get some uninterrupted sleep, your brain turns to mush. Then try and take an afternoon nap , someone wants to visit. But that is good I like a visit , don't really know about my guest though as I am not a very good companion under these conditions. Hopefully my sister did not notice my lack of enthusiasm LOL. She kindly brought me a book to read,Whiplash by Catherine Coulter. I have seldom read her books so it should be interesting.
I did get out a bit today but the walk down the hallway was enough exercise for me and I sat in the car while Ray went to the clinic and the bakery.
Here are the two big boys again behaving very well.
Remember them when they were tied up at the mall under the sign that said Dog Parking?

The car engine light came on while we were out. Ray took it over to the garage. The bill for looking at it was $81. Now it has to go in for fixing . There are some other things that need to be done as well, oh yeah the motor mount needs fixing. Always something isn't there.
We have the OASIS TV channel which is about nature. This afternoon it was about the Inuit in the north, very interesting how they live, hunt, and take care of their needs. But still they have many of the modern conveniences of life. Did you know that the igloo they build can be so warm an child can wander around naked inside it. That amazed me. Also the elder of this group had kept weather records since the thirties and the conclusion he had come to is that it is not as cold as previously and that the composition of the snow has altered. It was a great show as are most of the shows on OASIS.
We are waiting for the hospital to deliver my antibiotic for the next week.
I hope these folks are friendly , people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
We did go out for dinner and it was nice.
Time to end this story LOL.
Have a lovely evening.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

you can still get something for a nickel

 http://bit.ly/qxqxwK   And here it is . What to do with 5" squares or charm squares.   Here are 2 freebies but if you click on On Line Store  
there are more for sale but most of us don't need a pattern and can make it ourselves from looking at the pattern.

Do you have something that gives you a "pain in the neck" or someone :)) Make one of these great neck bags that can be cooled in the fridge for about an hour.
. I think Wal Mart carries  in their gardening dept. some little white pellets that you put in your plants to hold water, but you need to put a teaspoon in each section of the neck bag. Some put rice and others use buckwheat pellets. Warm about 90 sec . Turning at 30 sec.  intervals. There- no more pains in the neck :))
Below is a tutorial on making a card trick block. It was one of the first quilts I made and I love it. Mine is red and black so is pretty dramatic. That's another picture I am trying to find. LOL.

Ray and I had to see the doctor for prescription, well he did but I sat in the waitng room while he talked to a replacement doctor. I didnpt want to go in there and fill him in on the past 7 months. I'll wait for our regular doctor.
We went an hour early and drove around looking for some good photos . Not many dogs today but lots of fences LOL. They don't go in the house. It was warm so I think most dogs and people were inside under the fan. We did get one dog though.

But we had some fun and Ray chose some unusual photos.
Ray just had to take this plain Jane , the colour made him laugh.
See the Lemoyne Star in the blocks of the fence. I'm sure not everyone would see a quilt block in this fence but I know you all will.....
This fence has an interesting use of blocks, I took a close up of the end of this fence. Coming up!!!!
Isn't this lovely?

After the doctor visit we had to go to the pharmacy to pick up the meds. There is a Starbucks in Safeway so we had a coffee and a lemon cake which we shared. By then I was at the end of my stamina so we came home and I lay down for a while.
Right now I am watching The Mentalist. A good evening for me. Ray will watch more of the football game after my show.
It's a trade off!!
Have a lovely evening outside, It is beautiful to walk outside at this time of the day.
Good night folks!!!

