a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, December 31, 2016


More snow today. It has snowed most of the day and it is sticking on the branches of the trees.  

Meg and Lewis were here today with Charlotte and Orson.   I hope they got home safe and sound.  It was fun with Charlotte, always is. I really enjoy her.  She has such an outgoing personality. Orson is still quite young and has not developed his personality yet.  I so enjoyed their visit.  
I hope their trip home to Abbotsford was uneventful and safe. I will call them later on.

That was the excitement for today. It made me very happy. Katie was in town and she came along with Meg and Lewis for a visit. It was wonderful to see her.. She lives in Calgary so we don't  get the opportunity to see her very often.

Other than company the day was quiet, no calls of any sort. 

We are watching Bridge Disasters. Scary.!

That is all folks, not much is it?

Friday, December 30, 2016


Lately I have been forgetting my blog.  But not today.  We have pretty well stuck to home this season. There has been some snow and I am afraid of falling on the slippery streets.

 We did have a guest today. Our grandson, Ricky, Richard's son,stopped by for a visit. We really enjoyed chatting with him. He  is such a great young man . I like having him visit. It is not easy for him these days as he is now living out in the valley in Abbotsford. But I appreciate it when he makes the effort to visit. 

That was our excitement for the day. Life has been very quiet here and we have mostly stayed in, other than a bit of shopping.Got to keep up on the groceries.

I have not done much sewing at all lately. Ray says I have not sewed for some time -that has to stop.

Nothing much going on when we stay home so much so I'll say good evening and wish you all a great night.

Thursday, December 22, 2016


Concert today. Chelsea our dear granddaughter was performing with her group. She played the Sax today but she plays many musical instruments. 
Matthew came over and drove Ray and me to the concert. He has been very good to us and we appreciate that he cares and helps us out. Chelsea's concert was great music . We enjoyed the afternoon so much. Thank you Matthew, Caroline, Ryan and Chelsea. We enjoyed our afternoon with all of you.

Ryan and Ray had a great chat this afternoon. I was so happy to see
 them getting along so well. Both of them are very personable men.

After Matthew brought us back home we relaxed and watched TV. 
We did not even make dinner , just picked at things. But I am ready for a real meal tomorrow night. So I'll cook one up. Tonight we have the potato soup Caroline sent over.

Tomorrow we meet Bob and Buzz for lunch at Metrotown. I am looking forward to that.

We love to celebrate the season with friends and family.
So that is all for tonight. Have a lovely evening folks.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


December and the streets are very busy with Christmas shoppers. That includes us. It was hard to get much done and we had nothing important to do anyway .We went to the Crossings , had a coffee at Tim's. Went to London Drugs , bought a magazine, some recycling bags, Ray got some pills for his eyes. Forget what they are called and don't want to get up and look for them.

We did not stay out for long, too crowded and too busy. December is a good month to stay home. We'll go out sometime in January. But we do have a date with Bob and Buzz on  Friday for lunch 
and Matthew is picking us up to go to Chelsea's show tomorrow. That will be fun.

As for the rest of today we came home and watched TV. We did not even have dinner. I had a fried egg on bread, I like that and Ray had a sandwich. Tomorrow I must make dinner . I don't care for cooking so it is  not a pleasure for me to cook. 

And that is the day. Have a lovely evening folks.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


At least I think it is Tuesday. It is the 20th of December.

Ray went out today to Metrotown to buy a calendar and to get the car washed.  I stayed home for the day. Marg came over and we had a nice visit.  Some days I like to stay home and just veg. So that is what I did today.  Lazy bones. Do you remember that song? Lazybones sleeping in the sun. How you gonna get your days work done, Sleeping in the noon day sun. 
I like that song but I can't recall where it comes from.

I have a whole litany of songs in my head that fit almost any occasion. I learned many of them when I was young and sang in several choirs.  It was a lovely time in my life.

Tonight we are watching TV and relaxing.  Nice way to spend the night. But then we stay home most every evening so nothing new.

And that is all for tonight, not a lot to say. Have a lovely evening.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

still winter

And much snow.  We did not get out  today at all but are going to try tomorrow. If no new snow arrives. And the snow we do have melts. 
And that did not happen so we are still in the house and it is Wednesday and lots of snow. Not a good time. But eventually the snow will melt and the rain will come.

Ray made spaghetti sauce today so we had spaghetti and lovely sauce for dinner. He is such a good cook.

Ray is talking to his daughter Lynn in Quebec. Lots of winter there. And it won't go any time soon. Not like here.

So we watched TV and computered, at least I did. Ray does not computer.  I have a laptop that I love, very convenient.

I hope we can get out and about tomorrow for a while. At some point I feel housebound and get itchy feet. But I can knit and sew so that makes me happy. I am well able to keep busy and entertain myself.

That is all folks. Have a great evening.

Friday, December 9, 2016


More snow  . We did not go out at all today and it was nice watching the snow fall and cover everything in a blanket of white.

I am happy that we do not have to go out when it snows like this.It was tough when we worked and had to travel all the way to Maple Ridge to get home. We have numerous hills here and they were all difficult to climb in the snow. Ray always prepared for the winter but many do not and were all over the roads. Ray is originally from Ontario so he learned to drive in snow.

So I sat here and doodled on my laptop for most of the day. I think my legs are getting useless from sitting. I should walk down the hall at least. I'll do that afte I finish the blog.

Rick called to see how we are doing. He is so thoughtful. I call him often too to see how he is making out. I pray for him that his ALS does not get too bad. He lives alone in Alberta so it is often not easy for him. Most of the time it is not easy for him. ALS is an awful disease. I send out prayers for him regularly.

No outings to report so a short blog. 

Have a lovely evening folks.

Monday, December 5, 2016


Still snowing, the trees are loaded. It will be h--- for those who have to drive home from work. Lots of people around here do not have snow tires and no experience in driving in the snow. Bad commute tonight. Many people try to find hotel rooms but they book up early on snowy nights.

But sitting here watching the snow fall is very nice. Glad I have no driving to do. It used to be awful when we worked in town and had to drive to Maple Ridge on a snowy night.

But now we do not work so can enjoy watching the snow  fall. I hope we don't need to go out tomorrow either.

Have a great evening. I might get back to you if anything happens.


-watching the snow come down while sitting in the warmth of my home. Pretty sight if we don't have to go out. And we don't .

This is a winter day , one we do not often see here in beautiful British Columbia. But from inside it looks lovely. 

That is all for now. I'll get back to you later when things change. Now I am hungry so it is time to eat.
Have a great day.

