a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whew I almost forgot

This blog is late because the time just passed on by and I didn't notice.
We went to Washington state this morning to get our Nexus passes updated. Today as I mentioned last night was the final day for that. It didn't take much time as we were just waved in to the desk when we came in the door. Very nice!  And it didn't take very long either. Since we were already in The States we went on to the Silver Reef , just about 15 minutes further on down the road. It was fun , lots of different slots than what we are used to, some the same though. We used our card points to buy lunch which was a buffet, salad and regular buffets. in our casinos you can exchange the points for cash . That's good too LOL. Cash is always good. And we broke even for a change. No wins , no losses. I am tired from a very full and busy day.
I drank so much water today as my mouth is horrible dry. I think it is from the meds I am taking. It appears that I have gained 5 pounds today from all that water.  LOL.
 He looks like I feel LOL...

Free patterns and gift items. Christmas is coming so you had better get busy :))))
More about dogs in the paper today, it is a full week series. Today's was about buying a dog off the internet and the dangers therof. There are many horror stories of people paying good money for a puppy that had an illness and would die shortly after purchase . Of course the seller had disappeared off the face of the earth and the buyer was left with huge vet bills. And crooks selling puppies as Pedigreed without the papers. It is easy to say, it's in the mail. Stuck in the mail since Canada Post was on strike. Or the buyers not able to see both parents and their pedigrees.  It can be an unholy mess .
No photos today again as ,guess what I forgot this time, the SD Card. I left it in the laptop. What an annoyance, I still think my memory is whacked from all the antibiotics.
Did I tell you that I hoped to take some classes in photography to enhance my picture taking? Maybe...... LOL.
Prince William and Kate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Ottawa to huge crowds. They were royally welcomed and took and escorted walk among the crowd, spoke to many, especially the children who were thrilled. So were the old folks  who remembered many royal visits. I remember when King George VI and Queen Elizabeth the present Queen's parents, visited Vancouver in 1939. They were in an open car and from where I stood at the side of the road they were perfectly visible. The Queen smiled and waved at me LOL, or so I choose to believe. Another time when we were quilting, we knew the present Queen's cavalcade to the airport was going to drive right by and  we stood at the side of the road once again :)) and she waved at me once again. I don't know if you believe me but that's my story and I plan to stick with it. Haha.
I'm going to try again to get the photos off the camera, well that isn't going to work either. We can't find the camera, must be in the car and neither one of us is going down three floors to the garage.
Have a great evening even if this blog is late.
Bon Soir.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a problem

I am having a problem up loading today's blog, hope this gets through.

wait and see

The pump is gone and I am free. No need to think about picking it up every time I move. What a relief that is. I still have to have the pic line in for another two weeks just in case. That means I go to the clinic for a change of dressing next Tuesday and on Wednesday to see the Urologist. Hopefully that will be the end of this illness and I can continue on with my life.
Remember I told you that Ray had to take his slippers back tot he store. I was feeling quilte superior about that only to find out that the jeans I bought last week were Capris and I hate Capris, I had to take them back to exchange for a full leg Jean. Oh my how embarrassed I was about that. And I did not bring the right bill to
the store . I can blame it on my illness LOL, but what was his excuse.... Fortunatley my transaction was in the computer so no problemo. I had wanted to go back anyway to buy a top to go with the rest of my outfit. The great news is that it was on sale and cost me under ten dollars. Love it!!!

We had a bite to eat and walked around the mall for a while.  I bought the latest Fons and Porter magazine. 

it was a lazy afternoon, we did nothing at all. But I am almost revved up now for sewing.
Tomorrow We have to go across the border to get our Nexus pass updated. When we renewed the passports ealrier in the year we had to go to the Nexus office in Washingtopn state to amend the Nexus pass to coincide with the new passport. We had until June to do it. As you all know there was no way I could go there while I was sick and I didn't want to go with the pump pack and the tubing in the pump to my arm. Maybe I am a bit paranoid I was afraid the border guards would thing I was a  terrorist with a bomb packed in my body. It could look like that.
See the pic line as it leads up to the tubing which goes into the pump. It has been a long time but at least I am off the pump.
I forgot the camera today so no new photos but I do have one of the railing on the Knight Street Bridge overlooking the Fraser River.
No not working.
And I lost my blogs too. We'll see what happens next.
Good evening.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Neat things are sometimes free

