a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, March 31, 2016

This is Thursday

I think it is Thursday. What difference does it make? All days are the same for us.
As for today we went out to Metrotown for a bit of lunch. We ordered a burger from Burger King , we choose that because Buzz says they are the best burgers. They were lined up so maybe Buzz is right. We shared a burger and yes Buzz is right it is a good burger. We also had fries with salt and vinegar. I love salt and vinegar chips of any kind. Straight chips do not interest me much.

We went for a short walk but I had to get home because my legs were shaking. I have a big problem with shaky legs which is why I now use a walker when we go out. I lay down when we got home and fell asleep for a bit. 

I had hoped to have a longer walk today but no I was not able but I'll try again tomorrow.

Today is my Matthew's birthday. I wished him a happy birthday yesterday since I knew I would not see him today. I tried to call him but there was no answer so maybe they were out celebrating.
But anyway Happy Birthday my dear son.

I called Lynn, our daughter, who lives in Quebec and we called Ray's sister and my sister in law Gerry who lives in Ontario. Ray is talking to her right now.

That is all for tonight folks. Have a great evening.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Hmmm Here it is, the blog which was untitled is now titled. Ray reminded me to write this blog. It is a bit late but I was busy doing other things like watching shows of WW2. We still have a great interest in the World Wars 1and 2. I guess that is because whne we were young those wars were well imprinted  on our minds. WE had family involved in those wars. My Mom and Dad were British and still had family over there in Britain. That made it a very real topic of conversation around the dinner table in our home. My dad worked for Boeing.  He tried to sign up again, he had served 4 years in WW1, but they said he was too old. I was very happy he wasn't going to war again. 

As for our simple life here in beautiful Vancouver where the cherry trees are in bloom all over town we have such a wonderful life and are so fortunate to be living here.

Matthew came over this morning and did the vacuuming for us.It has become too hard for Ray as it did for me at one time. He is so good to us. He always stops for a visit after he is done with the vacuuming. I enjoy these visits.

Watching a show about gifted , high intelligence children. It reminds me of a teacher calling me to tell me what Adam's IQ was. Apparently it was quite high. All my boys were very intelligent. Their dad was too.  This show is so interesting and full of information about clever children.

That's it folks, have a great evening.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Jean I refer to rental as something we might do if we flew to another city rather than driving our car. 
Now for today ...It was a good one except for my wrists which are hurting like mad. The get fed up with the laptop and give me a lot of pain. So after this blog I'll give them a rest , poor things.

Ray went out for a bit but I stayed home. He went to see the doctor. The doctor said he has an Aeortic Aneurism in his stomach but it is small and not to worry about it. I do worry though as that was what happened to my dad. There is always something. I have no idea what I would do if anything happened to my dear husband. He is so good and does so much for me. I think I would surely have a very difficult time without him. But he is quite healthy at the moment.
I had a lovely day reading and laptopping. We had a very light supper , frozen dinner. Mine was Shepherds Pie. I love that meal, mom used to make it regularly. She was a good cook even though she claimed not to be. 

I did my nails today while Ray was out but painted them a dark colour. I am still not sure if I like it. One thing it will be easy to remove if I decide to get rid of it.

That was it folks. Have a lovely evening.  

Sunday, March 27, 2016

toast time

Ray is making the evening toast. We still do what our parents did many years ago. We eat toast around 9:00 . Right now it is 8:47. Sometimes I forget that it is time for toast. But it is a nice evening treat before bed. Although I don't go to bed until much later than this. We watch TV and then when I go to bed I read for quite a while. I love to read in bed. I have one book for daytime and one for evening. One must have a book for all occasions LOL. Oh and don't forget the one for the bathroom too.

Today was Sunday if you have forgotten LOL.  It was a quiet day for us. I would like to go somewhere though, somewhere out of town. Ray does not want to go though so for now we stay home. He doesn't feel like driving and does not like to be somewhere without a car. Of course there is always rentals. I'll have to work on him some more but he is not easy to convince.
Of course in most parts of the country it is still winter but here Spring has sprung, the flowers are blooming and the trees are leafing. The birds are breaking branches off the tree outside are window to build their nests. Oh how beautiful it is in the Spring.