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Hmm it appears that I have not written a blog for days. Why? Who knows, forgetfulness?

I just washed my hair and now my head is wet LOL.  I think we are going out later this afternoon, not anywhere special , just an opportunity to get out of the apartment.We like to go out every day and greet the world.

Yesterday we went to ABC with Sam for dinner. It was Ray's birthday and Sam is always good about that for Ray. Matthew and 
Caroline came over to see Ray too.
It was a good day for Ray.

Today we have not done anything special. But the day is not yet over so who knows.  

I just read a magazine /book about Donald Trump.It is a special edition of TIME. A very interesting read. Since the Donald will be the ruler of the free world at some point it should be preferred reading at some point. It affects all of us.

It looks as if we are staying home again today. Ray is napping in his chair.  I cannot sleep in my chair, have to lie down on the bed before I can sleep. But then I  sure get a good nap.Not today though.

Lots of Christmas stuff on TV now that it is December. It is pleasant for a short while. I enjoy the season if not the shopping. 
I no longer shop for Christmas, it has become prohibitive.

And that is it for today folks. Have a great day.

Sunday, November 27, 2016


According to me I have missed writing a blog for several days. So here I am back again.

Adam has been here, staying with Sam but visiting with us too. He was here this afternoon for a visit as he is heading home to Louisiana Tomorrow morning. It was good visiting with him. He was able to see brothers Peter and Matthew too so that was good.

Other than Adam's visit we did little else today. We are watching the football game  RedBlacks against Calgary Stampeders. I know Rick is watching it too in Calgary . The score right now is  7 for Calgary and 17 for Ottawa. Not good for the west. Let's hope for a change soon. 
Sunday football in Canada is the sport of the day.

I am still knitting cloths to keep my fingers busy. The pile continues to grow. It will soon be time to have a give away. 
Or maybe I should knit something else. I have a nice pattern somewhere for a child's sweater. I must look for it.
And buy the yarn.  I don't keep stocks of wool on hand so need to go shopping. Not a problem LOL.

It has been quite a lazy day for me. But Ray has been busy . He is making vegetable soup. It will be good as he is always a great cook.  Right now he is going down the hall to the storage room for a can of corn.  

I need to empty out the dryer soon. Good job for me to do. Requires no particular skill. 

I want to give Bob and Buzz a call for a date. or maybe they can give me a call. Hint hint.

So that is it folks. Have a great evening.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Adam took us out for dinner tonight at the Keg. Ricky, Sam, Ray and I were his guests. It was a lovely evening for all of us. Ricky and I both had a Caesar salad. But the others had meat . I was not very hungry. Darn that annoys me when I go to a good restaurant and am not hungry. Too bad I could not have a rain check. I even brought home Ray's baked potato. I'll have that tomorrow, might even share it with Ray LOL. But I did enjoy the evening with my men!!   Thank you Adam.

As for the day we went to the bank, went to Metrotown and to the Crossings. We had a busy day toing and froing.

We bought bread at Metrotown and that was the extent of our spending for the day.

Tonight we are sitting at home watching Jay Leno demonstrate an old Volkswagon. I had one of those cars way back , I think it was in the 60s. It was my first car that I bought on my own after I was single again. Unfortunately I did not have it for long as someone set it on fire. I didn't have insurance in those days so was without a car for many years after while I paid for the burnt one. Such is life.

And that is a day in the life of Ray and Nan. Have a lovely evening folks. 

Saturday, November 19, 2016


No time to write today so just a short note to say I have not forgotten you all.
We had an easy day, We went to the Crossings , to London Drugs and to Tim's for coffee and a sprinkled doughnut.
Ray just told me we did not go to London Drugs today , we went to Save on Foods for our grocery shopping. We didn't spend very much money , about $65. Ray did the shopping, I picked through the magazines. So I don't know what he bought . I did not buy a magazine today maybe next week meaning the one coming up. 

We did go to the casino for a short time. Ray lost his money fast but mine lasted . I came home with $$$. Lucky me. 

So we watched TV for the rest of the afternoon. Tonight we are watching the hockey game between Vancouver Canucks and Chicago Blackhawks.  I don't really watch just listen and check the score periodically. That is the extent of my interest.

Soon I plan to do a bit of reading. I don't read much anymore since the TV is always on and I stay in the living room to keep Ray company. By the time I hit the bedroom I am sleepy and fall asleep fast so no reading going on. I am going to have to read while the TV is on if I can train myself to do that. My books are piling up. I have three books Marg has not read so I should give them to her with the proviso that they come back to me when she is finished with them.

And the end is nigh!!!! Have a lovely evening folks.

Friday, November 18, 2016

title lost

Adam called today to say he is coming to visit on Monday afternoon from Louisiana. I am so looking forward to seeing him. I can't really go down to La. anymore since it is far away and I am unable to get there for a variety of reasons. 

It is good of him to make the trip to see Sam and me as well. He said he'll stop off here on the way to Sam's place.

As for today we made a couple of stops, one at Safeway and another at London Drugs. We stopped at TIM's for coffee and a doughnut with sprinkles on it. Christmas celebration!!  A bit early but welcome.

The rest of the day was spent at home relaxing and watching TV. 

I want to give Rick a call later this evening.  And I just called him. He is okay but a bit tired. Some days are like that. I like to check in with him and see how things are going. You probably recall that he has ALS and so I feel the need to catch up with him often.

That was the day. 
I hope yours went well.

Thursday, November 17, 2016


Rick just called and he reminded me that I have not blogged for several days. So here I am back in the saddle again.  We have not been going out much so there is not much to write about. Staying home for days mostly means little happens. We are just watching TV and that means nothing doing. 
We did go out for a bit this morning to have lunch at IHOP. Now that TOPS is closed we have resorted to IHOP. I had chicken and gravy. I like that and we brought some home. I will finish it tonight.

We went down to the Crossings for bread at the bakery and had a coffee at TIM's. The rest of the afternoon we just watched TV. 
Nothing special on this afternoon.

Blogging is sometimes tiring and I forget to do it. Oh well. That's just how it goes sometimes.

We are just taking it easy this afternoon and doing nothing at all

Tonight will be more of the same. 

Time to check out folks. Have a great evening.

Saturday, November 12, 2016


Home again. We did not go out at all today. Rested, relaxed, even forgot to get up and eat. So now I am hungry and will have to get up and make something . What? I don't know yet. It will be a surprise for me LOL.

My back is sore- from sitting so much I think. I will have to get up soon. What makes one so lazy I wonder. Is it physical or emotional? Good question , but no answer.

So of course I have done nothing but compute today. Soon I plan to eat though. 

