a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, January 31, 2015


Another day at the grocery store and then off to the casino. We lost money in both places LOL but still had a good time.
We bought some cut flowers for the living room as they are so 
We bought some lovely cut flowers today. They are so pretty and brighten up a winter's day. It has been foggy here in the mornings recently but it brightens up in the afternoon, no rain though or snow.

I think I am getting or have a cold, something that I rarely get but my eyes are watering, the nose is runningr, I am coughing and sneezing. What would you say I have, yep a cold. Hopefully though it doesn't last too long. Most colds do not stay long with me so I hope this one is like that. 

We are watching the bombing of Pearl Harbour . I remember that day in 1941 When that bombing took place, I was just a kid and could not understand just what that meant . But my  mom said it meant the US entry into WW2. We hoped that the Americans would be able to help end the war since we had many relatives in Britain who came under fire from the Germans. And it certainly did help. My mom told me about the Scots taking to the hills for protection from the German bombings. It didn't help apparently as the Germans bombed the hills too. It was a terrible time for everybody.

I have very little to say tonight so I hope you will forgive me.

Jim called earlier to say hello and to see how we are. He was going down town in Edmonton where he lives.  He is a very active man a are all my sons. they like to sing Karaoke , all of them are good singers. It is interesting as I was a good singer too and in several choirs. Their dad had a good voice too.

I spoke briefly to Richard but he was at a friend's and they were all having a great time. That makes me very happy to hear him enjoying himself. 

These are cute dogs. My friend Helen made a quilt with these dogs, This is a simple pattern, make a rectangle add two triangles to the top for ears, a tongue, nose and the eyes. I like the use of the plaid fabrics for the dogs. Arrange the border pieces and there you have it. What a cute quilt for a little boy.

Now these are crooked dogs, but appealing.

Time is up folks.
Have a wonderful evening.
                       Good night.


Thursday, January 29, 2015


I don't feel like writing my blog tonight for some reason. I am tired and lazy. So forgive me .

It is really tiring to write every night. Maybe I'll start to write every second night. At least that is what I feel like now.
So good night friends.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Download now as a pdf pattern

Comet is the name of this block.  Pinwheel in the middle and triangles around. Have fun with it. And here I thought Comet was a bathtub cleaner LOL.

I did something sewing related today, cleaned off my sewing machine table, made some order out of my fabrics on it and put the scissors all together. I found some blocks that belong to the Guild. Next month when I go to Guild with Kathie I'll take them. Maybe I should fix them up, sew the blocks together to make the block.
I also did some laundry and washed up some things in the kitchen while Ray was out at the dentist. He had a tooth ache in his wisdom tooth. He still has them, unbelievable isn't it. The dentist just gave him some pills to take care of the pain. He says it has helped to reduce the pain but not eliminated it. Poor Ray.

Our great granddaughter Rose  making pizza. I have never made a pizza, maybe I should. I am sure there are recipes on line. Or I could ask Rose. LOL.

This is sweet. I need to figure out how to transfer it to cloth so I can embroider it. 

Bright colours on this lovely quilt. See how the ends of the quilt are large rectangles. I like it.

Such a great heart quilt. I found that the squares are 2.5 inches . When sewn the round out at 2 inches and that would make the block 14 inches wide. Find all your red fabrics and cut them into 2.5 strips to make your squares. Then cut off the pieces at 2.5 inches . There you have 2.5 inch squares. Just arrange them as  you see these in the quilt.

This is just so much fun, I love it.  I wonder what it tastes like.

It is time for me to go. I hope you all had a good day.

Good night ,have a great evening.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sewing day

Ah a sewing day with my friends at the church.  Pat picked me up at 9:00 this morning, we went to Oakridge for coffee. It was 9:50 when we left to go to the church for our sewing day.
It was a good day for all of us. We sewed, no machines, just hand sewing. Then we ate our lunch. Ray made me a bun with salami, cheese and lettuce, there was an apple in my lunch bag and a peeled hard boiled egg. I ate the egg. Later in the afternoon I ate the sandwich and so far the apple is still waiting to be eaten and it is nearly dinner time. That is my food diary for the day LOL.

I did not sew much just basted a few hexagons for later sewing them together. It is often just a day for basting on my part. But since mostly I sew only on Tuesday it is slow to make progress.
However I did have some lovely chats with my friends.  I always enjoy Tuesdays. Some days I get a lot of sewing done and others not so much.

When I got home I was very tired since I didn't sleep well last night. So I had a good nap when I got home. Ray was still out but I lay down anyway. I do love a good nap.  Ray came home before I woke up.

Charlotte out for dinner and having a great time in her best dress. I wonder what she had to eat.

Rose and Quinn, up front, watching a hockey game.  I don't know who the little guy in the middle is but I did ask Mary. she will let me know soon I am sure.

This is such a sweet little piece. The baby birds are adorable.

