a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Diagnosis Update

Mary here...

So it looks like Grandma will continue to be in hospital for about a week. The doctors have identified a few severe infections in her body causing these issues and she is now under the care of a specialist who can treat her appropriately. Unfortunately last week it appears that they did not identify the source of the problem and treated her symptoms and not the thing causing them.

She's sleeping a lot but is up for taking visitors. They're keeping her in the ER for the time being because they'll be able to react faster if anything changes. Once she's on a more stable recovery she'll be moved to a room.

I'll keep you posted if anything changes!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hi All, It's Mary Again...

So some of you may or may not know that Grandma came home on Sunday. I was very excited as it was great news. Unfortunately however, it appears that the medication was doing TOO good a job at making her better and since going home she has had a relapse.

What this means is that because Grandpa Ray saw the symptoms much faster this time, she was admitted back into hospital yesterday night at around 8:30pm.

I'll let you know what happens as I know more. All I know at this point is that she's being taken care of and we're going to move a bit slower this time.

If any of you would like to send her a card or have flowers delivered, please feel free to contact me directly at mary.mcbride(at)gmail.com (use @ instead of (at)... I used (at) because it prevents programs from finding my email address and sending me more spam) and I'll find out when and where the best place to have this done would be.

Thanks for all your love and patience guys. I know she was very touched at how full her inbox and comments were when she had some time at home on Sunday and Monday morning.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This is Mary, Nan's Granddaughter...

Hello everyone,

I'm coming to you tonight because my grandmother has run into some medical complications and is currently receiving treatment. I don't want to go too much into it because I will leave that story for her to tell when she is once again able to access the internet.

However, for the time being, I ask for your thoughts and prayers as she recovers in hospital. I know your thoughts and comments here will be highly treasured.

Much love,


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

many thanks to Diana

I have been trying for weeks to get my photos out of my Webshots. I need to make complaints here more often because when I whined about it in my blog the other night my friend Diana in Michigan told me what to do. I have made postcards and wanted to use them as a picture in my blog. Now I can thanks to Diana :))
For those of you who have this problem, Diana says to go to your webshots, enlarge the photo you want to use , download it and save it to your files where you can grab it and use it in your blog or wherever you want to use it.
Given that information I did just that and here is my postcard....
Well that didn't work -any other ideas Diana. I just get rejected. I think that this Windows Live Mail makes things more difficult so I'll just keep on trying and as Diana says pulling my hair out, not that I have much hair to pull out LOL.
I went for X rays on my back this morning and it was quite uncomfortable but the technician was good and we got it done. Last night I got some Tylenol 3 for the pain and today got a call from my doctor to say I have an infection so I am also taking antibiotics. It never rains but it pours. I feel like Job..
News Of The Day: Did you see that "Baby" Doc Duvalier was arrested when he landed in Haiti. I wonder what he was thinking given the crimes he committed on the Haitian people.  He needs to pay for his crimes and he will now I think.
There I did it .But it is not quite how I want it to be. I had to send myself a postcard and it came out too small. This is an old fashioned sewing machine, a hand crank Willimatic , circa 1800. It is so cute I love it. It is Machine embroidered, I found the free tape measure  somewhere and added it to the postcard. The purple background is one of my favourites fabrics and I only have a scrap left. When I was in Intercourse , Penn. one of the shops, can't recall the name had this fabric in all colours and I bought all the colours. I have really enjoyed using it. Too bad there is no more out there. That was quilte a long time ago so I have had my money's worth.  I had so much fun making this set of postcards but dropped out of the group since one lady said she thought embroidered cards were the lazy way to make a PC and that those of us who did so showed no imagination or creativity. That attitude left me cold so I stopped participating. I did address the issue though since I think that you need to respond to that sort of thing. I wasn't rude just explained my feelings.
There that is my thoughts for the day.
I wish you all a great evening and a wonderful day tomorrow.
Buenas Noches.

