a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, November 29, 2014

i forgot

I forgot about the blog , just remembered it. So here goes.

We did go out today to buy groceries. I have not been grocery shopping for months so it was fun even though all I do is read the magazines . Ray likes to do the shopping because I am so slow and it takes too long for him. I get to do what I like and so does he. He ha always liked to do the grocery shopping.I on the other hand am not so eager about it. LOL.

The rest of the day we watched TV. I looked for air fares to Calgary. Tomorrow I'll purchase two tickets. I must ask Rick what is the best date for him. I would like a bit of flexibility around the dates.   I am so looking forward to Christmas with Rick . Jim called today and said he would be there too so it will be a real treat for me. Now if I could  only see the other three of my sons. Maybe in the new year I might see them and perhaps Sam too.

Ricky came today for a lovely visit and coffee. I was very happy to see him, he is such a nice young man .

I hope to see Sam soon too, it has been a while. I think the beginning of October was the last time we were together. I miss him.

I looked at some fabric today, that is the closest thing to quilting that I got today.

Rick with his granddaughters, Charlotte on his lap and Rose pushing the wheelchair.  I love this photo. 

My favourite quilting girl, Sunbonnet Sue. The yellow sashing and corner blocks are a different look. It is so cheerful, I like it.

Sunbonnet Sue through the year. I made some of these but never got them finished.

Breast Cancer Awareness quilt. Pink is the colour.

Did I show this one before? It is so cute that seeing it again is a good thing.

So that is all for tonight.

Have a lovely evening.
                   Good night.


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