Some neat things here one quilt I just love is Tutorial for Jenna. I am very oriented to straight lines and blocks that are either symmetrical or outlined by sashes. This one just talks to me big time. I guess you could say I am a linear thinker.
I am watching a piece on the news about a lady with ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease. It is such a horrible disease. It attacks young people as well as older ones. Lou Gehrig was in his early 30s when he was diagnosed and had to leave is beloved baseball. Ray's brother Gus had this disease but died of a heart condition before the ALS became totally debillitating. He was at the stage where he could not swallow . I guess you could say he was fortunate. The lady I mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph is trying to get the government  to allow her to choose the time of her death. I know that won't happen as it is a form of euthanasia and there are so many implications surrounding that issue. We watched another woman about 10 years ago, in her final fight with ALS , that  was captured on the TV and it was horrid. Finally somebody , we never knew who, took her out of her misery and she passed away earlier that her time. It was a merciful blessing.
We went to the clinic for the last bag of antibiotic this morning. I go tomorrow to get unhooked from the pump and the tubing but not the pic line. I still have to go next week for a change of dressing and again the following week ,then the pic line comes out. If the  treatment is successful I am blessed but if you don't see this blog , then you'll know I am back in the hospital. I'll ask Mary to keep you updated if that is the case. However I am choosing to be better :)) I am a bit nervous though.
We also went to the eye specialist this morning and I had to take a test to check out my peripheral vision , then I saw the doctor. I mentioned to him that my vision was blurry. He said it was all the antibiotics I have had for the past 6 months. Hopefully when I am off the meds my vision will clear. Otherwise I am okay.
We had a whole day of doctors . The last appointment was our own personal physician for refills of some meds. Then to the pharmacy, there was a wait so we just came home and will pick up those prescriptions tomorrow after the clinic.
I didn't get a lot in the way of photos today but did decide on another theme- fences. There are so many different fences on our routes, some lovely and some not so lovely. I plan to take pictures of both kinds of fences so prepare for the tumbledown ones as well and the beautiful ones.
This is a very common type of fence from an earlier era  ,it was the finest in its prime.
This is a lovely type of fence, rock and hedge a recent style for newer houses. It appeals to my sense of symmetry.
Rocks and wood. The wood obviously has not been taken care of and needs to be replaced. Too bad. But the rock is still great!
Time out for me.
A great evening to all.

Monday, June 27, 2011

scrap,scrap scrap

 I have always liked this pattern, this is a good tutorial.   I often wonder about the term scrap quilt . Whenever I tried to do a scrap quilt it required  a bit more than scraps. It must be what the term scrap means and I think I have it wrong, I thinks of scraps as little bits of  fabric but in reality in quilting scraps can mean much bigger pieces of fabric that what I term them to be.  My nicest scrap quilt which is Making Tracks is one on which I spent a lot of money. But that was because I wanted certain fabrics that were mostly heritage fabrics, so I can't really blame it on the scrap issue LOL
Sorry can't get the picture up. It is one of my favourite quilts, well aren't they all Haha.

Today the last bag of antibiotic was delivered.  I get it tomorrow
for the following 24 hours and then on Wednesday it is finished. I hope that the bug is dead and I am free of this dreaded infection. It has been 6 months that I have had it and the antibiotics and have been hospitalized 6 times. Believe me I am tired of all this and pray it is fixed. But enough whining for now. I may whine again later in the week LOL.
Ray wanted to go to Richmond to buy some slippers. There is only one store that we know of that sells slippers other than at Christmas. So off we went to Way On Shoes in the Richmond mall.
And they did have the slippers and on sale too. He bought two pair because they seem to wear out quickly.
We went to White Spot for lunch , I had a Legendary burger  of course. But for some reason the legendary was not as good as it used to be. Is it the food or is it me I wonder. Are my taste buds damaged temporarily by all this medication. We'll soon see.
When we got back home Ray tried his new slippers on and he had a size too small so back to the store we go tomorrow. He called the owner and he said no problem to exchange them.
Beautiful fuschia at Hop On's .I love these, Oh for goodness sake what flowers don't I love. haha.  They have such wonderful colours.
Gorgeous displays outside The Keg where we went for prime rib the other night.
Sam gave us a gift card for The Keg. It was a big one, even the waitress remarked on the amount. We still have enough on that card for three dinners.  I need to call him to see when he wants to go for dinner.
Enough of my musings. Have a great evening!
Bonne nuit.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Looking down the hill.
http://www.patchpieces.com/files/flyinggeese.pdf      Have trouble with Flying Geese? Check here for a simple solution.