God kveld

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

well I tried

I thought to show a video but it did not work at all. If there is a trick to it let me know. It was a video of 10 minute block. I know I have seen it before but didn't think I had put it on the blog,guess not LOL
I like those gadgety techniques for making blocks, making it easy is the way!!
I did not go out at all today but did walk down to the elevator and since we are at the very end of the hallway it is a few steps there and back. When we got back I just collapsed in bed. This is very weird.
Ray had to go to the bakery but I stayed home. I'd be very happy to even go to the bakery :)))
Tomorrow we have to go to our personal doctor, how exciting for me , getting out  haha.
I did do a bit on my PC, checking out the memory sticks for embroidery designs. I found one that I had just added 4 angels . I must have been thinking at some time this year to create a  specialized memory stick. Shows signs of brain activity LOL.
Still looking for that photo of Sam and the parrot. Maybe it's uunder the bed. Ray does that some times, out of sight out of mind.
I had a nice chat with Betty today. I had to call her to get her postal code. She had lost the red heart one I had given here at an earlier date and asked for another one. Since I don't have any idea when we will see each other I thought I should just mail it to her. I find the postal service very convenient at times.
Pretty picture , we were driving to Crescent Beach to meet Peter and Judith. This is a long a lovely drive with many estate type homes and gardens.
We watched a part of Alice in Wonderland this afternoon but it ran across dinner and intercepted the news. Johnny Depp was in it. It was quite good in the bit I saw. The costumes were superb , the Red Queen's large head was a marvel and I just loved the way she called for a pig and he came running to lay down at the queen's feet as a footstool. All the servants were little animals. That's the part I liked the best. Maybe I can catch up with it another time.
Time for bed again :))
Have a great evening.
Bon Soir

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

All we did today was go to the hospital for a chest X Ray. You know of course that the X Ray itself takes very little time. The fun part is waiting. Wait when you get there , wait at the X Ray room, wait for the porter to come and get you and then wait to be let out LOL. That took a few hours,good thing we are patient. In the waiting room they had a TV so we watched the show of a young East Asian couple preparing for their wedding. She wanted everything , no matter the cost and he was very concerned about the money. She wanted these beautiful thongs (shoes) with a clear heel and decorated with white stones. He cried about the cost and she and her mother said "It's a once in a lifetime thing" Then he said the heels made her too tall and she castigated him for being too short on this occasion and on other occasions. It was a battle royal but in the end the wedding was gorgeous. Maybe it was worth it? I wonder if this is a real wedding or a just a trumped up one for TV. I have not watched these reality? shows before so have no idea about them.
Then we watched some cooking shows,  you can be assured I did not have the remote. But it was entertanment while we waited LOL.
Last visit until the 5th August when I get optimized haha.
Ray ran up to the 4th floor to take a photo of the pigeon baby, You can hardly see the baby , just a little yellow puff.
See that little tiny brown spot under the female? That is the baby.

Ray and I used to have lots of birds , we raised cockatiels , budgies and even finches. All my pictures are hidden away somewhere and when I get better I search them out.  We also had parrots which are not easy to breed in captivity. I do have a photo of Sam when he was about 6 with this miserable old parrot who liked no one but Sam. She hated me and when I fed her she would come down off her perch and bang my head saying Get outa here. What a bad a.., but she liked Sam until he got bigger and then he got the same treatment. Birds all have such different personality just like any other creature. Can't find the picture but I'll check that out tomorrow.

The latest fence.  Do you think this fence needs a paint job, pretty sad looking. However I have seen worse . At least this one is not yet rotting. Down the street the retaining wall made of railway ties is falling down. Maybe I'll get that one tomorrow if I feel up to going out.
Going now.
Have a good rest of the day.
Good nigh

Monday, July 25, 2011

big ears

Jean in Delaware sent this photo of her gorgeous elephant ears plant. Thanks Jean for sending your beautiful plants.
Still not going out because of my legs being so weak. But tomorrow I have to go back to the hospital for a chest X-Ray on my chest. The pic line is coming out a bit and they need to check it out. Also one doctor told me I might need to get a second pic line in for the surgery.
Adam called to say they had gone fishing , no fish but they caught three big crabs so that was dinner. Fresh caught crab , mmmmm pretty nice!
And the surgeon's office called to get a list of my medications and to tell me the anesthetist wanted me to go to the Optimization clinic next week. I wonder what needs to be optimized? LOL
I have been going through my pictures again because they seem to duplicate themselves in the night LOL. 
Jean also sent this photo of her gorgeous hibiscus.

