a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, June 30, 2016


Ray is so funny. It is very quiet here. Ray just said I think I'll adopt some kids to play outside and make noise. He loves to hear the kids laughing and playing. It doesn't happen very often, I wonder where the (kids) went, no joyful noises out on the street.It is a beautiful evening. When I was a kid the street would be full of youngsters playing and making noise. That is until the street lights came on. Then it was time to go in and  get ready for bed. We played tag and we skipped rope, played hopscotch on our game written in chalk on the sidewalk. Simple times then. No TV.

Today we went out to the Crossings, had coffee and a salad at Tim's, then to London Drugs where we bought laundry soap. I looked through the magazines but did not buy any today. Then we went to the bakery where we bought a lovely loaf of bread. We had a slice tonight with butter and peanut butter on it. It is our favourite snack , so tasty.

We came up to our little mall in the neighbourhood and bought a scratch ticket. I won three dollars which is what I paid for the ticket so no win there LOL.

Then we came home and I did not have a nap today :>)  . So we watched a few shows before we ate. No cooking when you have bread and peanut butter  haha. My mother hated peanut butter, she said the smell of it made her sick so we only got it on special occasions. We kids loved it and I still do.  I had two siblings my sister Marg whom you know through this blog and a brother Peter who passed away in his mid forties. That was about 40 years ago. He passed on far too early from blocked arteries for which there was no treatment at that time. When I had the same thing they were able to fix me with an arterial ablation or I would have joined Peter early.  Progress is good.

That is all for tonight folks. Have a lovely evening. It is gorgeous here, a beautiful evening.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I tend to forget to write this blog lately. I don't know why but there it is. At least I do remember if only a bit late.

The evening is a bit warm tonight and we have the air conditioner on. One thing I do not like about the air conditioner is that it makes too much noise and interferes with hearing the TV. 
tonight it is particularly odious and loud. We are watching NCIS New Orleans. I like this show because as I have said before I have been to New Orleans. I enjoy this city and love to have coffee and beignets at Cafe Du Monde  in Jackson Square. There is  nice shopping there too. I bought a nice hanging there at a lovely lace shop. Everything in it was lace. The square has really neat shops and it is great to walk around the square, go in and out of the shops and sit for coffee. There is a great statue of Andrew Jackson on horseback. I tried to get the picture to put up here but no luck.Anyway if you want to see him just post Andrew Jackson and it  will offer up the picture of him astride his horse.Great picture. Even better in reality but if that is not possible the picture will do.

Did I mention that I attended a retirement party at my old school yesterday. It was a lot of fun visiting with all the teachers that I worked with for so many years. I do like getting together with old friends and to see what they have been doing over the course of the intervening years. 

Today we went to the Ostomy Clinic to pick up some new supplies for me and then as we usually do when we go to the clinic we then head up the road for Fish and Chips at Cockney Kings. Great fish and chips there. We came home after that and I had a little nap.
So that was the day, real quiet.
And tonight we are just watching TV and being quiet.


I have nothing to say tonight and it is hot. I suffer when it is hot.
So good evening folks.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

another day

We had a fry up for dinner. I fried up tomatoes, onions, celery, mushrooms and then boiled some tiny potatoes. Ray fried up some cabbage and that was our dinner. It was really good for both of us.

Earlier in the day we went out to the mall and met Bob and Buzz for lunch. We had a really good visit. After we broke up Ray and I walked a bit around the mall. And that was the adventure for the day. We came home,I had a rest, a nap really. It was good.

The day was an easy one and we took it easy too. Tonight we are watching an old black and white movie Impact. It is interesting all about murder and betrayal.We like some of these old movies, they have good stories.

Tuesday doings

Tuesday is my going to sewing day. All the ladies were there and we all sewed some, talked some and ate some. A very nice morning. 

At four o'clock Paula picked me up and we went to our old school to a party for Anna Lisa who is retiring. It was a great party with so many old friends with whom we worked  for many years. I was so happy to see them all and to talk with them too. I got home about six still feeling great about the good time I had. It is too bad we only see each other at retirements. Jill came over from the Island, it was great to see her again. And it was so kind of her to come all the way from Vancouver Island on the ferry to wish Anna Lisa well.