I am thinking of making a pile of half square triangles to put around the perimeter of the heart quilt I am making for Eve. I hope she gets it before she is running around the house. I had better get moving on it.

 We went down to the Crossings and had some lunch there today. I had a bowl of soup and a roll. I like the soup there. Then of course we went to London Drugs, you probably have noticed we go there often. Sometimes we buy and sometimes we so not. Today I found two books I wanted to buy and so I did. I also bought a small bag of mixed nuts. They were very good. I bought books, Ray bought dish soap and a vinegar bottle. Who is the sober, serious one in our home. I love my books though.

That is the blog for tonight folks. I am going to watch old reruns of Columbo.

Saturday, March 26, 2016


No hi jinks today, just a lazy day. So that means nothing to say. I wonder why I have so little on my mind or is it because my mind is so little LOL. 

We went grocery shopping today. Ray shops , I read the magazine and if I find one I like then it goes in the shopping basket. But today there was not one I wanted to buy. Hopefully next week there will be something on the shelves that I like and want to buy. I truly like magazines and enjoy reading them. Some quilting magazines have great patterns in them. 

Ray is eating some bread with sandwich spread on it. He likes it but I don't care for sandwich spread, never have. My mom used to put that on sandwiches for us. I didn't care for it then either. Ray says Marg likes it, he and she must have discussed it at one time. I missed that conversation.

I am reading two books right now , something I seldom if ever do. One of them is Cold Case which I have mentioned before which I read while sitting in my favourite chair. The other is a novel that I read in bed while getting ready to sleep. It is by Iris Johansen, What Doesn't Kill You is the title.  She crafts a good story. I always enjoy her books and buy them when I am in the mood for buying. Marg and I trade books when we have read them.

That's is it for tonight, have a great evening.

Friday, March 25, 2016

nothing doing

Quiet day for the old folk as Ray would say. Not many distractions.  I have spent a lot of time on my laptop when I should have spent my time doing something productive , like sewing. But a waste of time it was today. Tomorrow will be better. We go grocery shopping tomorrow and that is productive don't you think? And then I plan on sewing when we come back.
Ray was hungry so he made himself bread and jam. Wow did that take us both back a long ways. That is what his mom and mine too used to give us when we complained about being hungry after coming home from school. Brings back memories of school days.

We did go out in the morning to the White Spot for lunch.  We both had a waffle. I really like waffles but don't have them very often. Why I have no idea other than I associate waffles with breakfast. And we don't eat breakfast out much, even though I love breakfast out. We do not get up early enough for breakfast out. I love to sleep in because I love to stay up late the night before. I think I told you that before, it all sounds familiar. 

We are talking about getting a pizza , not tonight but soon. I like pizza and so does Ray. And delivery sounds good!  We don't order in very often , hardly ever but I sure like the idea. Neither of us care much to cook these days. Ray is a spectacular cook but is no longer interested in the exercise. I am a medium kind of cook and some days I  like to get in the kitchen and muck around making dinner. Not always but sometimes.

That's it for tonight folks. Have a great evening!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

A great time

Lunch with Bob and Buzz was great today. I forget what we ate but remember our lovely conversation. Bob made me laugh a couple of times. He can be funny, so can Ray who often makes me laugh. I had some books to take to Buzz but left them on the ledge at the door so I guess we need to meet again soon. Maybe I did that on purpose so we can meet sooner . What do you think?  Perhaps they can come over here to pick them up. That would be nice.
We came home right after we split up. 
I worked some more on the quilt for Eve; still more to do though.
But it should be finished soon if not sooner LOL.  It needs one more border and then backing and batting. Oh yes quilting. Hmm still lots to do. The quilt pattern is red appliqued hearts. Bright and cheerful for a child.

I have to do my nails tonight, they are looking rough. Polish is coming off. Thank goodness it is clear so not too noticeable. I like my nails to look good. Betty compliments me on my hands, says they always look nice. Thank you Betty.

I have been reading the Cold Case book that Marg lent me. It is fascinating as I am recalling some of the cases from when I was young. There is still lots to read in this book but I am enjoying it.

I heard on TV that there have been storms in Lake Charles where Adam lives. I tried calling but there was no answer. I hope all is well and the storm did not cause them any damage. Lake Charles does not often make our news broadcasts. Actually this is the first time that I can recall.

