a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

memory lapse

I seem to have forgotten my blog once again. It must be the months I spent in hospital that affected my memory. It couldn't be old age could it? 
I seem to forget this blog more often lately. Maybe it is because I have trouble thinking of what to write . But today was a busy one.

We went out early in the morning to Walmart to see if we could find any boots for our trip to Calgary where they have winter and snow. We don't need boots here just shoes. Of course we are mostly in the car so don't even get our feet wet much when it rains. If you walk in the rain you need rain boots . Any way we did head out to Walmart but could not find any boots for either of us. Target is our next try. I hate to buy snow boots that are expensive as we rarely wear them.  I will have to ask Rick if we really need to have them.
My granddaughter Chelsea won an award for being the best young jazz player in the country. We are really proud of her. Chelsea composes her own tunes as well as playing numerous musical instruments. She is so talented.  Well done Chelsea.

After messing around with the boots we had a bit of lunch at McDonald's.  Then we went to the casino a different one from two weeks ago.  We didn't stay there very long but I won $220. The casino has been good to me lately and I have saved enough for my trip to Calgary.
We did not stay there very long and left after a short while to beat the afternoon traffic.

We had to go for bread at the bakery and Ray picked up my candies for me.

We came home after that as it was getting late in the afternoon and nearly dinner time.  

Our neighbours across the hall have moved. They came here to thank us for being good neighbours. That was a lovely gesture. I  was grateful for their kindness.

Some winter quilts.... This one is really cute, A child would enjoy it. It is just for ideas that I put it up here as there is no pattern.

This is another Christmas quilt I find it very attractive and well done.

These two quilts appear to be antique quilts. The top one is all stars but the arrangement is somewhat careless and there are folds where none should be.  But they are interesting from a historical point of view.
So that is all for tonight. 

Have a great evening.
                           Good night.


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