a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, August 1, 2015

baskets aweigh

Download now as a free pdf pattern to make a block 4 inches

 Little basket block. Is that little basket or little block LOL.

Again it was a gorgeous day in Vancouver. Had to change the type size.  Now it is easier to read.

A gorgeous day. We are in a drought we think, water rationing orders from the city's Mayor. So we take care with our water by not leaving it running when washing our faces and cleaning our teeth. In the kitchen we turn off the water when it is not necessary for cleaning , do not let it run. We drink bottled water. I don't know if that is in keeping with our plan but it helps. We take the car to the carwash, Remember the verse for saving water. the toilet, if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down. So there it is. no lawn watering. No offense folks.

We went out for a while after grocery shopping. We did not buy much since we are leaving Monday for Calgary, we just bought cream , milk and bread.  Tomorrow we have to pack our bag. We only take one bag and a little one with pills and makeup and cleaning stuff.

Tonight we are watching The Pinkertons I think. Or perhaps The Mentalist, we'll see.

Two pictures of an old Singer open and shut case....
This is lovely, blue and white are always lovely. I remember my first mother in law saying blue and white are so clean looking. She was right. I loved her. Too bad I had to lose her when her son and I divorced.

This mug says it all. Wish I could get one for my Tuesdays.

Things Halloween and Christmas are showing up on Facebook. I guess it is time to sew for those holidays. Below is a Halloween wall hanging to give you an idea for one of your own. Halloween items are easy to make so you can do it yourself.

There the blog for tonight is done.  Have a great evening.

Good night.    

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sb said...

Your two pictures are of a White machine. I bought one just like that in 1959, used for $40 and kept it for 20 years, until I decided I needed a zigzag machine. You can just see the tip of the knee lever which it had instead of a pedal. I still have motor memory for that lever, interferes when I try to use the knee lifter on my Janome 6600.
I gave the White to my daughter when she moved to her own place and she used it for mending. Her husband refinished the cabinet and they gave it back to me years later. Haven't used it though.
Sarah in California