That's it folks. Have a great evening.

Good night.
Remember  this.


Monday, January 26, 2015

Warm day here

Another beautiful day in Vancouver, warm and sunny. The 
temperature  is abnormally warm,  I guess we can attribute it to Global Warming. Not necessarily a good thing though. But we are enjoying the warm winter.

We had lunch with Bob and Buzz today. It was a lovely , friendly lunch .We visited and chatted for a while and enjoyed the visit. Then we had a good walk around the mall or around a part of the mall LOL.

Ray is on the phone right now talking to Lynn, his daughter, in northern Quebec.  He is asking her if she can come to Vancouver. I doubt that she can though as she and Daniel are both working.

We are getting too old now to drive across Canada any more. Ray would love to go to Halifax. I am persuading him that flying there would work and renting hotel accomodations also.
I would like to go there too . I lived there for two years and my youngest son Matthew was born in Halifax at the Halifax Infirmary.  I do have some fond memories of that part of the world.

Here is a cute poem but is surely describes my state of being these days.  I am very overwrought this past few days and wonder what is going on with me. I hope my usual peace of mind returns soon.

No youth of course but I still get up and go even if I have to use a walker.

I love these snowmen twins. Wouldn't they be fun to have at the door?

Do you have beautiful fabrics, of course you do. Just cut them into big squares and border them, then use appropriate sashing fabric and you have a gorgeous quilt.
Right now my gorgeous bed quilt is at the cleaners. it also needs a bit of mending when I get it back. Too much of me lying on the  cover I think has weakened the silk threads. So I need to fix it.

Now I am having a problem with the Sandisc Card. When I put it in the slot nothing comes up but in the camera everything comes up. It is very annoying.And my pictures stay in the camera.

So that is my day today. 
   Have a great evening folks.
                                               Good night.


Sunday, January 25, 2015


It seems I forgot to write my blog yesterday. We went to the casino downtown yesterday. I came home with quite a bit of money and did not realize I had won that much. Good for me. More to put in my envelope where I keep such things LOL.

Today we did not do a lot except go to London Drugs. They had a sale on laundry soap and coffee. Ray bought those items but I bought nail polish and another book.   
We did not pick up anything else. 

Right now we are watching one of my favourite shows, NCIS : New Orleans.   I love going to New Orleans, have been there several times with Adam and I love it. It is a sadness in my life that I can no longer go there since my health does not permit me to go to the States any more.  If I could I would go there on several occasions. So I live vicariously through this show and any other show that takes place in New Orleans. Pathetic isn't it.

When I got up this morning I was still sleepy so I went back to bed for a while and had some good hard core sleep that kept me going through the day.

I think that I have found the fabric I want to use for the sashing on my butterflies. I want this quilt to be for Rose but it might be a while before she gets it.

I have to give myself a manicure  and I will use the new polish that I bought today. I did do the preparation for the manicure, remove the old polish, wash them  and shape up the nails. Then tomorrow I'll put on the base coat and let it dry for hours. Then the polish goes on and the manicure lasts for a couple of weeks or more. 
Lisa and Adam all ready for Mardi Gras. The picture showed up as very tiny and this enlargement kind of blurs it.

Matthew dressed for Robbie Burns day, nice !

Every time this black dog gets taken for a walk he ends up hugging his best friend. This is love.

Time to go folks.

Have a lovely evening.
Good night.

Friday, January 23, 2015

another one

Another day at the ostomy clinic and new things to do to take care of my stoma. It needs a few new steps in order to get better. SO we have to be careful.  Our visit took a while and that took care of the afternoon as we did not fell like doing anything else in the afternooon. The nurses there take good care of me, thanks ladies.

We stayed home in the morning. I like to watch TV int he morning, something new for me but I am finding the joy that people have for their favourite shows and characters. We watch Perry Mason in B/W , Quincy, and my favourite Rockford files. I like James Garner.  I watch these shows after I have red the paper in the morning. I need my News LOL.

No visits today . After all it is hard to visit when we are not home. haha. But we did get out and talk to people. I like talking to people other than Ray  though Ray and  I talk well to each other.
That is what makes my Tuesday sewing group special , the opportunity to talk to my friends. When Kathy and I go to Guild we talk too, it is good. Friends are very important in everybody's life.

Did you realize that Kelly Cuoco of Big Bang Theory makes one million dollars and episode. How hard can that be. I wonder how she manages LOL.

Patchwork  shoes are very attractive. They would make good house slippers but not I think very good in the rain.

Speaking of rain it has been pouring here for several days, heavy pounding rain the kind I love too hear thumping on the roof especially at night when I am in bed.

I call this picture just pins. It is an attractive picture. Th top doily looks like one my aunt made for mom and I like the rainbow one on the bottom. I would love to find that crochet thread.

Another truism haha. Just like little kids. Do you remember when there was no way you could be in the bathroom alone LOL.

And hearts make for a pretty quilt.

