a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, November 28, 2014


Download now as a pdf pattern

Nice block, a bit complicated but nice.

Only in Canada you say....... LOL

We spent the whole day inside today doing nothing but relaxing. It was great.  I just played with my computer/laptop. We watched TV, episodes of Downton Abbey and other stuff. Now we are watching Big Bang Theory .  Easy watching.

We did not cook anything just warmed up smokies and sauerkraut from last night.  So lazy but a nice way to spend the day.
I spent some time looking up flights to Calgary but did not book any today. I will check again tomorrow and book our flights then.

Good news I am going to be a great grandma  in July. Meaghan is expecting again, her second child, a brother or sister for Charlotte.
Exciting for all of us.

Just the thought is highly amusing.  Great pet!

Because we did nothing today there isn't much to write about. However I do have pictures.

Charlotte spontaneously hugging the snowman. Adorable isn't it.  I love her red jacket.

These boots are made for walking and they make a great quilt too.  It is a lovely idea for a child's quilt.

It is supposed to snow tonight and the cold is in the apartment despite the  heat being on.  It   manages to get in through the windows though they are triple panes. Well it could be worse if we did not have good windows.

This fruity quilt is such a beauty . 

Well that is all folks.

                Have a great evening and stay warm and cozy under your quilt.

                               Good night.       

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