I have been thinking of my mom and dad quite a bit lately. I wonder why?  No reason I suspect.

Tonight I think it will be time for a bit of knitting, just cloths as they require no thinking and I am not up to a challenge tonight. Plus I need some ideas for projects.

That is all folks. If you do nothing you can write nothing!

Friday, November 11, 2016


I am being outblogged these days. That means I forget to write, primarily because I have stayed home for several days and nothing interesting has happened. We did that again today. So lazy these past few days. 
I remember my dear dad on Remembrance Day. He was a WW1 Vet and always honoured Nov. 11th.  He would go to the Cenotaph down town every year to participate in the ceremonies. So I think of him at this time of year, and every day. He was a lovely father and I loved him a lot. My mom was a grand lady too and a great mother. I loved her a lot too. I was fortunate to have such wonderful parents.

My son Adam also served in the navy RCN.  And my son Matthew served as well. We are a family who care.

So today we did little other that stay home , relax and watch TV. It is a dreary November day and a good one to stay home. 
So tonight - more relaxing.  :>)

And that is it folks. I hope your day went well and you enjoyed it.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Even though we did not go out today I'll write a blog.

Jim left for home this morning, I was sad to see him go as I really enjoyed his visit. He is a great guest and spends his time here mostly with us old folk. Thanks Jim for coming all this way to see us.

Now Ray and I are alone again. I hope we have other visitors soon. I love having my kids visit.

The election has baffled me and many others I think. It will be interesting times as Confusious says.  I hope not too interesting.
I fear for those he hates, women and minorities and  pray he keeps he keeps his word to honour all Americans.

So we watch TV tonight and the outfalls of the election. 
And that is all tonight folks. Have a great evening.

no news

....is good news. So good news it is.

Maybe tomorrow or even later. I prefer to write my blog later in the day when there might be some news.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Morning. I do not usually write in the morning but today will be the exception. Jim is here, we are enjoying his visit. I am grateful that he has come to visit. It is always a pleasure.
 We went to  Mr. Ho's last night for Chinese food. It is the best food there and the only restaurant for Chinese that is worth attending.IMHO
We always go there for Chinese food. So good.

Ray went to renew his licence this morning, all went well.He has been renewed LOL.
We will go   out later today with Jim. Where? I have no idea. Well maybe an inkling. We will see.

See not much to say in the morning so I might try again later in the PM. Watch this space for it.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

it seems

It appears that I have forgotten my blog for a few days.It is a most interesting campaign in the USA. I wonder who will win . I have an opinion as to whom I want to win but hesitate to express it. 
Not my business . Americans have a difficult choice. Good luck with that my American friends.

We had a quiet day, except for grocery shopping. We did go to Tim's for coffee and I had a lovely bowl of soup.  It was potato soup. my favourite.  My mom used to make it for me and on some special days I would come home from school for lunch and there it was. 
So home sitting the rest of the day. day.  I did a bit of knitting, watched TV and that was it.

We didn't even have dinner just picked at stuff from the fridge, things we bought with the groceries. I ate some grapes  and a tray of veggie dip . Good stuff.

That was the day quiet , uninteresting and restful. 
We are staying home a lot these days. Tomorrow we need to get out. Oh no, Jim is coming so we want to be in for him. I am so looking forward to seeing him, it has been a long time since we saw him.

Matthew comes over every two weeks and helps Ray out by doing the vacuuming for him. We are very grateful to him for his help.

So it is time to go for tonight. Have a great evening folks. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Winter has arrived , it is chilly and wet. 
but I don't mind . 
I like the rain. Good thing since I live in a rain forest 
lol.  To me it isn't depresssing as it is to some folks.  I find it refreshing. Lots of rain here in the winter and occasionally if it gets cold enough it turns to snow, not very often though.

We did not do much today other than go to the doctor . 
Ray did not think my infection was gone and he was right, it was not gone.  So still on antibiotics for another session. 
Then I  may be good once again. 

After seeing the doctor we went out for a bite of lunch at A&W. Both of us  had a hamburger and a coke. It was good.

We went to Safeway to pick up my new pills. and then we came home for the rest of the day. We watched TV. I used my computer and wrote a bit.

My memory is getting bad , I think I had a nap but not sure. Ray is my source of information as he remembers better than I do. He says I did have a nap. Oh well I still remember how to blog haha. It is details that escape me. 

I talked to Rick for a short time. He is busy with his many friends. He loves to entertain. Fortunately his friends help him. I am proud that he is such a social animal and has people around him often. I think it is good for his state of mind. He seems happy whenever I call him.
 That is all folks, have a great evening.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

getting better

I am feeling a bit better today. So
I have been up for a good part of the day except for a nap this afternoon. On the mend!!

My sister Marg came over this afternoon , it was a good visit. She brought me a book to read. 

Matthew and Caroline visited this morning and brought Tim's Sandwiches and Chili. We had half the sandwich for lunch and the second half for dinner along with the chili. Thanks Caroline and Matthew for the lovely meal. You are very kind and thoughtful. We enjoyed our meal.

Nothing exciting happened but then we don't need exciting every day do we?  
Just being alive is exciting enough LOL.

So as you see we had a nice day. 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

still ill

Not feeling quite up to par yet, another day ought to do it. I am out of bed though and sitting up.

I would like to eat a Tim's sandwich but that will have to wait until I get out. In the meantime I think I'll make myself a bowl of soup Ray said he will make me some soup. Great guy, my husband. Not too many like Ray.

Of course I have done zero today other what choice did I have. I am still very tired and plan to go to bed early. I did knit a few rows on my washcloth and will do several more tonight. It is almost to the decrease stage so that is good.

And that is all for now folks. Have a good evening.

Friday, October 28, 2016

not well

No blogging, I have been ill for the past few days. Thanks for checking in.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Late to start blogging.  But here goes. I should have material to talk about.  For some reason I am quite warm tonight and Ray says he did not turn the heat up.  Maybe it is the laptop that makes me warm.

It was a rainy drizzly day today, but I like these days. I always remember going downtown shopping with my mom on a day like this. For some reason it sticks in my memory. I think she bought me some cut out dolls. I loved those dolls. What fun they were. It takes time to cut them all out before I could play with them and that as part of the fun.
My memories of rainy days are so good.

Ray and I went for lunch at Mr. Ho's with Sam. We do love visiting with him. Lunch was good but Chinese food is one of our 
favourites and Mr. Ho's Chinese is always great.

After we left Sam we came home and spent the rest of the day relaxing. I had a bit of a nap .  I like a little afternoon nap.  And the rest of the day was spent watching TV.  
Quiet day eh. 