Tonight Ray and I are relaxing and watching TV. I think I'll go to the bedroom and read my book soon.  I love to read.
I wish I could read in the living room but the TV interferes with my concentration. And Ray does not care to read so it is the bedroom for me.

That is all for tonight. Even though I did a lot today there is not a lot to talk about.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

no title

Another perfect weather day.  Oops I have to take off my bracelet as it gets in my way when I do my computering. 

Back to the weather, as I said it was beautiful today. We have been blessed lately with fabulous weather. All the windows are open and the air is sweet.

Today Ray and I went to Tim Horton's for a coffee. We came home and later in the day we went to Swiss Chalet for dinner. I had chicken and Ray had ribs. We both enjoyed our meals . we have not gone there before but we will go again. My chicken was moist and tasty , I had a baked potato with the works as well as a chicken leg and gravy. Ray had ribs and cole slaw. He gave me a bit if his cole slaw. It was two very tasty meals. 

Other than that we did not do much. Tonight we are just watching TV as usual. I am obviously writing on my computer which is my evening activity most nights.

I called Rick today but we did not talk very long. He said he is okay. Thank the Lord his ALS seems to have stalled. I pray it stays that way for a long time. Katherine is back home from Hong Kong and that makes Rick happy, me too.

I did a little bit of knitting this evening and will do more after I finish this blog. 

Time to go folks. Have a wonderful evening.

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Today is Saturday and  our grocery shopping day. It is funny,we used to shop every Saturday when we worked and thought it would be different when we retired. However it is just the same we still shop on Saturday. Old habits die hard don't they? 

I wore one of my  new tops today, it is orange with embroidery on the neckline. I wanted to buy some new jeans too but there were none of the ones I like at Sears where I bought the ones I'm wearing. Oh well I am now  on the chase to find the jeans I want.

That was all we did. we came home and watched TV, well Ray watched TV. I computed and watched TV. Now we are watching the football game between Calgary and Vancouver. Rick is probably watching it too for Calgary. We are watching for Vancouver of course. At present the score is zero zero. 

I need to get going on my sewing. It has been a long time since I used my lovely Janome , so long that I can't remember what its name is. What a clunk I am these days. 

We have had some gorgeous evenings lately, no rain, just lovely warm sunny evenings. We should go out for walks in this weather. Maybe tomorrow we'll do that.

Whoops Calgary has one point now and we have none. We need to pick up the pace here.

Good evening folks, have a great one.

Friday, June 24, 2016

no post

I don't feel like writing tonight. I am kind of tired. We did not go out today and all I did was knit dishcloths and do computer. Nothing special went on here.Ray did even less. Since he does not knit there is little he can do except sit. Poor guy LOL.

I am more fortunate, along with knitting I have my laptop to play with and games on it if I feel like doing so. I can sew too if I feel so inclined. There is lots for me to do. We also go out most days to the mall and walk around  there, shop if we want to. For the two of us we walk, shop and go to the casino . We haven't been there for a bit. We like that activity .

But most days we just go for the walk and a coffee, maybe lunch.
Today we did little but go to the mall for lunch and to Chapters the big book store. I bought 2 books and a date book for next year. All things I like to have.

We came home, I had a nap and then read for a while. or maybe I read for a while and had a nap. I love to read and have ever since I learned to read. Actual I don't remember when I couldn't read. And I don't remember learning to read either. Reading has been one of my biggest pleasures . It can take me anywhere in the world. My favourite genre is mysteries. My sister Marg is the same, she loves to read too. So did our brother  Peter who passed away far too early in his 40s. Marg and I still miss him. He would be in his 80s now as he was 16 months younger than me. All my boys except Jim are readers too. 

That is all folks, have a great evening.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Cauliflower is one of my favourite vegetables. Ray is cooking one up now. That will be our supper. We will add butter and salt and that will be a hugely good dinner.
mmmm good.
And it was yummy.

We went to Metrotown this afternoon , walked around and then had an ice cream which we shared. It was in a bowl and had two spoons. We always share an ice cream that way. It makes us feel purer when we share LOL.