Ray and I disagree on peppers. He loves them and I don't. He also loves the hot peppers. It used to be when I went out on Tuesdays to my sewing groups that Ray would cook up a mess of hot peppers of all kinds. If he did it when I was home my eyes would burn so that's why he did them when I was not at home.
I was looking through the bookcase this morning and saw that there were some quilting books there. This is one I like. Roedale books on a single topic are so attractive and easy to read. I only have the one, so must look and see if there are more available. I do not see them around much.
I can't let you look inside but believe me you would like this book.
More flower beds. There are so many in the city it's easy to find one to photograph. I had no intention of photographing men though but this is a good one. Maybe I'll start another photo topic. I have been contemplating new subject matter, hard as it is to take pictures when I am on the move.

After the clinic this morning we went back to Save on Foods to pick up some ribs which were on sale. We thought they were available yesterday but not, so we had to go again today. Ray said he would cook them this week with the sauerkraut.Mmmm.
I could not believe how tired I was so I had to have a nap. I haven't needed one for several days so it caught me by surprise.
I want to work on my butterfly tonight. The background has to be folded along the diagonal both ways so that I can put the pieces on point.
There it is all pinned and ready to sew. Below are my silk threads that I use for applique. I think some are missing as I often lend them to my friends when they need just a small amount.  It doesn;t matter I have not bought anything sewing related for months so it gives me an opportunity to go and buy !!LOL.
Adam called today just to check in . He is very good that way and I do appreciate it.
He and Lisa are coming up north next month. It will be good to see them.
Have a wonderful evening, it is beautiful here, still sunny.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday doings

Salliejean, thank you for the comment, I am feeling better the past few days.What a full day, clinic, groceries , and then as we often do on Saturdays casino. We had a good day there,both of us were lucky but Ray came home with more $$$$ than I did but we were both happy. We have been quite lucky lately.
This morning there were so many cute dogs out this morning but wouldn't you know it I left my camera at home. So no Saturday photos but there are some from yesterday if I can get them off the camera. Last night I was unable to get them from the internal memory.
In the paper this morning there were 2 full pages about dogs and how to choose one that suits your personality. I was going to take the test but I just hate the type of test they were using. The type that has you choose from 8 degrees of data such as 1. Extremely Inaccurate and so on down the line to  #8. Extremely Accurate and all degrees in between.
So I did not take the test LOL You see when you are a senior you don't have to anything you don't want to, nice eh!
However I did read the two pages and enjoyed the information on them about how to purchase a dog. Take care to make inquiries of the breeder as to the parents of the puppies. It really talked about pedigreed pups because you can tell pretty well how they will turn out if you see both parents. Mixed breeds are another thing. One time I saw a dog on the street with very long legs and the body of a Cocker Spaniel. It was quite funny to look at. But I am sure the owner loved it anyway.
There was a list of the smartest dogs from the most intelligent  to the least intelligent. I won't list all 79 breeds but the smartest dog is the Border Collie and the least intelligent is the Afghan Hound and I will not make the obvious comment LOL.
It also listed categories like Friendly, Protective, Independent, Self Assured, Consistent, Steady and Clever. An interesting article if you are a dog lover.
Adam and Lisa were in Salt Lake City for Lisa's nephew's wedding. This is Adam, doesn't he look handsome and distinguished?
Lisa looks so lovely in this photo.