On that note I'll bid you all good night. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

blog tonight

Sad news about Rob Ford , the former mayor of Toronto. He was in his mid 40\s , too young to leave this world. RIP Rob.

As for us , I just called Bob and Buzz to confirm our date tomorrow and we are still on. That makes me happy.
Lots of rain today and the evening forecast is more rain. I am warm and comfortably installed in my comfy chair.
We did go out today despite the rain. That could never stop B.C.ers from going out. We went to see Dr. Browning seemingly for nothing. I dare not say I forget or people will be shaking their heads:>)
Then we went for lunch at TOPS. I had beef noodle soup, excellent! And then it was a veal cutlet for me and Ray had a delicious Caesar Salad. I had some of it and can pronounce that salad very worthwhile. The veal cutlet was also delicious. We were somewhat late for lunch so we did not have dinner tonight just  bit of a snack.
I took out the little quilt I am making for our great granddaughter Eve. I made each of her two sisters a quilt so must do the same for Eve. For some reason I did not get too far with it but perhaps tomorrow after lunch I can achieve something.I will keep you posted and maybe take a picture to add to the blog.
Bloggone done folks. Hugs

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

short post

Short post tonight as I have very little to say. There should be lots to say since I went to my sewing group this morning. Pat picked me up , we went for coffee first then off to the sewing/quilting group. I do not have any projects going right now but had better think of something to do soon. I need an applique project for Tuesdays. 
After Pat and I came back from the church I had a nap. Ray and I did not go out this afternoon for some reason. I think it was because I was too tired. I have to get up early on Tuesdays , around 7:00. Not early for many people but my usual time to rise and shine is 9:00. I do like to stay up later than most though. Even if I go to bed early I read for a long time. I was always a late riser and late to go to bed.
I did a bit of knitting, still working on wash cloths. Helen was doing the same thing at our workshop this morning. Sometimes we do not have sewing to do.
And knitting is easy. You do not need a lot of things to knit, two needles and a ball of wool. Plus the pattern if you do not have it memorized. 
Patterns are easy to memorize, they are just repeats and ultimately you have it in your memory.
Good evening folks , no more to say so it is time to go.

Monday, March 21, 2016


It rained and rained and rained and rained a lot today. The rain was heavy. I like the rain when it is heavy but only if I am indoors and nice and dry. So it was a good day for me LOL.
We had to go out this afternoon to the ostomy clinic. Before our appointment at 2:00 we went to Cockney Kings for fish and chips. I love fish and chips and theirs are especially good. I remember when I was a girl how dad used to pick up fish and chips on his way home from work. Oh my it was such a special treat. I loved that meal and still do. Malt vinegar and salt on my chips make them so tasty. When dad brought home the fish and chips they were wrapped in newspaper and at Cockney Kings there is newspaper on the counter for wrapping. So you know it is a great place to eat. 

After all that Ray and I came home . We watched TV for a while and now we are watching the TV news. We always watch the NEWS. 

We had our pills put into MediPacs by the pharmacist. It is supposed to be better but frankly I prefer the way it was before. Ray and I would fill our pill boxes every Sunday morning at the table and they would be all ready for the week. This way the druggist only put some of the pills in the MEDIPACS, just the prescribed ones. But there are other pills that need to be pilled out (my own expression) . When I used to do my own pill box all the medications were taken care of. I may go back to doing them myself. However Ray likes this way of doing the pills. We'll see how it all shakes out.
Well I need to get back to reading Cold Case.
Have a great evening folks.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

late night

Not quite that late , I thought it was later than it is.  I have little to say tonight. But I will tell you about my day.
Ray and I went to Tim's for a coffee and a bite to eat. We both ordered a bagel and cream cheese. It was good. I like that combination. Tim's coffee was great as usual. I remember when Tim's was mostly coffee, that was their signature item. Now they have many items for sale. As you know we go there a lot.
Then we came back home. I read for a while, then watched TV for another while. We are watching Mrs. Brown's Boys tonight. I like this show as it is quite funny and gives me a good laugh every episode.  
I am reading a book that Marg brought over. I think I might have mentioned it already, Cold Case Vancouver. It is interesting as I recall some of the episodes from when I was young. Thanks Marg for the trip down memory lane.
So that was the day. Have a great evening everybody.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