We didn't talk to anyone today, too bad. I must call some of my sons and see how they are. It is not always easy to contact them though as they are very busy people.  I will try again later. Maybe they will have landed by then . I just contacted Rick but he was making dinner for Katherine who is just home from her trip. We are all happy she is back home again.

I just called Adam and he informed me that I had called him two days ago. So that's what it all comes down to. I don't remember my own calls. LOL Any way it is very hot down there in Louisiana. He said it is 100 degrees. I would have  a hard time with that temperature  as I do not care for excessive heat. I guess though that everyone there has Air Conditioning just as we have a furnace for heat. They never need a furnace although we do need air conditioning sometimes in the summer.

I tried calling Jim in Edmonton but he was not answering. I understand he is in a musical and that keeps him busy. As well he has a property in the woods out of town where he and his friends  go to have theri parties. They can laugh and sing and make as much noise as they want out there as only the birds hear them and they don't complain.

I see Matthew every two weeks as he is very helpful to Ray and me. But I must give Peter a call . I did call my sister Margaret today to ask about a book. I thought she might want it but she said that it was hers and she had given it to me . These books pop around and I amnot sure where they come from. Marg says she puts her initials in the books she gives to her friends . I will ask her to do that for me too.

I just called Peter but no answer. So now I have called all five of my sons. It feels good. I hope the ones I missed will call me back.

Have a great evening folks.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Whoops I am late to the blog once again.  I tend to forget about blogging and do other things but then it comes to me. Yes no blog Nan.
All I have been doing is playing on my laptop.  It has been a very lazy day . We stayed in all day just sitting around. I tend to forget what we have done hours ago. My brain opts out of the whole scenario.  The cleaning lady came today. I feel almost guilty watching her clean while I sit. She is a tiny older Oriental lady. She is funny though and sits on the floor to dust the lower shelves of the TV stand. But that is who we have to do the work. She is capable enough. And we are happy with the work she does.

All I did other than laptopping was to knit a bit. I am now working on a pretty yellow striped dishcloth. My stock is getting up there.
My dear e friend whose husband has been very ill has passed on. The husband that is not my friend. My heart goes out to her.It is a very hard time for her.

I am getting a bit tired tonight and plan to retire early. After I get a bit of reading done first I'll go to bed. I always read first , it relaxes me.
Little to write about tonight so I will sign off and say good night.
Have a lovely evening folks.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

saddle up

Ah tonight it is late and I am late writing. I play Solitaire and forget about all else. 

But it comes back to me that I have not written my blog yet , so here I am back in the saddle again. We are watching A Little Chaos, a recount of the 17th century French court. A fascinating tale of wealth and privilege. I love historical tales. The truth is in there somewhere even if I have a hard time finding it.

Today was a bit cool and grey,we went to Safeway for my prescriptions.Not a very exciting or interesting day. I did not read much but watched TV. I will read more tonight when I go to bed. 
Knitting up some dishcloths for Adam as he asked for them. I think I have at least six or seven ready now. I don't know how many he wants.  So I'll just keep knitting them until he gets here.

I called Rick today. I need to keep in touch with him regularly because I worry about his health. As you know Rick has ALS and is permanently in a wheel chair as his legs are useless to him. My heart cries for him and wonder why he has been selected by the powers that be to suffer from this terrible disease. He is a cheerful man and deserves more than this. But life is random and we have no choices in what befalls us. I often think about my mom and dad and am grateful they did not live to see this. But Rick is still such a positive person and wears it well. 

We went to TOPS for dinner, an early dinner , half lunch and half dinner. I had a lovely piece of sole with crab and shrimp on top and covered in a great sauce. Couple that with green beens and a serving of soup . Their soups are always very tasty. Food was great and I got out of cooking, nice.

Is this a blog or a diary or a journal. I wonder.

That is it for tonight folks. Have a great evening.

Monday, June 20, 2016

keep on shining

More and more the sun just keeps on shining and the days are so  beautiful. Happy Days here.

And on this happy day Ray and I just relaxed . The sun shone through the open windows and the air was fresh. We went out for a short while to enjoy the sunshine as well as buying a few groceries.  I have stiff , sore fingers from arthritis. It is strange that when the weather is gorgeous I hurt the most even though I have been given to understand that the opposite is true. But when the day is grey and damp I feel no pain. A.. Backwards that's me.