These quilts are from the last guild meeting and they look like very simple patterns that could be used for charity quilts if you can figure out what the block is :)). If not make up your own simple block based on these ones.
Still can't get the photos off the internal memory.
Time for lights out . I have other things to do.
Have a good evening.

Friday, June 24, 2011

curves again

Here's a Flowering Snowball. A great curvy quilt block.http://bit.ly/myL9t6
Fantastic pattern. if you are into curves this is the one for you.

More about applique .
And two comments on applique techniques on yesterday's blog "another rear ender" by Jean and Linda. Take a look. Thanks ladies.

Clinic this morning , the dressing had to be changed , as well as the tubing. It took over an hour to do this.
We went to the mall and had a cinnamon bun and coffee and then to Michael's as I wanted to find a pattern for leg warmers. Carla asked me to make her a pair as her legs get cold in the winter. They did not have a pattern. I wanted to find the pattern so I would know the number of stitches to apply and the amount of yarn to purchase. I think I'll try the internet next. There are so many choices for knitting patterns out there.
At our little mall we went to the bakery for bread. There was some construction going on and a dog was sitting in the midst of the workplace. I asked his owner if I could take his photo and he said of course I get at least 40 requests a week for his photo. Isn't that something.
On The Job.....
Waiting for Godot....
I am upset that the pictures on my camera memory card will not come off and Webshots is not responding. So no pictures of the dogs. I'll try later.
Haha Ray is eating a sandwich, leaf lettuce and radish, he makes me laugh as I would never think of that as a filling LOL. However I felt peckish too and had a triangle of  La Vache Qui Rit soft cheese on a cracker. Tasty...
I am feeling pretty perky today, no nap for me. So I will do a bit of ironing, there isn't much, and there is also the applique pieces to do.
Applique pieces after being ironed onto the back side of the fabric and cut with the 1/4 " seam allowance.
Here we have the seam ripper pulling the seam allowance over and the iron ready to press it down.
Ready to applique....
I did not notice that the fabric changed colour so may have to redo the piece on the right.
I am off for the night. If I can get the camera to work I'll add the dog pictures .
Have a beautiful evening folks.
Bon Soir.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

another rear ender

Hmm My dog photo for today is another taken from the car and the dog slipped away so I only got the hind quarters. Bad news...
However I did get lots of flower pictures at the Chinese vegetable stand. Hop On has lots of fruits and vegetables as well as plants. They are only open for the growing season ,not open in the winter. He has good produce and lovely plants. We only bought edibles LOL.
These lovely hydrangea are the same plant as the blue one on my blog page. They are affected by the degree of alkili or acid in the soil. So plant the pink ones in our soil and it turns blue.
I love lupins and have been looking for a yellow one so where do I find it ? At Hop On's .
And here's another.

Sam is taking us to dinner tonight .We were originally going at 4:30 but he had some business that was going to take a bit more time so it will be 5:30.
Huge baskets at the entrance to The Keg.
I discovered that I have a conflict of times for Tuesday. My clinic time is 10:00 and the eye doctor is for 9:00. However with the eye specialist time means nothing. He always has a room full of patients, half  of whom are waiting for the drops to dilate their pupils and the other half waiting  for the drops that will dilate their pupils. We can never count on getting in for the examination at the appointment time. I need to have both appointments, my antibiotic and the eye scan. My vision is not that good any more and Dr. Finlay thought he saw a small problem at the back of the eye. He needed to take 6 months to see if it grew. Well the 6 months is up. I'll try and get things rearranged tomorrow.
I must finish preparing  my applique pieces today.
First the freezer paper pieces need to be ironed onto the back of the fabric and then I have to cut a 1/4 inch all around each piece so it can be turned over the edge to give a crisp finish. That can be achieved by using a light spraying of starch and then turning the edge with a seam ripper and the iron. That is a great finish for the piece but can be difficult to achieve. The other way is to turn the edge over with your finger and then baste it down. Both ways work fine, it all depends on which method you prefer. Basting is something you can do sitting in your chair watching TV in the evening - or any other time you like :)) And I did not do any of this :((  Tomorrow is another day . Is that called procrastination?
I wanted to find some cat photos but no one lets their cats out any more so I tried the window at the pet shop and there was something wrong with the windows- it appeared to be a different sort of glass and did not lend itself to photographs. See what I mean?
Time to go.
Have a great evening folks.
Goeie naand