another week

Another week has gone by, time flies so quickly don't you think?
As for today , Saturday, it was a nice day for us. We bought our weekly groceries and that was it. 
When life gives you roses take the time to smell them. That is one of my philosphical thoughts.  Good one isn't it.  Ray and I love flowers and usually have some in our home. They give life to the place and if they have a perfume so much the better. Right now we have a cyclamen and another that we cannot identify. No matter. They look lovely.
Ray and I are fortunate to have lived so long and to be healthy while living long. I am very happy and he says he is too.  I wish everyone could be as fortunate.
Tonight we are watching The Thomas Crown Affair, Rene Russo and Pierce Brosnan.  I saw this film before at the theatre with Kathy. It was just as good then too LOL.
I think it would be fun to go to the movies again, it has been a long time since we went. But first I have to look up the movies that are being shown right now.
Too bad the paper for today has been removed to the garbage bins downstairs. I'll check it out on Monday.
Have you noticed that on the TV the power people, meaning men, all wear RED ties. I have been picking up on that lately. Red is a power colour.
I must get one LOL. No tie but I have a red sweater, will that do the trick?
On that  note I will say good night folks.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Watching TV

Watching Mrs. Brown's Boys, the Christmas episode, it is always funny. This is the second time we have watched this episode and enjoyed it just as much as the first time. I can laugh so much over these shows.
Tonight she got gifted with  a parrot , hilarious!! I love parrots . We used to have a number of them when we lived in our house but they are very noisy and would not suit apartment living.But they can be great pets.
I went to see Dr. Warner this morning. He is the doctor who removed my bladder so it was a check up visit. Everything is fine. So after that visit we went to the casino for lunch. The casino was close to the Doctor's office. Of course we played and we lost.
And I have been eating all evening, Ray is asking what on earth is wrong with me. I do not know. But I think it is because we did not have dinner tonight  and I am making up for that.
We came home, Marg came over with a book for me to read. It is called Cold Case Vancouver . I just started reading it and it is going to be interesting .

So that is it  for tonight folks, have a great evening.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

A problem. Cannot find the blog that I have been writing so I will start a new one. And this is Thursday March 18. I can't believe we are this far into 2016. 

Marg came over for a visit this afternoon. She always has lots of interesting things to tell. Marg has many friends That she tells us about. I know of some of them but certainly not all and definitely will not tell any tales on this site if I really knew any tales. Marg only says nice things about her friends. And by the way I also only say nice things about my friends.
I am sitting in my chair and the sun is shining right on my laptop screen so it is very hard to see the screen. The sun leaves an image on it. If there are mistakes on this blog blame the sun.
After Marg went home Ray and I went out for a coffee and a doughnut at Tim Horton's. It was a spontaneous outing but a pleasant one. I had a doughnut but Ray did not. He has better controls than I do. We like to get out every day for a while and a walk. Although there was no walking today except down the long hallway to our apartment and back again.
I am really fascinated with the American election and particularly The Trump Game.  It appears that Mr. Trump has the Republican  nomination all sewed up. I will keep my opinions to myself but just wonder how it will all turn out. However one never knows.
Have a great evening folks.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Is it Tuesday?

What day is it today, Tuesday or Wednesday. . I believe it is Wednesday. In my mind's eye I can see my newspaper heading and it is Wednesday. Or the end of Wednesday anyway. 
We had a good day. This morning  Ray went for blood tests and I stayed home while he did that. Well really I stayed in bed, I am not an early bird. I never have been an early. The best thing about being retired is that I don't have to get up early. In my original family , mom, dad, brother and sister and me of course, they all got up early and I hated getting up too soon.  Ray does not make me get up until I am ready. Wonderful husband. I can stay up late though.Easy!!
We went up to Metrotown, walked around part of the mall, had some delicious ice cream and then came home.
Later in the day , our son Peter came for a visit on his way home from work. It was lovely seeing him. We had a great visit albeit a bit too short , but then he had to get home for dinner as his wife Judith was expecting him.I hope he stops by again for another visit.

I have an email friend who is asking for prayers for her beloved husband who is in the hospital and is very ill.Hos name is Roger Davis if anyone cares to say a few words for him. Thank you all.