However the sun does make me happy but then so does the rain . I am basically happy all the time. Richard is the same even though he has a lot to feel miserable over. Still to feel happy no matter what is one of God's blessings. It is a case of mind over matter in the truest sense. 

I read my book for a while . I like to lay down and read basically because the TV is always on for Ray and interferes with my concentration. He likes TV and I like books. And sometimes TV.
I also like to knit little washcloths. Right now I am making some for Adam who has a friend who asked for them. Once you use these cotton cloths you always want to use them . We use only them. Nothing else works as well. I knit them and stockpile them then give them to friends and family when they indicate they would like some. It is my hobby. And my pleasure. 

That is it for tonight folks.  Have a great evening. We sure will here , it is so beautiful tonight.

and the sun shines

Another great day and I hope you all had a happy Fathers Day.

Saturday, June 18, 2016


How the weather has changed. After yesterday's beautiful day today is grey and gloomy. I like these grey days, it is cool and easy to live with. I am not a lover of heat so this is fine by me.
Richard left for Calgary this morning about 10:00. He should be getting into Calgary before long. We had a great visit and I was unhappy to see him go, but time marches on and he needs to get back to his home. Living out of a suitcase is not the most comfortable way to live. I certainly enjoyed having him visit for a while and having the grandchildren and greats come over for a visit..
So it is just Ray and me here now. We are watching a show of British train journeys. When I was young my mom used to send me off to my auntie's by train under the watchful  eye of the train conductor. I was quite young then , not even six but I was well take care of by the train personnel. Times were very different then.

Ray went out today for a few groceries and I stayed home. It was a very quiet day. Nothing exciting happened.

I read for a while and now am watching the Telly as the British call it. It is almost time for the news. I ate some chips and Ray had something else so we are not hungry for supper. Maybe  later. 

I am not happy about cooking so if I can avoid it I will. But at some point there is no choice but to make a good healthy meal .Not tonight though. I'll take something out of the freezer for tomorrow. I wonder what is in there for a decent meal.

There that is all for tonight. Have a lovely evening.

Friday, June 17, 2016

gorgeous day

Beautiful day in Vancouver, yes another one. We are so fortunate to live here in Paradise. I have lived here since 1938 except for a 10 year span when I lived in Victoria and then Halifax. I love Vancouver and on fantastic days like this I recall my youth when I and friends used to go down to the ocean beaches and get a tan. Though for me it was a burn, however I loved living here even then. It is paradise on earth. Not quite the same though as in the 1950s. Times change.  Victoria was a great place to live too. Halifax had its charms but nothing can compare to the easy living west coast. I am so happy to live here.

Times change though and even on a lovely day like today we did not go to the beach. We went to Vancouver General Hospital where I  had pictures taken of my brain. I am not sure why the doctor recommended this XRay but I am sure he will tell me the next time I see him. I'll make an appointment on Monday. After the visit to VGH we stopped off at Dairy Queen for an ice cream sundae, strawberry for me and caramel for Ray. We came home after that and I read my book for a while. Now we are watching the NEWS. We like to keep up on the doings of the day.

I miss the great grandchildren after they go home. They are so precious. And Richard is off today to a dear friend's for dinner and a visit. So I miss having him around too but it won't be long before he goes home to Calgary. I wish he lived here in Vancouver.
So next week it will be just Ray and me.

That is all folks, have a great evening.

Thursday, June 16, 2016


It was a lovely visit today with Mary and Meg as well as the great grandchildren. There were four of them, Charlotte, Rose, Quinn and Orson. Meg's two are Charlotte and Orson and Mary's two are Rose and Quinn. It was a delightful visit and I was most grateful for them taking the time to visit. Even so it was for Richard that they visited as he is their dad and here from Alberta.
Now they are all gone home Meg to Abbotsford and Mary to Victoria. Rick took Mary and her two little ones to the ferry. Albert, Mary's husband,  will pick them up on the other side.
Ray and I certainly enjoyed the visits .
The children were such a treat. Charlotte and Rose are very interactive at this age . The little boys Quinn and Orson are still very young and attached to their mothers. But they still are fun to be with.