Jean has beautiful flowers in her garden. I would love to go back to Delaware for a visit. It is a lovely little state.  When Adam lived there I visited several times. We went to Pennsylvania up into Amish country. That is such a wonderful experience. It is a very different way of life. Maybe tomorrow I can find some pictures , they are prints so I'll have to copy them. My printer is not working well but I can give it a try.
My juice is gone folks so I'll shut down for the night. Enjoy the evening.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

a new adventure

Would you believe that the most exciting thing I did today was squeeze the anti biotic sac to mix it all up LOL. My job from now on.
That was my big adventure.
Here is the home antibiotic, there are many different ways to administer the antibiotic.

My son Peter came to visit this morning, he and Judith are  looking to buy a townhouse after they sell their house. It is always fun to lookie loo what is on the housing market.

Peter brought some lovely roses that he picked from his garden
Not too good a photo but you can stop and smell the roses LOL. They do smell wonderful!!
Peter left around 1:00 and I was really tired out. I don't seem to have a lot of energy. My legs are still weak and I don't have much stamina.  But a bit at a time. Maybe tomorrow I'll be better. So I went back to bed for a couple of hours.

Wow imagine making a zigzag quilt with out triangles.
Cut and paste to get this up and running.
I found a book at Annie's Attic for leg warmers. Carla asked me to knit her some. It was so difficult to buy that d..... book. Why do companies make you jump through hoops to give them your money. One of my pet peeves with internet buying. It came on download. Too bad as I like the feel of real paper.

Ray bought some cherries, cantalope and grapes. He put the grapes and canalope in a dish and covered in whipped bream. Oh it was so good. And since my appetite is bad it was lovely to actually enjoy eating for a change.
Enough said dear friends.
Have a wonderful evening enjoying the mild weather. Go for a walk.
Partez pour une promenade dans le parc.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


The tiny url of the 100 square block tutorial I featured yesterday was compiled by Deanna. Thanks Deanna for allowing me to use your work. It is a beautiful job.
I had such a sleepy day today, I don't feel very well and have no appetite. But I am losing weight, there has to be a bright side to everything wouldn't you sayLOL. Soon I'll be body beautiful or body elephant skin, loose and wrinkly. Guess what it will be!
I did not go anywhere today except around the apartment from bed to chair. Not very interesting.
The nurse came this morning to set up an IV pole, which actually Ray did for her,then she administered the antibiotic for today. She'll be back again in the morning. this antibiotic is a 24 hour one so only needs a nurse once a day.I have had such a lot of good service from the health services over the past 7 months, I feel most fortunate. All the health care service people have been very helpful and caring.

Here is a photo of Emilie ,our great granddaughter, who was born in January around the same time as Charlotte. Emilie lives in Quebec so this is the best we can do but her mom Nancy is good about sending pictures. This one is so adorable :))

Ricka and Carla are coming in soon for a visit. Rick has been in Toronto for the past week and just got home ydesterday. He tells me that he has accepted a contract in Calgary . He did one for the Calgary schoolboard last year and they want him back for more. Good for him!
Peter called , he just got back from  Eastern Europe and is coming tomorrow. I 'll enjoy seeing him.
Adam and Lisa dropped in this morning to pick up something. The nurse was here at the time so we did not get a chance to talk.
More kiddy photos,
Daddy and his beautiful girls. Don't know who the blue guy is LOL!!!
Time has run out for tonight, thanks for reading folks.
Have a lovely evening.
Dobryj vecer.

Friday, July 22, 2011

once again I am back

Out of the hospital. this time I feel in the bathroom at 3AM hit my head and have another shiner, this one on the other side. Now my head is equal on both sides :))  I feel as if I have been in a war.
Pretty ugly isn't it?