You know what I have nothing more to day tonight except Good Evening folks.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

bad review

I saw the memory specialist today. I underwent a series of memory tests. She, the doctor, told me I have early Alzheimers. I probably won't last long enough for it to get too much  worse since I am already 84 years old. But still memory isn't everything and I suppose mine will last as long as I need it. In the meantime I will continue with all my things like this blog and other things I love to do. And when I can't do them any more it will be because I have forgotten how LOL. Seriously I believe that my memory will last as long as I will. 
Tonight we are watching Celtic Thunder. What an amazing group of singers and soloists. All young men singing. There are young women playing instruments.It is such a fun group of singers.

On to other things, today we spent a greater part of the morning at the hospital. Later we went out to White Spot for lunch.  I had a chicken burger and Ray had a clubhouse sandwich. After we ate we went up to our little mall for bread and a scratch ticket, after which we came home.  Adam called then Rick called and Lynn called. It was better than a nap to talk to all my children. Not all but some of them I should say. Peter is coming over tomorrow after work. Matthew will be here tomorrow morning I think. I tried to call Jim the other night but did not get him, I'll try again tomorrow.

That is it for tonight folks. Have a great evening.

Monday, March 14, 2016

mainly Monday )

Today Ray cooked some bacon for me. It was so delicious, tasty, crispy and well done, just the way I like it. It was a great way to start the day. Ray is such a wonderful cook. He doesn't do much cooking these days but once upon a time he used to make fantastic feasts. But the small meal of bacon was just to my taste.
We started our day by going out this morning as we usually do. Old as we are we get out and around every day. It is good for us to keep up. We went up to Metrotown for a coffee . After a walk around we came home and made a sandwich, a ham sandwich for our lunch.
Later in the day we had an appointment with the ostomy clinic. That was for 3:00 so it was a bit late. I have a rash around my stoma so the nurse treated it for me. I have to go back next Monday. 

We went to Safeway in the morning to have our pills put into bubble packs. I am not quite sure about that but Ray wants it done.We had to take all our pills in to the pharmacy and leave them there to be bubble packed. That has to be done every month, the bubble packing that is. We just leave our pills there and when they need to be renewed the pharmacist takes care of it.
So that is it folks. Have a lovely evening.

surprise visit

Tonight the bell rang at the front of the building. We had visitors. And it was a lovely surprise. Dave, Darlene, and their lovely 16 year old daughter Sarah had come to visit. Sarah played her violin for us, I was thrilled. She plays about 5 other instruments just like our very talented granddaughter Chelsea . I had a lovely visit with Sarah talking about her music. For me it was delightful as I taught music when I was teaching elementary school. Darlene and I had a good conversation and Dave and Ray went over old times when they worked together at Albion Fisheries. It as a great visit and they said they would come again in the near future.

Earlier in the day we went out for a while to Tim Horton's and then to our local bakery for fresh bread. We had some coffee and I had a croissant. It was the first one I have ever had.  It was an interesting eating experience. Ray did not have one. 

When we came home for Tim Horton's we just relaxed for a bit. Then Ray put the laundry in the washing machine and I took it out and put it in the dryer.

We didn't have supper tonight but I did have a tasty ham sandwich. and Ray had one too but I don't know what kind of a sandwich he had. 

Have you noticed how the stations are showing very old shows . I guess it is cheaper than making new ones. Tonight we are watching Columbo. It was one of my favourites when it was originally shown and now I can watch it again. So far I have not seen any that I saw before. But my oh my Columbo looks so young in this show.

Have a lovely evening.