Tonight it is just the two of us, Rick is meeting some friends for dinner and won't be back until later in the evening. So we are watching the news right now. All is quiet a big difference from this afternoon. So all is quiet on the Western Front as my dad used to say, an expression from WW1.

And I got so wrapped up in the visit that I forgot to take pictures though I had intended to do so. Sometimes I should bang my head on the wall to remind myself what I want to do.

That is it for tonight folks. Have a great evening.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


A good visit with Richard today. I am happy.  Tomorrow is another visit from Mary and the greats. I am hoping Meg and her two will come as well. Family is wonderful.  
We ordered pizza for dinner. That was easy. Tomorrow we either go to the Keg or we cook. An easy choice from my perspective.

I am having trouble remembering what I did this morning and afternoon. How do things slip away so easily. Let me think on that.
Ray says we did not go out today so it is no wonder i can't remember going out LOL. 

We visited with Richard most of the day and then in the evening we relaxed. Rick and I worked on out laptops and Ray watched TV.

We are on NETFLIX tonight watching episodes of Longmire. We like this show. It is so good to have Netflix and the opportunity to watch a variety of shows we cannot get on regular cable.

I sewed a seam today LOL. It was on the heart top I am making for Eve.This is so terrible, I can't seem to get down to business. I wonder what the problem is with this kind of ennui.

Short blog. Have a nice evening.

Monday, June 13, 2016

did we go out

Yes we did for a short while. We went to Safeway and then to the Crossings. At the Crossing we had coffee at Tim Horton's .  That was all we did today. I still have not managed to get to my sewing machine. Tomorrow? You know when every day is a day off then every day is a Saturday too. So today , this particular Saturday LOL  we did little to nothing other than to shop at Safeway and have coffee. My laptop calls to me all the time and I spend way too much time on it to the exclusion of other things. I absolutely need to leave it alone for a while.  Do you readers have this problem too?

I have a friend in Arizona. He is the husband of my dear deceased friend Gail. So we talk. I am happy that he has remained my friend. He always asks after Ray and Ray tells me to tell him he is okay. It is good that we have not lost touch. Wow I had to make several corrections to this paragraph. Definitely I am not a typist LOL.
It is a good thing I am a decent speller.

I am excited Richard is coming in later tonight. I am anxious to see him but I had better get busy and prepare the room for him so that he can lie down and sleep. He will be tired after that long trip. I hope he took two days but knowing him I am sure he pressed on for the whole day. But I think  Ricky is with him and he can help with the drive. He drops off in Abbotsford I think. Then it is still an hour from there to here.

So that is it for tonight unless I come up with something later on tonight. So check back to see.

Sunday, June 12, 2016


It was an easy dinner but one we like to have occasionally. Simple macaroni with tomatoes and smokies. Boil the water, add macaroni, drain the water and add a can of tomatoes. Boil the smokies on the side. Mustard is optional. Easy right? 

As for today we did not even go out . I just read my e mail, wrote a couple of letters, watched some TV , did a couple of loads of laundry and read a bit of my book.

That is all I did today. Tomorrow will be busier. A day of rest is a good day for us oldies. Ray also just rested today. 

We need  to get out tomorrow and stretch our legs a bit.  
I see Father's Day is coming up next weekend. I think Richard will be here And hope he will keep Thursday or Friday evening clear. Hopefully it will be Thursday. I want to take him and Ray out to the Keg for dinner for Father's Day..

I talked to Adam this afternoon. It was a pleasant chat. The weather there in Louisiana is warm , here it is a bit cooler which is how I like it. I would find it very difficult to live that far south.

I love potato chips and a bag lasts me over a week. But this week I did not buy any  chips so I suffer LOL.  Once in a while I forget to buy any and I won't go out for any. So there you have it, no chips until next week.
We grocery shop once a week so if we miss one week we have to wait for the next one to come around. We do not make extra trips.

I assume that the majority of my readers are women and women of my age. If you are my age you no doubt had children and then suffered from hemmroides (sic) . I do suffer and today they caused me a lot of pain even though my youngest is in his 50s. They never seem to go away. So bad day for me.

I cannot seem to get back to my sewing machine despite the fact that I have a quilt for Eve in the works. This week I will commit to working on it . Check me up on it folks. Even a little bit at a time would be a great idea.

