a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, June 20, 2015


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I find that I am short on my blogs  lately.

Why? Because I have been in the hospital for several days with a bad infection. So far I am back to health again. I hope to stay that way. It was good to be cured. The nurses were very kind to me and Ray came up to the hospital three times a day. He is so good to me.

I hope to remain healthy from now on.

Today I stayed in all day and spent most of the day in bed. So I am good to go again. I do not like being sick and in bed but when it happens , it happens. 
Many days of illness is not good for me. However I am okay for now.

All I did today was read my book, play with my laptop and write for a while.  Ray takes good care of me. He gave me strawberries and whipped cream twice today. It was delicious twice LOL.

There isn't it wonderful. I do so enjoy it.
I ate it twice. No wonder I don't lose any weight.
Jean , my friend in Delaware called me today , at least I think it was today, to see how I was coming along.  It was very kind of her to call from such a long distance. 

I have very little to say tonight. It is a quiet night here. We are watching TV The Jewel in the Crown. Fascinating retrospective on  India.
 I am quite tired and would like to go to bed and sleep but it is too early. It is just 8:10 way too early for me to sleep. I usually sleep at 10:00 or later.
Ray is emptying the dishwasher. No work tomorrow. He is such a great husband and friend.

Isn't this an interesting looking quilt.

Isn't this a magnificent looking sunset .  David took it in Arizona. The colours are amazing.

Hush , hush Sweet Charlotte, all snuggled under her blanket, looking happy.

Good night Charlotte and folks.

Have a great evening.

And a great cup of coffee.

Happy maple leaf  tonight.

Good night all.

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