Friday, March 11, 2016

lunch visit

I had to get up early this morning as I had an appointment at the clinic to donate some blood LOL.  I do not like having my blood taken. It was just a regular check up of sugar , they took two vials of blood , enough for the day I think. As it was a fasting test we went to AandW for breakfast and had a bacon and egger which we shared.
Not so much of a place for lunch, but the company was great. We met Bob and Buzz at the Mall food court for lunch. The visit was excellent as it always is when we get together. I can't remember what I ate so it is a good thing I am going to the memory doctor next week.  I wonder what she can do to help me but whatever it is I'll take it. I am not totally without memory, it is little things I forget. I don't like it at all. It makes me feel less intelligent than I am. That must be why old people seem so dithery. I haven't yet become dithery though.
After lunch we took a short walk in the mall. I looked in one of the shoe stores but did not buy because as you know I bought a new pair of shoes recently and don't need another pair right now. I like to look though to see what is in style. My new shoes are just great,comfortable and good looking! Black!
We came home and I did not have a nap but I did do some reading in my latest book. 
I was wanting something and I thought I'll ask mom. Crazy though , my mom has been gone since the 1970s. I am usually good with that but today I missed her. Funny isn't it. 
We are watching a show of the Viet Nam war . Previous to that we watched another show about Hitler and WW2. We like these reality shows and the history they depict.
That is all for tonight folks.  

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Nearly forgot

Sometimes I get so wound up in what I am doing that I forget to write my blog. Not that it is a blog of any great consequence but I think that hopefully some of my friends will miss my nightly peringrinations. Hope that is correct the spelling. Oh what the heck it is not that important.

I cannot think of anything of importance that I did today. Ray and I went out for a while to the mall. We had lunch there , Curry was the choice of lunch for us. We are thinking that several of these food place must have changed hands because the food is not as tasty as it used to be. First it was the Chinese Food and today the East Indian food. It was not awful but just different. We seem to have developed a fussy palate. Oh well that is all right, we still eat the food despite the differences. When we were finished we left and came home since I was a bit under the weather, sore legs and feet. Is that under the weather? Or some other under the weather LOL.

I had a nap when I came home. But first I read some more pages of the book I am reading, then I fell asleep for a while. When it was time to get up I had to make some dinner for Ray and me. For the life of me I can't remember what I made. It must have been pretty ordinary if I couldn't recall what it was. Oh well tomorrow I go the a new doctor to get him to check up on my memory. The funny thing is his name is Dr. Dilli that should be a dilly don't you think. I will report tomorrow night.
Watching TV at the moment Michael Douglas. I am not a true fan of Michael Douglas but Ray seems to like him. I guess he is a man's actor. The film is Las Vegas and Morgan Freeman is also starring. Him I like !!

Actually I just realized that it is not Dr. Dilli tomorrow but blood test for me. Yuck.  There That proves I need to see Dilli as I had forgotten that tomorrow is blood letting. That should make me feel good. Remember many eons ago when doctors bled their patients as a cure for everything.

Now I intend to go to bed and read for a while then to sleep. Early morning tomorrow 9:45 is my appointment.

Good night folks. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I am a bit late with my blog tonight. I have spent the evening so far watching TV . We are watching the programme Forensic Files. We watch this show a lot and other crime scenarios as well.  I like watching the real world of crime and so does Ray.

Today it was my quilting group. Those ladies are so nice and I love going to the group. Pat and I go to Metrotown and have coffee and chat before moving on to the church.
We share our lunch sometimes. Joanne gave me a half of her sandwich and I gave her a baggy of Smarties. She was happy and so was I. I have very little to applique these days and did practically nothing.Some times I do applique on the work of other ladies if they want my help. If I do say so my applique is pretty good and nothing to be ashamed of, so many quilters are happy to have me work on their applique. 
I have some work to do on a child's quilt for a new great granddaughter in Quebec. Our granddaughter Nancy asked me to make one for Eve as I had made a quilt for the other two little ones. This one will be hearts. I cannot remember what the other two were like so I'll ask Lynn to tell me. Maybe she can send a picture.

After I came home Ray and I went out for a while. We had coffee and a shared doughnut, half each. That is plenty for us.

We went to London Drugs to buy two cases of bottled water and as Ray says crap LOL. The crap consisted of a bag of mixed nuts.

When we got home I had a nap as I was up early at 7:00. That is early for me , I usually get up closer to 9:00. I have b=never liked early rising so when my working life was over the best thing for me was being able to sleep until 9:00. At that time I am able to rise and shine .

But now I am going to go to bed, I have a headache. 
Have a good evening folks.