I am very tired tonight for no reason at all. Even watching TV seems a big effort. Oh well I shall prevail. I do not like to go to bed this early  because I wake up in the middle of the night.

Tomorrow Mary is coming over for a little visit. I will be happy to see her and the little greats. I am so fortunate.

And that is all folks. Have a lovely evening. I am going to bed.

Monday, October 24, 2016


I just finished a yellow dishcloth. Yellow is such a cheerful colour and makes me feel joyful. I love yellow.

We did go out for a bit today. We went to the Crossings for a bite of lunch and then to London Drugs to see the books. I did not buy anything today. Neither did Ray. But we did look around to see all the stuff. And then we just came home. 
At home we relaxed , I read a bit and computed.
The day was quiet, I had a nice chat with Adam and Rick. 

Tomorrow is Tuesday and my sewing day with Pat. I look forward to Tuesdays.But right now I do not have  project to work on and can't think of anything to start.  So I will probably applique some of Betty's blocks. I have done that before. Betty does a lot of charity quilts so has many blocks to do. Some of the other ladies do Betty's blocks too. Maybe I should do some charity quilts too.

I am feeling a bit tired tonight. Not unusual. However I do not want to go to bed this early. So I'll just suck it up and hold on until later. 

I need to check my sewing bag and see what is in there for me to do. I am sure there is something.

That's it folks. Have a great evening.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

give it up

I think I'll give up on blogging for  while. I seem to have very little of interest to say. I have been home all day today and have done nothing. So what is there to talk about. 
I am not active at all these days. No sewing ,no knitting, no embroidery, no shopping, and no nothing. So no blog.

Have a great evening. I am going to bed. Sleep well.

Saturday, October 22, 2016


Saturday and  shopping for the weekly groceries whenever I get dressed.
Well I did get dressed and we did go shopping. We bought nothing special and did not even go to TIM'S for lunch as we usually do. We came home and had lunch here. But that was too far back and I can't remember what I had. Supper was simple salad, beans and that was it. But it was good. I bought some feta at the grocery store and added that to my salad. I love feta in my salad. Now I am full and happy. Oh and I had a couple of cookies for dessert.

Jim called today and said he would be down from Edmonton in about three weeks.   I am looking forward to seeing him, it has been a long time since we saw each other. The older one gets the more difficult it is to get together. Ray does not want to drive to Edmonton or Calgary any more. And my sons are not as young as they were either, I had them all in my twenties and now I am in my eighties.  So they are either coming into their sixties or are already there. Travelling gets more difficult for all of us.

Today was wet and windy and we pretty well stayed home.Except for grocery shopping. That was our big outing.

Now it is evening and we are just vegging out and watching football B.C. Lions and Edmonton. We are ahead at the moment but not by much so it is a close game.I want to get back to my sewing but I have no initiative right now. I wonder when my energy will come back. If ever. I have to get this quilt done for Eve in Quebec, Nancy asked me to make one for her as I did for the other children. The top is done and I think I will call Lauren and make arrangements to have her quilt it on her long arm. I'll do that soon.

And that is it for tonight folks. Have a great evening.

out and about

We went out today!  Not very far but still out. We went to the salon for a haircut, both of us and then for lunch we went to the Crossings and Tim's for a bite to eat. We shared some chicken  Nuggets and barbecue sauce. We had coffee too. Then we we went to Cob's for a loaf of bread. And home.
We just watched TV this afternoon, so lazy today. 

I am watching for any action between Hilary and the Donald. I wonder why he has an article before his name. Well it does define him and one has no doubt who is the person under discussion. Such is fame.

I am so lazy today , just sitting and playing on my computer as well as watching TV. But I am sleepy so I think I'll have a nap. See you later.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

at home

Stay at homes again. We must be getting old or something.  I did talk to our grandson Sam though and that was good. We made a date for Wednesday. I am looking forward to seeing him. He has been in the hospital for minor surgery.I am glad he is okay.
What does one do while staying at home? Well we do nothing other than a bit of laundry and computering. Well Ray does the laundry and I do the computering. Role reversal .

When one does not go out there is little to talk about. 
I see Mr. Trump is talking about accepting the results of an election if he wins. What a guy. If he loses while unacceptable to him  I am getting the idea that he will not accept the results. He is a bit off the wall as far as I am concerned. However I am just an observer and of no consequence. Still it is fascinating. Go Hilary!

So tonight we watch the news right now and other shows later in the evening.

And that is it, a short blog tonight. Have a great evening. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Such a quiet day, we stayed in all day. Matthew came over in the morning and did our vacuuming. He has been so good doing that for Ray. He always spends some of the time visiting which makes me happy. Then Peter visited us in the early afternoon and we had a lovely visit with him. Later in the afternoon I had a great phone chat with our grandson Sam.  We hope to get together soon as he is having surgery tonight. 

I did nothing today , really lazy day. I watched TV and did my computer. One of these days I want to sew LOL. I think I'll call Lauren my long arm quilter to do the quilting on Eve's quilt. That would be fine by me. I don't think I will make any more quilts. Well maybe one for our great granddaughter Rose if I can get motivated. It is taking so much effort to get that way now. I am 85 soon and losing a lot of oomph.

Rose is a sweet little girl and I think she would like one of my quilts. I want to embroider the blocks then set them together. Better get that started soon.

Tomorrow we will go out for a bit. We like getting out and about, having coffee and lunch. We used to go to TOPS but that is closed now. I sure miss that restaurant. I used to go there for lunch when I was teaching. 

We are wondering about Hallowe'en . We seldom get any kids here that night but there are two children that sometimes visit across the hall. Every year we wonder about little visitors, so we do buy some candy for them and then have to eat most of it ourselves. It is a sad tale LOL.

Time to go folks. Have  a lovely evening.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Rainy day today , we stayed home all day. It was lovely to just stay home for the day, I really enjoyed goofing off.  And I really goofed off and did nothing. It was good.

My day was spent on the computer except for a bit of napping for a bit. Not long though.....

That was all I did today. Ray was not much better. He did arrange some papers for me to take care of. We were exceptionally lazy.

Tonight ... more of the same.

Because I did nothing I have nothing to say so the blog will be short.  I have to say I enjoyed doing nothing. Once in a while that is good.

We did not even cook dinner just ate something from the fridge. Now I am a bit hungry.  Of course.

And I will knit a bit tonight and get caught up on my cloths to add to the pile.

There is an ad on TV that says the vacancy rate in Vancouver is very low. I am so happy that we have our home here and don't have to worry about the vacancy rate.