  It has been seven times , once every month so far and again I will be in hopital in August so make the 8 months. As usual the culprit  is that dreadful  germ. Now the doctor put me on another antibiotic which is a supressant as it cannot be cured. It is only for a couple of weeks until the uroligist comes back from vacation when he is going to remove my bladder. It will make my life much better, not more passing out and going to the hospital. And we can do things and go places.
 So another stop to my sewing , just when I was getting going again.
But you can sew and here is something to get you started :))

http://bit.ly/mT7nZx             This is a great challenge if you are up to it.

Cute story, Ray saw the a pigeon had laid her eggs on a ledge outside a window in the hospital. He took some pictures but today one chick hatched and Ray had left the camera at home, the first time. Ray has taken up my habit, see it is catching LOL.
There she is in the corner.
The parking lot from the window of the fourth floor. Pretty isn't it.

I missed writing my blog but there is no WI FI at the hospital so therefore no blog.
I wonder what the world is coming to when I see the havoc caused by a large bomb in Norway. And the subsequent shootine in a boy's camp on an island where the culprit was captured.
I was supposed to go to a showing of  the Hoop Sisters work with Kathy on Thursday. Kathy says it was good but since  I was in the hospital again  I was not able to attend. I sure will be happy when this is all over and we can do some fun things again.
I'm a bit tired now so the blog is over.
Have a lovely evening everyone.
Good night!!    

Monday, July 18, 2011

Unfortunate News

Hi guys,

So Grandma is back in the hospital. It appears that her infection has returned, and as she has mentioned, the next step to try and clear this from her system is to remove her bladder with surgery.

We don't know the details or how this is going to unfold yet, but as soon as I have more information I'll let you know. Needless to say, this is going to impact Grandma's life in a very serious way.

I'll update you soon.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Things to see


Lots to see here and every day something new. Gosh gee I found another colour.

Ray and I had to go up to the bakery today,  I wasn't feeling very well so it was a short trip. My legs were shaky and weak. I hope this goes away tomorrow. Because of that I spent a few hours lying down when we came home. I didn't sleep just read my book. It is by Greg Olson and is called  Close to Blood. It is a story about twin sisters , one good and the other bad, a classical story. But I have always liked  tales of identical twins. It is a good mystery and keeps me hopping.
After I got up I  decided to make two more of the bookmarks.
All four of them are on the kitchen counter drying out.
Both of these are pretty. I am buildig a stash of items to give away. I used a variegated thread on these but as they are wet the variegated thread doesn't show up yet. Darn these hands , they are just shaking so badly.

Ray made me supper again, a ham sand and a bowl of soup.
and a bottle of garden vegetable juice. It was
 great but too much food for me. I just can't eat a lot lately.
My dear old friend Heather called me tonight , we talked for  an hour.These hands are shaking so badly I can scarcely type so forgive for my mistakes. Heather bought my mom and dad's house after they died. I helped her
at one point in her life and she always wants to
help me. I think I'll let her do it  some time.
Good   looking guy eh!  He looks like our son Jack's  dog.  In Quebec!

Time to go and I am going to bed.
Have a great evening!
Bon soir!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I am watching a programme on the year 2012 as predicted by Nostradamus the coming end of the world as we know it. I don'telieve in this prediction  haveing heard in my lifetime many,many predictions of the end of the world. This show is talking about the magnetic pole reversal. Talk about disruption. Apparently all major communication such as internet, cell phone etc will collapse.
While it is a horror show it is also captivating to watch.
I am goimg to sew for a while now and work on my tubes. You can make pillowcases in a tube too.
A tutorial for this can be found on the Missouri Quilt Co. I just typed in how to make a tube pillowcase and that site came up.  Try it . I think this site has tutorials for everything LOL.
Ray caught me at it. And you see I did do some sewing.
Remember the tube blocks , they are now a table runner top. I didn't have the batting I like for a table runner. So we need to go out for some , thermore , I like the batting to be thin so the table runner  just sits there on the table and is not lumpy.
Here is my tube table  runner  top.
Then I wanted to  make some more FSL Bookmarks. I sent mine  along with my little angel to Mary in CA who has cancer  . I'll make some more of the angels too. My friend Betty lost her red heart bookmark and she asked me  to make her another one. So hers is ready. My red one is gone so I'll make another red one tomorrow.  I was really busy all afternoon.

