a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, June 12, 2015


Jean, I have been in the hospital and did not have time to say anything on the blog. I had a kidney infection, was throwing up and feverish and Ray called the ambulance. I am back home today and will be staying in the house for a few more days. I had a few days in hospital, getting IV antibiotics. I got better and came home today.

I had a good day today, got home around noon. I did not go out again and will be staying home for a while until I get my legs back. When I stay in bed for any length of time my legs get very shaky and need therapy. My therapy is walking . We live down a long hall so I can walk that and get some exercise.
I just stayed in and rested though I did not nap. Good for me LOL.

It was a wonderful day here , sunny and warm with a bit of wind. Perfect day.
My hospital stay was good, I was well treated , the nurses were splendid that doctor the same and the food good if not perfect.. I have been in hospitals where the staff was surly so this was great.

I talked to Rick today but I called when he was getting stretched so he could not char and  I had to hang up. I am happy he is getting treatment. It keeps him loose.  

Emma is here in Vancouver but I have not seen her yet and hope to see her this  trip.  


Matthew came to see me in the hospital and so did Peter. Sam came to the hospital too. I was so happy to see them. 

Adam and Jim called. Adam from Louisiana and Jim from Edmonton. Arron called from Louisiana too. I am fortunate to have a caring family.

That's all folks.  Have a great evening. 
Good night.


See who got married today LOL.

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Jean said...

All is forgiven....LOL I am glad you are doing much better. SHORT stay in the hospital is good.
Get you check up and an oil change and your good to go.. I spent 2 days in the hospital myself first week in May for severe back pain.(yard work). They kept me overnight for pain control. Doing much better and I am back on my Advil, only at bedtime. Any longer in hospital I would have been a druggie.. They use strong narcotics in there. I am getting around but have to watch with lifting and bending. I am not a roadrunner anyway , so going out 2 times a week is good enough be me.
You take care and stay out of trouble and be careful. Love, Jean