Monday, January 17, 2011

short visit

This will be a small blog tonight. I spent about 5 hours at the hospital at a Fall clinic. My back is so bad, the doctor thinks I may have fractured a vertebrae. So he gave me a requisition for an X Ray which I'll get done tomorrow. Also he gave me Tylenol 3 for the pain, thanks goodness. My back has been spasming all afternoon and the pain is just awful. It seems to have calmed down a bit with the pills. Thank goodness. This is  the everlasting tale of everlasting pain and I am sorry to burden you with it but want you to know where  I am if I don't check in. That would be-InBed, once again LOL. I don't really have enough time left to spend it in bed. The clinic was very good and he had some answers for me . So I am glad I went.
I saw in the paper that Baby Doc Duvalier the ousted former president of  Haiti is planning on coming back to Haiti after a long hiatus in France where he lived off the money he stole from the Haitians, to fill the vaccuum left by the political disarray in that country . I'm sure he thinks there is more money to be had from all that was donated to Haiti after the earthquake. I do not believe these people when they say they had had a huge change of heart and only want to do good now, especially when there is money to be had.
That's my political commentary for the evening.
And yesterday's warning about avalanches rang true today when some people got caught in one. I think there was one death in one of the avalanches. There were two of them in the Kootenays. It is so tragic.
I am not sure of the details as I am under the influence.
I won't be going to my embroidery class tomorrow with Kathy, darn it!!!! And again darn it!! I sure will miss it all. Also had to cancel my  Tuesday groups and a lunch with some old friends on Friday.  I'll get it all together and then watch me smoke "em!! LOL
All done, off to bed!!
Have a lovely evening folks.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cute BOM

A free BOM, kind of pretty wouldn't you say? Click on the http beside the picture. 

Poor Ray got stuck to do all the work again this week. I wonder if this back will ever get better.
I had some good dippings today, cauliflower dipped in aged cheddar and chipotle sauce. It is hot so if you don't like hot then forget it.  However it is very tasty . I love cauliflower so thought it would be good dipped in this sauce and I was right, it was. I'll bet you can dip almost anything you like in any sauce you want. So be brave , put your foot out there and take a chance. If you want to dip your foot that is LOL. See not feeling  good does not ruin my appetite. I thought it would but there you are , it doesn't.
There is little to say since I have scarcely moved out of my chair today. I wanted someone in my family to come and delete my email messages from upstairs but..... Rick is back in Calgary, Peter is somewhere in another part of the world. Adam is in London, Matthew is in Winnipeg, Jim is in Edmonton and Mary is in Victoria. So it will have to wait  until someone comes home or I get better and can climb the stairs.
Also I cancelled my date with Sam tomorrow because I want to call the doctor for a morning appointment. Don't you just hate wasting time like this. Waa,Waa,Waa.... LOL.
Ione tells me that Community Quilts is making a quilt for the Red Cross to raffle off to make some money. When it is finished she will send me a photo, I can hardly wait!
Charlotte's Grandmother , Lewis' mother, came from Alberta this weekend  to visit her new granddaughter. She and Lewis went to Bellingham to baby shop. I wonder what Grandma Van Dyke bought for Charlotte. I must write Meg and ask her. Maybe she has photos.
If you are a skier it isn't a good time to take to the mountains, it is far too dangerous with avalanches happening all too often. You have only 15 minutes survival time if you are buried in an avalanche. Just a little warning. Do quilters ski? haha.
Beautiful but deadly!
That's all folks!
Have a good evening. Bon Soir.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

spring fever

and it isn't even spring! But the flowers are very spring like, early signs of a new season. Not if you live in any other part of the country where the temperatures range from awful to even more awful -30 in Edmonton, I'll bet Jim is hunkering down to keep warm. And Chelsea in Toronto for her birthday today. Happy birthday my dear granddaughter. And keep yourself warm.

