a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, November 30, 2014

two for the price of one

Download now as a pdf pattern

Another one.

I like this block. It is real.

Another stay at home day. I have not really felt energetic enough since I got out of the hospital to go out and about much. I was in there for 2 months so I need to get used to going out again.

Ray worked really hard today doing all the work around here for the weekend. He is resting now.

The mother of the couple who moved out of the apartment across the hall dropped by today with her doggie. Sam is his name. She is a nice lady but will be gone by the end of the month. I guess she was doing the last little bit of cleaning before it is no longer theirs. Too bad -they were all lovely neighbours and had a dear little girl about the same age as Charlotte. Molly is her name. I'll miss them.
We have had good neighbours in that apartment and I hope it continues when the next people move in.

We have been in this apartment since 1996 and have loved it all this time. It is most pleasant living here.

I have been so lazy today, hope tomorrow is a better day for me. I want and need to get out for a bit.  Fresh air might help me. I did the exercises this afternoon that I got from the hospital, nothing too strenuous but still it gets me moving . 

I  love this picture of Rick's friend Chris with a new grandchild. His face is so expressive.
Thanks for the picture Chris.

Goffins cockatoos. A pair of these birds will make an unholy racket but they are fun to watch when they dance back and forth. I know this because we had some of these guys when we had the house.

This is precious Wish I had a dog LOL.  
That's about all for tonight.
Have a lovely evening and relax.

Good night.

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