And that is the day for me folks. Have a great evening.

Thursday, June 9, 2016


I do not feel like writing tonight. First because I was busy and forgot about my blog and  then because it is too late and I am tired. 

So thanks for your patience folks. I will write tomorrow night. Have a great evening.

Monday, June 6, 2016


Sometimes the computer is beyond frustrating. I am trying to get into life labs to make an appointment and can I do this simple thing.  Not on my life. I keep trying and no luck. I'll try again later in the evening and see what happens then. I am afraid I don't understand why this is happening.  Maybe someone smarter than me can help.The other frustrating thing is : if I go to the office they tell me to make my appointment on my computer. RIGHT! The second option is to go to the office and sit there and wait with all the many others sitting there. And it isn't even for me. it is for Ray. AWWW...  He will not be happy about that.

Another gorgeous day here in Vancouver. It looks beautiful but I do not go out in the sun since I burn. I stopped going out in the sun when I was in my 20s for that reason. Now I am in my 80s and not about to begin sunning now. Maybe I don't even burn now .

All we did today was go to Safeway to drop off a prescription and pick one up.Oh and some bread too. That was the big adventure for today.  Watching the news right now and the next item of viewing is a new direction for Parkinson.s Disease. As it is often similar to ALS I hope it will work for that too so Rick can get help for his ALS.
I had a short nap and have been watching TV ever since. I wish I could get up the gumption to sew but so far it is not happening. I hate this kind of energy gap. Lack of Sap I call it. 
However I can still knit as it does not require a machine just a set of needles and some yarn, I write yarn for American readers but here in my house I call it wool . My mom always called it wool. She knit mostly socks, many pair of socks. I knit them too. They require four of even five double pointed needles and some dexterity to manipulate them properly. Mom taught me to knit at a very young age and how to use the four needles to make socks. I remember knitting sweaters and socks before I was twelve. 

The day is winding down , it is a beautiful evening. I am relaxing for the night.

Have a great evening folks.

Saturday, June 4, 2016


under the banyan tree, where did that come from? It is a comment I have read in my travels and it reminds me of when I was a young woman in my teens or even earlier. I used to love to read, still do. I would have preferred to sit in the house and read even on a fine summer day. My mom would tell me to go outside and do something other than sit around the house. So I would go out with my book tucked somewhere on my person , find a nice tree preferably a willow as it hung to the ground. Then I would crawl up close to the trunk , take out my book and read. Not what my mom intended but then I had my own mind. 
I also used to ride my bike right across the city. It was fun going but such hard work coming back. I had a busy life .
Now at my age I still have a busy life. Lucky me!!
Life is meant to be lived not to sit around and feel sorry for yourself. Some like my Richard have a right to feel sorry for themselves but he is so up most of the time. And if not he keeps it to himself. I do admire him so much. Although if he did feel badly and I am sure he does at times I would gladly listen to him and hopefully encourage him.

We did our grocery shopping this morning and in the afternoon we went to the casino. I came home with money to add to my envelope, more than I left with this morning. So good day for me.

We thought about going to a restaurant for a bite to eat but changed our minds and came home for supper. I made a salad for myself and Ray had vegetables and dip that we bought with our groceries. So we ate healthy tonight. But and it is a big BUT I am still hungry. I do not know how vegetarians do it. How do they feel full?

That is all for this evening folks. Have a good one.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Crow Attack

The crows are on the attack. They are dive bombing the neighbours. Must be nest time. Crows always amuse me. They are of the Corvid family along with jays of all kinds. I have  a wonderful book called CROWS. I must read it again. It is so interesting.I wonder if the internet has anything like that to offer. Must give it a try, NOW.  Well it was so interesting. there is a lot of material on the net about crows. Take a few minutes, type Crows into your browser. Fascinating creatures. I really admire them.

We met with Bob and Buzz for lunch and a visit. I took a bag of books for Buzz to read, books I had already read. Buzz snd I chatted and Ray and Bob also chatted. We ladies talk about books and kids and clothes, all the things that interest women. It is great to have long time friends They introduced Ray and me and love was born. That was more than 40 years ago. And we are still together, a good match. Thanks to Bob and Buzz.