Pretty aren't they. So you see we did go out today for a little bit to get food for the next week. God forbid that we run short of food. We bought a lot more than we usually do because I felt like spending money. I have been quite careful lately about spending, just haven't felt like it. However I also don't feel like eating anything other than cooked meat and cheese so I bought several packages of both items. Now I'm set for the week  , just Grab and Eat. My kind of menu LOL.
Then I was in so much pain I went back to bed for the afternoon, I wonder when this will go away, soon I hope. I need to get back to business.
I just asked Ray to set up my embroidery machine tomorrow and he asks how I'll manage to do it. He gets annoyed with me when I do these things but I have to try or go bonkers pretty soon.
There is a discussion on one of my embroidery lists regarding potato bags catching on fire. I made three of these bags quite a few years ago and gave them to my son, a friend and one for us. All three caught on fire despite the fact that I used only 100% cotton batting. Now I understand that there is a special batting for use in these bags. I was very disappointed with  them as they were great bags and worked so well - made wonderful baked potatoes in the microwave. Maybe I'll buy some of that special batting.
You can find the pattern at http:// A TIme To Stitch.com-
look for freebie Potato Baker.
I can't seem to get a photo os either mine or Sherri's. My webshots won't allow me to download my own work, I guess it is their work now.

Whoops after a lot of messing around I found it. This one is from ATTS. mine is irretrievable :))
Time out ladies and gents. I am still very tired . See you all tomorrow.
Have a lovely evening.
Guid Einen

Ah and I found mine so here it is.
Good night.

Friday, January 14, 2011

curved piecing

Another video . Curved piecing using the Curve Master foot. Looks so easy when an expert does it. I have that foot and used it once, it worked really well. I can't quite locate the photo on this computer so it will have to wait until I can climb the stairs to the PC.  My new computer should be a mess after nearly 2 weeks  of e  mail just sitting there. I am desperate to go up there and do some computer cleaning.
My sum total of work this month is two knitted dish cloths.

 Oh I want to get something done, maybe tomorrow .
We did not go out the door today, Ray had a migraine and I continue to suffer with this back.  So of course there is nothing to say and I'll say it anyway LOL.
I talked to my youngest son today and he told me after I cut my head he also banged his head on the car door in sympathy and got a bad cut. Now that's a good son !! :))
Here is a sweet picture of Charlotte in her dad's arms . Look at the size of his hands and the size of her. I think I'll write to Meg and ask her when she thinks ti will be safe to visit again. I don't want to stress out the baby or her mom and dad.

She just fits almost into the palm of his hand doesn't she. I am happy that Meg and Lewis send lots of photos of Charlotte.
Our granddaughter in Quebec is also expecting a baby any day now. Today is her due date. The baby is a girl too and her name is Emilie .
Our other  granddaughter  in Quebec suffered a miscarriage this week and is devastated. We are all very sad about that.
Jigzone.com will get you the daily jigsaw puzzle. You can sign up for daily delivery and choose the number and style of pieces you like. Today's puzzle is Orange Tree. These  are fun to do and somedays a challenge if you want a challenge, harder or easier, it's your choice. Personally I like easy. I have a lazy mind. 
For someone who had nothing to say I managed to say something haha.
Have a great evening everyone.
Bon Soir.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

blind quilter

Wow this lady is amazing, have a look at her, blind as she is, sewing hundreds of quilts. And see how happy she is. Although her comment about a sore back got to me LOL.
Well my back is even sorer now. I sneezed a massive sneeze and my back is back at least 4 days ago. Drat. Is there a way out of this I wonder. So of course there was no sewing happiness here once again. I want to make some more FSL bookmarks. My friend Diana in Michigan did not receive the one I sent to her in December and I would like to replace it  but cannot sit at the machine .

Ah there it is Diana, the gold one was the one I sent you.