I lose track of the days but Ray says today is Tuesday so tomorrow Peter is coming over for a visit. I am looking forward to seeing him.
 And that was my day folks.  Have a great evening.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

No show

The storm predicted for last night did not materialize. So we prepared for nothing. I guess that is good though,  better to be prepared than not if something should show up. Still lots of rain and some little wind.  Today was a good day to stay home and relax. And that is what we did.

I read a bit and computered some.  And did a lot of nothing. That is continuing for the evening LOL. Later  I will read. My days are planned.

It will be a nice evening for us. Right now we are watching the news and Trump is all over the news. It will be a most interesting election. My son and grandson who live in Louisiana will be voting in the election.  I am avidly interested in the outcome. 

But back home life goes on peacefully. I hope it stays this way. 

We had cole slaw for dinner. Ray made it, his cole slaw is always good. A nice treat for dinner. Then we had a small bit of ice cream for dessert. Yummy!

And that is all for tonight folks. Have a great evening.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


The weather is wild today, wet , windy and wild. My tree is just blowing in the wind, some trees here have fallen over from excessive wind. Not outside my window thank goodness. It is November weather not mid October. I guess winter is here early.

However it is fun to watch from the comfort of my recliner. I like watching stormy weather. All ferries have been cancelled and some areas are without power. Our lines are all underground so we are not usually affected when we have a big storm.  They are shutting down Stanley Park at the moment. High water lashes the area. And high winds make it dangerous for falling trees. Poor trees LOL.

Ray and I had a nice day , we shopped for our weekly groceries and then went to the casino for a couple of hours. Tonight we are just relaxing as I mentioned.

Tomorrow is just a lovely Sunday coming up and I want to do a bit of sewing. That will be good since we probably will stay home for the day. I am looking forward to that.

Nothing very exciting happening at Chez Boudreau, nothing at all.
TV watching at the moment, the news for now. We watch the news every evening. 

I need to give Richard a call soon but right now he is in Saskatchewan attending a friend's wedding. I think David went with him for company .That makes me feel better as I think he needs support when he is traveling. 

There that is it for tonight folks. Have a lovely evening.

Friday, October 14, 2016


I wrote last on Thanksgiving Day and just now published that very late issue of my blog. Short too.

Today it will be  full issue blog. Today Ray and I met with Bob and Buzz for coffee up at the mall. It was a good visit as usual. We always have good visits with them. I love my dear friends. We must have sat and drank coffee and chatted for close to two hours. That tired me out, I came home and and a good nap. 

It has been very stormy here the past few days and trees have fallen, mostly on cars but close to homes too. As far as I can see none fell on houses though. It is also pretty chilly for October. Usually it gets this cold in November , not this early. It is possible the weather will turn warmer still this month.

Ray is feeling a bit ill tonight. He is talking about going to bed a little earlier than usual. 

After we came home I had a nice nap which perked me up substantially for the rest of the day and evening. So tonight I will write and watch TV in my cosy recliner. Ray and I each have a recliner to relax in. We are so fortunate.

We did not have dinner tonight, just had whatever was handy. I had toast but that was all I wanted tonight. Ray had toast too. But if we get hungry later we will get something more substantial .

Sometimes I wonder what we did before TV which makes the evenings interesting. I know we used to read. I still do but mostly when I go to bed where I can concentrate .

And that is all for tonight folks. Have a great evening.

it is time

It is time for my blog, It is late but a they say better late than never.
It is nearly ten thirty and almost time for bed so this will be a short blog.
It was another day when we stayed home all day but as it was a holiday there was good reason. It is Thanksgiving today.
Well you can see I started this blog and did not finish it. It is now Friday and I'll have to start a new blog. Sorry about that.

Friday, October 7, 2016


Bullying at VSB so they say.  Are we surprised?  Schools are built on bullying  from the top down.  Maybe now it is exposed something will be done about it.  Too bad but power is in the hands of the few and used by them . I am of the opinion that some will be offended by these remarks but this is not necessarily true but is my opinion. True or not.

As for today it has been a misty damp day here in the city. It is a good day to spend in front of the fire warming my toes.   Of course that is a dream not a reality. However we did have a good day in spite of the weather.  We spent most of the day relaxing but the fire was not on LOL.   We did not go out, unusual for us.

Terrible weather in Florida , heavy winds and rains. I hope there is not too much damage from the storm. I think of my son Adam in Louisiana but that is a long way from Florida , thank goodness.

I talked to Jim this afternoon, he is just back from his road trip and had a great time. His is the life!!

I have a pile of books to read. I have not managed to get much reading done lately. If I go to bed to read I just fall asleep almost right away and that is when I do most of my reading. I hope to get going on my books soon. I am not good at reading when the TV is on and it is always on.  However I am fortunate that I have my laptop and can write and investigate.

That seems to be all for tonight folks. Have a lovely evening.

Thursday, October 6, 2016


Dr. Browning at noon. Discovered I have another infection. I keep getting them. Ray says it is because I have a bag . Pain ,pain,pain. And a nuisance. But more pills to take twice a day.

Not painful though just a pain. 

After Dr. we headed out for a bite of lunch at McDonald's for chicken McNuggets. We shared one serving of them. Barbecue sauce. Good .
Then we came home and I had a short nap. Up now and getting ready for dinner which will be something from the freezer. I don't seem to cook much any more. Oh well, that is the way of old age. But I want to cook something for tomorrow. I need to think on it.

It is quite chilly , damp and chilly. Winter is fast approaching and we need to put on the heat pretty soon. Maybe tonight I'll put it on as it will get quite cold I think.

No sewing happening here for some reason, that being I don't feel like sewing. I hope to get going sooner rather than later.  
but first  I need to warm up my hands.

Tonight is watching TV and computering, maybe some reading. Busy night.

Done for today. Have a great evening folks.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Life is good but I am tired and want to go to bed. However it is just 7:30 and far too early. If I went now I would be up in a couple of hours and not able to sleep after that. Oh well time flies and I plan to go to bed around ten o'clock. I wonder if I'll last that long. The way I feel now I won't last until 8 o'clock. 

Ray stays up a lot later than me but then I think he sleeps in the afternoon in his chair. I can't sleep in my chair, need to go to bed to sleep. 
I hope to do that soon. I am so tired that I may actually go to bed early and red a bit. Reading always makes me sleepy too. I'll fall asleep for sure.

I wonder why I get this sleepy when I have a good sleep at night. I think sometimes it is just old age. 

I have knitted two more cloths and working on the third one. My pile is growing. Good.
I want to send some to Lynn in Quebec. When I get enough done that is what I'll do.