After we left them we walked a bit around the mall for some exercise. Then we ruined all that exercise and had soft ice cream. One thing though is good we shared one  dish of ice cream. And it was delicious.MMM

We came home and I had a nap.

Have a great evening folks. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016


I don't feel like writing tonight , it feels like I have nothing to say and nothing of any importance. So here goes nothing LOL.

I had to ask Ray what we did today. He said we went to Blue Cross, up to the mall, had a coffee,  bought some bread at the bakery, went to the pharmacy and then came home.

Tonight we are watching Roots. We watched it several years ago when it first came on TV. It is such a moving portrayal of life for the slaves and the struggle they had to gain their freedom and survive. Even though we have seen it once before it is still interesting. And painful to watch.  Also far too many commercials, good audience for this show so they have lots of them.

There is stuff to do in the sewing room if I can call it that but I am not quite up for it. Try again tomorrow. Oh yes tomorrow we meet Bob and Buzz for lunch. I have been looking forward to that all week. I have some books for her.  Marg reads them , we trade books and then when I have read them I like to pass them on to someone else. This time it will be Buzz. 

I plan to read one of my bools later on in the evening. Mostly I read at that time .Our days are very busy and there is no time to read.  So I read when I go to bed. I like that.

I was thinking a lot of my mom and dad today. No reason for that but sometimes I miss them though they have been gone for a long time.  My brother Peter too has been gone a long time. But I still have my sister Marg, she and I are the last of our original family. We each had children and a new family to love and honour. I had five sons and Marg had a son and a daughter.  So life goes on. 

Have a great evening folks.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


It is evening now. A lovely cool evening ,perfect for watching TV which we are doing.  it is a show of monks and temples. Wctually we are listening not watching. Ray does that a lot. According to the talk the buddhists of the temple have all been murdered. It is too,too sad. Why? Why would anyone do that to innocent monks who are just trying to live a simple life, foinf no harm only good.

Life here goes on as usual, nothing of consequence. I can't even recall what we did today. Each day passes the same way. Did we go out? Did we have a visit?  Did we eat our lunch in a restaurant? What did we do?      We went for haircuts and for lunch at A&W. We have just started to go there recently as we found that we liked the hamburgers there. Then we just came home for a bit of a nap.

I was working on a quilt for Eve but that entailed taking off a narrow border that I had put on and did not like. So you could say I unsewed rather that sewed. Waste of time but then I have to do what I like so that was how it went. Take it off. I have to think now what my plan is for that quilt. I think it will just be a good border. It may be necessary to go to the store for more fabric. Why with all the fabric I have nothing will work for this quilt. It seems to work that way a lot. I have heard other quilters say the same thing.

Time now to make something for Ray and me to eat. Have no idea what but it is time.

Have a lovely evening folks.


Is my blog missing from last night?  Sometimes I forget to write it or I begin writing and then pop out of the blog to go somewhere else , then forget to come back. Oh well here I am tonight even if there is not much to talk about. I am sure though I will find something.

This is Wednesday but I thought it was Sunday. My mind sure wanders sometimes. Every day is the same so weekends and week days become one and the same. However Ray still knows what day it is LOL.  Of course it is Wednesday , yesterday was Tuesday when I went to my sewing group party. 

Today was a lovely spring day sunny but with a few drops of rain in mid day. I love spring days, warm but not hot. I do not like hot, actually I prefer it a bit cool.

But we had strawberries and whipped cream for dessert. I didn't forget that LOL. 

As for the day I called Adam but the reception was bad and we had to disconnect . I'll call him tomorrow. I there are big storms down there on the gulf. And here it is raining, first in a while. 

We went for haircuts today and then picked up fresh bread. Came home and that was it for the day. Not very busy.

My memory is getting so bad I can't even recall what we had for dinner, not much I suspect as there were no pots to wash.  Ray said no supper just strawberries and whipped cream. Bad boys and girls we are. I still want some real food so will have to think of something to eat.  

I had to take off one of the borders on my heart quilt, the one I am making for our new great granddaughter in Quebec. I must get that finished and sent off before she goes to school LOL.

That is my talk for tonight . visit me again tomorrow.