a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I got out of the hospital today. It is so wonderful to sit in my own recliner and watch my own TV, sleep in my own bed and do a bit of cooking in my own kitchen. 
Ray had made my favourite soup, beef barley and I have had several bowls today. Love that soup. I boiled 6 eggs, diced them and made egg salad for sandwiches. We ate well today. It is so good to be back home.
I have done nothing special today other than have a great nap in my own bed and make the egg salad. I am trying to fix my e mail which is so full I get messages that my in box is too full and to clean it up. So I am working on that.
I spoke to Richard today and Ricky called me to say he plans to visit next Saturday. That will be great.
I have sat here in my chair most of the day watching TV.SO lazy, tomorrow we can go out for a while. I am joyful though.
Being home is so good. Ray is so good to me too.
I rested , slept, read and cooked. Wonderful way to spend the day.
So that was my day. I hope tomorrow is good too.

Many thanks to Mary for her blog help, you are great my dear. Love you!!!
Have a great evening all.


sb said...

So glad to see you are back and in good spirits.
Sarah in California

freida aune said...

So glad you are home from the hospital!
Stay safe and warm.