Monday, March 7, 2016

what day is it

What day is it I asked myself several times today. Now I have to ask Ray as he always knows. Somehow he knows that today is Monday. I should know as Ray tells me I am sewing tomorrow and that is always a Tuesday. I am truly looking forward to tomorrow. Pat is picking me up. Today I did a bit of sewing work but had to put it away without accomplishing anything. I hope I will do better Tuesday. I'll let you know. Maybe I should go back to knitting. One thing about knitting there is a lot less material to cart around. Two knitting needles and pattern or four if I am knitting socks and a ball of yarn . But sewing requires a lot more, fabric, sewing kit, pattern, it just takes up more space in my bag. 
But still I plan to do some applique, more hearts as I want to make a bigger quilt for our great granddaughter in Quebec. I have some of it done already so it won't take as long to finish. 
It has been a bit chilly here in Vancouver, not cold like it is in other parts of the country but a bit colder than I like. Spoiled Vancouverites aren't we?  This is the best part of the country to live in I believe. Although I was born in Manitoba so should have some feeling for that province. However we came here to B.C. when I was six. My mom loved it here and so do I.  My dad was very happy here too. We never wanted to move although I spent two years in Halifax in 1960 or therebouts.

Today it rained quite a bit, I like that a regular readers will know. We went to the mall to see if we could find the candies I like but no luck. I like a couple of them when I go to bed. Actually I only eat one candy at night now. It is better for me and I can indulge a bit.

That is all folks. Have a great evening. 
                    Good night.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

do you get this blog?

Ah Sunday and today is the Iditerod up in Alaska. The dogs have pretty coloured booties on , that amused me greatly but it certainly seems to be practical. It keeps the feet warm.

We have had a couple of cold days here. Not really cold it you live in the East but certainly chilly for us 
weaklings. We don't remember to dress according to the weather. It is warm in the apartment so we think it it is warm outside. I have been caught on that several times. Silly of me!

We did go out for a bit to Safeway for a prescription and some OTC items. Then we sat there at the small cafe in Safeway for a coffee and a bit of cake. I love cake, maybe that is why I am on the  chubby side I don't eat it a lot and never make it, so that is a bit of self control.

I did not sew today Jean but I have been knitting my wash cloths since I gave  Adam a few as he and Lisa use them for the dishes. I need to up my stash, so I knit. I have been thinking about doing a bit of crochet. I found a pattern on the net for a baby blanket, but probably have lost it by now. I was not sure how to save it.

I have lost my mail for some reason and cannot get in touch with some of my internet friends. I am not happy about that. Must go and look for it.
That is all for tonight folks. Have a lovely evening.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Eye trouble

Hi folks, I am having real trouble with my eyes tonight. It is hard to see but this print is a lot better than what I have in other parts of my laptop. 
But because of this my blog will be short tonight. We did our grocery shopping this morning. Well as you all know Ray shops and I read the magazines. We only bought 60 dollars of grocery items so I did not get t o read much and therefore did not purchase any magazines.Maybe nest time I will have enough time to read and buy. My new watchword, Read and Buy. But tonight I cannot read too well.
So because of that I will cut this blog short and hopefully I will be more able to write tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

Friday, March 4, 2016

comments thanks for

Thank you to Jean and Buzz for commenting on yesterday's blog. It really pleases me to see comments.

I really need to get back to my quilting. Jean says she will if I will.

Today  Ray and I went out for lunch to Metrotown for Chinese food. It was okay but not nearly as good as Mr. Ho's which is the best Chinese food. We go there when we want to celebrate a bit.

After eating lunch we walked down the mall to Sears . I bought two tops, both orange which is the colour that is in vogue this spring. It is bright and cheerful and makes me happy. 

I really need to give my self a new manicure. No chips , but the colour does not keep up after  a bit of time. And it has been a bit of time. I put on an undercoat and one coat of colour. Since I do not do dishes , it is the water that ruins a manicure, my nail colour lasts quite a while. So ladies if you do not want your nail colour to chip and fade, Do Not Do Dishes LOL. Get your dear husband to do them. We have a dishwasher so neither of us needs to do dishes.
And if we have dishes to do Ray washes and I dry. Same thing, it keeps the nails in good shape. My beauty advice for today:>)

I had a short nap this afternoon after we got home from the mall and from walking a bit. Mostly though I read my latest book. It is by Nancy Bush who is a good writer. I enjoy her books. Since I am sitting in my chair with the laptop on my knees I won't go to the bedroom to check out the title.  It is enough that I remember the author don't you think?