And that is all for tonight folks. Have a lovely evening.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


When was my last blog I wonder.  I  think it was a few days ago.  I had intended to go to bed but then thought I had better write.

Today is Tuesday and that means sewing and coffee with Pat. Pat picked me up at 8:50 and we went to Oakridge for coffee and then on to sewing. Lots of ladies showed up this morning. It is Fall now and all are back from holidays so the church fills up.  It is nice when there are many there . I love to listen to all the talk and to see what everyone is working on. As for myself I still have not come up with a project yet but have been thinking of making a quilt for one of the greats. They should keep me busy for some time to come as there are nine of them . Now to think of a pattern to piece.

After we came home Ray and I just stayed home. Usually we go out for a while but not today. I knit on my wash cloths and we watched TV. We are still watching TV, NCIS one of our favourite shows.
Ray is not feeling well today and his knee is hurting him. I hope the day of rest will  invigorate him tomorrow.  However I was happy to spend the afternoon at home.

We did not make dinner tonight just picked something from the fridge. I had a dinner from the freezer and Ray had one of his famous sandwiches. I should have asked him to make me one too.

There it is folks. Not really anything of consequence.

Have a great evening folks.

Monday, October 3, 2016


Do you ever feel guilty when you have not done anything wrong. Those amorphous feelings of unwarranted guilt come from nowhere that I can figure out. So today I have had this lingering feeling of guilt and I haven't even been out of the house . I have no idea where this comes from but it is definitely uncomfortable. Hopefully it will be gone tomorrow and my conscience will be free of these feelings. Crazy isn't it?

However today was still a good day despite the fact that we never left home for even a minute.  Nothing of consequence occurred either.  Usually guilt for me derives from money.  So foolish but  still it is there. The cause is from nowhere and the feeling is strong. 

We watched TV most of the day and in the afternoon we both sat in our chairs and watched the tube. I do things on my laptop but essentially I wasted my day. Maybe that is where the guilt comes from. So I suffered today. Needlessly.

But Marg , my sister, came over for a visit and brightened up the day. We had a good chat. She goes to church and has stories to tell .

Other than her visit nothing happened. So I will have to make something up LOL....

The phone rang quite a few times but many of the calls were wrong numbers. Richard called, he is very good about calling me and I really appreciate it. I look forward to hearing from him every day. 

Tomorrow should be a busier day.  I do know we will go out for a while. For sure I will go to sewing and coffee with Pat first. I am looking forward to that. When I get home Ray and I will go out for a while, we usually do.

And that is my day. Have a great evening folks.

Sunday, October 2, 2016


I just forgot about the blog for a while there.  But for some reason it came to me while I was doing something else. Memory is such a funny thing isn't it.

Today is Saturday and it is the day we do our grocery shopping. So this morning we were up and out fairly early , well about 10:30. Early for us.  We went to SAVE ON Foods where we shop for groceries. Then it was off to Safeway where we pick up our prescriptions at their pharmacy.  Whoops that was all yesterday, Ray says today is Sunday. It is easy to lose track of the days when every day is a retired day. Today we went to The Crossings for a loaf of bread at the bakery and we did not even stop for a coffee. That's unusual. I like to have  coffee when I am out.

When we came home we relaxed, I had a short afternoon nap. We watched TV and I played on my laptop. I called Rick yesterday but he had a house full of guests and sounded very happy. He is a real social animal and I am so glad when he is surrounded by friends. I think he said he had a house full of women. Good for you Richard. 
Ray did some laundry but that was it for us.

I note that the movie The Girl On The Train is being heavily advertised on TV.  I want to see it and also want to buy the book so maybe that will be my next purchase. Tomorrow!!

I really need to get back to my sewing soon. It has been a while and now I am missing it.  I need to think of something to make. I know , our granddaughter Nancy wants a quilt for her newest baby girl . So that will be what I do. Which pattern is the next thing I need to think of. Any ideas?  

That is all for tonight folks. Have a great evening.

Saturday, October 1, 2016


Time to blog on.  

No supper tonight just bread and peanut butter.  My mother would be ashamed of me. She could not tolerate the smell of peanut butter, but I have always loved it . Different tastes for different people.

We shopped today for groceries and that was it. Now we are watching the B.C. Lions football game.
Rick is watching it too, he is a big fan of football. I know he is watching because I called him on the phone and he told me.

Last night I went to my teacher pot luck group. It was over on the north shore at Judith's. Diane came by and picked me up. She is very kind. We had a great time with with all the retired teachers except for two I think.  Long time friends , we all taught together at some point and have been meeting for pot luck for a very long time. I love old friends. Judith has adopted two little kittens both from the same family , both ginger cats. I like gingers, they are so pretty.
We had good company and great food. Pot lucks are a lot of fun.

Today was our regular grocery shopping day so we shopped for groceries at Save On Foods.  Then we had to rest LOL so we did just that.

Tonight I have a headache for some reason. I don't get many of those but once in a while they come.  I do not like the pain.
On that note I will close this issue of my blog and wish you all a great evening.

Sunday, September 25, 2016


My right eye is not good, too many surgeries ,  so I rely on my left eye. Tonight it is very painful for some unknown reason. So I hope i get through this blog without too many mistakes. I can see the page but it is not good. SO forgive me any errors I make.

I am not going back to try and fix anything. Why is my eye so sore, I have n idea. Hopefully tomorrow it will be better after a good night sleep.

It hasbeen a quiet day again. We went to Safeway for groceries and to the Crossings for coffee. We bought some bread as well as other things. 

This pagee is just one big blur so I will not be here very long. 

That is all folks. Hope you can read this. Good evening.

Saturday, September 24, 2016


A big day in Victoria with Prince William and his wife Kate whi took a walk along and greeted folks. We watched the visit on TV. It was lovely to see them interact with people. They are just a lovely couple. I wish I was able to see them. i wonder if they are coming over to Vancouver to the airport for the flight back to England. Well actually they have to come here for the flight back but I don't know what day that will be.

Our day was simple and quiet, we stayed home and watched TV, the royal couple. Kate is such a lovely young woman and William is a handsome young man. It would be good to actually see them. But TV will suffice if necessary.

Our granddaughter Kate came over to visit today. She is Rick's daughter and is here from Calgary to visit her mom Carla. We certainly enjoyed the time she spent with us and are grateful that she took the time to visit. She is a lovely young woman.

Other than that we did nothing at all today. Visited, watched TV and ate dinner. For dinner I had a chicken pie, Ray had a sandwich. He loves his sandwiches and makes wonderful ones.