As we all know embroidery machines do not take kindly to being left alone and need to be machine sat at all times. Dare I take the chance! Oh well go for it, I am tired of doing nothing and if it goes badly it will have to be done over again. That gives me lots to do, hah!! My objective this next few months is to make a quilt for Charlotte and do a few more mug rugs. Now if only I can get started.
This afternoon I spent time in bed with painkillers to avoid the pain. If I don't move I am okay.
How does one write a blog and not use the "I" so much, it must be a real writer's trick that I don't get.
There was an article in the paper today about Narcissism  which turns out to be the cult of "ME" in this day and age and not the reference of Narcissus gazing with true love at his own image in a pool of water. So does that mean  we neeed to have a bit of humour about our selves and not take us so seriously.  Makes sense to me. The author Meghan Daum postulates at the end of her article that we are not a nation of narcisissts but a nation of jerks. Good article but she is referring to the USA , does that let us off the hook. I think not. Whoops there's the I again.
No photos tonight, we did have a beautiful sunset but the photos I took were not beautiful. LOL.  Too much glare from the inside.
I haven't heard from Meaghan today now that Charlotte is out of hospital and back home. I wonder why LOL. Do you remember? Even after 57 years I still remember, well almost 57years. 56 and 10 months. That was the beginning of years of no sleep :>))  thanks boys LOL.
This is a great quilting site, lots of quilting videos to help pass the time away if you laid up for any reason. Worked for me this morning, I loved them.
That is it for me tonight, hope you all have a wonderful evening.
Bona vesperado.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Little Charlotte has a bit of jaundice. Her mommy says she is having a spa day with her little eye covers and a light bath.
Let's hope she recovers quickly from this not to be unexpected condition. Apparently lots of babies get jaundice and the hospitals are quick to take care of it.  She does look relaxed doesn't she?  She is not allowed to have any visitors for safety and health reasons.
We had a full day today, the bug people came to spray for those little silverfish  that so often live in apartment buildings so we had to leave for four hours. They came at 8:45 , it took 10 minutes to do the job and then we had to leave. First we went up to the mall for a bit of breakfast. Tim Horton's  was out choice and frankly I used to love the breakfast sandwich but this one this morning was like cardboard. The egg was tasteless and the ham as well. The bun was an English muffin which is pretty dry anyway, the cheese was cold ,not melted and it was all without flavour. I was pretty disgusted and very disappointed. Another thing I won't try again. Where do they get these ingredients that are utterly tasteless. I swear they are all created by man and not natural.I usually love eggs for their wonderful taste and where do you find ham that is not full of flavour. Ah well the end of my rant!!
We walked around for a bit to get a littlel bit of movement, can't really call it exercise. My back was so bad this morning and that made it awkward to walk very far. I cried a lot LOL.
We did go to Costco for paper goods and we did not stop for one of the wonderful hot dogs because we had the cardboard first.
Snow today, causes a ton of traffic issues here. But it was gone by the end of the day.
We came back to our little mall and to the bakery for some lovely sour dough bread, and did a bit of shopping at the grocery store and finally our time was used up and we could keep my appointment for the chiropractor.  Thanks goodness, he set me up,  hopefully that will be it but not too likely.  I think I'll probably need another couple of treatments and I should be right as rain.
Then I got my hair cut and just cut , nothing else. It is guild night tonight and usually I get my hair done for that but of course I did not go tonight. I hate missing guild, it is enjoyable I can visit with other members and n get some great photos LOL.  No photos tonight I am afraid.  Maybe tomorrow I can get some good ones. We really need to go somewhere different. :))-  maybe the park where the geese live :))
I have run out of talk for tonight, have a lovely evening especially Kathy at guild, hope it is good....
God Aften.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A new day

I had good news today, the catscan of my brain showed there is nothing wrong inside my head, no alzheimers, no dementia, no bleeding, tumor or stroke. My brain is normal  and I have the papers to prove it LOL.
While that is wonderful news I can't say the same thing for my back, it is  awful.
Ray and I went to the hospital this morning to see my cardiologist ,he was happy with my numbers . After we went to Denny's for waffles, a tradition with us after we go to St. Paul's.
 I had to go to my own doctor to get the stitches removed from my head, real easy, no prickles at all.
Then  I had to go to the clinic for a test. Lastly we went to the library for more books. Last week I took out 4 books and read them all so needed more. This time I took out  7 books , that should last me a couple of weeks.
This week I have been to three hospitals all because of a fall.
Oh well that's life :))
I am pining to get to my embroidery machine and my sewing machine , it has been way too long. I look longingly at my beautiful fabric and think of what I could do with it. I have the cutest designs of ballerinas that I want to make for Charlotte's quilt. Her aunt made her a quilt and I think she gets one from the hospital so I have lots of time.
Can you see a Chinese coins quilt from these. I won't be doing any big ones for a while so I thought it would be fun to do a small quilt from these gorgeous fabrics.

My turkey soup dinner from last night , very tasty.

As seen around town, a Volkswagon convertible , looks like a fun trip. I  had a Volkswagon in the 60s and drove it for a week or more on $2. Hah!! what a bygone dream.