Time to go folks.   I hope you have a good evening.

Good night.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

cat in the corner

Cat in the Corner
Download now as a pdf pattern

I find this one highly amusing.  Role reversal.

We had lunch today at The White Spot. I had half a Benny and it was delicious. I love the White Spot but we don't often go there since Ray is not as fond of it as I am. I grew up with that restaurant and have always loved it. It used to be hamburgers and fries that we all loved as teenagers. Ray did not grow up here so it does not have the same cachet for him as it does for me. It has branched out as a full restaurant since then. Then we went up to our little mall for bread . We bought two scratch tickets and took care of them. No wins for Ray but $15 win for me. Lucky once again.

Two sweet little chihuahuas in one small basket. Ray had one of these dogs when he was young . I wanted one but my mom said no to dogs. We only had cats because they required less care, they were more independent than dogs.  True.  But these little guys are adorable.

Heart row quilt and a table runner.  They are both very lovely.

Another lovely , our boy Quinn all dressed up for Christmas. Isn't he adorable and beautiful.

And kissable.

And that is all for tonight folks. 
Have a great evening.

Good night.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

home once again

Another day at home for me. Ray went out to the bakery but I stayed home. I had a long nap, it was lovely.

Rick has had no elevator service in his building as the elevator  went out of order.This is not the first time but it makes it hard for him since he is confined to a wheelchair with ALS. I hope they get it fixed. His friend Dion went and got him some groceries. Thank goodness for Dion.

Yesterday I did not feel like writing and today I have nothing to write.  Crazy isn't it.

We got an HD box from our TV company Shaw but did not know how to get it fixed for out TV.  But our son Matthew came over this morning and fixed it all for us. Thank you Matthew. It was lovely to see him and great for him to do the job for us.
 So watching TV just got better for the old folks LOL.

I hope Ray is interested in watching Midsomer Murders. It would be nice on the big screen. I have been watching it on my laptop. It has been good but it would /could be better on the big TV.

Well I guess I did have a bit to write about today.LOL

I had a nice long chat with Jim. It is always good when my boys reach out and we talk. 

And Richard called too , we also had a chat. Matthew was here so we talked too. What a wonderful day!!

My favourite shape hexagon. This is so cheery and pretty.

The village squares with four houses in a square.

Such a beautiful quilt , Bear Patch blocks in a variety of colours make for a gorgeous quilt.
 You can find the block on this site.  www.quilterscache.com  There are many more blocks there as well.

Seems that this is it for tonight folks.

Have a lovely evening.  
     Good night.



Tuesday, January 20, 2015

block block block

Download now as a pdf pattern

Auntie's Puzzle 

Sorry folks I am not up for writing my blog tonight. Have a good evening.

Monday, January 19, 2015


And here it is Monday again. We had to go to the ostomy clinic to have my condition assessed and for them to suggest some treatment for the bleeding at the site of my stoma. Fortunately by the time we got to the clinic the bleeding had ceased.  But we still need to make a few changes for the next couple of weeks. I am fortunate though , no pain.

We then went down to Tim's for coffee and doughnut. They have a special on right now- dark chocolate drink and dark chocolate doughnut.  I love the dark chocolate so of course I bought the duo and truly enjoyed it. So take a hint from me and order this treat.

Ray made chicken noodle  soup for dinner and as usual it was wonderful. 
A great quilt for little cowgirls and cowboys, hat and boots.

Pretty little quilt for a baby, rainbow colours.

This quilting is just amazing isn't it?

Sweet faced little guy, I would like to have him in my home.

That's it for tonight folks. Time for Midsomer Murders LOL.

Have a great evening.
                               Good night.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rolling rock

Download now as a pdf pattern

I missed the blog last night.  Why? Because we went to a dinner and party. Ray and I are always invited to Albion's winter party. Ray worked there for 30 years and has been retired for ten years. Still we are always invited to the parties. It is fun seeing people that we know. The party  was at a major hotel the Hilton. The food was so great and there was lots of it. We can never eat from each dish but still enjoy the food we can eat. The dessert table was gorgeous so many beautiful cakes and sliced melons. There was a dance after dinner but i though there was no way to dance with my walker LOL. So we went home and I went to be right away. 
But they do have an open restaurant and I hope we go there again as the food is wonderful.

Rain today lots of it but we are like ducks , it never stops us or anyone else it seems.   We just had to go to the pharmacy in Safeway to get something straightened our for Ray. All went well.

We bought a few things for supper , buns and meat. The buns I buttered and added mustard. Then the meat , a slice of onion, lettuce and it was done. Delicious. I had two of these babies.

Babies here we go.

Will he get this kitty I doubt it.

Out I say OUT. and stay out.  Another way to leave the house. It must be for a big dog.

And a classic photo of a child eating an apple.

Sleepy time under cover.

Done folks!

Have a lovely evening folks.

Good night.