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New clothes

I bought a new outfit today ,a pair of jeans and some unmentionables haha.
My new outfits , unmentionables excluded,
 You all know what jeans look like so I did not put them up.
There was an odd truck in the mall parking lot today. It is kind of like that odd house I showed you a couple of days ago. Prepare yourself Jean!!  Jean did not like the house, I say who does , it is just the odd people in Vancouver.
Awful isn't it but very unusual.
Medusa, maybe she is the owner of this vehicle LOL, Don't look too closely or you'll turn to stone.
After all the walking around I had such a sore hip so I took a Tylenol and went for a three hour nap. It was good and when I woke up my hip was not sore. I always swear by sleep as a healing agent for all things that ail you. Try it the next time you get sick and let me know :))
I'm back to the hydro boxes because I found a new one and another new one.
I did see another new one but could not get the photo on the run. Ray could not stop or slow down. Too bad but I'll try another day.
On a quilting list today one of my internet friends said she was making yoyos the old fashioned way until she remembered that she had bought the new yoyo maker. I had to laugh as I was contemplating making some yoyos and had also forgotten that I had bought a yoyo maker and never used it. My friend Betty tried it out when I bought it. She is the champion yoyo maker the old way. Her take on the maker is that she made them faster her way. I'll try it anyway, but it comes with a 14 step set of instructions. Hmmmm.....
A quote. If a picture wasn't going very well I'd put a puppy in it.. Norman Rockwell.
Couldn't agree more LOL.
Now isn't that the truth LOL.
Have a great evening folks.
I am going to try out that yoyo maker.
Bon soir.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a pump episode

Another pump lapse. We went to the clinic to get the antibiotic and to get the pump reset. Something went wrong at 12:30 when  the pump was supposed to come on for the next dose because the pump said there was no antibiotic , yet the bag was full. Back to the clinic....
The nurse said she had never seen this so she called another nurse who also said she had never seen this happen. But eventually they figured it out. I wonder if they actually knew what went on or is it just like the computer when you click on this or that to make something work right and then you wonder what you did. Or maybe nobody has this problem.
It was 1:00 when we finally got out of there and the pump started to work.  I hope it goes off right at 7:00.  Its 7:00 and the pump came on thank goodness.
We went up to the mall to buy some cortisone as my skin is getting rashed from the tape.
When we came home I was really tired, once again, so I lay down for a bit.
Rick called and said he Carla and Katie were going to drop in. We did have a lovely visit and it was fun to talk to Katie. She is an ambitious lady and is hoping to  go for her Masters as soon as possible.
Oh I forgot to take some pictures, silly me.
I did do a quilting activity today though. I traced out the pieces for my butterfly. You know it has been so long since I did that that I initially forgot what I needed to do but it came back to me though. I was worried there for a bit. LOL
Now I just need to iron it to the fabric and cut it out. I think I only need to make two more. It will be for Charlotte.
This is the original pattern. I used a black pen so that it would be easy to trace using white freezer paper. I traced it on the white side not the shiny side of the freezer paper. I placed it over the pattern moving it around so that I just traced one piece at a time making sure I traced the markings and marked the number/letter of the pieces in this cae A B and the reverse.

Once that was done I cut the pieces out on the line that I had traced from the pattern. You don't need to add the seam allowance at this point.That happens  when it is added to the fabric.

Remember the big boys I put up on the blog yesterday.
Well I am going to add a sign tonight . It is where the big boys were standing.
   In the morning news there were three people ,two women and one man. One of the women was talking but I did not hear a word she said as I was focused on the man who was wearing a tie with all over Grandmother's Flower Garden flowers. LOL
Pretty aren't they-from the park yesterday.
Oh I could not go to Tom's with Kathy tonight - sigh..
Signing off  for the evening. I hope you have a lovely evening.
Good night.