This is my supper tonight . I am cutting down. LOL.
There you have it, they are predicting snow tonight and it's a good time to stay home and nest haha....
Take it easy tonight if you are going out and have a great evening.
Guten Abend.

Monday, January 10, 2011

a new look

Pretty in pink is my new blog look. Amazing things can happen with computers. Mary works for Shaw my e mail provider and she has access to my internet because I gave her access so don't think she can access anyone else's blog, and I woke up to this lovely new blog, changed by Mary in Victoria across the straits. Isn't this amazing :))

Ray has a dental appointment and after that we are going out for a bit. I need to get out of this chair and see if it helps my back which is still giving me trouble. I think I'll have to go back to my chiropractor soon.
I go to the hospital late afternoon to have a catscan on my head haha, oh the many jokes that will bring, just like all the jokes about my vlack eye, They all laugh when I tell them I have a black eye!
Charlotte will not be able to go home with mom and dad until maybe Wednesday . The doctors want to see that she is gaining weight and feeding properly before she leaves the hospital.
Whoops, pressed the wrong button, did not want to publish yet.
You can see how tiny Charlotte is in this photo, that is a baby in that blanket.
I'll sign off for now as my day is not yet done  and I may have more to say, when did I not?
Not much more to say folks , I had a catscan done and my back is so bad I took some pills and am going to bed.
Have a good night folks.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Photo of Charlotte, isn't she a beauty?
I am eager to see her again and to hold her. That would be wonderful.
But today I spent most of my day in bed   due to the pain in my back, so not a good day by any means.
But when I got up around 3:00 I was able to finish the  soup I began
yesterday. It didn't take very long as I just had to cut up the vegetables, add the rice  and a few little pastas that are shaped like a doughnut.
This is the recipe:
Take your turkey, I bought two turkey thighs, put them in a large pot
along with a carton of chicken broth and a similar amount of water, boil the liquid and turkey legs/thighs, until the turkey is cooked. Leave it in the pot to cool and when ti is cooled set in in the fridge for the night.
My plan was to start it again earlier in the day but bed called to me today.
Scoop off any excess fat while it is cold and then start the boil again.
Cut up onions, carrots, celery, garlic and a bit of broccoli cut very small. Put them into the turkey boil and let them cook.
Take about a half cup of rice, wash it and let it drain in the sieve, then do that again.  Add one more carton of broth and continue to cook . I added a small amount of pasta but that is optional, I just happen to like pasta. I added a bit of curry and Ray likes Tabasco sauce or  Worcestershire sauce , all for flavour, your choice.
I'll let you know how it all comes out. I love soup and bread for dinner especially home made soup. I don't make bread LOL .
I had some fabric that Mary loved so I gave it to her when she  came to visit last night. She was happy about that. Sometimes just having some nice fabric and not even doing anything with it is fun.

Doesn't your heart sing when you see a new baby.

Mom and baby. Meaghan and Charlotte.

So that was my life today. Bed and cooking!!
Have a good evening. I hope to get some good TV in tonight.
Bonne nuit.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ouch it hurts

My back is giving me you know what from that fall so I am creeping around the house LOL.
I was able to go grocery shopping though But the pain just got worse so I came home a lay down for a short nap.
I called Rick to see if he had any pictures of the baby but when he went to see her today he was not allowed in. That hospital in Abbotsford is new and has lots of security for the babies in the nursery. First you have to get permissiont to enter  and need to have someone like the dad or mom to go in with you. You need to wash your hands thoroughly just after you enter the nursery to be able to go in there where the babies are. There were several preemies in that nursery. My own babies were in the 9 and 10 pound category so these tiny ones are a revelation to me.  They are perfect, tiny fingernails, tiny hands and feet. What a joy to see them, ours in particular was the most perfect of all LOL!
I can hardly wait until she gets home and we can really visit.:))
Mary and Albert are coming over tonight for a visit. I sure miss Mary being way over there on Vancouver Island. She is here now because she just became an auntie. And I talked to young Rick and he is happy to be an uncle too. Now my boys are great uncles, what do you think of that? Everyone is very happy about the baby.
I don't think I am ever going to sew again from the way things have been going but I need to because Meg said she would like one of my embroidered quilts. I have an adorable set of embroidered ballerinas which will make a lovely baby quilt. I just need to get down to it. Of course Charlotte is still young and doesn't care LOL.
My  granddaughter Chelsea is going back to Toronto  tomorrow to start her second term at Humber University.
Some of last night's party girls. It is fun getting together. We do this every two months and have for over 25 years. It is so good to have long time friends. I have said that before but it bares repeating. Is that the right Bear/Bare I wonder. If you know send me a note.