And that is it for tonight folks. Have a good evening.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Please comment

This is my blog and I hope it goes through . Please someone let me now if you are able to read it.

We had a good day together even though Ray had to go to VGH (Vancouver General Hospital). We waited for a while to see the doctor. He is a nice young Chinese man. Ray likes him quite a bit. However he has to go to Burnaby hospital to get a MRI on his upper body. Ray has had cancer before and there are two little spots,  the doctor says it is nothing to worry about, but on general principles he wants to take an MRI of the spots. Ray does not worry or so he says but I always worry about him. I could not imagine life without him. I love him a lot and want him to be well. The hospital will phone him to come in for the tests.

After we got lost going around the city and finally ended up on 25th and Cambie where we could then find our way home. We were going to go to the White Spot but did not bother after the journey.
We came home after that and watched TV. I had a big nap. It was a good one. 
I am putting it out there that I plan to go back to my heart quilt and get it finished. For too long it has lingered on my sewing machine. I have been so lazy these days and have not sewed anything at all. I want to send it to our new great granddaughter in Quebec. I made quilts for her two little sisters and her mom wants one for her. 

That's all folks see you tomorrow. And I don't mind if you make a comment LOL.please comment

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Adam has gone. Back to Louisiana and home again. We had such a lovely visit and I hated to see him go. But that is life I guess. I wish it wasn't like that. I wonder how long it will be before I see him again. Who knows?

And it is evening, Ray just reminded me to write my blog.I had forgotten.
Actually Adam has gone to Calgary ,Alberta to visit with his brother Rick. I am happy to see that. I know they will have a good time together.
Then Adam will go due south to Louisiana .I have no idea how many days he is staying with Richard. The more the better. I like it when someone is staying with him. It sets my mind at rest. With Rick having ALS it is good , no great, when he has company. He is in a wheelchair and cannot stand up at all. My poor boy, I cry for him .
Today Ray and I went to Metrotown and had a bit of lunch. I had a hamburger, no chips, we shared a soft drink. Two straws one drink.

We walked around a bit and then came home. We had to stop off at Safeway for prescriptions and then came home. And I did nothing for the afternoon. I did have a great nap though. Tonight I am just computering, playing games such as Solitaire in its various forms.

I am interested in the American elections so have been watching Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. Trump is an interesting candidate but I am afraid of him . If I had a vote it would be for Hilary. Adam says she is a solid candidate.  But I don't have a vote so will just keep an eye on things for fun.
Good night.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday

Thank you Jean for the comment. I will say hello to Adam. We are watching Super Tuesday. Interesting. All three of us are political junkies. So back to the TV folks. Have a great evening.

Well I am back and ready to write for a bit about my day.
We had a busy day that ended with us meeting Sam at the Keg for dinner. It was a lovely time . the food was great. I had a 10 oz. the smallest size of Prime Rib on the menu. It came with a baked potato with all the trimmings. Delicious!!! Then we ordered a slice of ice cream which we all dived in to eat. Another delicious!!
We sat and chatted for a while , Sam Adam Ray and me were all chatting. We had not seen Sam since December so it was good, really good to see him again. He said we would get together for my birthday next month. I look forward to that.  Adam graciously picked up the bill for all our meals. He is a wonderful guy and I have been fortunate that he is my son. 
Tomorrow he is leaving to go to Calgary to visit with his brother Richard.
I seem to forget things a lot lately. That worries me, I hope it is just normal old age and not anything more serious. 
Ray and I went to the doctor today to get some prescriptions renewed. We had taken them in to the pharmacy which is what we usually do and they call it in to the doctor. But this time the doctor called us in to the office. He did not explain why just renewed them. This time they filled them.
This morning Adam went for his long walk and had his breakfast at IHOP, then walked home. I never go to IHOP for breakfast but would love to go there. We usually go there at lunchtime for lunch but not breakfast.
I found another beautiful top in my closet. It was one I did not know I had, another lovely surprise. This happens to me a lot. I go to my closet and find a piece of clothing , a brand new piece, that I did not know was there. No memory of buying it, just magic.

So my day was great, new top, dinner out. seeing Sam again.Great day.
And a nice evening too. All in all a successful day. So off now for the night.I am going to bed soon to read my book. Good night.