Monday, June 20, 2011

a walk in the park

I had to have the dressing  changed again as the area is itchy. The nurse put a different dressing on the pic line and the itching has stopped for now.
It was a lovely day today the sun shining and warm but not hot. After the visit to the foot doctor we impulsively drove into Central Park and walked around the pond. So that was two walks today, first around the mall and then the park. I paid for it it though, very sore hip but at the time I found it so enjoyable. 
 It doesn't look as if I am enjoying it does it. haha...

The turtles were out sunning themselves on the rocks, the ducks were following us crying for food. Or maybe it was the baby seagulls. Yes that was it. Several classes of school kids were on their year end picnics and having a great time. It was fun to see them. The plants were in bloom , the trees majestic as usual, in summer or in winter they are always marvellous. Lots of interesting pathways , but no Canada geese. Ray said the park official addled thier eggs as there were so many of them and they cause great damage to the grass.
My favourite boys sunning on the rock.

It was a very lovely day for a walk in the park.  Lots of dogs were out walking too.:)) 
This little schnauzer was eager to play with the children in the area but was leashed and could not.
This little terrier was trying to catch the ducks for dinner.
Big boys at the mall, don't get too close to them even though they seemed patient enough.

I was going to prepare some applique today but after the trip in the park I was too tired so took a nap.
The juice man came today LOL. He and Ray have develped a relationship. They like each other and chat while he is here. I am sure it is just a relationship of propinquity, haha!!
That my news of the day.   Have a good evening folks.  
Konnichi wa.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Happy Father's Day to all you fathers on this blog if there are any :)) What did I do for Ray today, Not much but I did take him out for dinner and I gave him $100, He prefers money to things.
Sam and I are taking him to the Keg next week. He received a call from Peter from South Africa, Rick in Sydney, Jack in Quebec. International kids in our family.
We of course had to got to the clinic at 9:30, then came home to do some housework. I have to say that for the first time I did some of the work. I dusted the whole place.... I used to do all the dusting and didn't think anything of it but today It was quite tiring. I need to get in shape LOL. I also helped fold the washing and put it away.
Then I had to work on my PC. I tried to get my embroideries off the computer and there is no way, it just does not work. I will have to get Mary to have a look at it after she and Albert come home for their honeymoon in Orlando Florida. She seems to know what to do. Clever woman.
And I cooked today too, made chili for dinner. You should try moving around the kitchen , getting items out of the cupboards and the fridge, slicing and dicing with this pump, and bag hanging off your arm, it does slow me down somewhat. Poor me! Waa, waa,waa.
Margaret came over this afternoon to get her book back.  That was the one by Nora Roberts, Chasing Fire is the title . It was about forest fires and the men and women who fight them. It was a bit technical but did give a good idea of how that works. It is not just as simple as we think.
This hardy little bush is called Potentilla or sometimes Cinque Foil. It is very popular here and thrives in this climate. It comes in yellow which is the only colour I have seen here, cream,white,orange and even red. I must keep my eyes open for the other colours. Yellow is such a cheerful hue.
Have a lovely evening folks.
Buenos noches.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

dresden plate

http://sewmamasew.com/blog2/2010/04/dresden-plate-block-sew-along/   Dresden Plate tutorial with templates to print out. I liked the fabrics the quilter has chosen, I've never seen a Dresden Plate done in this colour way. Attractive!!
Jean commented on my picture of yesterday and I have to agree with her wholeheartedly LOL.
This morning the nurse had to change my tubing and then she decided to totally rearrange all my supplies. But at noon when the pump was to administer the next dose of antibiotic, it started beeping. When I looked at the face of the pump it said high occlusion. We turned right around and went back to the clinic. Apparently the small blue line was cramped and the fluid could not get through. The dressing that went on yesterday was in a differenct place than it had been and was pinching the line. The nurse decided to try and fix it but that did not work too well. I said I thought she needed to just do it over. Sometimes it is faster to redo than to try and repair. So she agreed and changed the dressing and place the line and other bits that I do not know the names of in a different position. The morning nurse came in too . She winked at me and said I was making a lot of trouble for someone who looked so nice. Ha I said you can never tell a book by its cover. LOL.
Now the pump is working its delivery system , just a bit late but its good!!
I did get some nice dog photos today. Well 2 nice ones and 2 not so nice. The dogs were eager to have their photo taken and came right up to the car LOL. Who knew!
This boy was almost smiling at being photographed. He's a lovely boy.
 This little guy almost jumped into the car . He was so friendly  and cute.
See that little black spot taking a leak on the Canada Post box. Maybe its because Canada Post is on strike and he is expressing his disapproval. LOL.
And one more regal dog.
Not the best photos but with the dogs moving and the car moving for some of them it is not easy to get a good picture :)) I need to be faster on the draw.
It is time for me to stop talking and give you all a break. haha.
Have a great evening.
Ah Gutn Orent.