After Kate left we did more nothing LOL. I think I did a load of laundry.

And that is all folks. 

Friday, September 23, 2016


Cold and wet today. I actually had to turn on the heat and I don't usually do that until late October. But it is very chilly today. I hope it warms up tomorrow . 

We had to go and see Dr. Browning today to see about my blood sugar. He gave me a new prescription. Other than that  all is well. And that can be corrected with medication. 

Then we had lunch at McDonald's . We each had a burger and coffee. Very tasty. After that we went to Safeway for stuff and then for my blood tests. It took a while in the clinic to get the tests done.

We had a busy day but it was good.  Tonight I plan to knit and compute.

I see Prince William, Kate and the children will be here in BC tomorrow. It would be fun to see them. But it will be unlikely. Although I did see the royals the last time they were here. They passed by the church where we were quilting. That was fun.

My eyes are hurting and have been for a few days. If they don't get better soon I will go and see the eye doctor.

That is it for tonight folks. Have a great evening.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Our visit with Richard is over and I am sad. It was a lovely visit and I really enjoyed his visit with us.  Meaghan came over today with Charlotte to visit with Rick and with us to. It was such fun. Charlotte is a great entertainer and I love having her visit. She is such an active little girl and is able to amuse herself as well as to amuse the adults in the room. It was a great visit for us and for Rick too as she is his granddaughter and our great.

Rick left us later in the afternoon to go and spend the night in a motel in Abbotsford which puts him that much closer to home when he leaves tomorrow. It cuts at least an hour off his trip if not a bit more than that. However I am missing him. I hope his trip back to Calgary is easy on him. With the extra hour cut off it should be a bit easier.  And I forgot Kate will be with him going back to Calgary so he will have company. 

We spent the rest of the day which wasn't much taking it easy. I did some knitting while I watched TV.  I finished one cloth and started on another.  Growing my pile. LOL

Tonight watching TV and knitting and that is it for today. I hope you all had a lovely day.  Good evening.

Saturday, September 17, 2016


We are alone tonight, Rick has gone to his friend Chris's home for dinner. But he is coming back tonight. His visit will soon come to an end and I will be sad to see him go back to Calgary but that is life. His home is in Calgary so home he must go. We have so enjoyed his visit. 

I miss seeing my sons but when they are far away there is not much I can do about that. I see Matthew regularly as he lives here in the Lower Mainland. He is good to us and helps Ray out at times.

Today we went grocery shopping and then to the bank for pocket money. We haven't gotten any money for a few weeks so our wallets were pretty empty. 

After the bank we came right home and stayed here. We did not rush out and spend our allowance LOL.

Rick was still here when we got home so we continued our visit. I sure like it when my sons come to visit. Adam and Richard live far away so it is great that they come to Vancouver. 

Today we did very little after shopping. We came home and watched TV. I did a bit of work in my sewing area. I cannot call  it a sewing room as I only have a sewing desk in there with my machine  on it. So far it has worked for me, I cut in the kitchen, the counter is just the right height for cutting, and I sew in the bedroom. I get things done when I am in the mood for sewing.  I told Ray today that I have to go to Fabricana for batting for Eve's quilt. I want to get it to here before she ages out of it LOL. She lives in Quebec so it has to be mailed.

That was my day folks. I hope your day was good.  Have a good evening.

Friday, September 16, 2016


We are watching NETFLIX tonight. Rick set it up for us. I don't know how we will do it when he goes home. This story is about the Shetland Isles on the north east side of Scotland. I like to listen to the accent as it is the accent I grew up with. My mom was a Scot and so the accent is familiar to me. Reminds me of mom , just a few words and phrases are the same as mom's speech patterns. I love the Scottish accent. Aye as they say!

Rick is so helpful when he comes to visit especially with the computer stuff. Oh yes and he cooks too. What a treasure he is.

We stayed in today for most of the day other than to go for blood tests in the morning and then to have a bit of lunch at A&W. When we came home Richard was up and at the computer.  Ray and I are not sure why we had to have blood tests but the doctor sent us so we went LOL> Those doctors have a lot of clout.

In the afternoon I did a bit more knitting and sewed in the ends of the wool on the cloths. That is not my favourite job as I have probably complained before.  But I did the finishing on about five cloths and now they are folded up and in the closet until required. I like to have a stash of them for people who want some. I should ask Marg if she wants a few.  Do you Marg.

And that was my day. I hope yours was productive and pleasant. Have a lovely evening. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Rick is busy in the kitchen preparing dinner for tomorrow to go in the slow cooker. He is so good at cooking. It is great having him here not only for dinner but for his company as well.  We had roast chicken for dinner tonight, courtesy of Safeway. Rick does not take after me, I am no good in the kitchen

Today Ray and I went to the ostomy clinic and all was well . We go back September 21st. They keep track of my ostomy for me.  They are very good there at the clinic.  It makes me feel secure to have the experts check up on me regularly.

Rick stayed in today and he is cooking right now or preparing I should say. It is so great having him here.

I am one who likes to get out every day and get around. You could say I am not a homebody all the time. Or even some of the time LOL.

Short blog folks. Not that much to say.  Have a lovely evening wherever you are. it is beautiful here.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Rick just came in from Calgary so we will be visiting with him and thus no blog tonight. Have a good evening.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

short time

Not a lot of time to write this blog tonight. I am not really interested in writing anyway. Some nights I am gung ho to write and others  I have to force myself to write. Tonight  I force. 

It was a very quiet day here but we did go to TIM'S for a coffee and a bagel with cream cheese. That was our excitement for the day. When we got home I spent time on my laptop and then got a bit of sewing done. I finally finished the top of my quilt. Now all I have to do is get it quilted.  

A whole day and very little accomplished. Oh well that is life in the slow lane LOL.
I did some more knitting on my cloth, it is almost finished. Then to begin another one to add to my collection. I have some left over bits of yarn from other cloths I have made. It takes about three quarters of a ball of yarn to make one cloth so there is always some left but not enough left for another whole cloth. Then I need to piece.

Marg came over with a book for me and I had one for her so we made the exchange and visited for a while. It was nice to visit with her.  We always exchange books. That is good for both of us. Saves us money$$$$. It's a good thing we like the same books.
Nancy has asked me for this quilt for her new baby Eve. NAncy is Ray's granddaughter and Eve is his great GD.

I am good, got things to do, books to read , yarn to knit, patchwork to quilt  and typing to do. Great eh!

And that is all tonight, have a lovely evening.

Monday, September 12, 2016

blog tonight

Tonight I blog, even though it is nearly 9 o'clock. 
Jean just to let you know I finished the quilt top today.