I have been reading  James Patterson's Don't Blink and am wondering why all his novels these days seem to be written in conjunction with another author.
I have to check out my turkey bits that are on the stove getting ready for tomorrow's turkey soup making. I love making soup and eating it of course. So tonight I decided to cook the turkey, then I'll put it is the fridge and scoop off any excess bits and pieces in the morning.
And tonight I'll update my book list about which I have been very remiss lately.
Have a grand evening friends , I am going to when Mary and Albert get here.
Dobru Noc.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Great news , we have a new great granddaughter.. Meg's baby girl was born today and it was very quick. We are all happya bout that as Meg did not suffer long during her labour. The baby was quite early because of Meg's high blood pressure 180/105 not good numbers so she had to be induced.
Ray and I went along to Abbotsford as soon as we heard the wonderful news.  Meg was looking good when we arrived but she was just settling down  for a nap so we just stayed for a very short while so she could sleep. It may be some time before that happens again as those of us who have had children are fully aware.
Now for the baby, she was born at 4 pounds 1 ounce so she is very tiny. We saw this tiny perfect little girl in the incubator as she is so small. Her name is Charlotte, after Carla her grandmother and Kathleen after her great grandmother on her mom's side. So Charlotte Kathleen, a big name for such a tiny little girl. I took no photos of either Meaghan or little Charlotte. Meaghan was not at her best of course and I thought it was not a good idea to be snapping away at the baby because the flash might startle. Lewis said he had taken some photos and would send them to me and I think Carla also took some so that seemed to be enough I thought.  She had to be put on a feeding tube because she wasn't eating well enough. So small and she was not yet ready to be born so she didn't have the skills to eat.
I hope the pictures come soon so I can share them with you.
Tonight I am going out to my teachers' pot luck party. So I'll send this in now and get back to my blog after  I come back from the pot luck.
Home again but am very tired so I'll say good night to all.
Bon soir.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

One good eye

I do have one good eye, the other is a thing of beauty, a gorgeous red.  If you cannot stand blood and gore skip by this photo. For those who can tolerate it take a look at my bad eye. It does not hurt beleive it or not. The hurt is in my back where it was twisted and is now stiff and sore. My great good luck though is no broken bones. I went to the doctor today and she will send me for a catscan of my head. We'll see if it is actually as empty as my husband thinks. Haha ,not really. It will take a few days before I can get the appointment.  Photo below!

After the doctor we went up to the mall, I needed to get a little bit of exercise and get out and see what the world is all about LOL. If I don't know that by now I guess I'll never get it. We had some Chinese food  before we went for our walk and shop. Not that we bought anything. We saw some beautiful yellow towels but didn't feel like buying them. Weird isn't it?
I finished one little knitted dish cloth last night and am starting another one tonight but no sewing. I don't feel like all the work attached to sewing so hopefully by Sunday I'll want to do it  again as I like to sew on Sunday. Then maybe there will be something pretty to show you all, not just my personal damages LOL.
Kathy wrote to say she would sign me up for the embroidery club for this season. I am happy about that as I like going with her. It starts January 18th .
My granddaughter Meg has gone into the hospital to have her baby induced because she has high blood pressure and it is putting the baby under stress.  The baby is losing girth and is using up the nutrition to keep its organ healthy. So it needs to be born. I pray that all  will be fine for both of them. Rick will be coming home from  Calgary tomorrow , hopefully he will be a grandfather by the time he gets home and I should have some good photos to show :)). I am excited to be a great grandmother again and to have one baby close to home will be marvellous.  All the other greats are in Quebec or Louisiana so I am happy to have a baby here.
The Mentalist is on now so see you later folks.
 It was good too. My favourite show on TV.  I do like some of those old movies on Turner  Classic Movies. They take me back to younger days. Sometimes we even have popcorn while watching them. All part of the package wouldn't  you say?
Well that will be all for tonight friends.  Have a pleasant evening.
Kalinihta from Athens.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A thing of beauty