Then I went into the bedroom to look around in my PC. I still have trouble with getting things off it. The machine says it can't read things. But I got my bingo cards off it . I'm ready for the next game
LOL.  Except I have to send in the fat quarters for my cards.
I spent a lot of time on my PC looking at all my photos and hoping to find a photo af my card trick quilt. No luck there. But we still have the quilt so tomorrow we'll go upstairs and take a photo of it. So wait for it LOL!!!
Rain today and cool weather. I like it but the ladies on my lists that live down south are saying how hot it is , one lady said it was 107' and she would love to be here Haha.
I was late getting to the blog tonight as I played around in my computer and I kind of lost track of the time until Ray came in and said "Are you being punished and sent to your room" :)))
Time is up!!
Have a lovely evening wherever you are, I hope itis not too hot for you.
Bon soir.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Jean asked what dessert that you didn't eat. I didn't eat it tonight either Jean but it was peach pie and Ray says it was good. He made ribs and sauerkraut and we have had it for three days. I love it but it is very filling. My dessert was peach yogurt ,  I had forgotten it this morning And it is a prescribed medicine. That does not interfere with the taste however. Haha. Very tasty!!
By the way sometimes I have to respond to comments here as I seem to be unable to get to the comment page . Oh these computers.
This morning Ray asked what we had on for today. Nothing I said, but as it turned out our errands took half the day. LOL.
First we were to go to the pharmacy but Ray took a wrong turn and we went up to the mall LOL the car has its own mind and sometimes it acts like a horse and goes a remembered route .:)))))
I thought there would not be much to photograph today as it was raining, so I snapped a streetscape.  I liked the way the trees made a vee down at the end of the street. Next is the lavendar, my favourite street scene, I look forward to it every year. Across the street is another corner of lavendar.
Because the car acted on its own we ended up at the mall which was okay as I had something to mail. It was for a lady who is very ill with cancer and her friend on some of my lists asked if anyone with an embroidery machine could send her a FSL angel . As that is an easy request for me to do I set up an envelope with the angel and the heart bookmark in it. It needed to be mailed right away and there is a post office in the mall.  The envelope took a regular stamp and would take a week to go straight down from here to California. Of course I asked what the cost of airmail and believe me they all go by air mail anyway. The clerk said $22!!!!!  I nearly swallowed my teeth. Needless to say It went by regular mail LOL>
As we were near the pet shop and the window was full of kittens , both windows, kitten season it seems.
A gaggle of kittens, the window takes away from the photo but there were so many kitties that I had to take it.
More kittens....
This looks like a food picture when it is small LOL.
After the mall we did go to the pharmacy because I thought they had not given me a prescription and  the government would not fill it because they would not fill the prescription. However I was told I had picked it up the 28th of June.  When we got home and looked in the pill drawer there it was but in an opaque bottle instead of the usual precription bottle so I did not recognize it.
Ray had to go to the clinic  for a test and I waited in the car.Then we had to go to the bakery ,Jean !! Yes the bakery.
We ran into my sister Margaret  at the bakery. We sat and chatted for a few minutes, then we went home. I was really tired  so I took a long nap.
We ran into a neat dog at Safeway and again another one at the bakery.
This boy was tied up to the post and on a very short leash too. He was not very happy, but the boy below is a happy camper.
He gets to ride LOL.
No sewing, I wasted my sewing time by having that long nap. Tomorrow we will be out most of the day ,so I guess it will be Sunday before I sew. It would be nice if I could get some in every day but it is not always possible.
Some nice quilts here, I particularly liked the chubby Dresden Plate and would love to find that dotted black fabric.
Happy quilting folks.
Time for me to leave off!!
Have a good evening- Bon Soir.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