It is Monday , we went to Costco for supplies. While there we had one of their great hot dogs and then we even had hot dogs for dinner. Talk about over doing it. We came home with our our purchases and did not go out again. I did some sewing , finished adding borders to my heart quilt so now it is ready to be sandwiched and quilted. Do I do it or do I get Lauren to do it on her long arm. I am vacilating back and forth. I may just do some simple line quilting. But first I need to get the batting and backing. I may use fabric that I have for the backing though I would probably need to piece it as I don't have enough for one big piece of backing.
Once I saw a backing where the quilter just used her full fat quarters , that makes sense to me rather than buying more fabric. I'll see what I can roust up for that project.  

Then I did a bit of knitting tonight and will do more when this blog is finished. I feel good when I get things done and have accomplished a few things. So today has been a good day for me.

Tonight after I finished my top I am writing the blog and resting in my chair. I think I deserve it. Oh well deserve it or not
I am going to rest. LOL

I found a new top in my closet today  . Nice one too. So I wore it today. I have a  habit of buying tops and then losing them in my closet only to find them much later. But that's all right I think I have a new top LOL.

And here comes Ray with some toast for me so I'll say good night all.

Sunday, September 11, 2016


not much to say tonight......

so I'll just say good night , sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite. 
That's it folks.

Saturday, September 10, 2016


I forgot about my blog and here it is 8:10 but that isn't too late I figure. So here goes.
Today is Saturday, we shopped for groceries and then we went to the casino. 
Ray came out with money , but I did not. This was my day to lose but we had a good time, gambled and had lunch. Lunch consists of mushroom soup which was very good and then a buffet. It was a late lunch so Ray said it was dinner LOL.  I am not sure what I had from the buffet but it was great . Some memory....

We came home and watched TV. Still watching. I wish I had more energy. Is it a function of old age, I am 84 now or is it some other reason to be tired all the time. Ray thinks it is my blood sugar which is on the high side. Oh well. I get lots of sleep.

I want to get at my quilt for Eve. We always go out every day and when we get home I am too tired to work. I must talk to Ray about staying home one day so I can work on the quilt. Poor Eve will be going to school before I get it done. It is a nice little heart quilt. I love doing hearts. 

However  I have to get busy and stop being so lazy. I am not getting any younger and want to get it done before I age out too far.

Tomorrow I WILL work on the quilt. 

Tonight I will just write.

Have a great evening folks.

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Sometimes life can be awkward. Sometimes I don't know what to do. What am I talking about , actually nothing today but just sometimes we are not all put together. Actually right now things are fine but I feel awkward for some reason. 
Maybe that feeling will go away soon, it makes me nervous and jittery.. It is usually about money that makes me nervous. Why?I have no idea, oh well maybe it will go away if I wait long enough and hide my head in the sand.

Today we pretty well stayed close to home . We  had a doctor appointment to check my blood sugar. He said he will make an appointment with a specialist. 
I hope we can get it down 
I don't like the idea of going on the needle but Ray says it is not bad, how he knows is a surprise to me.LOL.

Today was just another pleasant day with the sun shining and the temperature very pleasant.
I did a bit of knitting and some computering. We watched TV and now in the evening still watching TV. It is Behind Bars Rookie Years.I am not particularly fond of prison shows but Ray likes them. So we often watch them. I think he should watch what he likes since I have other things I can do like the computer, or reading of sewing or knitting. Usually I do two things at once, TV and knitting for example.

That is my day folks, I hope yours went well.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016


I don't feel like writing tonight folks. Have a great evening.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

once more with feeling

Knit and stitch is what I did this afternoon  after heading out with Ray to the Crossings to buy a ball of yarn to finish a cloth I am working on.
In the morning I went to my Tuesday sewing group with Pat. First Pat and I stopped for coffee at Oakridge. Then we went off to the church to our sewing group. It was a great morning with all the ladies and all the sewing. It is always fun to see what others are working on.

Then it was my time with Ray and it is still is. We are enjoying our evening watching TV. As we ate chili at Tim's earlier in the day we did not need supper. I had thought of making chili earlier but no it was not necessary until another day. So tonight we just had toast with devilled egg on it. Very good. I had made the devilled egg yesterday for my sandwich this morning that I took to sewing,

At sewing I worked on another cloth, gotta keep up piling them up. Who knows who will want some LOL.

I had a short talk with Rick today . I like to check in with him or he checks in with me. I worry so much about him but he always sounds cheerful. How he keeps up is amazing to me.

Short blog tonight , hope your evening is most pleasant folks.

Saturday, September 3, 2016


Nothing to write about today. Sorry folks. Have a great evening.

Friday, September 2, 2016

A weekend

Today is Friday the start of the weekend , but what does it matter, it is always the weekend for us. That is very nice.

We had another quiet day for the most part. Marg and I went to the golf course restaurant where the food is good. Marg's birthday is on the 4th of September which is why we went for lunch. I had a chicken salad but it was a very large order so I took some home for  supper and even then I could not finish it. But it was very tasty.

Then Ray and I spent the rest of the afternoon quietly at home. We both watched TV and I did some knitting as well. And now this evening we are doing the same thing. 

We are watching a period of WW2 where the prisoners of the Japanese were savagely treated. I remember that during the war we were all totally afraid . We lived here on the west coast of Canada and there were enemy planes flying off our coast. But they did not bomb us as we were expecting them to do. It is strange that the experience never leaves us even though we did not get bombed. I wonder why. 
I now have a lovely Japanese Daughter in law who is precious to 
me. Life takes some very strange twists and turns doesn't it.

And that is my day. Have a lovely evening folks.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

great day folks

The weather remains fabulous. 

Our day was pretty quiet. We went to the doctor for a visit and a prescription for an infection I seem to have developed. Also I needed some metformin for my sugar. So we went to the pharmacy after the doctor visit. 

We came home after that and watched TV. Still watching, this time NCIS New Orleans. Good show. I love to read books but still enjoy a good TV show.

Adam and I talked today , It was good to hear him, always a pleasure. I think I am fortunate in my sons, they are all so special in their own way. Adam is my eldest and first born. Rick is second born, Peter is third, Jim is fourth and Matthew is fifth. Wouldn't you say I was most fortunate?

We drove by TOPS on the way home from the doctor and it was all boarded up. That is so sad for me. I ate many a great meal at their table. And that was since the mid 1970s. We used to go there from school when we worked late or on a Friday at noon for lunch. So i actually have been going there to eat since it opened .

That was it for my day. I hope your day went well.