a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, August 2, 2015


We are waiting for Adam to arrive. It is just 9:22 and he is not expected until after 11:00. So we will be up late tonight. Tomorrow Adam will drive us to Calgary. I love road trips so I expect to enjoy the trip.

It has been a nice week here, the weather remains sunny and hot,not that I sit out in the sun and heat. I do not like that weather,cloudy and cool is what I like best , even a bit rainy. Am I an odd duck or a real duck LOL. We are all different. When I was a young teenager I loved this kind of weather because it meant I could go to the beach and sun and swim in the ocean. Now I do neither of those things and the heat makes me weak.

Ray and I went for haircuts today and I had my toenails clipped. It is so much easier to pay to have them cut than to do it myself. I can't get down that far :>)

Then we went to Subway for a long sandwich which we cut in half and shared. It was good though.

Then we came home a vegged out. I had a nap and Ray naps in his chair but I go and lay down to nap. I cannot nap in a chair, have to lie down.

Then I got up and did my e mail and Facebook messages. That is time consuming I am afraid. But I do like it a lot.

Wheel of fortune.  


There, instructions for this block.

And a little bit of advice to end the day.

And her is a simple but effective floral quilt.

Nice one eh!

That is it folks. I am tired of thinking LOL. Back to waiting!
Good night.

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Jean said...

NO WAY !!! 12+ hours in a car even with a couple of stops is not worth it. I would rather be in a cramped airplane for 4 hrs, and the cost of airfare. You would have to put me in cage in the trunk of the car. Get an airline ticket no matter the cost, and you would have more time to visit if you go by plane. Worth every penny. There aren't that many trees and mountains I would want to see.
Petrol and food is going to cost more than half the airline tickets. Jean