more fences for Rae

Rae said she liked the fences so I took some more pictures of fences. They are many types and sizes of fences on the routes we travel. But even better than fences is to travel down the back lanes. I love doing that. The lanes are quite different from the front yards. The front yards are the face you want the world to see and the back yards and lanes are what you really are :))
This is just a beautiful fence all way round. These are the gates as if you had to be told and below is the actual fence.
Then there are the opposite type of fence, you wonder why it is still standing LOL
Ugly isn't it? I took a lot of pictures today but I won't make you miserable by showing them all LOL. However I get a charge out of them and go back and look at them often.. Personality shows up in the way houses are taken care of. Some love beauty and others don't give a rat's hind legs about beauty. haha....
We took a trip to the mall for our walking exercise in the morning. There are lots of empty stores and some that appear to be closing down. Also we noted that there are so many clothing stores in the mall. We should all be well dressed but I note that most people are rather shabby. Once in a while I see a lady in a beautiful ethnic dress and I wish I could take her photo but that would be an invasion of privacy. I also see some beautiful little children but can't photograph them for the same reason.
After the trip around the mall we came home for a bit , then we had a doctor appointment for some prescriptions. And of course after that to the pharmacy.
I cut a bit of fabric for two sashings and a border for the tube blocks to make a table runner. So I am back in the swim of things again, not that I do much at a time but somehow manage to do a bit a day. That works.
It rained today and was cloudy for part of the day. Ray and I are weird because we like that kind of weather . We are not happy when it gets too hot but it appears that we will be very happy for a while :))))
Dinner tonight was Ray's wonderful ribs and sauerkraut. It is sooo goood.....
We do have dessert  but I am not able to eat any since I really had a big meal. Good thing!!!
Tonight I think I'll sew for a bit.
Have a wonderful evening  folks.
Good evening, English is a language too you know. LOL

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

time for Christmas??

http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-German-Paper-Star   Very nice folded star if you are into folding.
This morning Ray went to visit his uncle, they are the same age, Grandma had a late pregnancy 75 years ago and Ray had another uncle , one that he could grow up with. When Dick was born he was the size of a pound of butter,and he grew up to be a big man 6'4". How they managed to keep him alive in those days. It was a miracle.
Life is strange sometimes.
Ray was gone until 1:00. so I had time to do my own stuff, like read all my morning e mail and settle down to do some cutting and sewing. I made another tube , cut the pieces and sewed a tube block .
I made some devilled egg for sandwiches. I called Jim for a chat and then Adam but he was not answering. He called back later in the day and we talked about his upcoming trip. He and Lisa are driving up here from Louisiana starting on Friday. Jim Ray and I made that trip a few years ago , it was wonderful. I know they will really enjoy it.
Rick and Carla .Grand Canyon or maybe Bryce. Not sure.

He wanted to go to the bakery when he got  home as we were out of bread. It was just a short trip , no photos, I missed the dogs and no new fences.
It was a cool day but it is raining now and according to the weatherman  it will rain for the next couple of days.
Kind of out of order but this was taken on that trip and is at a church in Sedona. You can't see the church though as it is off to the left.  Most of these photos are on my PC not on this laptop.  Ray and Jim by the way LOL.
I find that my photos seem to duplicate over and over. Sometimes there are 4 or 5  of the same picture. And I delete them but they come back. And they take up a lot of room on my computer.
I finished my book this afternoon , it has been a few days . I seem to fall asleep when I read this book, what does that say about the book LOL. Or me!!!!! :))
Night folks, I'm going to delete photos , such fun.
Have a lovely evening.
Guid forenicht.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