Friday, June 17, 2011

cool and comfortable

It was very pleasant today, nice and warm in the morning but later cooling off after dinner which we had at TOPS. We both had turkey,dressing, mashed potatoes, and veggies as well as a pre dinner salad. It was delicious. We go there regularly a couple of times a month. 
Earlier we went to Wal Mart for a few things that cost 128 dollars.
I just wanted some new eye cream. All this time in the hospital and 6 months on antibiotics has aged my face by ten years. I think it is because I lost 10 pounds and most of it on my face LOL. Well some on my arms, all the muscle is gone and my arms are wrinkly. I am blaming it all on my illness . You don't think it could be my age do you? LOL.
I did manage to take a picture today as Ray reminded me but I'll need to download it because I can't recall what it was. Another little issue from my illness. Good Lord LOL.
This is the photo , how could I possible have forgotten it. We have watched this house and its decor for the past 24 years as it has grown and developed haha. It has become an icon on this street. It must have becasue no neighbour has complained and one neighbour has joined in and begun to add the same types of things to their yard. Oh  the vagaries of people.

I heard on the news that Louisiana and Texas are in the midst of a drought. Weird weather , we have rivers that are full to the brim right across the country, the Mississippi has run amok in some states and forest fires in Texas are eating up acres of land.
We are watching Tom Sellack in Blue Bloods. I do like Tom Sellack. I liked his other show featuring Jesse Stone. Now something is actually reminding me  that I said something about that show before :))
I took this one yesterday , it is of a golfette course, also known as a Pitch and Putt  LOL. It looks pretty through the trees, even better in reality than in this photo,  I love the look of these magnificant tree trunks.
Time's up! Have a great evening.
Good night.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A riot

This is not the citizens of Vancouver, this is anarchy. I have nothing much to say except many of the idiots are not from Vancouver but from either parts of Canada or from people coming into town to cause the damage, bringing masks and weapons along with their alcohol. Not to say there were no Vancouverites but most of us are in a state of shock. Many Vancouver people are downtown helping with the clean up. I am devastated as are so many of us. We love our city. But still it is our responsibility as it is our city. We should have had more policing availability and a better plan.
The hockey game has been lost in all of this. Boston won this game by being the better team as it should be. Congratulations to the Bruins.
Cute isn't he , a Canucks Bear, I almost bought him.

Next year, Go Canucks Go, we are all still fans. We love our Canucks!!!!!

My friend Jean in Delaware sent me these beautiful pictures of her flower baskets to make me feel good and believe me they made me happy.
There are several photos . I wish I knew how to make a video of them but I'll put several up tonight so you can see Jean's lovely gardening techniques.
Gorgeous colours, you sure found beautiful and different varieites of petunias Jean. You must have a fantastic nursery or did you have to go to different  places to seek out these great plants?
Nice deck Jean.

Variegated petunias, another lovely variety.

Gorgeous petunias And so many different varieties. Thanks Jean this is as many as I can get on the blog. These are just  fabulous.
Ray and I went to the jewellers to get the battery in my watch, had a bite to eat, walked the mall and came home. I had a long nap after we got home.
Now we are watching the horrible photos of the news.
That was the day for us.  Nothing exciting but isn't that  the way for most of us?
Have a great evening folks.
Buona Notte.