My eye is now swollen and funny looking, starting to turn different colours. The doctor told me this would happen. I was surprised it took this long since it was Monday when I took that fall. The other bruises are becoming bigger too.  So I am beautiful ! Never had a shiner before LOL.
I went to the chiropractor today to have him check out my ribs and he said they were slighty displaced, I thought so. I have had lots of experience with ribs being out of place unfortunately but am becoming an expert at detecting the problem LOL. He worked on my neck too as it was really stiff and sore.
We went out this morning , guess I had to go out if I went to the chiropractor. The library is close by and I had run out of books so we went to pick up some more. There is no way I can do without a book to read at night when it is bed time.:)) I love my books.
Ray had to go to the bank to get a new pin number for the new card that replaces the one that was compromised.
We also went into the grocery store to pick up a few things. By then I was pretty tired and we came home , I went for a two hour nap. It is amazing how quickly you tire out after that kind of accident or any other kind of accident I guess.
Of course there was no sewing here this week but tomorrow maybe. I want to get that baby top done even though I won't be going to sewing next week either.
Here is a photo, it's a good thing to take a photo so you can see what needs to be changed and I see several places on this  quilt top that can be altered for a better result. Can you pick them out?
There were only two heads left but I wanted to use them for someone's pleasure. We all know that it is rare that you can find a fabric once its season is over. Too bad but that is the industry standard they always have to come up with new fabric and I understand that.
It rained like crazy here today, rain with a bit of snow, slippery streets, good thing Ray has an elbow I can hang onto haha!!
Have a great night by the fire like us :)) See you tomorrow!!
Bon soir!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nothing to report

Nothing!! I sat all day or slept depending on how I felt. That was it. Oh and I worked on my computer for a while but that was my day.I was a bit stiff and sore with more parts of my body stiffening up and a bit more bruising showing up. I am thinking about what happened and wondering how I ended up on the wrong side. I went in with my left side to the counter where I hit my head and ended up being wounded on my right side, I must have twisted somehow. What would cause that, any ideas?
Ray went out to  buy a lemon LOL!!
How exciting!! However he is baking a salmon side for dinner and long with that cauliflower. Too bad I can't make a sauce but I can't be trusted with tools :))
We have been watching old movies , there was a marathon of Jane Wyman movies today so we watched a couple of them, one called So Big in which an intelligent , educated woman marries a dirt farmer for love and helps him on the farm doing the backbreaking work that thsi kind of farming entails, such as hoeing, and pulling the plow . sowing the seed byhand and picking the harvest by hand. The husband is uneducated and does not want to believe that a woman could have any ideas regarding the improvement of the land. They have one son whom she calls So Big when he is growing up. The father comes back from the market where he sells his produce in a wild storm. He develops an illness along the way and subsequently passed away. She is left with the farm and after a series of obstacles  she markets and sells her fabulous asparagus to restaurants and rich customers.
Her aim is to get So Big  well educated and to become an artichect. He gets his degree but instead of build better buildings he becomes a salesman of buildings. Mom is upset but as she is actually a saint in my opinion, says nothing much about it. So Big has a girlfriend who wants it all now which is why he is doing this job. And so it goes, I'll bet you can figure it all out when he falls in love with a real woman!!
Would you believe I lost this blog for a while,some kind of a glitz I guess. I checked it out several times and nothing,AHA! Because the title was "nothing" to report  LOL.
Snowed under, look at this beautiful sight and dream on. :))

The end.
Have a lovely evening folks.  Not bad for nothing to report LOL>
Bona Sera!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Home is the wounded