new boys on the blocks

Or somtheing to that effect .... Yes I did make 2 blocks from the tube but something happened with the cutting and I got different sizes from yesterday. I made them any way, they look pretty. I'll sew the larger ones too and then make another tube to see what size I get this time LOL. It is an adventure and I am not in any great hurry to make anything. I just wanted to get sewing again after my long drought. So here is one block , the other is exactly the same so no need to show it :))
The fabrics are so pretty and I have a bit more of some of it and a lot more of the rest.
This is what I did at the end of the day, why I started at the end is anybody's guess. LOL.
The day began with going to the clinic and getting the dressing changed on the pic line. Both the nurse and I had no information from the doctor as to when this line is to be taken out so the nurse is calling today. Usually she sends a fax so I think that is what she will do. The doctor's office seems to answer a fax and ignore a phone call. Fine whatever works for them works for me.
We had to go down to the Medical Supplies  store to pick up ...guess what? Medical Supplies.
Then we decided to go over to Surrey to Tom's. I haven't been there for a long time and it was nice to see everyone again and to get lots of hugs. I was looking for a large yoyo maker but no luck, they had none. Carol said they would be getting some in on the next order. I have the small one that I bought in Houston when I went to the show a few years ago. I really enjoyed looking around the store at the fabrics and I always like the notions but there was nothing I could make up my mind to buy. Kerri suggested that I sign up to come to a trunk show of  Hoop Sisters designs.   She said Kathy was signed up and maybe we could come together. I wrote Kathy when I got home and while my letter was going to her computer her message was coming to mine. We crossed paths. Kathy had called the shop and Kerri told her I had signed up. We made arrangements to go together next Thursday the 21st at 9:15 AM. 
I took a couple of photos in the shop. This one is all done in the hoop, a Hoop Sisters design and uses scraps to make the wands of the Dresden Plate. It is gorgeous. The next one is also a Hoop Sisters design .
It looks so complicated and by the way the back is also beautiful.  This one is a queen size, it would sure jazz up the bedroom LOL.

We came home after that and had a sandwich for lunch. Then I lay down and read for a bit when fell asleep for a while.  and after that you need to go back to the beginning of this blog Haha.
Sam called while we were out , he was going to come up to take out the water cooler which has sprung a leak. But we were not home and he was going home to Langley. We cannot decide whether to buy a new one or drink from the tap. I like bottled water and we always buy the small bottles for me. Ray has gotten used to the tap water. We should go to  the store and buy a nice pitcher . We drink a lot of water so maybe it is a good idea to use tap water.
Time's up :)))
Have a lovely evening , summer evenings are so beautiful.
Guten abend!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Don't fence me in

Tonight it is all about fences. I had a good time taking these photos. As you know Ray cannot stop the car on city streets so I just poked my camera out the window and snapped, didn't look or try to aim at anything. It was fun and made me laugh. So here are the results.
Ignore the hand LOL
. I love this look, a fence in the back and tree trunks lined up against the fence like soldiers on parade.
Pink house , pink fence, I like this one.
The original Vancouver fence, a hedge, possibly a privet hedge. When we had our house we planted cuttings from a friend's laurel hedge and they grew into a very tall hedge like this one. Cheap, all you need is patience.
Cement blocks  as a fence, some are left natural grey and others are painted to dress them up a bit.
New wood with a neat arbour. I always like these types of entrances especially when climbing roses are planted on either side.
After we got back from the rheumatologist Mary , Rick and Ricky came over for a visit and Mary helped me with my embroideries. I was not able to get them off my PC onto the memory stick but Mary showed me how to do that. I am very happy to know what to do and if I forget Mary knows LOL!!
Rick asked if we wanted to go to White Spot for a hamburger. I never turn down an offer for White Spot haha.
Ricky did not want to go so he left for home. I can't imagine a grandson of mine not wanting to go to White Spot LOL.
So the rest of us went.
Mary  searching for something in her purse. Maybe it was her phone as she did show us a picture of Charlotte on her phone. Can you believe that Charlotte is six months old already.
A bit more than the 4 pounds she was at birth.  A happy face !!

Richard figuring out the tip LOL, the light was bad  when I took this one of Richard.
Thanks honey for dinner!! It was very good.
No one took our photo :( 
And that was our very busy day.   
Time to go , I am tired from a long day and  ready to rest.

JEAN, thank you for the advice, I can guarantee no wine LOL.
Have a great evening folks.
Bonum vesper!