Home from the emergency ward. What an adventure this was. My tea party turned into something else. I fell in Barb's kitchen and banged my head on the corner of a cabinet. I don't know how I managed to fall though , just did. My ribs are sore and bruised, and I have some bruising on one leg. Barb took me to one clinic close by and they said they were far behind so advised that we go to another one not so close by. They kindly called ahead and were told 45 minutes would be the wait time. It was a bit longer before we saw the doctor who said he could not sew this one up as it went right through the second layer below the skin and hit the skull and I would have to go to emergency so he bound up my head like what you see in this picture and set us on our way. Off to emergency . Barb called Ray to say she would go get him and take him to her place to pick up my car and then come down to the hospital. I was glad to see him, better believe it. He is a strength to me. I had to wait a bit at the hospital but not too long as they have a quick ward for patients who need care . So they stitched me up with 7 stitches and put this pressure bandage on my head for some reason. I think it is to stop the bruising. It has to stay on for 24 hours.
That was the adventure of today.
In the morning I went to Tom's and picked up my embroidery machine, then to London Drugs where the tech there told me what to do with my photos and it worked. London Drugs to the rescue once again.
It seems that the freezing is coming out of my head and it is hurting now. However I feel in full control of my faculties because I can write this blog LOL.
Now for another photo of the mountains, this one is pretty good.

And here are the Lions who guard the entrance to the harbour and protect the city of Vancouver from all evil. Good one eh!!
So that is all for the evening, I am going to take my sore head and give it a rest.
Have a wonderful evening .
Guten Abend.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

is forgetting a sign of old age?

Or is it just forgetfulness?  I forgot to take my camera to get it working and dowloading. How could I do that . Well we did our work and instead of going out we decided to stay in for a change. It was very nice too.
I sewed on that little child's quilt for Community Quilts and learned or should I say relearned that you can't fix it if you do it wrong the first time be trying to make schmooze it. You have to take it apart and do it right, that's the fastest way believe it or not. So I made a great mistake and had to undo one whole section of the quilt , but now it is looking good, not finished yet but looking good to finish another day.
Tomorrow is a full day, in the morning we are off to Surrey to pick up my embroidery machine at Tom's . Then I think I'll drop in to see if the tech at London Drugs can fix my camera programme. I have a tea date with Barb at 1:00 . Maybe I can change that to 1:30 to give me a bit of room for travel time. I'm sure that will work. I hate being late for any appointment. That's to do with my upbringing when tardiness was a mortal sin worth a strapping, thus the anxiety over being tardy. I am not so bad now that I know they can't strap me but that was an incentive to be on time.LOL
I love my city and every winter when the snow is on the mountains I have to take photos of it. Obviously I am not the only one you can see by the picture below. On a sunny crisp beautiful day the mountains  stand out  and give us quite a show. This is not my photo , mine are stuck in the camera. Of course I took pictures. :))
I think my mountain pictures are better haha -haha.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

picture trouble

There were new photos on my camera that were taken today when we were out and about but for some reason the programme would not respond as it usually does and therefore the photos are not downloaded and still on the camera. I'll try again later on. Sometimes things that don't work at one time do work at another. This programme is not that good anyway, I much preferred that one that came with the camera so will take it to guess where and get that fixed LOL. I'll bet they hate to see me enter the store. However they are unfailingly polite and cheerful so that just encourages me. If you are nice to a dog he'll just follow you around isn't that correct? :))
Remember I was going to Tom's today to pick up my embroidery machine, thank goodness for Kathy, she reminded me that Tom was closed today for New Years Day. Now why didn't I think of that. But even the lady behing the counter at Tom's did not get that when I said I'd be in on Saturday and it's "her" holiday. Every day is a holiday to me and has been for the past 14 years so how would I remember haha. Speaking of time and calendars which I wasn't.....
http://cabinquilter.blogspot.com/    Look here for a great desktop calendar for your computer.
We spent most of the day running around from one place to the next. Our usual grocery store was open and so was Safeway but the third one we patronize was closed as was the bakery. Of course we did have to shop today and every day it seems. Ray loves grocery shopping, weird isn't it. I, on the other hand am not that fond of it would much prefer to shop in a sewing and fabric shop where I see the things I like to buy. Lately though I don't need anything and can't bring myself to buy anything I want rather than need. Where did that come from I wonder? I must be getting old. haha.
Just for fun, click on the arrow and you will go to the unfinished puzzle....
Click to Mix and SolveSee I solved the picture problem.
So have a good evening folks.  I plan to.